one; 1; single; a (article); as soon as; entire; whole; all; throughout; "one" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 1); also pr. for greater clarity when spelling out numbers digit by digit

strokes 1
strokes after radical 0
爱情征服一切 愛情征服一切 ai4 qing2 zheng1 fu2 yi1 qie4
love conquers all; omnia vincit amor

八分之一 八分之一 ba1 fen1 zhi1 yi1
one eighth

八一建军节 八一建軍節 ba1 yi1 jian4 jun1 jie2
see 建軍節|建军节

八一五 八一五 ba1 yi1 wu3
15th August; refers to Japanese surrender in WWII on 15th August 1945

八字还没一撇 八字還沒一撇 ba1 zi4 hai2 mei2 yi1 pie3
lit. there is not even the first stroke of the character 八; things have not even begun to take shape; no sign of success yet

八字还没一撇儿 八字還沒一撇兒 ba1 zi4 hai2 mei2 yi1 pie3 er5
lit. there is not even the first stroke of the character 八; things have not even begun to take shape; no sign of success yet

八字没一撇 八字沒一撇 ba1 zi4 mei2 yi1 pie3
lit. there is not even the first stroke of the character 八 (idiom); fig. things have not even begun to take shape; no sign of success yet

白跑一趟 白跑一趟 bai2 pao3 yi1 tang4
to go on an errand for nothing; to go on a wild-goose chase

百尺竿头,更尽一步 百尺竿頭,更盡一步 bai3 chi3 gan1 tou2 - geng4 jin4 yi1 bu4
lit. hundred foot pole, progress still further (idiom); fig. much accomplished, still some work to do; to continue to further successes; not to rest on one's laurels

百分之一百 百分之一百 bai3 fen1 zhi1 yi1 bai3
one hundred percent; totally (effective)

摆了一道 擺了一道 bai3 le5 yi1 dao4
to play tricks on; to make a fool of

百里挑一 百裡挑一 bai3 li3 tiao1 yi1
one in a hundred; cream of the crop

百闻不如一见 百聞不如一見 bai3 wen2 bu4 ru2 yi1 jian4
seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times (idiom); seeing for oneself is better than hearing from many others; seeing is believing

百无一失 百無一失 bai3 wu2 yi1 shi1
no danger of anything going wrong; no risk at all

扳回一城 扳回一城 ban1 hui2 yi1 cheng2
to recover some lost ground (in a competition)

饱餐一顿 飽餐一頓 bao3 can1 yi1 dun4
to eat one's fill; to be full

抱成一团 抱成一團 bao4 cheng2 yi1 tuan2
to band together; to gang up; to stick together

背城借一 背城借一 bei4 cheng2 jie4 yi1
to make a last-ditch stand before the city wall (idiom); to fight to the last ditch; to put up a desperate struggle

背水一战 背水一戰 bei4 shui3 yi1 zhan4
lit. fight with one's back to the river (idiom); fig. to fight to win or die

彼一时此一时 彼一時此一時 bi3 yi1 shi2 ci3 yi1 shi2
that was one thing, and this is another; times have changed

比一比 比一比 bi3 yi5 bi3
to make a comparison; to engage in a contest

壁垒一新 壁壘一新 bi4 lei3 yi1 xin1
to have one's defenses in good order (idiom)

毕其功于一役 畢其功於一役 bi4 qi2 gong1 yu2 yi1 yi4
to accomplish the whole task at one stroke (idiom)

表里不一 表裡不一 biao3 li3 bu4 yi1
outside appearance and inner reality differ (idiom); not what it seems; saying one thing but meaning sth different

表里如一 表裡如一 biao3 li3 ru2 yi1
external appearance and inner thoughts coincide (idiom); to say what one means; to think and act as one

别具一格 別具一格 bie2 ju4 yi1 ge2
having a unique or distinctive style

别树一旗 別樹一旗 bie2 shu4 yi1 qi2
lit. to fly one's banner on a solitary tree (idiom); fig. to act as a loner; to stand out; to develop one's own school; to have attitude of one's own

别树一帜 別樹一幟 bie2 shu4 yi1 zhi4
lit. to fly one's banner on a solitary tree (idiom); fig. to act as a loner; to stand out; to develop one's own school; to have attitude of one's own

滨田靖一 濱田靖一 bin1 tian2 jing4 yi1
HAMADA Yasukazu (1955-), Japanese defense minister from 2008

冰冻三尺,非一日之寒 冰凍三尺,非一日之寒 bing1 dong4 san1 chi3 - fei1 yi1 ri4 zhi1 han2
three feet of ice does not form in a single day (idiom); Rome wasn't built in a day

冰山一角 冰山一角 bing1 shan1 yi1 jiao3
tip of the iceberg

薄一波 薄一波 bo2 yi1 bo1
Bo Yibo (1908-2007), ranking PRC politician, served on State Council from 1950s to 1980s as colleague of Deng Xiaoping

不当一回事 不當一回事 bu4 dang4 yi1 hui2 shi4
not regard as a matter (of any importance)

步调一致 步調一致 bu4 diao4 yi1 zhi4
to be united in action

不敢越雷池一步 不敢越雷池一步 bu4 gan3 yue4 lei2 chi2 yi1 bu4
dare not go one step beyond the prescribed limit

不顾一切 不顧一切 bu4 gu4 yi1 qie4
reckless; regardless of everything

不管三七二十一 不管三七二十一 bu4 guan3 san1 qi1 er4 shi2 yi1
regardless of the consequences; recklessly relying on a hopelessly optimistic forecast

不见一点踪影 不見一點蹤影 bu4 jian4 yi1 dian3 zong1 ying3
no trace to be seen

不经一事 不經一事 bu4 jing1 yi1 shi4
You can't gain knowledge without practical experience (idiom); wisdom only comes with experience

不经一事,不长一智 不經一事,不長一智 bu4 jing1 yi1 shi4 - bu4 zhang3 yi1 zhi4
You can't gain knowledge without practical experience (idiom); wisdom only comes with experience

不拘一格 不拘一格 bu4 ju1 yi1 ge2
not stick to one pattern

不堪一击 不堪一擊 bu4 kan1 yi1 ji1
to be unable to withstand a single blow; to collapse at the first blow

不可一世 不可一世 bu4 ke3 yi1 shi4
to consider oneself unexcelled in the world; to be insufferably arrogant

不免一死 不免一死 bu4 mian3 yi1 si3
cannot avoid being killed; cannot escape death; to be mortal

不名一文 不名一文 bu4 ming2 yi1 wen2
without a penny to one's name; penniless; stony-broke

不怕神一样的对手,就怕猪一样的队友 不怕神一樣的對手,就怕豬一樣的隊友 bu4 pa4 shen2 yi1 yang4 de5 dui4 shou3 - jiu4 pa4 zhu1 yi1 yang4 de5 dui4 you3
a boneheaded teammate can do you more harm than the most formidable opponent (idiom)

不怕一万,就怕万一 不怕一萬,就怕萬一 bu4 pa4 yi1 wan4 - jiu4 pa4 wan4 yi1
better to be safe than sorry (proverb); to be prepared just in case

不识一丁 不識一丁 bu4 shi2 yi1 ding1
total illiterate; unable to read the simplest characters

不是一家人不进一家门 不是一家人不進一家門 bu4 shi4 yi1 jia1 ren2 bu4 jin4 yi1 jia1 men2
people who don't belong together, don't get to live together (idiom); marriages are predestined; people marry because they share common traits

不惜一战 不惜一戰 bu4 xi1 yi1 zhan4
to be ready to go to war

不屑一顾 不屑一顧 bu4 xie4 yi1 gu4
to disdain as beneath contempt (idiom)

不要在一棵树上吊死 不要在一棵樹上吊死 bu4 yao4 zai4 yi1 ke1 shu4 shang4 diao4 si3
don't insist on only taking one road to Rome (idiom); there's more than one way to skin a cat

不一 不一 bu4 yi1
to vary; to differ

不一定 不一定 bu4 yi1 ding4
not necessarily; maybe

不一而足 不一而足 bu4 yi1 er2 zu2
by no means an isolated case; numerous

不一会 不一會 bu4 yi1 hui4

不一样 不一樣 bu4 yi1 yang4
different; distinctive; unlike

不一致字 不一致字 bu4 yi1 zhi4 zi4
inconsistent phonogram(s)

不赞一词 不贊一詞 bu4 zan4 yi1 ci2
to keep silent; to make no comment

不值一文 不值一文 bu4 zhi2 yi1 wen2
worthless (idiom); no use whatsoever

不止一次 不止一次 bu4 zhi3 yi1 ci4
many times; on more than one occasion

沧海一粟 滄海一粟 cang1 hai3 yi1 su4
a drop in the ocean (idiom)

差一点 差一點 cha4 yi1 dian3
see 差點|差点

差一点儿 差一點兒 cha4 yi1 dian3 er5
erhua variant of 差一點|差一点

朝永振一郎 朝永振一郎 chao2 yong3 zhen4 yi1 lang2
TOMONAGA Shin'ichirō (1906-1979), Japanese physicist, 1965 Nobel prize laureate with Richard Feynman and Julian Schwinger

臣一主二 臣一主二 chen2 yi1 zhu3 er4
One has the right to choose the ruler one serves. (ancient proverb)

成败在此一举 成敗在此一舉 cheng2 bai4 zai4 ci3 yi1 ju3
win or lose, it all ends here; this is the moment to shine

惩一儆百 懲一儆百 cheng2 yi1 jing3 bai3
lit. punish one, warn one hundred (idiom); fig. to make an example of sb

惩一警百 懲一警百 cheng2 yi1 jing3 bai3
lit. punish one, warn one hundred (idiom); fig. to make an example of sb; also written 懲一儆百|惩一儆百

吃一堑,长一智 吃一塹,長一智 chi1 yi1 qian4 - zhang3 yi1 zhi4
Fall into the moat and you'll be wiser next time (idiom); One only learns from one's mistakes.

重新统一 重新統一 chong2 xin1 tong3 yi1

初一 初一 chu1 yi1
first day of lunar month; New Year's Day; first year in junior middle school

穿一条裤子 穿一條褲子 chuan1 yi1 tiao2 ku4 zi5
(of male friends) to have been through thick and thin together; to be like family; to share the same view of things

串通一气 串通一氣 chuan4 tong1 yi1 qi4
to act in collusion (idiom)

春风一度 春風一度 chun1 feng1 yi1 du4
to have sexual intercourse (once)

次一个 次一個 ci4 yi1 ge4
next one (in order)

聪明一世,糊涂一时 聰明一世,糊塗一時 cong1 ming5 yi1 shi4 - hu2 tu5 yi1 shi2
even the wisest can have a momentary lapse in judgment (idiom); every man has a fool in his sleeve

聪明一世,懵懂一时 聰明一世,懵懂一時 cong1 ming5 yi1 shi4 - meng3 dong3 yi1 shi2
see 聰明一世,糊塗一時|聪明一世,糊涂一时

从一而终 從一而終 cong2 yi1 er2 zhong1
faithful unto death (i.e. Confucian ban on widow remarrying)

打成一片 打成一片 da3 cheng2 yi1 pian4
to merge; to integrate; to become as one; to unify together

大吃一惊 大吃一驚 da4 chi1 yi1 jing1
to have a surprise (idiom); shocked or startled; gobsmacked

大啖一番 大啖一番 da4 dan4 yi1 fan1
to have a square meal

大一 大一 da4 yi1
first-year university student

大一统 大一統 da4 yi1 tong3
unification (of the nation); large scale unification

大一统志 大一統誌 da4 yi1 tong3 zhi4
Dayuan Dayi Tongzhi, Yuan dynasty geographical encyclopedia, compiled 1285-1294 under Jamal al-Din 紮馬剌丁|扎马剌丁 and Yu Yinglong 虞應龍|虞应龙, 755 scrolls

大一些 大一些 da4 yi1 xie1
a bit bigger

大元大一统志 大元大一統誌 da4 yuan2 da4 yi1 tong3 zhi4
Dayuan Dayi Tongzhi, Yuan dynasty geographical encyclopedia, compiled 1285-1294 under Jamal al-Din 紮馬剌丁|扎马剌丁 and Yu Yinglong 虞應龍|虞应龙, 755 scrolls

单一 單一 dan1 yi1
single; only; sole

单一合体字 單一合體字 dan1 yi1 he2 ti3 zi4
unique compound

单一货币 單一貨幣 dan1 yi1 huo4 bi4
single currency

单一码 單一碼 dan1 yi1 ma3
Unicode; also written 統一碼|统一码

倒抽一口气 倒抽一口氣 dao4 chou1 yi1 kou3 qi4
to gasp (in surprise, dismay, fright etc)

到此一游 到此一遊 dao4 ci3 yi1 you2
to travel (somewhere); (vandalism) "was here"

倒打一耙 倒打一耙 dao4 da3 yi1 pa2
lit. to strike with a muckrake (idiom), cf Pigsy 豬八戒|猪八戒 in Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记; fig. to counterattack; to make bogus accusations (against one's victim)

道高一尺,魔高一丈 道高一尺,魔高一丈 dao4 gao1 yi1 chi3 - mo2 gao1 yi1 zhang4
virtue is one foot tall, the devil ten foot (idiom); It takes constant vigilance to stave off evil.

