see 上聲|上声

on top; upon; above; upper; previous; first (of multiple parts); to climb; to get onto; to go up; to attend (class or university)

strokes 3
strokes after radical 2
挨不上 挨不上 ai1 bu4 shang4
to be irrelevant; to be superfluous

爱上 愛上 ai4 shang4
to fall in love with; to be in love with

岸上 岸上 an4 shang4
ashore; on the riverbank

巴高望上 巴高望上 ba1 gao1 wang4 shang4
to wish for higher status (idiom); to curry favor in the hope of promotion

霸王硬上弓 霸王硬上弓 ba4 wang2 ying4 shang4 gong1
to force oneself upon sb (idiom); to rape

班上 班上 ban1 shang4
(in the) class

板上钉钉 板上釘釘 ban3 shang4 ding4 ding1
that clinches it; that's final; no two ways about it

半数以上 半數以上 ban4 shu4 yi3 shang4
more than half

半以上 半以上 ban4 yi3 shang4
more than half

包在我身上 包在我身上 bao1 zai4 wo3 shen1 shang5
leave it to me (idiom); I'll take care of it

包子有肉不在褶上 包子有肉不在褶上 bao1 zi5 you3 rou4 bu4 zai4 zhe3 shang4
a book is not judged by its cover (idiom)

报上 報上 bao4 shang4
in the newspaper

北上 北上 bei3 shang4
to go up north

北上广 北上廣 bei3 shang4 guang3
abbr. for Beijing 北京, Shanghai 上海 and Guangzhou 廣州|广州

被上诉人 被上訴人 bei4 shang4 su4 ren2
appellee (side that won in trial court, whose victory is being appealed by losing side)

本质上 本質上 ben3 zhi4 shang4
essentially; inherent

逼上梁山 逼上梁山 bi1 shang4 liang2 shan1
driven to join the Liangshan Mountain rebels; to drive to revolt; to force sb to desperate action

比不上 比不上 bi3 bu4 shang4
can't compare with

比上不足比下有余 比上不足比下有餘 bi3 shang4 bu4 zu2 bi3 xia4 you3 yu2
to fall short of the best but be better than the worst; can pass muster

闭上 閉上 bi4 shang5
to close; to shut up

闭上嘴巴 閉上嘴巴 bi4 shang5 zui3 ba1
Shut up!

冰上运动 冰上運動 bing1 shang4 yun4 dong4

不分上下 不分上下 bu4 fen1 shang4 xia4
not to know one's place

不相上下 不相上下 bu4 xiang1 shang4 xia4
equally matched; about the same

不要在一棵树上吊死 不要在一棵樹上吊死 bu4 yao4 zai4 yi1 ke1 shu4 shang4 diao4 si3
don't insist on only taking one road to Rome (idiom); there's more than one way to skin a cat

插不上手 插不上手 cha1 bu5 shang4 shou3
to be unable to intervene

插上 插上 cha1 shang5
to plug into; to insert; to stick in

称得上 稱得上 cheng1 de5 shang4
can be counted as

成百上千 成百上千 cheng2 bai3 shang4 qian1
hundreds; a large number; lit. by the hundreds and thousands

成千上万 成千上萬 cheng2 qian1 shang4 wan4
lit. by the thousands and tens of thousands (idiom); untold numbers; innumerable; thousands upon thousands

承上起下 承上起下 cheng2 shang4 qi3 xia4
to follow the past and herald the future (idiom); part of a historical transition; forming a bridge between earlier and later stages

吃不上 吃不上 chi1 bu5 shang4
unable to get anything to eat; to miss a meal

吃得苦中苦,方为人上人 吃得苦中苦,方為人上人 chi1 de2 ku3 zhong1 ku3 - fang1 wei2 ren2 shang4 ren2
one cannot achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations (proverb); no pain, no gain

