Pinyin, Zhuyin, and Mandarin Resources

  • is a great interactive dictionary of characters. The flexible organization of characters used on the site makes it incredibly easy to look up an unfamiliar character! (Uses traditional character images and pinyin.)
  • Popup Chinese has a variety of free tools and Mandarin lesson recordings. Subscribe for transcripts and other materials.
  • has a lot of information about pinyin.
  • Chinese tools provides some other useful tools for working with Chinese characters.
  • This cross-reference table explains how to convert pinyin to zhuyin.
  • The CEDICT Chinese dictionary is used on this site to provide interactive definitions of words.
  • The Unihan Database was used to create this website. It is a very useful database of Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean characters, linking the Unicode to BIG5 and GB2312 character sets, and giving the pin1yin1 pronunciations for every character.
  • Pinyin Joe is a great reference for setting up your computer for Chinese and pinyin.
  • Memrise is an impressive site for studying various languages including Mandarin. The site generates flashcard-like tests on the fly, using your own study history to psychologically optimize the tests for fast learning.