德国统一社会党 德國統一社會黨 de2 guo2 tong3 yi1 she4 hui4 dang3
Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands (Socialist Unity Party of Germany 1949-1990), the ruling communist party of the former German Democratic Republic (East Germany)

登高一呼 登高一呼 deng1 gao1 yi1 hu1
to make a clarion call; to make a public appeal

等一等 等一等 deng3 yi1 deng3
wait a moment

等一会 等一會 deng3 yi1 hui4
Wait a moment!; after a while

等一会儿 等一會兒 deng3 yi1 hui4 er5
erhua variant of 等一會|等一会

等一下 等一下 deng3 yi1 xia4
to wait a moment; later; in awhile

等一下儿 等一下兒 deng3 yi1 xia4 er5
erhua variant of 等一下

第一 第一 di4 yi1
first; number one; primary

第一步 第一步 di4 yi1 bu4
step one; first step

第一产业 第一產業 di4 yi1 chan3 ye4
primary sector of industry

第一次 第一次 di4 yi1 ci4
the first time; first; number one

第一次世界大战 第一次世界大戰 di4 yi1 ci4 shi4 jie4 da4 zhan4
World War One

第一夫人 第一夫人 di4 yi1 fu1 ren2
First Lady (wife of US president)

第一个层次 第一個層次 di4 yi1 ge4 ceng2 ci4
the first stage

第一国际 第一國際 di4 yi1 guo2 ji4
First international, organized by Karl Marx in Geneva in 1866

第一基本形式 第一基本形式 di4 yi1 ji1 ben3 xing2 shi4
(math.) first fundamental form

第一级 第一級 di4 yi1 ji2
first level

第一季度 第一季度 di4 yi1 ji4 du4
first quarter (of financial year)

第一例 第一例 di4 yi1 li4
first case; first instance; first time (sth is done)

第一流 第一流 di4 yi1 liu2

第一轮 第一輪 di4 yi1 lun2
first round (of match, or election)

第一炮 第一炮 di4 yi1 pao4
(fig.) opening shot

第一声 第一聲 di4 yi1 sheng1
first tone in Mandarin; high level tone

第一时间 第一時間 di4 yi1 shi2 jian1
in the first moments (of sth happening); immediately (after an event); first thing

第一手 第一手 di4 yi1 shou3

第一桶金 第一桶金 di4 yi1 tong3 jin1
the first pot of gold; the initial profits from an economic endeavour

第一象限 第一象限 di4 yi1 xiang4 xian4
first quadrant (of the coordinate plane, where both x and y are positive)

第一型糖尿病 第一型糖尿病 di4 yi1 xing2 tang2 niao4 bing4
Type 1 diabetes

东一榔头西一棒子 東一榔頭西一棒子 dong1 yi1 lang2 tou2 xi1 yi1 bang4 zi5
banging away clumsily in all directions with no overall vision

洞察一切 洞察一切 dong4 cha2 yi1 qie4
to see everything clearly

独霸一方 獨霸一方 du2 ba4 yi1 fang1
to exercise sole hegemony (idiom); to dominate a whole area (market, resources etc); to hold as one's personal fiefdom

独出一时 獨出一時 du2 chu1 yi1 shi2
incomparable; head and shoulders above the competition

独当一面 獨當一面 du2 dang1 yi1 mian4
to assume personal responsibility (idiom); to take charge of a section

独树一帜 獨樹一幟 du2 shu4 yi1 zhi4
lit. to fly one's banner on a solitary tree (idiom); fig. to act as a loner; to stand out; to develop one's own school; to have attitude of one's own

独一 獨一 du2 yi1
only; unique

独一无二 獨一無二 du2 yi1 wu2 er4
unique and unmatched (idiom); unrivalled; nothing compares with it

赌上一局 賭上一局 du3 shang4 yi1 ju2
to engage in a game of chance; to gamble; to make a bet

多此一举 多此一舉 duo1 ci3 yi1 ju3
to do more than is required (idiom); superfluous; gilding the lily

多一事不如少一事 多一事不如少一事 duo1 yi1 shi4 bu4 ru2 shao3 yi1 shi4
it is better to avoid unnecessary trouble (idiom); the less complications the better

耳目一新 耳目一新 er3 mu4 yi1 xin1
a pleasant change; a breath of fresh air; refreshing

二分之一 二分之一 er4 fen1 zhi1 yi1
one half

二合一 二合一 er4 he2 yi1
2-in-1; two-in-one

二十一点 二十一點 er4 shi2 yi1 dian3
blackjack (card game)

二十一世纪 二十一世紀 er4 shi2 yi1 shi4 ji4
21st century

二十一条 二十一條 er4 shi2 yi1 tiao2
the Japanese Twenty-One Demands of 1915

二一添作五 二一添作五 er4 yi1 tian1 zuo4 wu3
lit. one half equals zero point five (division rule in abacus reckoning); to share fairly between two parties; to go fifty-fifty

二者之一 二者之一 er4 zhe3 zhi1 yi1

反咬一口 反咬一口 fan3 yao3 yi1 kou3
to make a false countercharge

反正一样 反正一樣 fan3 zheng4 yi1 yang4
whether it's right or wrong doesn't make a lot of difference; six of one and half a dozen of the other; as broad as it is long

饭后一支烟,赛过活神仙 飯後一支煙,賽過活神仙 fan4 hou4 yi1 zhi1 yan1 - sai4 guo4 huo2 shen2 xian1
have a smoke after each meal and you will surpass the immortals (proverb)

放手一搏 放手一搏 fang4 shou3 yi1 bo2
to put one's all into the fight

放一马 放一馬 fang4 yi1 ma3
to let (sb) off; to let (sb) get away with sth

非洲统一组织 非洲統一組織 fei1 zhou1 tong3 yi1 zu3 zhi1
Organization of African Unity

风靡一时 風靡一時 feng1 mi3 yi1 shi2
fashionable for a while (idiom); all the rage

风行一时 風行一時 feng1 xing2 yi1 shi2
to be popular for a while; to be all the rage for a time

封一 封一 feng1 yi1
front cover

付之一炬 付之一炬 fu4 zhi1 yi1 ju4
to put to the torch (idiom); to commit to the flames; to burn sth down deliberately

付之一叹 付之一嘆 fu4 zhi1 yi1 tan4
to dismiss with a sigh (idiom); a hopeless case

付之一叹 付之一歎 fu4 zhi1 yi1 tan4
to dismiss with a sigh (idiom); a hopeless case

付之一笑 付之一笑 fu4 zhi1 yi1 xiao4
to dismiss sth with a laugh (idiom); to laugh it off

刚一 剛一 gang1 yi1
to be just about to; to have just started to

高人一等 高人一等 gao1 ren2 yi1 deng3
a cut above others; superior

告一段落 告一段落 gao4 yi1 duan4 luo4
to come to the end of a phase (idiom)

各执一词 各執一詞 ge4 zhi2 yi1 ci2
each sticks to his own version (idiom); a dialogue of the deaf

更上一层楼 更上一層樓 geng4 shang4 yi1 ceng2 lou2
to take it up a notch; to bring it up a level

功亏一篑 功虧一簣 gong1 kui1 yi1 kui4
lit. to ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful; to fail through lack of a final effort; to spoil the ship for a ha'penny worth of tar (idiom)

宫泽喜一 宮澤喜一 gong1 ze2 xi3 yi1
Kiichi Miyazawa (1919-2007), former Japanese prime minister

孤注一掷 孤注一擲 gu1 zhu4 yi1 zhi4
to stake all on one throw

挂一漏万 掛一漏萬 gua4 yi1 lou4 wan4
to mention some but omit many others (idiom); to leave out much more than one includes

管他三七二十一 管他三七二十一 guan3 ta1 san1 qi1 er4 shi2 yi1
who cares; no matter what; regardless of the consequences

国家一级保护 國家一級保護 guo2 jia1 yi1 ji2 bao3 hu4
Grade One State protected (species)

国语注音符号第一式 國語注音符號第一式 guo2 yu3 zhu4 yin1 fu2 hao4 di4 yi1 shi4
Mandarin Phonetic Symbols 1 (official name of the phonetic system of writing Chinese used in Taiwan); Bopomofo; abbr. to 注音一式

过一会儿 過一會兒 guo4 yi1 hui4 er5
later; after a while

沆瀣一气 沆瀣一氣 hang4 xie4 yi1 qi4
to act in collusion (idiom); in cahoots with; villains will look after one another

合而为一 合而為一 he2 er2 wei2 yi1
to merge together (idiom); to unify disparate elements into one whole

和平统一 和平統一 he2 ping2 tong3 yi1
peaceful reunification

合一 合一 he2 yi1
to unite

合众为一 合眾為一 he2 zhong4 wei2 yi1
united as one; e pluribus unum

哄动一时 哄動一時 hong1 dong4 yi1 shi2
variant of 轟動一時|轰动一时

轰动一时 轟動一時 hong1 dong4 yi1 shi2
to cause a sensation (idiom)

红极一时 紅極一時 hong2 ji2 yi1 shi2
tremendously popular for a while

哗啦一声 嘩啦一聲 hua1 la1 yi1 sheng1
with a crash; with a thunderous noise

划一 劃一 hua4 yi1
uniform; to standardize

划一不二 劃一不二 hua4 yi1 bu4 er4
fixed; unalterable

欢聚一堂 歡聚一堂 huan1 ju4 yi1 tang2
to gather happily under one roof

焕然一新 煥然一新 huan4 ran2 yi1 xin1
to look completely new (idiom); brand new; changed beyond recognition

慌成一团 慌成一團 huang1 cheng2 yi1 tuan2
(of a group of people) to run about helplessly

黄帝八十一难经 黃帝八十一難經 huang2 di4 ba1 shi2 yi1 nan4 jing1
Yellow Emperor's Classic of Eighty-one Difficulties, medical text, c. 1st century AD

黄粱一梦 黃粱一夢 huang2 liang2 yi1 meng4
see 黃粱夢|黄粱梦

浑然一体 渾然一體 hun2 ran2 yi1 ti3
to blend into one another; to blend together well

混为一谈 混為一談 hun4 wei2 yi1 tan2
to confuse one thing with another (idiom); to muddle

混一 混一 hun4 yi1
to amalgamate; to mix together as one

火卫一 火衛一 huo3 wei4 yi1
Phobos (first satellite of Mars)

济济一堂 濟濟一堂 ji3 ji3 yi1 tang2
to congregate in one hall (idiom); to gather under one roof

加人一等 加人一等 jia1 ren2 yi1 deng3
a cut above; top quality

假一赔十 假一賠十 jia3 yi1 pei2 shi2
lit. if one is fake, I shall compensate you for ten of them; fig. (of goods) 100% genuine

江湖一点诀 江湖一點訣 jiang1 hu2 yi1 dian3 jue2
special technique; trick of the trade; knack

孑然一身 孑然一身 jie2 ran2 yi1 shen1
to be all alone in the world

进一步 進一步 jin4 yi1 bu4
one step further; to move forward a step; further onwards

静一静 靜一靜 jing4 yi1 jing4
to put sth to rest; calm down a bit!

九分之一 九分之一 jiu3 fen1 zhi1 yi1
one ninth

九九归一 九九歸一 jiu3 jiu3 gui1 yi1
nine divide by nine is one (abacus rule); when all is said and done

九牛一毛 九牛一毛 jiu3 niu2 yi1 mao2
lit. one hair from nine oxen (idiom); fig. a drop in the ocean

九死一生 九死一生 jiu3 si3 yi1 sheng1
nine deaths and still alive (idiom); a narrow escape; new lease of life

九一八事变 九一八事變 jiu3 yi1 ba1 shi4 bian4
the Mukden or Manchurian Railway Incident of 18th September 1931 used by the Japanese as a pretext to annex Manchuria; also known as Liutiaogou incident 柳條溝事變|柳条沟事变

救人一命胜造七级浮屠 救人一命勝造七級浮屠 jiu4 ren2 yi1 ming4 sheng4 zao4 qi1 ji2 fu2 tu2
saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda (idiom)

局促一隅 局促一隅 ju2 cu4 yi1 yu2
to be cramped in a corner (idiom)

举一反三 舉一反三 ju3 yi1 fan3 san1
to raise one and infer three; to deduce many things from one case (idiom)

聚在一起 聚在一起 ju4 zai4 yi1 qi3
to get together

决一雌雄 決一雌雄 jue2 yi1 ci2 xiong2
see 一決雌雄|一决雌雄

均一 均一 jun1 yi1
even; uniform; homogeneous

君子一言,驷马难追 君子一言,駟馬難追 jun1 zi3 yi1 yan2 - si4 ma3 nan2 zhui1
a nobleman's word is his bond (proverb)

看一看 看一看 kan4 yi1 kan4
to have a look

科学技术是第一生产力 科學技術是第一生產力 ke1 xue2 ji4 shu4 shi4 di4 yi1 sheng1 chan3 li4
Science and technology is the number one productive force (from 1978 speech by Deng Xiaoping 鄧小平|邓小平 introducing the Four Modernizations 四個現代化|四个现代化).

可一而不可再 可一而不可再 ke3 yi1 er2 bu4 ke3 zai4
may be done once and once only; just this once

空军一号 空軍一號 kong1 jun1 yi1 hao4
Air Force One, US presidential jet

空跑一趟 空跑一趟 kong1 pao3 yi1 tang4
to make a journey for nothing

空无一人 空無一人 kong1 wu2 yi1 ren2
not a soul in sight (idiom)

窥豹一斑 窺豹一斑 kui1 bao4 yi1 ban1
lit. see one spot on a leopard (idiom); fig. a restricted view

捞一把 撈一把 lao1 yi1 ba3
to profiteer; to gain some underhand advantage

老一辈 老一輩 lao3 yi1 bei4
previous generation; older generation

老一套 老一套 lao3 yi1 tao4
the same old stuff

礼拜一 禮拜一 li3 bai4 yi1

两弹一星 兩彈一星 liang3 dan4 yi1 xing1
refers to the historical achievement of China by 1970 in producing and successfully detonating an atomic bomb (1964), a hydrogen bomb (1967) and launching a satellite into space (1970)

两虎相斗,必有一伤 兩虎相鬥,必有一傷 liang3 hu3 xiang1 dou4 - bi4 you3 yi1 shang1
when two tigers fight, one will get injured (idiom); if it comes to a fight, someone will get hurt.

两虎相争,必有一伤 兩虎相爭,必有一傷 liang3 hu3 xiang1 zheng1 - bi4 you3 yi1 shang1
if two tigers fight, one will get injured (idiom); if you start a war, someone is bound to get hurt

聊备一格 聊備一格 liao2 bei4 yi1 ge2
to use as a stopgap; to give perfunctory recognition; token; nominal

临门一脚 臨門一腳 lin2 men2 yi1 jiao3
to try to score (a goal); final push (at a critical juncture); the final leg of sth

灵机一动 靈機一動 ling2 ji1 yi1 dong4
a bright idea suddenly occurs (idiom); to hit upon an inspiration; to be struck by a brainwave

灵犀一点通 靈犀一點通 ling2 xi1 yi1 dian3 tong1
mental rapport; likeness of mind; spiritual link

另一 另一 ling4 yi1
another; the other

另一半 另一半 ling4 yi1 ban4
other half; fig. spouse; one's better half

另一方面 另一方面 ling4 yi1 fang1 mian4
on the other hand; another aspect

留一手 留一手 liu2 yi1 shou3
to hold back a trick; not to divulge all one's trade secrets

六分之一 六分之一 liu4 fen1 zhi1 yi1
one sixth

六一儿童节 六一兒童節 liu4 yi1 er2 tong2 jie2
Children's Day (June 1st), PRC national holiday for children under 14

露一手 露一手 lou4 yi1 shou3
to show off one's abilities; to exhibit one's skills

乱成一团 亂成一團 luan4 cheng2 yi1 tuan2
in a great mess; chaotic

罗一秀 羅一秀 luo2 yi1 xiu4
Luo Yixiu (1889-1910), Mao Zedong's first wife

略见一斑 略見一斑 lve4 jian4 yi1 ban1
lit. to glimpse just one spot (of the panther) (idiom); fig. to get an inkling of the whole picture

略胜一筹 略勝一籌 lve4 sheng4 yi1 chou2
slightly better; a cut above

略知一二 略知一二 lve4 zhi1 yi1 er4
slight knowledge of sth; to know very little about a subject; a smattering

买一送一 買一送一 mai3 yi1 song4 yi1
buy one, get one free; two for the price of one

满场一致 滿場一致 man3 chang3 yi1 zhi4

眉毛胡子一把抓 眉毛鬍子一把抓 mei2 mao5 hu2 zi5 yi1 ba3 zhua1
careless; any-old-how, regardless of the specific task

每年一度 每年一度 mei3 nian2 yi1 du4
once a year (every year)

每一 每一 mei3 yi1

每周一次 每週一次 mei3 zhou1 yi1 ci4
once a week

猛一看 猛一看 meng3 yi1 kan4
at first glance; first impression

面目一新 面目一新 mian4 mu4 yi1 xin1
complete change (idiom); facelift; We're in a wholly new situation.