吃亏上当 吃虧上當 chi1 kui1 shang4 dang4
to be taken advantage of

池上 池上 chi2 shang4
Chihshang or Chihshang township in Taitung county 臺東縣|台东县, southeast Taiwan

池上乡 池上鄉 chi2 shang4 xiang1
Chishang or Chihshang township in Taitung county 臺東縣|台东县, southeast Taiwan

赤膊上阵 赤膊上陣 chi4 bo2 shang4 zhen4
lit. to go into battle bare-breasted (idiom); fig. to go all out; to come out in the open

穿上 穿上 chuan1 shang5
to put on (clothes etc)

船上交货 船上交貨 chuan2 shang4 jiao1 huo4
Free On Board (FOB) (transportation)

床上戏 床上戲 chuang2 shang4 xi4
sex scene (in a movie etc)

创业板上市 創業板上市 chuang4 ye4 ban3 shang4 shi4
Growth Enterprise Markets (GEM)

春风深醉的晚上 春風深醉的晚上 chun1 feng1 shen1 zui4 de5 wan3 shang5
Intoxicating Spring Nights, 1924 short story by Yu Dafu 郁達夫|郁达夫

村上 村上 cun1 shang4
Murakami (Japanese surname)

村上春树 村上春樹 cun1 shang4 chun1 shu4
MURAKAMI Haruki (1949-), Japanese novelist and translator

村上隆 村上隆 cun1 shang4 long1
Murakami Takashi (1963-), Japanese artist

大体上 大體上 da4 ti3 shang4
overall; in general terms

带上 帶上 dai4 shang4
to take along with one

带上门 帶上門 dai4 shang4 men2
to close the door

戴上 戴上 dai4 shang5
to put on (hat etc)

当上 當上 dang1 shang5
to take up duty as; to assume a position; to assume; to take on (an office)

蹬鼻子上脸 蹬鼻子上臉 deng1 bi2 zi5 shang4 lian3
lit. to climb all over sb; fig. to take advantage of sb's weakness

登上 登上 deng1 shang4
to climb over; to ascend onto; to mount

地上 地上 di4 shang5
on the ground; on the floor

垫上 墊上 dian4 shang4
to pay for sb

顶上 頂上 ding3 shang4
on top of; at the summit

顶头上司 頂頭上司 ding3 tou2 shang4 si5
one's immediate superior

堵床上 堵床上 du3 chuang2 shang4
(coll.) to catch an adulterous couple in the act

赌上一局 賭上一局 du3 shang4 yi1 ju2
to engage in a game of chance; to gamble; to make a bet

端上 端上 duan1 shang4
to serve (food, tea etc)

对不上 對不上 dui4 bu4 shang4
to disagree; I can't agree with that.

对上 對上 dui4 shang4
to fit one into the other; to bring two things into contact

犯不上 犯不上 fan4 bu5 shang4
see 犯不著|犯不着

犯得上 犯得上 fan4 de5 shang4
worthwhile (often in rhetorical questions, implying not worthwhile)

犯上 犯上 fan4 shang4
to offend one's superiors

犯上作乱 犯上作亂 fan4 shang4 zuo4 luan4
to rebel against the emperor (idiom)

放在心上 放在心上 fang4 zai4 xin1 shang4
to care about; to take seriously; to take to heart

风中烛,瓦上霜 風中燭,瓦上霜 feng1 zhong1 zhu2 - wa3 shang4 shuang1
lit. like a candle in the wind, or frost on the roof (idiom); fig. (of sb's life) feeble; hanging on a thread

奉上 奉上 feng4 shang4
to offer

浮上 浮上 fu2 shang4
to float up; to rise to the surface; fig. to rise in the world

扶摇直上 扶搖直上 fu2 yao2 zhi2 shang4
to skyrocket; to get quick promotion in one's career

府上 府上 fu3 shang4
(polite) your home; residence

附上 附上 fu4 shang4
attached; included herewith

盖上 蓋上 gai4 shang5
to cover

赶不上 趕不上 gan3 bu4 shang4
can't keep up with; can't catch up with; cannot overtake

赶上 趕上 gan3 shang4
to keep up with; to catch up with; to overtake; to chance upon; in time for