瞄一眼 瞄一眼 miao2 yi1 yan3
to shoot a glance at

藐视一切 藐視一切 miao3 shi4 yi1 qie4
to look down upon everything

名噪一时 名噪一時 ming2 zao4 yi1 shi2
to achieve fame among one's contemporaries (idiom); temporary or local celebrity

魔高一丈,道高一尺 魔高一丈,道高一尺 mo2 gao1 yi1 zhang4 - dao4 gao1 yi1 chi3
the devil is ten foot tall, virtue one foot (idiom); It takes constant vigilance to stave off evil.

抹一鼻子灰 抹一鼻子灰 mo3 yi1 bi2 zi5 hui1
lit. to rub one's nose with dust; to suffer a snub; to meet with a rebuff

莫衷一是 莫衷一是 mo4 zhong1 yi1 shi4
unable to reach a decision (idiom); cannot agree on the right choice; no unanimous decision; still a matter of discussion

目空一切 目空一切 mu4 kong1 yi1 qie4
the eye can see nothing worthwhile all around (idiom); arrogant; condescending; supercilious

哪一个 哪一個 na3 yi1 ge5

难得一见 難得一見 nan2 de2 yi1 jian4
rarely seen

南柯一梦 南柯一夢 nan2 ke1 yi1 meng4
lit. a dream of Nanke; fig. dreams of grandeur

年复一年 年復一年 nian2 fu4 yi1 nian2
over the years; year after year

捏一把汗 捏一把汗 nie1 yi1 ba3 han4
to break out into a cold sweat (idiom)

捏一把冷汗 捏一把冷汗 nie1 yi1 ba3 leng3 han4
to break out into a cold sweat (idiom)

宁拆十座庙,不毁一桩婚 寧拆十座廟,不毀一樁婚 ning2 chai1 shi2 zuo4 miao4 - bu4 hui4 yi1 zhuang1 hun1
rather destroy ten temples than a single marriage (idiom)

拧成一股绳 擰成一股繩 ning2 cheng2 yi1 gu3 sheng2
to twist together to form a rope; (fig.) to unite; to work together

偶一 偶一 ou3 yi1
accidentally; once in a while; very occasionally

偶一为之 偶一為之 ou3 yi1 wei2 zhi1
to do sth once in a while (idiom); to do sth more as an exception than the rule

碰一鼻子灰 碰一鼻子灰 peng4 yi1 bi2 zi5 hui1
lit. to have one's nose rubbed in the dirt; fig. to meet with a sharp rebuff

普通高等学校招生全国统一考试 普通高等學校招生全國統一考試 pu3 tong1 gao1 deng3 xue2 xiao4 zhao1 sheng1 quan2 guo2 tong3 yi1 kao3 shi4
NCEE, National College Entrance Examination (college entrance exam in PRC); usually abbr. to 高考

七分之一 七分之一 qi1 fen1 zhi1 yi1
one seventh

漆黑一团 漆黑一團 qi1 hei1 yi1 tuan2
pitch-black; (fig.) to be completely in the dark

棋高一着 棋高一著 qi2 gao1 yi1 zhao1
to be a step ahead of the opponent (idiom); to outsmart one's opponent

齐聚一堂 齊聚一堂 qi2 ju4 yi1 tang2
to get together all at once

其一 其一 qi2 yi1
one of the given (options etc); the first; firstly

齐一 齊一 qi2 yi1

千金一诺 千金一諾 qian1 jin1 yi1 nuo4
a promise worth one thousand in gold (idiom); a promise that must be kept

千金一掷 千金一擲 qian1 jin1 yi1 zhi4
lit. stake a thousand pieces of gold on one throw (idiom); to throw away money recklessly; extravagant

千钧一发 千鈞一髮 qian1 jun1 yi1 fa4
a thousand pounds hangs by a thread (idiom); imminent peril; a matter of life or death

千军易得,一将难求 千軍易得,一將難求 qian1 jun1 yi4 de2 - yi1 jiang4 nan2 qiu2
Easy to raise an army of one thousand, but hard to find a good general. (idiom)

千虑一得 千慮一得 qian1 lv4 yi1 de2
a thousand tries leads to one success (idiom, humble expr.); Even without any notable ability on my part, I may still get it right sometimes by good luck.

千虑一失 千慮一失 qian1 lv4 yi1 shi1
reflect a thousand times and you can still make a mistake (idiom); to err is human

千篇一律 千篇一律 qian1 pian1 yi1 lv4
thousand articles, same rule (idiom); stereotyped and repetitive; once you've seen one, you've seen them all

千禧一代 千禧一代 qian1 xi3 yi1 dai4
Generation Y; Millennial Generation

牵一发而动全身 牽一髮而動全身 qian1 yi1 fa4 er2 dong4 quan2 shen1
lit. pull one hair and the whole body moves; fig. a slight change will affect everything else; the butterfly effect

前一天 前一天 qian2 yi1 tian1
the day before (an event)

前一向 前一向 qian2 yi1 xiang4
lately; in the recent past

乔治一世 喬治一世 qiao2 zhi4 yi1 shi4
George I of Great Brittain

亲如一家 親如一家 qin1 ru2 yi1 jia1
family-like close relationship (idiom)

清一色 清一色 qing1 yi1 se4
monotone; only one ingredient; (mahjong) all in the same suit

屈指一算 屈指一算 qu1 zhi3 yi1 suan4
to count on one's fingers

取得一致 取得一致 qu3 de2 yi1 zhi4
to reach a consensus

全场一致 全場一致 quan2 chang3 yi1 zhi4

全世界第一 全世界第一 quan2 shi4 jie4 di4 yi1
world's first

缺一不可 缺一不可 que1 yi1 bu4 ke3
not a single one is dispensable; can't do without either

绕一圈 繞一圈 rao4 yi1 quan1
to go around one time; to do a circuit

人生一世,草木一春 人生一世,草木一春 ren2 sheng1 yi1 shi4 - cao3 mu4 yi1 chun1
Man has but one life, grass but one spring (idiom). fig. the brevity of human existence

任一个 任一個 ren4 yi1 ge5
any one of (a list of possibilities)

日复一日 日復一日 ri4 fu4 yi1 ri4
day after day

日行一善 日行一善 ri4 xing2 yi1 shan4
to do a good deed every day

融合为一 融合為一 rong2 he2 wei2 yi1
to form a cohesive whole; to fuse together

融为一体 融為一體 rong2 wei2 yi1 ti3
to fuse together (idiom); hypostatic union (religion)

如出一辙 如出一轍 ru2 chu1 yi1 zhe2
to be precisely the same; to be no different

弱电统一 弱電統一 ruo4 dian4 tong3 yi1
electro-weak interaction in fermion particle physics

三分之一 三分之一 san1 fen1 zhi1 yi1
one third

三个臭皮匠,合成一个诸葛亮 三個臭皮匠,合成一個諸葛亮 san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 - he2 cheng2 yi1 ge4 zhu1 ge3 liang4
lit. three ignorant cobblers add up to a genius (idiom); fig. collective wisdom

三个臭皮匠,赛过一个诸葛亮 三個臭皮匠,賽過一個諸葛亮 san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 - sai4 guo4 yi1 ge4 zhu1 ge3 liang4
lit. three ignorant cobblers add up to a genius (idiom); fig. collective wisdom; wisdom of the masses exceeds that of any individual

三个臭皮匠,胜过一个诸葛亮 三個臭皮匠,勝過一個諸葛亮 san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 - sheng4 guo4 yi1 ge4 zhu1 ge3 liang4
variant of 三個臭皮匠,賽過一個諸葛亮|三个臭皮匠,赛过一个诸葛亮

三个女人一个墟 三個女人一個墟 san1 ge4 nv3 ren2 yi1 ge4 xu1
three women makes a crowd

三个女人一台戏 三個女人一臺戲 san1 ge5 nv3 ren2 yi1 tai2 xi4
three women are enough for a drama (idiom)

三合一 三合一 san1 he2 yi1
three in one; triple

三合一疫苗 三合一疫苗 san1 he2 yi1 yi4 miao2
DTP vaccination

三七二十一 三七二十一 san1 qi1 er4 shi2 yi1
three sevens are twenty-one (idiom); the facts of the matter; the actual situation

三位一体 三位一體 san1 wei4 yi1 ti3
Holy Trinity; trinity

色字头上一把刀 色字頭上一把刀 se4 zi4 tou2 shang4 yi1 ba3 dao1
lit. there is a knife above the character for lust; fig. lascivious activities can lead to bitter consequences

杀一儆百 殺一儆百 sha1 yi1 jing3 bai3
lit. kill one to warn a hundred (idiom); to punish an individual as an example to others; pour encourager les autres

杀一警百 殺一警百 sha1 yi1 jing3 bai3
variant of 殺一儆百|杀一儆百

上一次当,学一次乖 上一次當,學一次乖 shang4 yi1 ci4 dang4 - xue2 yi1 ci4 guai1
to take sth as a lesson for next time (idiom); once bitten, twice shy

上一个 上一個 shang4 yi1 ge5
previous one

上一号 上一號 shang4 yi1 hao4
(coll.) to go pee; to go to the bathroom

上一页 上一頁 shang4 yi1 ye4
preceding page

舍得一身剐,敢把皇帝拉下马 捨得一身剮,敢把皇帝拉下馬 she3 de5 yi1 shen1 gua3 - gan3 ba3 huang2 di4 la1 xia4 ma3
one who does not fear the death of thousand cuts will dare to unhorse the emperor (proverb); to a fearless person, no fence is high enough

生物专一性 生物專一性 sheng1 wu4 zhuan1 yi1 xing4

盛极一时 盛極一時 sheng4 ji2 yi1 shi2
all the rage for a time; grand fashion for a limited time

十·一 十·一 shi2 - yi1
first of October; PRC National Day; same as 國慶|国庆

十分之一 十分之一 shi2 fen1 zhi1 yi1
one tenth

实践是检验真理的唯一标准 實踐是檢驗真理的唯一標準 shi2 jian4 shi4 jian3 yan4 zhen1 li3 de5 wei2 yi1 biao1 zhun3
Actual practice is the sole criterion for judging truth (item from Deng Xiaoping theory, from 1978)

十一 十一 shi2 yi1
eleven; 11

什一奉献 什一奉獻 shi2 yi1 feng4 xian4

十一路 十一路 shi2 yi1 lu4
(coll.) going on foot

十一月 十一月 shi2 yi1 yue4
November; eleventh month (of the lunar year)

十一月份 十一月份 shi2 yi1 yue4 fen4

使成一体 使成一體 shi3 cheng2 yi1 ti3
to unify

始终如一 始終如一 shi3 zhong1 ru2 yi1
unswerving from start to finish (idiom)

世界第一 世界第一 shi4 jie4 di4 yi1
ranked number one in the world; the world's first

试一试 試一試 shi4 yi1 shi4
to have a try

首屈一指 首屈一指 shou3 qu1 yi1 zhi3
to count as number one (idiom); second to none; outstanding

守一而终 守一而終 shou3 yi1 er2 zhong1
to be faithful to one's mate all one's life

舒一口气 舒一口氣 shu1 yi1 kou3 qi4
to heave a sigh of relief

数一数二 數一數二 shu3 yi1 shu3 er4
reckoned to be first or second best (idiom); one of the very best; to list one by one

水天一色 水天一色 shui3 tian1 yi1 se4
water and sky merge in one color (idiom)

说是一回事,而做又是另外一回事 說是一回事,而做又是另外一回事 shuo1 shi4 yi1 hui2 shi4 - er2 zuo4 you4 shi4 ling4 wai4 yi1 hui2 shi4
see 說是一回事,做又是另外一回事|说是一回事,做又是另外一回事

说是一回事,做又是另外一回事 說是一回事,做又是另外一回事 shuo1 shi4 yi1 hui2 shi4 - zuo4 you4 shi4 ling4 wai4 yi1 hui2 shi4
Saying is one thing, doing quite another (idiom)

说一不二 說一不二 shuo1 yi1 bu4 er4
to say one and mean just that (idiom); to keep one's word

四分之一 四分之一 si4 fen1 zhi1 yi1

四一二 四一二 si4 yi1 er4
12th April; refers to Chiang Kai-shek's coup of 12th April 1927 against the communists in Shanghai

四一二惨案 四一二慘案 si4 yi1 er4 can3 an4
the massacre of 12th Mar 1927; the Shanghai coup of 12th Mar 1927 by Chiang Kai-shek against the communists

四一二反革命政变 四一二反革命政變 si4 yi1 er4 fan3 ge2 ming4 zheng4 bian4
counterrevolutionary coup of 12th April 1927, Chiang Kai-shek's coup against the communists in Shanghai

四一二事变 四一二事變 si4 yi1 er4 shi4 bian4
the coup of 12th Mar 1927, an attempt by Chiang Kai-shek to suppress the communists; called 反革命政变|反革命政變 or 慘案|惨案 in PRC literature

松一口气 鬆一口氣 song1 yi1 kou3 qi4
to heave a sigh of relief

缩成一团 縮成一團 suo1 cheng2 yi1 tuan2
to huddle together; to curl up

台上一分钟,台下十年功 臺上一分鐘,臺下十年功 tai2 shang4 yi1 fen1 zhong1 - tai2 xia4 shi2 nian2 gong1
ten years of practice for one minute on the stage (idiom)

昙花一现 曇花一現 tan2 hua1 yi1 xian4
lit. the night blooming cactus shows once; flash in the pan (idiom); short-lived

弹指一挥间 彈指一揮間 tan2 zhi3 yi1 hui1 jian1
in a flash (idiom)

天各一方 天各一方 tian1 ge4 yi1 fang1
(of relatives or friends) to live far apart from each other

天人合一 天人合一 tian1 ren2 he2 yi1
oneness of heaven and humanity; the theory that man is an integral part of nature

天生的一对 天生的一對 tian1 sheng1 de5 yi1 dui4
couple who were made for each other

天下第一 天下第一 tian1 xia4 di4 yi1
first under heaven; number one in the country

跳一只脚 跳一隻腳 tiao4 yi1 zhi1 jiao3
to hop on one leg

听君一席话,胜读十年书 聽君一席話,勝讀十年書 ting1 jun1 yi1 xi2 hua4 - sheng4 du2 shi2 nian2 shu1
listening to the words of a wise man can be superior to studying ten years of books (proverb)

同声一哭 同聲一哭 tong2 sheng1 yi1 ku1
to share one's feeling of grief with others (idiom)

同一 同一 tong2 yi1
identical; the same

同一个世界,同一个梦想 同一個世界,同一個夢想 tong2 yi1 ge4 shi4 jie4 - tong2 yi1 ge4 meng4 xiang3
One world - one dream, motto of 2008 Beijing Olympic games

同一挂 同一掛 tong2 yi1 gua4
(coll.) to have a lot in common (with sb); to get along well with each other

统一 統一 tong3 yi1
to unify; to unite; to integrate

统一发票 統一發票 tong3 yi1 fa1 piao4

统一规划 統一規劃 tong3 yi1 gui1 hua4
integrated program

统一口径 統一口徑 tong3 yi1 kou3 jing4
lit. one-track path; fig. to adopt a unified approach to discussing an issue; to sing from the same hymn-sheet

统一码 統一碼 tong3 yi1 ma3

统一思想 統一思想 tong3 yi1 si1 xiang3
with the same idea in mind; with a common purpose

统一体 統一體 tong3 yi1 ti3
whole; single entity

统一新罗 統一新羅 tong3 yi1 xin1 luo2
unified Silla (658-935), Korean kingdom

统一性 統一性 tong3 yi1 xing4

统一战线 統一戰線 tong3 yi1 zhan4 xian4
united front

统一战线工作部 統一戰線工作部 tong3 yi1 zhan4 xian4 gong1 zuo4 bu4
United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee (UFWD)