赶鸭子上架 趕鴨子上架 gan3 ya1 zi5 shang4 jia4
lit. to drive a duck onto a perch (idiom); fig. to push sb to do sth way beyond their ability

冈上肌 岡上肌 gang1 shang4 ji1
supraspinatus muscle

高大上 高大上 gao1 da4 shang4
(slang) high-end, elegant, and classy; abbr. for 高端大氣上檔次|高端大气上档次

高高在上 高高在上 gao1 gao1 zai4 shang4
set up on high (idiom); not in touch with reality; aloof and remote

高攀不上 高攀不上 gao1 pan1 bu4 shang4
to be unworthy to associate with (sb of higher social status)

各人自扫门前雪,莫管他家瓦上霜 各人自掃門前雪,莫管他家瓦上霜 ge4 ren2 zi4 sao3 men2 qian2 xue3 - mo4 guan3 ta1 jia1 wa3 shang4 shuang1
sweep the snow from your own door step, don't worry about the frost on your neighbor's roof (idiom)

跟不上 跟不上 gen1 bu5 shang4
not able to keep up with

跟上 跟上 gen1 shang4
to catch up with; to keep pace with

更上一层楼 更上一層樓 geng4 shang4 yi1 ceng2 lou2
to take it up a notch; to bring it up a level

顾不上 顧不上 gu4 bu5 shang4
cannot attend to or manage

顾客至上 顧客至上 gu4 ke4 zhi4 shang4
the customer reigns supreme (idiom)

挂在嘴上 掛在嘴上 gua4 zai5 zui3 shang5
to pay lip service to; to keep mentioning (without doing anything); to blather on about sth

关上 關上 guan1 shang4
to close (a door); to turn off (light, electrical equipment etc)

海军上校 海軍上校 hai3 jun1 shang4 xiao4
captain (= UK and US Navy equivalent)

海上 海上 hai3 shang4

海上花列传 海上花列傳 hai3 shang4 hua1 lie4 zhuan4
The Sing-Song Girls of Shanghai by Han Bangqing 韓邦慶|韩邦庆, long novel of lower life in classical Chinese and Jiangsu vernacular; translated into Putonghua as 海上花 by Iris Chang

海上奇书 海上奇書 hai3 shang4 qi2 shu1
literary journal published in 1892-93 by Han Bangqing 韓邦慶|韩邦庆 featuring serialized novels in classical Chinese and Jiangsu vernacular

海上运动 海上運動 hai3 shang4 yun4 dong4
water sports (sailing, windsurfing etc)

好好学习,天天向上 好好學習,天天向上 hao3 hao3 xue2 xi2 - tian1 tian1 xiang4 shang4
study hard and every day you will improve (idiom)

合上 合上 he2 shang4
to close (box, book, mouth etc)

后来居上 後來居上 hou4 lai2 ju1 shang4
lit. late-comer lives above (idiom); the up-and-coming youngster outstrips the older generation; the pupil surpasses the master

忽上忽下 忽上忽下 hu1 shang4 hu1 xia4
to fluctuate sharply

沪上 滬上 hu4 shang4
alternative name for Shanghai 上海; at (or in) Shanghai

华灯初上 華燈初上 hua2 deng1 chu1 shang4
early evening when lanterns are first lit

淮上 淮上 huai2 shang4
Huaishang district of Bengbu city 蚌埠市, Anhui

淮上区 淮上區 huai2 shang4 qu1
Huaishang district of Bengbu city 蚌埠市, Anhui

皇冠上的明珠 皇冠上的明珠 huang2 guan1 shang4 de5 ming2 zhu1
the brightest jewel in the crown