统一招生 統一招生 tong3 yi1 zhao1 sheng1
national unified entrance exam

统一资源 統一資源 tong3 yi1 zi1 yuan2
unified resource

统一资源定位 統一資源定位 tong3 yi1 zi1 yuan2 ding4 wei4
universal resource locator (URL), i.e. webaddress

统一资源定位符 統一資源定位符 tong3 yi1 zi1 yuan2 ding4 wei4 fu2
universal resource locator (URL), i.e. webaddress

头发胡子一把抓 頭髮鬍子一把抓 tou2 fa5 hu2 zi5 yi1 ba3 zhua1
lit. hair and beard all in one stroke; fig. to handle different things by the same method; one method to solve all problems; one size fits all

头一 頭一 tou2 yi1
the first

头一回 頭一回 tou2 yi1 hui2
the first time; for the first time

万无一失 萬無一失 wan4 wu2 yi1 shi1
surefire; absolutely safe (idiom)

万一 萬一 wan4 yi1
just in case; if by any chance; contingency

万众一心 萬眾一心 wan4 zhong4 yi1 xin1
millions of people all of one mind (idiom); the people united

网开一面 網開一面 wang3 kai1 yi1 mian4
open the net on one side (idiom); let the caged bird fly; to give one's opponent a way out; lenient treatment

威凤一羽 威鳳一羽 wei1 feng4 yi1 yu3
lit. one phoenix feather; fig. a glimpse that reveals the whole

唯一 唯一 wei2 yi1
only; sole

惟一 惟一 wei2 yi1
only; sole; variant of 唯一

唯一性 唯一性 wei2 yi1 xing4

未达一间 未達一間 wei4 da2 yi1 jian4
differing only slightly; not much between them

文武合一 文武合一 wen2 wu3 he2 yi1
civilians and the military (working) hand in hand (idiom)

闻一多 聞一多 wen2 yi1 duo1
Wen Yiduo (1899-1946), poet and patriotic fighter, executed by Guomindang in Kunming

闻一知十 聞一知十 wen2 yi1 zhi1 shi2
lit. to hear one and know ten (idiom); fig. explain one thing and (he) understands everything; a word to the wise

无一事而不学,无一时而不学,无一处而不得 無一事而不學,無一時而不學,無一處而不得 wu2 yi1 shi4 er2 bu4 xue2 - wu2 yi1 shi2 er2 bu4 xue2 - wu2 yi1 chu4 er2 bu4 de2
Study everything, at all times, everywhere. (Zhu Xi 朱熹)

五百年前是一家 五百年前是一家 wu3 bai3 nian2 qian2 shi4 yi1 jia1
five hundred years ago we were the same family (idiom) (said of persons with the same surname)

五打一 五打一 wu3 da3 yi1
to masturbate (slang)

五分之一 五分之一 wu3 fen1 zhi1 yi1
one fifth

五七一代 五七一代 wu3 qi1 yi1 dai4
generation of 1957; refers to Mao's anti-rightist purge of 1957

五一 五一 wu3 yi1
5-1 (May 1st)

洗劫一空 洗劫一空 xi3 jie2 yi1 kong1
to steal everything

遐迩一体 遐邇一體 xia2 er3 yi1 ti3
both near and distant treated alike (idiom)

下一步 下一步 xia4 yi1 bu4
the next step

下一次 下一次 xia4 yi1 ci4

下一代 下一代 xia4 yi1 dai4
the next generation

下一个 下一個 xia4 yi1 ge5
the next one

吓一跳 嚇一跳 xia4 yi1 tiao4
startled; to frighten; scared out of one's skin

下一页 下一頁 xia4 yi1 ye4
next page

下一站 下一站 xia4 yi1 zhan4
the next stop (of a bus etc)

消除对妇女一切形式歧视公约 消除對婦女一切形式歧視公約 xiao1 chu2 dui4 fu4 nv3 yi1 qie4 xing2 shi4 qi2 shi4 gong1 yue1
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

萧一山 蕭一山 xiao1 yi1 shan1
Xiao Yishan (1902-1978), Modern historian of the Qing dynasty

小菜一碟 小菜一碟 xiao3 cai4 yi1 die2
a small appetizer; a piece of cake; very easy (idiom)

小泉纯一郎 小泉純一郎 xiao3 quan2 chun2 yi1 lang2
KOIZUMI Jun'ichirō (1942-), Japanese LDP politician, prime minister 2001-2006

小事一桩 小事一樁 xiao3 shi4 yi1 zhuang1
trivial matter; a piece of cake

心口不一 心口不一 xin1 kou3 bu4 yi1
heart and mouth at variance (idiom); keeping one's real intentions to oneself; saying one thing but meaning sth different

心口如一 心口如一 xin1 kou3 ru2 yi1
lit. heart and mouth as one (idiom); to say what you think; honest and straightforward

辛普森一家 辛普森一家 xin1 pu3 sen1 yi1 jia1
The Simpsons (US TV series)

新一代 新一代 xin1 yi1 dai4
new generation

心有灵犀一点通 心有靈犀一點通 xin1 you3 ling2 xi1 yi1 dian3 tong1
hearts linked as one, just as the proverbial rhinoceros communicates emotion telepathically through his single horn (idiom); fig. two hearts beat as one

星期一 星期一 xing1 qi1 yi1

性同一性障碍 性同一性障礙 xing4 tong2 yi1 xing4 zhang4 ai4
gender identity disorder

烜赫一时 烜赫一時 xuan3 he4 yi1 shi2
to enjoy a short-lived fame or position of power

嫣然一笑 嫣然一笑 yan1 ran2 yi1 xiao4
to smile sweetly

言行若一 言行若一 yan2 xing2 ruo4 yi1
word and actions coincide (idiom); to live up to one's word; to match words with deeds; Practice what you preach.

言行一致 言行一致 yan2 xing2 yi1 zhi4
word and actions coincide (idiom); to live up to one's word; to match words with deeds; Practice what you preach.

奄奄一息 奄奄一息 yan3 yan3 yi1 xi1
dying; at one's last gasp

养兵千日,用兵一时 養兵千日,用兵一時 yang3 bing1 qian1 ri4 - yong4 bing1 yi1 shi2
lit. Train an army for a thousand days to use it for an hour. (idiom); fig. extensive preparation eventually pays off

养兵千日,用在一时 養兵千日,用在一時 yang3 bing1 qian1 ri4 - yong4 zai4 yi1 shi2
see 養兵千日,用兵一時|养兵千日,用兵一时

养兵千日,用在一朝 養兵千日,用在一朝 yang3 bing1 qian1 ri4 - yong4 zai4 yi1 zhao1
lit. train an army for a thousand days to use it for one morning (idiom); fig. extensive preparation eventually pays off

摇身一变 搖身一變 yao2 shen1 yi1 bian4
to change shape in a single shake; fig. to take on a new lease of life

一把好手 一把好手 yi1 ba3 hao3 shou3
expert; dab hand

一把屎一把尿 一把屎一把尿 yi1 ba3 shi3 yi1 ba3 niao4
to have endured all sorts of hardships (to raise one's children) (idiom)

一把手 一把手 yi1 ba3 shou3
working hand; member of a work team; participant

一把死拿 一把死拿 yi1 ba3 si3 na2
stubborn; inflexible

一把眼泪一把鼻涕 一把眼淚一把鼻涕 yi1 ba3 yan3 lei4 yi1 ba3 bi2 ti4
with one's face covered in tears (idiom)

一把钥匙开一把锁 一把鑰匙開一把鎖 yi1 ba3 yao4 shi5 kai1 yi1 ba3 suo3
One key opens one lock.; There is a different solution for each problem. (idiom)

一把抓 一把抓 yi1 ba3 zhua1
to attempt all tasks at once; to manage every detail regardless of its importance

一百一 一百一 yi1 bai3 yi1
faultless; impeccable

一败涂地 一敗塗地 yi1 bai4 tu2 di4
failed and wiped over the floor (idiom); to fail utterly; a crushing defeat; beaten and in a hopeless position

一般 一般 yi1 ban1
same; ordinary; so-so; common; general; generally; in general

一斑 一斑 yi1 ban1
lit. one spot (on the leopard); fig. one small item in a big scheme

一般而言 一般而言 yi1 ban1 er2 yan2
generally speaking

一般规定 一般規定 yi1 ban1 gui1 ding4
ordinary provision (law)

一般见识 一般見識 yi1 ban1 jian4 shi5
to lower oneself to sb's level; to argue with sb less well-informed

一般来讲 一般來講 yi1 ban1 lai2 jiang3
generally speaking

一般来说 一般來說 yi1 ban1 lai2 shuo1
generally speaking

一般贸易 一般貿易 yi1 ban1 mao4 yi4
general trade (i.e. importing and export without processing)

一般人 一般人 yi1 ban1 ren2
average person

一般说来 一般說來 yi1 ban1 shuo1 lai2
generally speaking; in general

一般性 一般性 yi1 ban1 xing4
general; generality

一般原则 一般原則 yi1 ban1 yuan2 ze2
general principle

一板三眼 一板三眼 yi1 ban3 san1 yan3
lit. one strong beat and three weak beats in a measure of music (four beats in the bar) (idiom); fig. scrupulous attention to detail

一板一眼 一板一眼 yi1 ban3 yi1 yan3
lit. one strong beat and one weak beats in a measure of music (two beats in the bar) (idiom); fig. follow a prescribed pattern to the letter; scrupulous attention to detail

一半 一半 yi1 ban4

一半天 一半天 yi1 ban4 tian1
in a day or two; soon

一饱眼福 一飽眼福 yi1 bao3 yan3 fu2
to feast one's eyes on (idiom)

一杯羹 一杯羹 yi1 bei1 geng1
lit. a cup of soup; fig. to get part of the profits; one's share of the action

一辈子 一輩子 yi1 bei4 zi5
(for) a lifetime

一本万利 一本萬利 yi1 ben3 wan4 li4
small capital, huge profit (idiom); to put in a little and get a lot out

一本正经 一本正經 yi1 ben3 zheng4 jing1
in deadly earnest; deadpan

一鼻孔出气 一鼻孔出氣 yi1 bi2 kong3 chu1 qi4
lit. to breathe through the same nostril (idiom); fig. two people say exactly the same thing (usually derog.); to sing from the same hymn sheet

一笔不苟 一筆不苟 yi1 bi3 bu4 gou3
lit. not even one stroke is negligent (idiom); fig. to write characters (calligraphy) in which every stroke is placed perfectly

一笔勾销 一筆勾銷 yi1 bi3 gou1 xiao1
to write off at one stroke

一笔抹杀 一筆抹殺 yi1 bi3 mo3 sha1
to blot out at one stroke; to reject out of hand; to deny without a hearing

一笔抹煞 一筆抹煞 yi1 bi3 mo3 sha1
variant of 一筆抹殺|一笔抹杀

一壁 一壁 yi1 bi4
one side; at the same time

一壁厢 一壁廂 yi1 bi4 xiang1
see 一壁

一臂之力 一臂之力 yi1 bi4 zhi1 li4
(lend) a helping hand

一边 一邊 yi1 bian1
one side; either side; on the one hand; on the other hand; doing while

一边倒 一邊倒 yi1 bian1 dao3
to have the advantage overwhelmingly on one side; to support unconditionally

一遍 一遍 yi1 bian4
one time (all the way through); once through

一遍又一遍 一遍又一遍 yi1 bian4 you4 yi1 bian4
over and over

一秉虔诚 一秉虔誠 yi1 bing3 qian2 cheng2
earnestly and sincerely (idiom); devoutly

一并 一並 yi1 bing4
variant of 一併|一并, to lump together; to treat along with all the others

一并 一併 yi1 bing4
to lump together; to treat along with all the others

一病不起 一病不起 yi1 bing4 bu4 qi3
to fall gravely ill, never to recover (idiom)

一拨儿 一撥兒 yi1 bo1 er5
group of people

一波三折 一波三折 yi1 bo1 san1 zhe2
calligraphic flourish with many twists; fig. many twists and turns

一波未平,一波又起 一波未平,一波又起 yi1 bo1 wei4 ping2 - yi1 bo1 you4 qi3
before the first wave subsides, a new wave rises (idiom); a new problem arises before the old is solved; many twists and turns to a story; one thing after another

一步到位 一步到位 yi1 bu4 dao4 wei4
to settle a matter in one go

一步登天 一步登天 yi1 bu4 deng1 tian1
reaching heaven in a single bound (idiom); (esp. with negative: don't expect) instant success

一部二十四史,不知从何说起 一部二十四史,不知從何說起 yi1 bu4 er4 shi2 si4 shi3 - bu4 zhi1 cong2 he2 shuo1 qi3
It's a long and intricate story, I hardly know where to start.

一部分 一部分 yi1 bu4 fen5
portion; part of; subset

一步一个脚印 一步一個腳印 yi1 bu4 yi1 ge4 jiao3 yin4
one step, one footprint (idiom); steady progress; reliable

一步一趋 一步一趨 yi1 bu4 yi1 qu1
see 亦步亦趨|亦步亦趋

一不做,二不休 一不做,二不休 yi1 bu4 zuo4 - er4 bu4 xiu1
don't do it, or don't rest (idiom); either give up, or go through to the end; Since we started, we must carry it through whatever happens.; in for a penny, in for a pound

一侧化 一側化 yi1 ce4 hua4

一层 一層 yi1 ceng2

一场空 一場空 yi1 chang2 kong1
all one's hopes and efforts come to nothing; futile

一唱三叹 一唱三嘆 yi1 chang4 san1 tan4
see 一倡三歎|一倡三叹

一倡三叹 一倡三歎 yi1 chang4 san1 tan4
(of literature, music) deeply moving (idiom)

一唱一和 一唱一和 yi1 chang4 yi1 he4
to echo one another (idiom)

一尘不染 一塵不染 yi1 chen2 bu4 ran3
untainted by even a speck of dust (idiom); selfless and incorruptible; spotless

一成不变 一成不變 yi1 cheng2 bu4 bian4
nothing much changes (idiom); always the same; stuck in a rut

一逞兽欲 一逞獸欲 yi1 cheng3 shou4 yu4
to give way to one's beastly lust

一匙 一匙 yi1 chi2

一筹莫展 一籌莫展 yi1 chou2 mo4 zhan3
to be unable to find a solution; to be at wits' end

一触即发 一觸即發 yi1 chu4 ji2 fa1
could happen at any moment; on the verge

一触即溃 一觸即潰 yi1 chu4 ji2 kui4
to collapse on the first encounter; to give way at once

一传十,十传百 一傳十,十傳百 yi1 chuan2 shi2 - shi2 chuan2 bai3
news pass quickly from mouth to mouth (idiom); an infectious disease spreads quickly (old meaning)

一槌定音 一槌定音 yi1 chui2 ding4 yin1
variant of 一錘定音|一锤定音

一锤定音 一錘定音 yi1 chui2 ding4 yin1
lit. to fix the tone with a single hammer blow; fig. to make the final decision

一锤子买卖 一錘子買賣 yi1 chui2 zi5 mai3 mai4
a one-off, short-sighted deal; a one-shot, all-out attempt

一辞莫赞 一辭莫贊 yi1 ci2 mo4 zan4
left speechless by sth perfect (idiom)

一次 一次 yi1 ci4
first; first time; once; (math.) linear (of degree one)

一次方程 一次方程 yi1 ci4 fang1 cheng2
linear equation

一次方程式 一次方程式 yi1 ci4 fang1 cheng2 shi4
linear equation (math.)

一次函数 一次函數 yi1 ci4 han2 shu4
linear function (math.)

一次生,两次熟 一次生,兩次熟 yi1 ci4 sheng1 - liang3 ci4 shu2
unfamiliar at first but you get used to it; strangers are first meeting, but soon friends; an acquired taste

一次性 一次性 yi1 ci4 xing4
one-off (offer); one-time; single-use; disposable (goods)

一次又一次 一次又一次 yi1 ci4 you4 yi1 ci4
repeatedly; over and over again

一次总付 一次總付 yi1 ci4 zong3 fu4
lump-sum (finance)

一蹴而得 一蹴而得 yi1 cu4 er2 de2
to get there in one step (idiom); easily done; success at a stroke; to get results overnight

一蹴而就 一蹴而就 yi1 cu4 er2 jiu4
to get there in one step (idiom); easily done; success at a stroke; to get results overnight

一蹴即至 一蹴即至 yi1 cu4 ji2 zhi4
to get there in one step (idiom); easily done; success at a stroke; to get results overnight

一蹴可几 一蹴可幾 yi1 cu4 ke3 ji3
to succeed at the first try (idiom); easy as pie; one can do it at once

一寸光阴一寸金 一寸光陰一寸金 yi1 cun4 guang1 yin1 yi1 cun4 jin1
lit. An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold. (idiom); fig. free time is to be treasured

一寸光阴一寸金,寸金难买寸光阴 一寸光陰一寸金,寸金難買寸光陰 yi1 cun4 guang1 yin1 yi1 cun4 jin1 - cun4 jin1 nan2 mai3 cun4 guang1 yin1
lit. An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold, money cannot buy you time. (idiom); fig. Time is precious and must be treasured.

一错再错 一錯再錯 yi1 cuo4 zai4 cuo4
to repeat errors; to continue blundering; to make continuous mistakes

一打 一打 yi1 da2

一大早 一大早 yi1 da4 zao3
at dawn; at first light; first thing in the morning

一大早儿 一大早兒 yi1 da4 zao3 er5
erhua variant of 一大早

一代 一代 yi1 dai4

一带 一帶 yi1 dai4
region; district

一代不如一代 一代不如一代 yi1 dai4 bu4 ru2 yi1 dai4
to be getting worse with each generation

一带而过 一帶而過 yi1 dai4 er2 guo4
to skate around; to skip over; to skimp

一旦 一旦 yi1 dan4
in case (sth happens); if; once (sth happens, then...); when; in a short time; in one day

一党 一黨 yi1 dang3
one-party (state)

一党专制 一黨專制 yi1 dang3 zhuan1 zhi4
one party dictatorship

一刀两断 一刀兩斷 yi1 dao1 liang3 duan4
lit. two segments with a single cut (idiom); fig. to make a clean break (idiom)

一刀切 一刀切 yi1 dao1 qie1
lit. to cut all at one stroke (idiom); to impose uniformity; one solution fits a diversity of problems; one size fits all

一道 一道 yi1 dao4

一等 一等 yi1 deng3
first class; grade A

一等奖 一等獎 yi1 deng3 jiang3
first prize

一递一个 一遞一個 yi1 di4 yi1 ge4
one after another

一递一声 一遞一聲 yi1 di4 yi1 sheng1
(of singers etc) one answering the other

一点 一點 yi1 dian3
a bit; a little; one dot; one point

一点不 一點不 yi1 dian3 bu4
not at all

一点点 一點點 yi1 dian3 dian3
a little bit

一点儿 一點兒 yi1 dian3 er5
erhua variant of 一點|一点

一点就通 一點就通 yi1 dian3 jiu4 tong1
a hint is all that is needed; understanding each other without the need to explain

一点邻域 一點鄰域 yi1 dian3 lin2 yu4
(math.) neighborhood of a point

一点水一个泡 一點水一個泡 yi1 dian3 shui3 yi1 ge4 pao4
honest and trustworthy (idiom)

一点一滴 一點一滴 yi1 dian3 yi1 di1
bit by bit; every little bit

一点一点 一點一點 yi1 dian3 yi1 dian3
little by little; bit by bit; gradually

一丁不识 一丁不識 yi1 ding1 bu4 shi2
illiterate; ignorant

一丁点 一丁點 yi1 ding1 dian3
a tiny bit; a wee bit

一定 一定 yi1 ding4
surely; certainly; necessarily; fixed; a certain (extent etc); given; particular; must

一定要 一定要 yi1 ding4 yao4

一东一西 一東一西 yi1 dong1 yi1 xi1
far apart

一动不动 一動不動 yi1 dong4 bu4 dong4

一睹 一睹 yi1 du3
to look; to have a glimpse at; to observe (sth's splendor)

一度 一度 yi1 du4
for a time; at one time; one time; once

一肚皮 一肚皮 yi1 du4 pi2
bellyful (of sth); full of (sth)

一肚子 一肚子 yi1 du4 zi5
bellyful (of sth); full of (sth)

一堆 一堆 yi1 dui1

一对 一對 yi1 dui4
couple; pair

一对儿 一對兒 yi1 dui4 er5
a pair; a couple

一对一斗牛 一對一鬥牛 yi1 dui4 yi1 dou4 niu2
one-on-one basketball game

一多对应 一多對應 yi1 duo1 dui4 ying4
one-to-many correspondence

一而再,再而三 一而再,再而三 yi1 er2 zai4 - zai4 er2 san1
again and again

一二 一二 yi1 er4
one or two; a few

一二八事变 一二八事變 yi1 er4 ba1 shi4 bian4
Shanghai Incident of 28th January 1932, Chinese uprising against Japanese quarters of Shanghai

一发不可收拾 一發不可收拾 yi1 fa1 bu4 ke3 shou1 shi5
things that have happened can hardly be controlled; to get out of hand

一帆风顺 一帆風順 yi1 fan1 feng1 shun4
propitious wind throughout the journey (idiom); plain sailing; to go smoothly; have a nice trip!

一反常态 一反常態 yi1 fan3 chang2 tai4
complete change from the normal state (idiom); quite uncharacteristic; entirely outside the norm; out of character

一犯再犯 一犯再犯 yi1 fan4 zai4 fan4
to keep doing (the wrong thing)

一方 一方 yi1 fang1
a party (in a contract or legal case); one side; area; region

一方面 一方面 yi1 fang1 mian4
on the one hand

一房一厅 一房一廳 yi1 fang2 yi1 ting1
one bedroom and one living room

一分耕耘,一分收获 一分耕耘,一分收穫 yi1 fen1 geng1 yun2 - yi1 fen1 shou1 huo4
you get what you put in; you reap what you sow

一分钱两分货 一分錢兩分貨 yi1 fen1 qian2 liang3 fen1 huo4
high quality at bargain price

一分钱一分货 一分錢一分貨 yi1 fen1 qian2 yi1 fen1 huo4
nothing for nothing; you get what you pay for

一分熟 一分熟 yi1 fen1 shu2
rare (of steak)

一分为二 一分為二 yi1 fen1 wei2 er4
one divides into two; to be two-sided; there are two sides to everything; to see both sb's good points and shortcomings (idiom)

一分一毫 一分一毫 yi1 fen1 yi1 hao2
a tiny bit (idiom); an iota

一夫当关,万夫莫开 一夫當關,萬夫莫開 yi1 fu1 dang1 guan1 - wan4 fu1 mo4 kai1
one man can hold the pass against ten thousand enemies (idiom)

一夫多妻 一夫多妻 yi1 fu1 duo1 qi1

一夫一妻 一夫一妻 yi1 fu1 yi1 qi1
lit. one husband one wife; monogamy

一改故辙 一改故轍 yi1 gai3 gu4 zhe2
complete change from the old rut (idiom); dramatic change of direction; a volte-face; to change old practices

一概 一概 yi1 gai4
all; without any exceptions; categorically

一概而论 一概而論 yi1 gai4 er2 lun4
to lump different matters together (idiom)

一干二净 一乾二淨 yi1 gan1 er4 jing4
thoroughly (idiom); completely; one and all; very clean

一杆进洞 一桿進洞 yi1 gan1 jin4 dong4
(golf) hole in one

一个个 一個個 yi1 ge4 ge4
each and every one

一个劲 一個勁 yi1 ge4 jin4
continuously; persistently; incessantly

一个劲儿 一個勁兒 yi1 ge4 jin4 er5
erhua variant of 一個勁|一个劲

一个萝卜一个坑 一個蘿蔔一個坑 yi1 ge4 luo2 bo5 yi1 ge4 keng1
lit. every turnip to its hole (idiom); fig. each person has his own position; each to his own; horses for courses; every kettle has its lid

一个人 一個人 yi1 ge4 ren2
by oneself (without assistance); alone (without company)

一个幽灵在欧洲游荡 一個幽靈在歐洲遊蕩 yi1 ge4 you1 ling2 zai4 ou1 zhou1 you2 dang4
Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa.; the opening sentence of Marx and Engels' "Communist Manifesto"

一个中国政策 一個中國政策 yi1 ge4 zhong1 guo2 zheng4 ce4
one China policy

一个巴掌拍不响 一個巴掌拍不響 yi1 ge5 ba1 zhang3 pai1 bu4 xiang3
lit. one palm alone cannot clap (proverb); fig. it takes two persons to start a dispute; it takes two to tango; it's difficult to achieve anything without support

一个接一个 一個接一個 yi1 ge5 jie1 yi1 ge5
one by one; one after another

一个天南,一个地北 一個天南,一個地北 yi1 ge5 tian1 nan2 - yi1 ge5 di4 bei3
to live miles apart (idiom)

一个头两个大 一個頭兩個大 yi1 ge5 tou2 liang3 ge5 da4
(coll.) to feel as though one's head could explode (Tw)

一个样 一個樣 yi1 ge5 yang4
same as 一樣|一样; the same

一根筋 一根筋 yi1 gen1 jin1
stubborn; inflexible; one-track minded

一根绳上的蚂蚱 一根繩上的螞蚱 yi1 gen1 sheng2 shang4 de5 ma4 zha5
see 一條繩上的螞蚱|一条绳上的蚂蚱

一更 一更 yi1 geng1
first of the five night watch periods 19:00-21:00 (old)

一共 一共 yi1 gong4

一股脑 一股腦 yi1 gu3 nao3
all of it; lock, stock and barrel

一古脑儿 一古腦兒 yi1 gu3 nao3 er5
variant of 一股腦兒|一股脑儿

一股脑儿 一股腦兒 yi1 gu3 nao3 er5
erhua variant of 一股腦|一股脑

一股子 一股子 yi1 gu3 zi5
a whiff of; a taint of; a thread of

一鼓作气 一鼓作氣 yi1 gu3 zuo4 qi4
in a spurt of energy

一贯 一貫 yi1 guan4
consistent; constant; from start to finish; all along; persistent

一锅端 一鍋端 yi1 guo1 duan1
see 連鍋端|连锅端

一锅粥 一鍋粥 yi1 guo1 zhou1
(lit.) a pot of porridge; (fig.) a complete mess

一国两制 一國兩制 yi1 guo2 liang3 zhi4
one country, two systems (PRC proposal regarding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)

一过性 一過性 yi1 guo4 xing4

一号 一號 yi1 hao4
first day of the month; toilet; (slang) top (in a homosexual relationship)

一号电池 一號電池 yi1 hao4 dian4 chi2
D size battery

一号木杆 一號木桿 yi1 hao4 mu4 gan1
driver (golf)

一黑早 一黑早 yi1 hei1 zao3
at dawn; early in the morning

一哄而起 一哄而起 yi1 hong1 er2 qi3
(of a group of people) to rush into action

一哄而散 一哄而散 yi1 hong1 er2 san4
to disperse in confusion (idiom)

一哄而散 一鬨而散 yi1 hong4 er2 san4
see 一哄而散

一呼百诺 一呼百諾 yi1 hu1 bai3 nuo4
one command brings a hundred responses (idiom); having hundreds of attendants at one's beck and call

一呼百应 一呼百應 yi1 hu1 bai3 ying4
a hundred answers to a single call (idiom); to respond en masse

一晃 一晃 yi1 huang3
(of passing time) in an instant; (of a sight) in a flash

一挥而就 一揮而就 yi1 hui1 er2 jiu4
to finish (a letter, a painting) at a stroke

一回生二回熟 一回生二回熟 yi1 hui2 sheng1 er4 hui2 shu2
unfamiliar at first, but well accustomed soon enough (idiom)

一回生两回熟 一回生兩回熟 yi1 hui2 sheng1 liang3 hui2 shu2
see 一回生二回熟

一回事 一回事 yi1 hui2 shi4
one thing; the same as

一会 一會 yi1 hui4
a moment; a while; in a moment; also pr.

一会儿 一會兒 yi1 hui4 er5
a moment; a while; in a moment; now...now...; also pr.