皇上 皇上 huang2 shang5
the emperor; Your majesty the emperor; His imperial majesty

浑身上下 渾身上下 hun2 shen1 shang4 xia4
all over; from head to toe

火上加油 火上加油 huo3 shang4 jia1 you2
to add oil to the fire (idiom); fig. to aggravate a situation; to enrage people and make matters worse

火上浇油 火上澆油 huo3 shang4 jiao1 you2
to pour oil on the fire (idiom); fig. to aggravate a situation; to enrage people and make matters worse

基本上 基本上 ji1 ben3 shang5
basically; on the whole

挤上去 擠上去 ji3 shang4 qu5
to squeeze oneself up into (a crowded vehicle etc)

系上 繫上 ji4 shang5
to tie on; to buckle up; to fasten

加上 加上 jia1 shang4
plus; to put in; to add; to add on; to add into; in addition; on top of that

架上绘画 架上繪畫 jia4 shang4 hui4 hua4
easel painting

见难而上 見難而上 jian4 nan2 er2 shang4
to take the bull by the horns (idiom)

姜太公钓鱼,愿者上钩 薑太公釣魚,願者上鉤 jiang1 tai4 gong1 diao4 yu2 - yuan4 zhe3 shang4 gou1
Jiang Ziya is fishing, if you want it, take the hook (idiom, refers to early sage 薑子牙|姜子牙 fishing with no bait and the hook above the water); to put one's head in the noose

降肾上腺素 降腎上腺素 jiang4 shen4 shang4 xian4 su4

接上 接上 jie1 shang4
to connect (a cable etc); to hook up (a device); to resume (a conversation); to set (a bone)

街上 街上 jie1 shang5
on the street; in town

节上生枝 節上生枝 jie2 shang4 sheng1 zhi1
a new branch grows out of a knot (idiom); fig. side issues keep arising

谨上 謹上 jin3 shang4
respectfully yours (in closing a letter)

锦上添花 錦上添花 jin3 shang4 tian1 hua1
lit. on brocade, add flowers (idiom); to decorate sth already perfect; gilding the lily

井上 井上 jing3 shang4
Inoue (Japanese surname, pr. "ee-no-oo-ay")

敬上 敬上 jing4 shang4
yours truly; yours sincerely (at the end of a letter)

举国上下 舉國上下 ju3 guo2 shang4 xia4
the entire nation; the whole country, from the leadership to the rank and file

看上 看上 kan4 shang4
to look upon; to take a fancy to; to fall for

看上去 看上去 kan4 shang5 qu5
it would appear; it seems (that)

考上 考上 kao3 shang4
to pass a university entrance exam

扣上 扣上 kou4 shang4
to buckle up; to fasten

懒驴上磨屎尿多 懶驢上磨屎尿多 lan3 lv2 shang4 mo4 shi3 niao4 duo1
(proverb) A lazy person will find many excuses to delay working; lit. When a lazy donkey is turning a grindstone, it takes a lot of time off for peeing and pooing

烂泥扶不上墙 爛泥扶不上牆 lan4 ni2 fu2 bu4 shang4 qiang2
useless (idiom); worthless; inept

烂泥糊不上墙 爛泥糊不上牆 lan4 ni2 hu2 bu4 shang4 qiang2
see 爛泥扶不上牆|烂泥扶不上墙

朗朗上口 朗朗上口 lang3 lang3 shang4 kou3
to flow right off the tongue (of lyrics or poetry); to recite with ease; catchy (of a song)

历代志上 歷代志上 li4 dai4 zhi4 shang4
First book of Chronicles

历史上 歷史上 li4 shi3 shang4
historical; in history

力争上游 力爭上游 li4 zheng1 shang4 you2
to strive for mastery (idiom); aiming for the best result; to have high ambitions

梁上君子 梁上君子 liang2 shang4 jun1 zi3
lit. the gentleman on the roof beam; fig. a thief

列王纪上 列王紀上 lie4 wang2 ji4 shang4
First book of Kings

列王记上 列王記上 lie4 wang2 ji4 shang4
First book of Kings

楼上 樓上 lou2 shang4

陆军上校 陸軍上校 lu4 jun1 shang4 xiao4

陆上 陸上 lu4 shang4
land-based; on land

路上 路上 lu4 shang5
on the road; on a journey; road surface

路上比终点更有意义 路上比終點更有意義 lu4 shang5 bi3 zhong1 dian3 geng4 you3 yi4 yi4
The road means more than the destination.; It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.

落水狗上岸 落水狗上岸 luo4 shui3 gou3 shang4 an4
like a dog who fell in the river and climbs out—shaking all over

马上 馬上 ma3 shang4
at once; right away; immediately; on horseback (i.e. by military force)

马上比武 馬上比武 ma3 shang4 bi3 wu3
tournament (contest in Western chivalry); jousting

瞒上欺下 瞞上欺下 man2 shang4 qi1 xia4
to deceive one's superiors and bully one's subordinates (idiom)

毛出在羊身上 毛出在羊身上 mao2 chu1 zai4 yang2 shen1 shang4
lit. wool comes from the sheep's back (idiom); One gets the benefit, but the price has been paid.; Nothing comes for free.

铆上 鉚上 mao3 shang4
to go all out; to rise to

没上没下 沒上沒下 mei2 shang4 mei2 xia4
no respect for seniors; lacking in manners

迷上 迷上 mi2 shang4
to become excited with; to be enchanted by

名义上 名義上 ming2 yi4 shang4

能上能下 能上能下 neng2 shang4 neng2 xia4
ready to take any job, high or low

爬上 爬上 pa2 shang4
to climb up

派上用场 派上用場 pai4 shang4 yong4 chang3
to put to good use; to come in handy

捧到天上 捧到天上 peng3 dao4 tian1 shang4
lit. to hold up to the skies; fig. to praise lavishly

捧上天 捧上天 peng3 shang4 tian1
to praise to the skies

碰上 碰上 peng4 shang4
to run into; to come upon; to meet

欺君罔上 欺君罔上 qi1 jun1 wang3 shang4
to dupe one's sovereign

七上八落 七上八落 qi1 shang4 ba1 luo4
see 七上八下

七上八下 七上八下 qi1 shang4 ba1 xia4
at sixes and sevens; perturbed state of mind; in a mess

骑鹤上扬州 騎鶴上揚州 qi2 he4 shang4 yang2 zhou1
lit. to ride a crane to Yangzhou (idiom); to get an official position

气头上 氣頭上 qi4 tou2 shang4
in a fit of anger (idiom); in a temper

青云直上 青雲直上 qing1 yun2 zhi2 shang4
rising straight up in a clear sky (idiom); rapid promotion to a high post; meteoric career

冉冉上升 冉冉上昇 ran3 ran3 shang4 sheng1
to ascend slowly

染上 染上 ran3 shang4
to catch (a disease); to get (a bad habit)

热锅上的蚂蚁 熱鍋上的螞蟻 re4 guo1 shang5 de5 ma3 yi3
(like) a cat on a hot tin roof; anxious; agitated

撒母耳记上 撒母耳記上 sa1 mu3 er3 ji4 shang4
First book of Samuel

三十六计,走为上策 三十六計,走為上策 san1 shi2 liu4 ji4 - zou3 wei2 shang4 ce4
Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is best.; see also 三十六計|三十六计

三十六计,走为上计 三十六計,走為上計 san1 shi2 liu4 ji4 - zou3 wei2 shang4 ji4
see 三十六計,走為上策|三十六计,走为上策

三天不打,上房揭瓦 三天不打,上房揭瓦 san1 tian1 bu4 da3 - shang4 fang2 jie1 wa3
three days without a beating, and a child will scale the roof to rip the tiles (idiom); spare the rod, spoil the child

桑间濮上 桑間濮上 sang1 jian1 pu2 shang4
Sangjian by the Pu River, a place in the ancient state of Wei known for wanton behavior; lovers' rendezvous