一击入洞 一擊入洞 yi1 ji1 ru4 dong4
hole in one (golf)

一级 一級 yi1 ji2
first class; category A

一级棒 一級棒 yi1 ji2 bang4
first-rate; excellent (loanword from Japanese 一番, ichiban)

一级方程式 一級方程式 yi1 ji2 fang1 cheng2 shi4
Formula One

一级士官 一級士官 yi1 ji2 shi4 guan1
corporal (army)

一级头 一級頭 yi1 ji2 tou2
first stage (diving)

一技之长 一技之長 yi1 ji4 zhi1 chang2
proficiency in a particular field (idiom); skill in a specialized area (idiom)

一家 一家 yi1 jia1
the whole family; the same family; the family ... (when preceded by a family name); group

一家人 一家人 yi1 jia1 ren2
household; the whole family

一家之主 一家之主 yi1 jia1 zhi1 zhu3
master of the house; family head

一家子 一家子 yi1 jia1 zi5
the whole family

一甲 一甲 yi1 jia3
1st rank or top three candidates who passed the imperial examination (i.e. 狀元|状元, 榜眼, and 探花, respectively)

一甲子 一甲子 yi1 jia3 zi3
sixty years

一价 一價 yi1 jia4
monovalent (chemistry)

一见高低 一見高低 yi1 jian4 gao1 di1
lit. to fight it out with sb to see who is best (idiom); fig. to cross swords with; to lock horns

一见倾心 一見傾心 yi1 jian4 qing1 xin1
love at first sight

一见如故 一見如故 yi1 jian4 ru2 gu4
familiarity at first sight

一箭双雕 一箭雙鵰 yi1 jian4 shuang1 diao1
lit. one arrow, two golden eagles (idiom); to kill two birds with one stone

一箭之仇 一箭之仇 yi1 jian4 zhi1 chou2
a wrong suffered (idiom); old grievance; previous defeat

一见钟情 一見鐘情 yi1 jian4 zhong1 qing2
love at first sight (idiom)

一角银币 一角銀幣 yi1 jiao3 yin2 bi4

一较高下 一較高下 yi1 jiao4 gao1 xia4
to compete against; to measure oneself against; to go head to head (see who is best)

一觉醒来 一覺醒來 yi1 jiao4 xing3 lai2
to wake up from a sleep

一节诗 一節詩 yi1 jie2 shi1

一介不取 一介不取 yi1 jie4 bu4 qu3
to not even take a penny (as a bribe)

一惊一乍 一驚一乍 yi1 jing1 yi1 zha4
frightened; flustered

一径 一徑 yi1 jing4
directly; straightaway; straight

一掬同情之泪 一掬同情之淚 yi1 ju1 tong2 qing2 zhi1 lei4
to shed tears of sympathy (idiom)

一举 一舉 yi1 ju3
a move; an action; in one move; at a stroke; in one go

一举成功 一舉成功 yi1 ju3 cheng2 gong1
success at one go; to succeed at the first attempt

一举两得 一舉兩得 yi1 ju3 liang3 de2
one move, two gains (idiom); two birds with one stone

一举手一投足 一舉手一投足 yi1 ju3 shou3 yi1 tou2 zu2
every little move; every single movement

一举一动 一舉一動 yi1 ju3 yi1 dong4
every movement; each and every move

一句 一句 yi1 ju4
a line of verse; a sentence

一句话 一句話 yi1 ju4 hua4
in a word; in short

一蹶不振 一蹶不振 yi1 jue2 bu4 zhen4
one stumble, unable to rise (idiom); a setback leading to total collapse; ruined at a stroke; unable to recover after a minor hitch

一决雌雄 一決雌雄 yi1 jue2 ci2 xiong2
to have a show-down; to fight for mastery; to compete for a championship

一卡通 一卡通 yi1 ka3 tong1
Yikatong (Beijing public transport smart card)

一颗老鼠屎坏了一锅汤 一顆老鼠屎壞了一鍋湯 yi1 ke1 lao3 shu3 shi3 huai4 le5 yi1 guo1 tang1
lit. a piece of rat feces spoiled the whole pot of soup (idiom); fig. one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch

一颗老鼠屎坏了一锅粥 一顆老鼠屎壞了一鍋粥 yi1 ke1 lao3 shu3 shi3 huai4 le5 yi1 guo1 zhou1
see 一粒老鼠屎壞了一鍋粥|一粒老鼠屎坏了一锅粥

一刻千金 一刻千金 yi1 ke4 qian1 jin1
time is gold; every minute counts

一空 一空 yi1 kong1
leaving none left; (sold etc) out

一孔之见 一孔之見 yi1 kong3 zhi1 jian4
partial view; limited outlook

一口 一口 yi1 kou3
readily; flatly (deny, admit and so on); a mouthful; a bite

一口吃不成胖子 一口吃不成胖子 yi1 kou3 chi1 bu4 cheng2 pang4 zi5
lit. you cannot get fat with only one mouthful (proverb); fig. learn to walk before you run

一口吃个胖子 一口吃個胖子 yi1 kou3 chi1 ge5 pang4 zi5
lit. to want to get fat with only one mouthful (proverb); fig. to try to achieve one's goal in the shortest time possible; to be impatient for success

一口气 一口氣 yi1 kou3 qi4
one breath; in one breath; at a stretch

一口气儿 一口氣兒 yi1 kou3 qi4 er5
erhua variant of 一口氣|一口气

一口咬定 一口咬定 yi1 kou3 yao3 ding4
to arbitrarily assert; to allege; to stick to one's statement; to cling to one's view

一哭二闹三上吊 一哭二鬧三上吊 yi1 ku1 er4 nao4 san1 shang4 diao4
to make a terrible scene (idiom); to throw a tantrum

一块 一塊 yi1 kuai4
one block; one piece; one (unit of money); together; in the same place; in company

一块儿 一塊兒 yi1 kuai4 er5
erhua variant of 一塊|一块

一窥端倪 一窺端倪 yi1 kui1 duan1 ni2
to infer easily; to guess at a glance; to get a clue

一夔已足 一夔已足 yi1 kui2 yi3 zu2
one talented person is enough for the job (idiom)

一来 一來 yi1 lai2
on one hand,...

一来二去 一來二去 yi1 lai2 er4 qu4
gradually; little by little; in the course of time

一览 一覽 yi1 lan3
an overview; at a glance

一览无遗 一覽無遺 yi1 lan3 wu2 yi2
be plainly visible

一览无余 一覽無餘 yi1 lan3 wu2 yu2
to cover all at one glance (idiom); a panoramic view

一揽子 一攬子 yi1 lan3 zi5
all-inclusive; undiscriminating

一劳永逸 一勞永逸 yi1 lao2 yong3 yi4
to get sth done once and for all

一类 一類 yi1 lei4
same type; category 1 (i.e. class A)

一类保护动物 一類保護動物 yi1 lei4 bao3 hu4 dong4 wu4
class A protected animal

一粒老鼠屎坏了一锅粥 一粒老鼠屎壞了一鍋粥 yi1 li4 lao3 shu3 shi3 huai4 le5 yi1 guo1 zhou1
lit. a piece of rat feces spoiled the whole pot of congee (idiom); fig. one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch

一连 一連 yi1 lian2
in a row; in succession; running

一连串 一連串 yi1 lian2 chuan4
a succession of; a series of

一脸茫然 一臉茫然 yi1 lian3 mang2 ran2
puzzled; bewildered

一了百了 一了百了 yi1 liao3 bai3 liao3
once the main problem is solved, all troubles are solved; death ends all one's troubles

一鳞半爪 一鱗半爪 yi1 lin2 ban4 zhua3
lit. one scale and half a claw (idiom); only odd bits and pieces

一灵真性 一靈真性 yi1 ling2 zhen1 xing4
soul; spirit

一流 一流 yi1 liu2
top quality; front ranking

一溜烟 一溜煙 yi1 liu4 yan1
like a wisp of smoke; (to disappear etc) in an instant

一路 一路 yi1 lu4
the whole journey; all the way; going the same way; going in the same direction; of the same kind

一路风尘 一路風塵 yi1 lu4 feng1 chen2
to live an exhausting journey

一路来 一路來 yi1 lu4 lai2
all the way; all along; since the start

一路平安 一路平安 yi1 lu4 ping2 an1
to have a pleasant journey; Bon voyage!

一路顺风 一路順風 yi1 lu4 shun4 feng1
to have a pleasant journey (idiom)

一轮 一輪 yi1 lun2
first round or stage (of a match, election, talks, planned policy etc)

一箩筐 一籮筐 yi1 luo2 kuang1
bucketloads of; in large quantities; extremely

一落千丈 一落千丈 yi1 luo4 qian1 zhang4
lit. to drop a thousand zhang in one fall (idiom); fig. (of business, popularity etc) to suffer a sudden, devastating decline; to take a dive

一律 一律 yi1 lv4
same; uniformly; all; without exception

一马当先 一馬當先 yi1 ma3 dang1 xian1
to take the lead

一马平川 一馬平川 yi1 ma3 ping2 chuan1
flat land one could gallop straight across (idiom); wide expanse of flat country

一脉相承 一脈相承 yi1 mai4 xiang1 cheng2
traceable to the same stock (idiom); of a common origin (of trends, ideas etc)

一毛不拔 一毛不拔 yi1 mao2 bu4 ba2
stingy (idiom)

一门心思 一門心思 yi1 men2 xin1 si5
to set one's heart on sth (idiom)

一秘 一秘 yi1 mi4
first secretary

一面 一面 yi1 mian4
one side; one aspect; simultaneously... (and...); one's whole face

一面倒 一面倒 yi1 mian4 dao3
to be entirely on one side; one-sided; lopsided; partisan; overwhelmingly on one side

一面之词 一面之詞 yi1 mian4 zhi1 ci2
one side of the story; one-sided statement

一面之交 一面之交 yi1 mian4 zhi1 jiao1
to have met once; casual acquaintance

一抿子 一抿子 yi1 min3 zi5
a little bit

一鸣惊人 一鳴驚人 yi1 ming2 jing1 ren2
to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat (idiom); an overnight celebrity

一命归天 一命歸天 yi1 ming4 gui1 tian1
see 一命嗚呼|一命呜呼

一命归西 一命歸西 yi1 ming4 gui1 xi1
see 一命嗚呼|一命呜呼

一命归阴 一命歸陰 yi1 ming4 gui1 yin1
see 一命嗚呼|一命呜呼

一命呜呼 一命嗚呼 yi1 ming4 wu1 hu1
to die (idiom); to breathe one's last; to give up the ghost

一模一样 一模一樣 yi1 mu2 yi1 yang4
exactly the same (idiom); carbon copy; also pr.

一目了然 一目瞭然 yi1 mu4 liao3 ran2
obvious at a glance (idiom)

一目了然 一目了然 yi1 mu4 liao3 ran2
obvious at a glance (idiom)

一木难支 一木難支 yi1 mu4 nan2 zhi1
lit. a single post cannot prop up a falling house (idiom); fig. one is helpless alone

一目十行 一目十行 yi1 mu4 shi2 hang2
ten lines at a glance (idiom); to read very rapidly

一年半 一年半 yi1 nian2 ban4
a year and a half

一年半载 一年半載 yi1 nian2 ban4 zai3
about a year

一年被蛇咬十年怕井绳 一年被蛇咬十年怕井繩 yi1 nian2 bei4 she2 yao3 shi2 nian2 pa4 jing3 sheng2
bitten by a snake in one year, fears the well rope for ten years (idiom); once bitten twice shy

一年到头 一年到頭 yi1 nian2 dao4 tou2
all year round

一年多 一年多 yi1 nian2 duo1
more than a year

一年期 一年期 yi1 nian2 qi1
one year period (in a contract or budget)

一年生 一年生 yi1 nian2 sheng1
annual (botany)

一年四季 一年四季 yi1 nian2 si4 ji4
all year round

一年之计在于春 一年之計在於春 yi1 nian2 zhi1 ji4 zai4 yu2 chun1
the whole year must be planned for in the spring (idiom); early planning is the key to success

一念之差 一念之差 yi1 nian4 zhi1 cha1
momentary slip; false step; ill-considered action

一诺千金 一諾千金 yi1 nuo4 qian1 jin1
a promise worth one thousand in gold (idiom); a promise that must be kept

一拍即合 一拍即合 yi1 pai1 ji2 he2
lit. to be together from the first beat (idiom); to hit it off; to click together; to chime in easily

一拍两散 一拍兩散 yi1 pai1 liang3 san4
(of marriage or business partners) to break up (idiom); to separate

一排 一排 yi1 pai2

一派胡言 一派胡言 yi1 pai4 hu2 yan2
a bunch of nonsense

一派谎言 一派謊言 yi1 pai4 huang3 yan2
a pack of lies

一盘散沙 一盤散沙 yi1 pan2 san3 sha1
lit. like a sheet of loose sand; fig. unable to cooperate (idiom)

一旁 一旁 yi1 pang2
aside; to the side of

一炮打响 一炮打響 yi1 pao4 da3 xiang3
to win instant success (idiom); to start off successfully

一炮而红 一炮而紅 yi1 pao4 er2 hong2
to win instant success (idiom); to become an instant hit

一瞥 一瞥 yi1 pie1
glance; glimpse

一贫如洗 一貧如洗 yi1 pin2 ru2 xi3

一颦一笑 一顰一笑 yi1 pin2 yi1 xiao4
every frown and every smile

一品 一品 yi1 pin3
superb; first-rate; (of officials in imperial times) the highest rank

一品锅 一品鍋 yi1 pin3 guo1
chafing dish

一品红 一品紅 yi1 pin3 hong2
poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)

一暴十寒 一暴十寒 yi1 pu4 shi2 han2
one day's sun, ten days' frost (idiom, from Mencius); fig. to work for a bit then skimp; sporadic effort; short attention span

一曝十寒 一曝十寒 yi1 pu4 shi2 han2
one day's sun, ten days' frost (idiom, from Mencius); fig. to work for a bit then skimp; sporadic effort; lack of sticking power; short attention span

一妻制 一妻制 yi1 qi1 zhi4

一齐 一齊 yi1 qi2
at the same time; simultaneously

一起 一起 yi1 qi3
in the same place; together; with; altogether (in total)

一气 一氣 yi1 qi4
at one go; at a stretch; for a period of time; forming a gang

一气呵成 一氣呵成 yi1 qi4 he1 cheng2
to do something at one go; to flow smoothly

一气之下 一氣之下 yi1 qi4 zhi1 xia4
in a fit of pique; in a fury

一千零一夜 一千零一夜 yi1 qian1 ling2 yi1 ye4
The Book of One Thousand and One Nights

一钱不值 一錢不值 yi1 qian2 bu4 zhi2
not worth a penny; utterly worthless

一钱如命 一錢如命 yi1 qian2 ru2 ming4
stingy; penny-pinching

一腔 一腔 yi1 qiang1
full of (zeal, anger etc)

一窍不通 一竅不通 yi1 qiao4 bu4 tong1
lit. doesn't (even) enter a single aperture (of one's head); I don't understand a word (idiom); it's all Greek to me

一切 一切 yi1 qie4
everything; every; all

一切就绪 一切就緒 yi1 qie4 jiu4 xu4
everything in its place and ready (idiom)

一切如旧 一切如舊 yi1 qie4 ru2 jiu4
everything as before

一切事物 一切事物 yi1 qie4 shi4 wu4

一切险 一切險 yi1 qie4 xian3
all risks (insurance)

一切向钱看 一切向錢看 yi1 qie4 xiang4 qian2 kan4
to put money above everything else

一亲芳泽 一親芳澤 yi1 qin1 fang1 ze2
to get close to; to get on intimate terms with

一琴一鹤 一琴一鶴 yi1 qin2 yi1 he4
carrying very little luggage (idiom); honest and incorruptible (government officials)

一清二白 一清二白 yi1 qing1 er4 bai2
perfectly clean; blameless; unimpeachable (idiom)

一清二楚 一清二楚 yi1 qing1 er4 chu3
to be very clear about sth (idiom)

一清如水 一清如水 yi1 qing1 ru2 shui3
lit. as clear as water (idiom); fig. (of officials etc) honest and incorruptible

一清早 一清早 yi1 qing1 zao3
early in the morning

一穷二白 一窮二白 yi1 qiong2 er4 bai2
impoverished; backward both economically and culturally

一丘之貉 一丘之貉 yi1 qiu1 zhi1 he2
jackals of the same tribe (idiom); fig. They are all just as bad as each other.

一去不复返 一去不復返 yi1 qu4 bu4 fu4 fan3
gone forever

一去不回 一去不回 yi1 qu4 bu4 hui2
gone forever

一去无影踪 一去無影蹤 yi1 qu4 wu2 ying3 zong1
gone without a trace

一瘸一拐 一瘸一拐 yi1 que2 yi1 guai3
to limp; to hobble

一人得道,鸡犬升天 一人得道,雞犬升天 yi1 ren2 de2 dao4 - ji1 quan3 sheng1 tian1
lit. when a man achieves the Dao, his poultry and dogs rise to Heaven (idiom); fig. to ride on sb else's success; Once one man gets a government position, all his cronies get in too; Once sb has cracked the problem, every Tom, Dick and Harry can do it

一日不见,如隔三秋 一日不見,如隔三秋 yi1 ri4 bu4 jian4 - ru2 ge2 san1 qiu1
one day apart seems like three years (idiom)

一日千里 一日千里 yi1 ri4 qian1 li3
lit. one day, a thousand miles (idiom); rapid progress

一日三餐 一日三餐 yi1 ri4 san1 can1
to have three meals a day

一日三秋 一日三秋 yi1 ri4 san1 qiu1
a single day apart seems like three seasons (idiom)

一日为师,终身为父 一日為師,終身為父 yi1 ri4 wei2 shi1 - zhong1 shen1 wei2 fu4
lit. teacher for one day, father for ever (idiom)

一日之计在于晨 一日之計在於晨 yi1 ri4 zhi1 ji4 zai4 yu2 chen2
make your day's plan early in the morning (idiom); early morning is the golden time of the day

一日之雅 一日之雅 yi1 ri4 zhi1 ya3
lit. friends for a day (idiom); fig. casual acquaintance

一如 一如 yi1 ru2
to be just like

一如既往 一如既往 yi1 ru2 ji4 wang3
just as in the past (idiom); as before; continuing as always

一如所料 一如所料 yi1 ru2 suo3 liao4
as expected

一扫而光 一掃而光 yi1 sao3 er2 guang1
to clear off; to make a clean sweep of

一扫而空 一掃而空 yi1 sao3 er2 kong1
to sweep clean; to clean out

一霎 一霎 yi1 sha4
in a flash

一霎间 一霎間 yi1 sha4 jian1
in a flash

一霎时 一霎時 yi1 sha4 shi2
in an instant

一霎眼 一霎眼 yi1 sha4 yan3
suddenly; in an instant

一闪而过 一閃而過 yi1 shan3 er2 guo4
to flash past; to flit by

一闪念 一閃念 yi1 shan3 nian4
sudden idea; flash of insight

一身 一身 yi1 shen1
whole body; from head to toe; single person; a suit of clothes

一身汗 一身汗 yi1 shen1 han4
sweating all over

一身两役 一身兩役 yi1 shen1 liang3 yi4
one person taking on two tasks simultaneously

一身是胆 一身是膽 yi1 shen1 shi4 dan3
devoid of fear (idiom); intrepid

一神教 一神教 yi1 shen2 jiao4
monotheism (belief in a single God)

一神论 一神論 yi1 shen2 lun4
monotheism; unitarianism (denying the Trinity)

一审 一審 yi1 shen3
first instance (law)

一声 一聲 yi1 sheng1
first tone in Mandarin (high level tone)

一生 一生 yi1 sheng1
all one's life; throughout one's life

一声不吭 一聲不吭 yi1 sheng1 bu4 keng1
to not say a word

一声不响 一聲不響 yi1 sheng1 bu4 xiang3
to keep totally silent; noiselessly

一生一世 一生一世 yi1 sheng1 yi1 shi4
a whole lifetime (idiom); all my life

一失足成千古恨 一失足成千古恨 yi1 shi1 zu2 cheng2 qian1 gu3 hen4
a single slip may cause everlasting sorrow (idiom)

一时 一時 yi1 shi2
a period of time; a while; for a short while; temporary; momentary; at the same time

一时半会 一時半會 yi1 shi2 ban4 hui4
a short time; a little while

一时半会儿 一時半會兒 yi1 shi2 ban4 hui4 er5
a short time; a little while

一时半刻 一時半刻 yi1 shi2 ban4 ke4
a short time; a little while

一时半霎 一時半霎 yi1 shi2 ban4 sha4
a short time; a little while

一时半晌 一時半晌 yi1 shi2 ban4 shang3
a short time; a little while

一石二鸟 一石二鳥 yi1 shi2 er4 niao3
to kill two birds with one stone (idiom)

一时间 一時間 yi1 shi2 jian1
for a moment; momentarily

一时瑜亮 一時瑜亮 yi1 shi2 yu2 liang4
two remarkable persons living at the same period (as 周瑜 and 諸葛亮|诸葛亮)

一矢中的 一矢中的 yi1 shi3 zhong4 di4
to hit the target with a single shot; to say something spot on (idiom)

一世 一世 yi1 shi4
generation; period of 30 years; one's whole lifetime; lifelong; age; era; times; the whole world; the First (of numbered European kings)

一式二份 一式二份 yi1 shi4 er2 fen4
in duplicate

一视同仁 一視同仁 yi1 shi4 tong2 ren2
to treat everyone equally favorably (idiom); not to discriminate between people

一事无成 一事無成 yi1 shi4 wu2 cheng2
to have achieved nothing; to be a total failure; to get nowhere

一是一,二是二 一是一,二是二 yi1 shi4 yi1 - er4 shi4 er4
lit. one is one, two is two (idiom); fig. things are (or ought to be) perfectly clear-cut; unequivocal

一手 一手 yi1 shou3
a skill; mastery of a trade; by oneself; without outside help

一手包办 一手包辦 yi1 shou3 bao1 ban4
to take care of a matter all by oneself; to run the whole show

一手交钱,一手交货 一手交錢,一手交貨 yi1 shou3 jiao1 qian2 - yi1 shou3 jiao1 huo4
lit. one hand exchanges the cash, the other the goods (idiom); fig. to pay for what you want in cash; simple and direct transaction

一手遮天 一手遮天 yi1 shou3 zhe1 tian1
lit. to hide the sky with one hand; to hide the truth from the masses

一水儿 一水兒 yi1 shui3 er5
(coll.) of the same type; identical

一瞬 一瞬 yi1 shun4
one instant; very short time; the twinkle of an eye

一瞬间 一瞬間 yi1 shun4 jian1
split second

一说 一說 yi1 shuo1
an expression of opinion; according to some

一丝不苟 一絲不苟 yi1 si1 bu4 gou3
not one thread loose (idiom); strictly according to the rules; meticulous; not one hair out of place

一丝不挂 一絲不掛 yi1 si1 bu4 gua4
not wearing one thread (idiom); absolutely naked; without a stitch of clothing; in one's birthday suit

一丝一毫 一絲一毫 yi1 si1 yi1 hao2
one thread, one hair (idiom); a tiny bit; an iota

一塌糊涂 一塌糊塗 yi1 ta1 hu2 tu5
muddled and completely collapsing (idiom); in an awful condition; complete shambles; a total mess

一胎化 一胎化 yi1 tai1 hua4
practice of allowing only one child per family

一胎制 一胎制 yi1 tai1 zhi4
the one-child policy

一潭死水 一潭死水 yi1 tan2 si3 shui3
a pool of stagnant water; stagnant or listless condition

一弹指顷 一彈指頃 yi1 tan2 zhi3 qing3
a snap of the fingers (idiom); in a flash; in the twinkling of an eye

一探究竟 一探究竟 yi1 tan4 jiu1 jing4
to check out; to investigate

一套 一套 yi1 tao4
suit; a set; a collection; of the same kind; the same old stuff; set pattern of behavior

一体 一體 yi1 ti3
an integral whole; all concerned; everybody

一体化 一體化 yi1 ti3 hua4
integration; incorporation; unification

一体两面 一體兩面 yi1 ti3 liang3 mian4
lit. one body two sides (idiom); fig. a situation with two sides to it

一天到晚 一天到晚 yi1 tian1 dao4 wan3
all day long; the whole day

一天一个样 一天一個樣 yi1 tian1 yi1 ge5 yang4
to change from day to day

一条道走到黑 一條道走到黑 yi1 tiao2 dao4 zou3 dao4 hei1
to stick to one's ways; to cling to one's course

一条龙 一條龍 yi1 tiao2 long2
lit. one dragon; integrated chain; coordinated process

一条龙服务 一條龍服務 yi1 tiao2 long2 fu2 wu4
one-stop service

一条绳上的蚂蚱 一條繩上的螞蚱 yi1 tiao2 sheng2 shang4 de5 ma4 zha5
lit. like locusts tied to one rope (idiom); fig. in the same boat; in it together for better or worse; to sink or swim together

一条心 一條心 yi1 tiao2 xin1
to be of one mind; to think or act alike

一通百通 一通百通 yi1 tong1 bai3 tong1
grasp this fundamental point and all the rest will follow (idiom)

一同 一同 yi1 tong2
along; together

一统 一統 yi1 tong3
to unify; unified

一头 一頭 yi1 tou2
one head; a head full of sth; one end (of a stick); one side; headlong; directly; rapidly; simultaneously

一头雾水 一頭霧水 yi1 tou2 wu4 shui3
to be confused; to be baffled

一头栽进 一頭栽進 yi1 tou2 zai1 jin4
to plunge into; to run headlong into

一吐为快 一吐為快 yi1 tu3 wei2 kuai4
to get sth off one's chest

一团和气 一團和氣 yi1 tuan2 he2 qi4
to keep on the right side of everyone (idiom); warm and affable

一团火 一團火 yi1 tuan2 huo3
fireball; ball of fire

一团乱糟 一團亂糟 yi1 tuan2 luan4 zao1
a chaotic mess

一团漆黑 一團漆黑 yi1 tuan2 qi1 hei1
pitch-black; (fig.) to be completely in the dark

一团糟 一團糟 yi1 tuan2 zao1
chaos; bungle; complete mess; shambles

一退六二五 一退六二五 yi1 tui4 liu4 er4 wu3
lit. 1 divided by 16 is 0.0625 (abacus rule); fig. to deny responsibility; to pass the buck; also written 一推六二五

一网打尽 一網打盡 yi1 wang3 da3 jin4
lit. to catch everything in the one net (idiom); fig. to scoop up the whole lot; to capture them all in one go

一往情深 一往情深 yi1 wang3 qing2 shen1
deeply attached; devoted

一往无前 一往無前 yi1 wang3 wu2 qian2
to advance courageously (idiom); to press forward

一往直前 一往直前 yi1 wang3 zhi2 qian2
see 一往無前|一往无前

一望而知 一望而知 yi1 wang4 er2 zhi1
to be evident at a glance (idiom)

一望无际 一望無際 yi1 wang4 wu2 ji4
as far as the eye can see (idiom)

一望无垠 一望無垠 yi1 wang4 wu2 yin2
to stretch as far as the eye can see (idiom)

一维 一維 yi1 wei2
one-dimensional (math.)

一味 一味 yi1 wei4
blindly; invariably

一文不名 一文不名 yi1 wen2 bu4 ming2
to be penniless

一文不值 一文不值 yi1 wen2 bu4 zhi2
worthless (idiom); no use whatsoever

一问三不知 一問三不知 yi1 wen4 san1 bu4 zhi1
lit. to reply "don't know" whatever the question (idiom); fig. absolutely no idea of what's going on; complete ignorance

一窝蜂 一窩蜂 yi1 wo1 feng1
like a swarm of bees; everyone swarms around pushing and shouting; a hornet's nest

一无是处 一無是處 yi1 wu2 shi4 chu4
not one good point; everything about it is wrong

一无所长 一無所長 yi1 wu2 suo3 chang2
not having any special skill; without any qualifications

一无所动 一無所動 yi1 wu2 suo3 dong4
totally unaffected; unimpressed

一无所获 一無所獲 yi1 wu2 suo3 huo4
to gain nothing; to end up empty-handed

一无所闻 一無所聞 yi1 wu2 suo3 wen2
unheard of

一无所有 一無所有 yi1 wu2 suo3 you3
not having anything at all (idiom); utterly lacking; without two sticks to rub together

一无所知 一無所知 yi1 wu2 suo3 zhi1
not knowing anything at all (idiom); completely ignorant; without an inkling

一五一十 一五一十 yi1 wu3 yi1 shi2
lit. count by fives and tens (idiom); to narrate systematically and in full detail

一物降一物 一物降一物 yi1 wu4 xiang2 yi1 wu4
lit. one object bests another object; every item has a weakness (idiom); there is a rock to every scissor, a scissor to every paper, and a paper to every rock

一夕 一夕 yi1 xi1
overnight; instantly; very quickly

一夕数惊 一夕數驚 yi1 xi1 shu4 jing1
one scare after another (idiom); in a constant state of tension

一席话 一席話 yi1 xi2 hua4
the content of a conversation; words; remarks

一席之地 一席之地 yi1 xi2 zhi1 di4
(acknowledged) place; a role to play; niche

一系列 一系列 yi1 xi4 lie4
a series of; a string of

一下 一下 yi1 xia4
(used after a verb) give it a go; to do (sth for a bit to give it a try); one time; once; in a while; all of a sudden; all at once

一下儿 一下兒 yi1 xia4 er5
erhua variant of 一下

一下子 一下子 yi1 xia4 zi5
in a short while; all at once; all of a sudden

一线 一線 yi1 xian4
front line

一线微光 一線微光 yi1 xian4 wei1 guang1

一线希望 一線希望 yi1 xian4 xi1 wang4
a gleam of hope

一线之隔 一線之隔 yi1 xian4 zhi1 ge2
a fine line; a fine distinction

一线之间 一線之間 yi1 xian4 zhi1 jian1
a hair's breadth apart; a fine line; a fine distinction

一厢情愿 一廂情願 yi1 xiang1 qing2 yuan4
one's own wishful thinking

一相情愿 一相情願 yi1 xiang1 qing2 yuan4
one's own wishful thinking

一向 一向 yi1 xiang4
always (previously); a period of time in the recent past

一项一项地 一項一項地 yi1 xiang4 yi1 xiang4 de5
one by one

一小部分 一小部分 yi1 xiao3 bu4 fen4
a small part; a small section

一小撮 一小撮 yi1 xiao3 cuo1
handful (of)

一小阵儿 一小陣兒 yi1 xiao3 zhen4 er5
very brief period of time

一笑了之 一笑了之 yi1 xiao4 liao3 zhi1
to laugh away (instead of taking seriously)

一笑置之 一笑置之 yi1 xiao4 zhi4 zhi1
to dismiss with a laugh; to make light of

一些 一些 yi1 xie1
some; a few; a little; (following an adjective) slightly ...er

一心 一心 yi1 xin1
wholeheartedly; heart and soul

一心二用 一心二用 yi1 xin1 er4 yong4
to do two things at once (idiom); to multitask; to divide one's attention

一心一德 一心一德 yi1 xin1 yi1 de2
of one heart and one mind (idiom)

一心一意 一心一意 yi1 xin1 yi1 yi4
concentrating one's thoughts and efforts; single-minded; bent on; intently

一星半点 一星半點 yi1 xing1 ban4 dian3
just the tiniest bit; a hint of

一行 一行 yi1 xing2
party; delegation

一言 一言 yi1 yan2
one sentence; brief remark

一言不发 一言不發 yi1 yan2 bu4 fa1
to not say a word (idiom)

一言抄百总 一言抄百總 yi1 yan2 chao1 bai3 zong3
to cut a long story short

一言既出,驷马难追 一言既出,駟馬難追 yi1 yan2 ji4 chu1 - si4 ma3 nan2 zhui1
lit. once said, a team of horses cannot unsay it (idiom); a promise must be kept

一言九鼎 一言九鼎 yi1 yan2 jiu3 ding3
one word worth nine sacred tripods (idiom); words of enormous weight

一言难尽 一言難盡 yi1 yan2 nan2 jin4
hard to explain in a few words (idiom); complicated and not easy to express succinctly

一言千金 一言千金 yi1 yan2 qian1 jin1
one word worth a thousand in gold (idiom); valuable advice; words of enormous weight

一言为定 一言為定 yi1 yan2 wei2 ding4
one word and it's settled (idiom); It's a deal!; That's settled then.