色字头上一把刀 色字頭上一把刀 se4 zi4 tou2 shang4 yi1 ba3 dao1
lit. there is a knife above the character for lust; fig. lascivious activities can lead to bitter consequences

山上 山上 shan1 shang4
Shanshang township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan

山上乡 山上鄉 shan1 shang4 xiang1
Shanshang township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan

上声 上聲 shang3 sheng1
falling and rising tone; third tone in modern Mandarin

上艾瑟尔 上艾瑟爾 shang4 ai4 se4 er3

上岸 上岸 shang4 an4
to go ashore; to climb ashore

上班 上班 shang4 ban1
to go to work; to be on duty; to start work; to go to the office

上班时间 上班時間 shang4 ban1 shi2 jian1
time of going to work; the morning rush hour

上班族 上班族 shang4 ban1 zu2
office workers (as social group)

上半 上半 shang4 ban4
first half

上半部分 上半部分 shang4 ban4 bu4 fen4
upper part; top half

上半年 上半年 shang4 ban4 nian2
first half (of a year)

上半晌 上半晌 shang4 ban4 shang3
forenoon; morning; a.m.

上半身 上半身 shang4 ban4 shen1
the upper body

上半天 上半天 shang4 ban4 tian1

上半夜 上半夜 shang4 ban4 ye4
first half of the night; time before midnight

上半叶 上半葉 shang4 ban4 ye4
the first half (of a period)

上榜 上榜 shang4 bang3
to appear on the public roll of successful examinees (i.e. pass an exam); to make the list; (of a song) to hit the charts

上报 上報 shang4 bao4
to report to one's superiors; to appear in the news; to reply to a letter

上辈 上輩 shang4 bei4
ancestors; one's elders

上辈子 上輩子 shang4 bei4 zi5
one's ancestors; past generations; a former incarnation

上边 上邊 shang4 bian5
the top; above; overhead; upwards; the top margin; above-mentioned; those higher up

上边儿 上邊兒 shang4 bian5 er5
erhua variant of 上邊|上边

上标 上標 shang4 biao1

上膘 上膘 shang4 biao1
(of livestock) to fatten up; to put on weight

上部 上部 shang4 bu4
upper section

上不得台盤 上不得臺盤 shang4 bu4 de2 tai2 pan2
too uncouth to appear in public (idiom); unfit for a public role

上不了台面 上不了檯面 shang4 bu4 liao3 tai2 mian4
better kept under the table (idiom); not to be disclosed; too inferior to show in public

上蔡 上蔡 shang4 cai4
Shangcai county in Zhumadian 駐馬店|驻马店, Henan

上菜 上菜 shang4 cai4
to serve, also to put on plate

上蔡县 上蔡縣 shang4 cai4 xian4
Shangcai county in Zhumadian 駐馬店|驻马店, Henan

上苍 上蒼 shang4 cang1

上层 上層 shang4 ceng2
upper layer

上层建筑 上層建築 shang4 ceng2 jian4 zhu4

上场 上場 shang4 chang3
on stage; to go on stage; to take the field

上车 上車 shang4 che1
to get on or into (a bus, train, car etc)

上乘 上乘 shang4 cheng2
first-class; best quality; also pr.

上城区 上城區 shang4 cheng2 qu1
Shangcheng district of Hangzhou city 杭州市, Zhejiang

上齿 上齒 shang4 chi3
upper teeth

上齿龈 上齒齦 shang4 chi3 yin2
upper alveolar ridge

上船 上船 shang4 chuan2
to get on the boat

上传 上傳 shang4 chuan2
to upload

上床 上床 shang4 chuang2
to go to bed; (coll.) to have sex

上唇 上唇 shang4 chun2
upper lip

上次 上次 shang4 ci4
last time

上达 上達 shang4 da2
to reach the higher authorities

上代 上代 shang4 dai4
previous generation

上当 上當 shang4 dang4
taken in (by sb's deceit); to be fooled; to be duped

上等 上等 shang4 deng3
highest quality; top-notch

上等兵 上等兵 shang4 deng3 bing1
private first class (army rank)

上帝 上帝 shang4 di4

上第 上第 shang4 di4
top notch; highest quality

上吊 上吊 shang4 diao4
to hang oneself

上都 上都 shang4 du1
Shangdu, also known as Xanadu, summer capital of the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)

上颚正门齿 上顎正門齒 shang4 e4 zheng4 men2 chi3
maxillary central incisor

上方宝剑 上方寶劍 shang4 fang1 bao3 jian4
imperial sword (giving bearer plenipotentiary powers); imperial Chinese version of 007 licensed to kill

上房 上房 shang4 fang2
see 正房

上访 上訪 shang4 fang3
to seek an audience with higher-ups (esp. government officials) to petition for sth

上坟 上墳 shang4 fen2
to sweep the tombs (of one's ancestors); the Qingming festival

上风 上風 shang4 feng1
on the up; currently winning; rising (in popularity etc)

上浮 上浮 shang4 fu2
to float up

上覆 上覆 shang4 fu4
to inform

上杆 上桿 shang4 gan1
backswing (golf)

上甘岭 上甘嶺 shang4 gan1 ling3
Shanganling district of Yichun city 伊春市, Heilongjiang

上甘岭区 上甘嶺區 shang4 gan1 ling3 qu1
Shanganling district of Yichun city 伊春市, Heilongjiang

上纲上线 上綱上線 shang4 gang1 shang4 xian4
to criticize (as a matter of principle)

上岗 上崗 shang4 gang3
to take up one's post; to be given a job

上高 上高 shang4 gao1
Shanggao county in Yichun 宜春, Jiangxi

上高县 上高縣 shang4 gao1 xian4
Shanggao county in Yichun 宜春, Jiangxi

上个星期 上個星期 shang4 ge4 xing1 qi1
last week

上个月 上個月 shang4 ge4 yue4
last month

上个 上個 shang4 ge5
first (of two parts); last (week etc); previous; the above

上工 上工 shang4 gong1
to go to work; to start work

上供 上供 shang4 gong4
to make offerings (to gods or ancestors); to offer gifts to superiors in order to win their favor

上钩 上鉤 shang4 gou1
to take the bait

上钩儿 上鉤兒 shang4 gou1 er5
erhua variant of 上鉤|上钩

上古 上古 shang4 gu3
the distant past; ancient times; antiquity; early historical times

上古汉语 上古漢語 shang4 gu3 han4 yu3
Old Chinese (linguistics)

上官 上官 shang4 guan1
high-ranking official; superior

上官 上官 shang4 guan1
two-character surname Shangguan

上馆子 上館子 shang4 guan3 zi5
to eat out; to eat at a restaurant

上轨道 上軌道 shang4 gui3 dao4
to stay on track; to proceed smoothly

上海 上海 shang4 hai3
Shanghai municipality, central east China, abbr. to 滬|沪

上海白菜 上海白菜 shang4 hai3 bai2 cai4
baby bok choy; Shanghai bok choy

上海宝钢集团公司 上海寶鋼集團公司 shang4 hai3 bao3 gang1 ji2 tuan2 gong1 si1

上海财经大学 上海財經大學 shang4 hai3 cai2 jing1 da4 xue2
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE)

上海大剧院 上海大劇院 shang4 hai3 da4 ju4 yuan4
Shanghai Grand Theater

上海大学 上海大學 shang4 hai3 da4 xue2
Shanghai University

上海第二医科大学 上海第二醫科大學 shang4 hai3 di4 er4 yi1 ke1 da4 xue2
Shanghai Second Medical University

上海合作组织 上海合作組織 shang4 hai3 he2 zuo4 zu3 zhi1
Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)