一言为重 一言為重 yi1 yan2 wei2 zhong4
each word carries weight; a promise must be kept (idiom)

一言一动 一言一動 yi1 yan2 yi1 dong4
(one's) every word and deed (idiom)

一言一行 一言一行 yi1 yan2 yi1 xing2
every word and action (idiom)

一言以蔽之 一言以蔽之 yi1 yan2 yi3 bi4 zhi1
one word says it all (idiom, from Analects); to cut a long story short; in a nutshell

一眼 一眼 yi1 yan3
a glance; a quick look; a glimpse

一眼看穿 一眼看穿 yi1 yan3 kan4 chuan1
to see through something at first glance (idiom)

一眼望去 一眼望去 yi1 yan3 wang4 qu4
as far as the eye can see

一氧化氮 一氧化氮 yi1 yang3 hua4 dan4
nitric oxide

一氧化二氮 一氧化二氮 yi1 yang3 hua4 er4 dan4
nitrous oxide N2O; laughing gas

一氧化碳 一氧化碳 yi1 yang3 hua4 tan4
carbon monoxide CO

一样 一樣 yi1 yang4
same; like; equal to; the same as; just like

一夜爆红 一夜爆紅 yi1 ye4 bao4 hong2
to become popular overnight

一夜露水 一夜露水 yi1 ye4 lu4 shui5
one-night stand; ephemeral

一夜情 一夜情 yi1 ye4 qing2
one night stand

一叶障目 一葉障目 yi1 ye4 zhang4 mu4
lit. eyes obscured by a single leaf (idiom); fig. not seeing the wider picture; can't see the wood for the trees

一叶知秋 一葉知秋 yi1 ye4 zhi1 qiu1
lit. the falling of one leaf heralds the coming of autumn (idiom); fig. a small sign can indicate a great trend; a straw in the wind

一一 一一 yi1 yi1
one by one; one after another

一衣带水 一衣帶水 yi1 yi1 dai4 shui3
(separated only by) a narrow strip of water

一一对应 一一對應 yi1 yi1 dui4 ying4
one-to-one correspondence

一一映射 一一映射 yi1 yi1 ying4 she4
bijective map (i.e. map between sets in math. that is one-to-one and onto); one-to-one correspondence

一意 一意 yi1 yi4
focus; with complete devotion; stubbornly

一意孤行 一意孤行 yi1 yi4 gu1 xing2
obstinately clinging to one's course (idiom); willful; one's own way; dogmatic

一饮而尽 一飲而盡 yi1 yin3 er2 jin4
to drain the cup in one gulp (idiom)

一应 一應 yi1 ying1
all; every

一应俱全 一應俱全 yi1 ying1 ju4 quan2
with everything needed available

一拥而入 一擁而入 yi1 yong1 er2 ru4
to swarm in (of people etc) (idiom)

一拥而上 一擁而上 yi1 yong1 er2 shang4
to swarm around; flocking (to see)

一语不发 一語不發 yi1 yu3 bu4 fa1
to not say a word (idiom)

一雨成秋 一雨成秋 yi1 yu3 cheng2 qiu1
a sudden shower towards the end of summer brings an abrupt arrival of autumn (idiom)

一语道破 一語道破 yi1 yu3 dao4 po4
one word says it all (idiom); to hit the nail on the head; to be pithy and correct

一语破的 一語破的 yi1 yu3 po4 di4
see 一語中的|一语中的

一语双关 一語雙關 yi1 yu3 shuang1 guan1
to make a pun; to have a double meaning; double entendre

一语中的 一語中的 yi1 yu3 zhong4 di4
to hit the mark with a comment (idiom); to say sth spot on

一元 一元 yi1 yuan2
single variable (math.); univariate

一元醇 一元醇 yi1 yuan2 chun2
methyl alcohol CH3OH

一元复始 一元復始 yi1 yuan2 fu4 shi3
a new year begins (idiom)

一元论 一元論 yi1 yuan2 lun4
monism, belief that the universe is made of a single substance

一月 一月 yi1 yue4
January; first month (of the lunar year)

一跃而起 一躍而起 yi1 yue4 er2 qi3
to jump up suddenly; to bound up; to rise up in one bound

一月份 一月份 yi1 yue4 fen4

一再 一再 yi1 zai4

一早 一早 yi1 zao3
early in the morning; at dawn

一则 一則 yi1 ze2
on the one hand

一则以喜,一则以忧 一則以喜,一則以憂 yi1 ze2 yi3 xi3 - yi1 ze2 yi3 you1
happy on the one hand, but worried on the other (idiom)

一眨眼 一眨眼 yi1 zha3 yan3
in a wink

一展身手 一展身手 yi1 zhan3 shen1 shou3
to showcase one's (unique) talents; to display one's (individual) prowess

一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井繩 yi1 zhao1 bei4 she2 yao3 - shi2 nian2 pa4 jing3 sheng2
once bitten by a snake, ten years in fear of a well rope; once bitten, twice shy (idiom)

一着不慎,满盘皆输 一著不慎,滿盤皆輸 yi1 zhao1 bu4 shen4 - man3 pan2 jie1 shu1
One careless move and the whole game is lost. (idiom)

一朝一夕 一朝一夕 yi1 zhao1 yi1 xi1
lit. one morning and one evening (idiom); fig. in a short period of time; overnight

一折两段 一折兩段 yi1 zhe2 liang3 duan4
to split sth into two (idiom)

一针见血 一針見血 yi1 zhen1 jian4 xie3
lit. to draw blood on the first prick (idiom); fig. to hit the nail on the head

一阵 一陣 yi1 zhen4
a burst; a fit; a peal; a spell (period of time)

一阵子 一陣子 yi1 zhen4 zi5
a while; a spell; a short time; a burst

一知半解 一知半解 yi1 zhi1 ban4 jie3
lit. to know one and understand half (idiom); a smattering of knowledge; dilettante; amateur

一枝独秀 一枝獨秀 yi1 zhi1 du2 xiu4
lit. only one branch of the tree is thriving (idiom); fig. to be in a league of one's own; outstanding

一之为甚 一之為甚 yi1 zhi1 wei2 shen4
Once is enough (idiom)

一之谓甚 一之謂甚 yi1 zhi1 wei4 shen4
see 一之為甚|一之为甚

一直 一直 yi1 zhi2
straight (in a straight line); continuously; always; from the beginning of ... up to ...; all along

一直往前 一直往前 yi1 zhi2 wang3 qian2
straight ahead

一直以来 一直以來 yi1 zhi2 yi3 lai2
in the past always; for a long time now; until now

一纸空文 一紙空文 yi1 zhi3 kong1 wen2
a worthless piece of paper (idiom)

一致 一致 yi1 zhi4
unanimous; identical (views or opinions)

一掷千金 一擲千金 yi1 zhi4 qian1 jin1
lit. stake a thousand pieces of gold on one throw (idiom); to throw away money recklessly; extravagant

一致性 一致性 yi1 zhi4 xing4

一致性效应 一致性效應 yi1 zhi4 xing4 xiao4 ying4
consistency effect

一致资源定址器 一致資源定址器 yi1 zhi4 zi1 yuan2 ding4 zhi3 qi4
uniform resource locator (URL), i.e. web address

一致字 一致字 yi1 zhi4 zi4
consistent phonogram(s)

一中一台 一中一台 yi1 zhong1 yi1 tai2
one China and one Taiwan (policy)

一中原则 一中原則 yi1 zhong1 yuan2 ze2
One-China principle, the official doctrine that Taiwan is a province of China

一种 一種 yi1 zhong3
one kind of; one type of

一周 一周 yi1 zhou1
one week; all the way around; a whole cycle

一柱擎天 一柱擎天 yi1 zhu4 qing2 tian1
lit. to support the sky as a single pillar (idiom); fig. to take a crucial responsibility upon one's shoulders

一抓一大把 一抓一大把 yi1 zhua1 yi1 da4 ba3
a dime a dozen; a great deal of

一转眼 一轉眼 yi1 zhuan3 yan3
in a wink

一准 一准 yi1 zhun3
certainly; also written 一準|一准

一准 一準 yi1 zhun3

一字 一字 yi1 zi4
in a row; in a line

一字褒贬 一字褒貶 yi1 zi4 bao1 bian3
dispensing praise or blame with a single word (idiom); concise and powerful style

一字不差 一字不差 yi1 zi4 bu4 cha1
word for word; verbatim

一字不落 一字不落 yi1 zi4 bu4 la4
see 一字不漏

一字不漏 一字不漏 yi1 zi4 bu4 lou4
without missing a word

一字不识 一字不識 yi1 zi4 bu4 shi2
totally illiterate

一字不提 一字不提 yi1 zi4 bu4 ti2
to not mention a single word (about sth) (idiom)

一字巾 一字巾 yi1 zi4 jin1
headband; strip of cloth worn around the head

一字千金 一字千金 yi1 zi4 qian1 jin1
one word worth a thousand in gold (idiom); (in praise of a piece of writing or calligraphy) each character is perfect; each word is highly valued

一字一泪 一字一淚 yi1 zi4 yi1 lei4
each word is a teardrop (idiom)

一字之师 一字之師 yi1 zi4 zhi1 shi1
one who can correct a misread or misspelt character and thus be your master

一总 一總 yi1 zong3
altogether; in all

一走了之 一走了之 yi1 zou3 liao3 zhi1
to avoid a problem by walking away from it; to quit

一族 一族 yi1 zu2
social group; subculture; family; clan; see also 族

一醉方休 一醉方休 yi1 zui4 fang1 xiu1
to get thoroughly drunk (idiom); to get plastered

以防万一 以防萬一 yi3 fang2 wan4 yi1
to guard against the unexpected (idiom); just in case; prepared for any eventualities

以一驭万 以一馭萬 yi3 yi1 yu4 wan4
to control a key point is to be master of the situation (idiom)

有百害而无一利 有百害而無一利 you3 bai3 hai4 er2 wu2 yi1 li4
having no advantage whatsoever

有百利而无一弊 有百利而無一弊 you3 bai3 li4 er2 wu2 yi1 bi4
to have many advantages and no disadvantages

有百利而无一害 有百利而無一害 you3 bai3 li4 er2 wu2 yi1 hai4
to have many advantages and no disadvantages

有得一比 有得一比 you3 de2 yi1 bi3
can be compared; to be very similar

有一次 有一次 you3 yi1 ci4
once; once upon a time

有一搭没一搭 有一搭沒一搭 you3 yi1 da1 mei2 yi1 da1
unimportant; perfunctory; indifferent; (of conversation) idly

有一搭无一搭 有一搭無一搭 you3 yi1 da1 wu2 yi1 da1
see 有一搭沒一搭|有一搭没一搭

有一点儿 有一點兒 you3 yi1 dian3 er5
a bit; a little

有一句没一句 有一句沒一句 you3 yi1 ju4 mei2 yi1 ju4
to speak one minute and be quiet the next

有一手 有一手 you3 yi1 shou3
to have a skill; to have a lot on the ball; to have an affair

有一套 有一套 you3 yi1 tao4
to have a skill; to be savvy; to know how to do sth

有一腿 有一腿 you3 yi1 tui3
(coll.) to have an affair

有一些 有一些 you3 yi1 xie1
somewhat; rather; some

有朝一日 有朝一日 you3 zhao1 yi1 ri4
one day; sometime in the future

又一次 又一次 you4 yi1 ci4
yet again; once again; once more

约翰一书 約翰一書 yue1 han4 yi1 shu1
First epistle of St John

在家千日好,出门一时难 在家千日好,出門一時難 zai4 jia1 qian1 ri4 hao3 - chu1 men2 yi1 shi2 nan2
lit. at home, one can spend a thousand days in comfort, but spending a day away from home can be challenging (idiom); fig. there's no place like home

再一次 再一次 zai4 yi1 ci4

在一起 在一起 zai4 yi1 qi3

这样一来 這樣一來 zhe4 yang4 yi1 lai2
thus; if this happens then

这一阵子 這一陣子 zhe4 yi1 zhen4 zi5
recently; currently

振臂一呼 振臂一呼 zhen4 bi4 yi1 hu1
to issue a call for action; to raise one's hand and issue a rousing call (idiom)

睁一眼闭一眼 睜一眼閉一眼 zheng1 yi1 yan3 bi4 yi1 yan3
to turn a blind eye

睁一只眼闭一只眼 睜一隻眼閉一隻眼 zheng1 yi1 zhi1 yan3 bi4 yi1 zhi1 yan3
to turn a blind eye

正月初一 正月初一 zheng1 yue4 chu1 yi1
New Year's Day in the lunar calendar

整齐划一 整齊劃一 zheng3 qi2 hua4 yi1
to be adjusted to uniformity (usually of weights and measures) (idiom)

政教合一 政教合一 zheng4 jiao4 he2 yi1
union of religious and political rule; theocracy; Caesaropapism

之一 之一 zhi1 yi1
one of (sth); one out of a multitude; one (third, quarter, percent etc)

值得一提 值得一提 zhi2 de5 yi1 ti2
to be worth mentioning

只知其一,不知其二 只知其一,不知其二 zhi3 zhi1 qi2 yi1 - bu4 zhi1 qi2 er4
to know the first, but not know the second (idiom); only partial information

智者千虑,必有一失 智者千慮,必有一失 zhi4 zhe3 qian1 lv4 - bi4 you3 yi1 shi1
lit. a wise person reflecting a thousand times can still make a mistake (idiom); fig. nobody is infallible

中日韩统一表意文字 中日韓統一表意文字 zhong1 ri4 han2 tong3 yi1 biao3 yi4 wen2 zi4
China Japan Korea (CJK) unified ideographs; Unihan

众口一词 眾口一詞 zhong4 kou3 yi1 ci2
all of one voice; unanimous

周三径一 周三徑一 zhou1 san1 jing4 yi1
circumference of a circle is proverbially three times its radius

周一 週一 zhou1 yi1

周一岳 周一嶽 zhou1 yi1 yue4
York Chow or Chow Yat-ngok (1947-), Hong Kong doctor and politician, Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food since 2004

竹篮打水,一场空 竹籃打水,一場空 zhu2 lan2 da3 shui3 - yi1 chang2 kong1
using a wicker basket to draw water (idiom); wasted effort

逐一 逐一 zhu2 yi1
one by one

注音一式 注音一式 zhu4 yin1 yi1 shi4
Mandarin Phonetic Symbols 1; Bopomofo; abbr. for 國語注音符號第一式|国语注音符号第一式

专心一意 專心一意 zhuan1 xin1 yi1 yi4
to concentrate on

专一 專一 zhuan1 yi1
single-minded; concentrated

转一趟 轉一趟 zhuan4 yi1 tang4
to go on a trip

自成一家 自成一家 zi4 cheng2 yi1 jia1
to have a style of one's own

祖国和平统一委员会 祖國和平統一委員會 zu3 guo2 he2 ping2 tong3 yi1 wei3 yuan2 hui4
Committee for Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland (North Korean)

最后一天 最後一天 zui4 hou4 yi1 tian1
final day

做一天和尚,撞一天钟 做一天和尚,撞一天鐘 zuo4 yi1 tian1 he2 shang5 - zhuang4 yi1 tian1 zhong1
as a monk for today, toll today's bell (idiom); to do one's job mechanically; to hold a position passively