上海话 上海話 shang4 hai3 hua4
Shanghainese; Shanghai dialect

上海环球金融中心 上海環球金融中心 shang4 hai3 huan2 qiu2 jin1 rong2 zhong1 xin1
Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC), skyscraper

上海交通大学 上海交通大學 shang4 hai3 jiao1 tong1 da4 xue2
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

上海浦东发展银行 上海浦東發展銀行 shang4 hai3 pu3 dong1 fa1 zhan3 yin2 hang2
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

上海汽车工业 上海汽車工業 shang4 hai3 qi4 che1 gong1 ye4
Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (SAIC)

上海汽车工业集团 上海汽車工業集團 shang4 hai3 qi4 che1 gong1 ye4 ji2 tuan2
Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (SAIC)

上海商务印书馆 上海商務印書館 shang4 hai3 shang1 wu4 yin4 shu1 guan3
Commercial Press, Shanghai (from 1897)

上海市 上海市 shang4 hai3 shi4
Shanghai municipality in southeast China, abbr. 滬|沪

上海体育场 上海體育場 shang4 hai3 ti3 yu4 chang3
Shanghai Stadium

上海外国语大学 上海外國語大學 shang4 hai3 wai4 guo2 yu3 da4 xue2
Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)

上海文广新闻传媒集团 上海文廣新聞傳媒集團 shang4 hai3 wen2 guang3 xin1 wen2 chuan2 mei2 ji2 tuan2
Shanghai Media Group

上海戏剧学院 上海戲劇學院 shang4 hai3 xi4 ju4 xue2 yuan4
Shanghai Theatrical Institute

上海医科大学 上海醫科大學 shang4 hai3 yi1 ke1 da4 xue2
Shanghai Medical University

上海音乐学院 上海音樂學院 shang4 hai3 yin1 yue4 xue2 yuan4
Shanghai Conservatory of Music

上海振华港口机械 上海振華港口機械 shang4 hai3 zhen4 hua2 gang3 kou3 ji1 xie4
Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Company

上海证券交易所 上海證券交易所 shang4 hai3 zheng4 quan4 jiao1 yi4 suo3
Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)

上海证券交易所综合股价指 上海證券交易所綜合股價指 shang4 hai3 zheng4 quan4 jiao1 yi4 suo3 zong1 he2 gu3 jia4 zhi3
Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) Composite Index

上颔 上頷 shang4 han4

上杭 上杭 shang4 hang2
Shanghang county level city in Longyan 龍岩|龙岩, Fujian

上杭县 上杭縣 shang4 hang2 xian4
Shanghang county in Longyan 龍岩|龙岩, Fujian

上好 上好 shang4 hao3
first-rate; top-notch

上颌 上頜 shang4 he2
maxilla (upper jaw)

上合 上合 shang4 he2
SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation); abbr. for 上海合作組織|上海合作组织

上颌骨 上頜骨 shang4 he2 gu3
maxilla (upper jaw)

上合组织 上合組織 shang4 he2 zu3 zhi1
Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)

上呼吸道感染 上呼吸道感染 shang4 hu1 xi1 dao4 gan3 ran3
upper respiratory tract infection

上环 上環 shang4 huan2
(coll.) to wear an intrauterine device (IUD)

上浣 上浣 shang4 huan4
first ten days of a lunar month

上回 上回 shang4 hui2
last time; the previous time

上火 上火 shang4 huo3
to get angry; to suffer from excessive internal heat (TCM)

上级 上級 shang4 ji2
higher authorities; superiors

上级领导 上級領導 shang4 ji2 ling3 dao3
high level leadership; top brass

上家 上家 shang4 jia1
preceding player (in a game)

上佳 上佳 shang4 jia1
excellent; outstanding; great

上睑 上瞼 shang4 jian3
upper eyelid

上箭头 上箭頭 shang4 jian4 tou2
up-pointing arrow

上箭头键 上箭頭鍵 shang4 jian4 tou2 jian4
up arrow key (on keyboard)

上将 上將 shang4 jiang4
general; admiral; air chief marshal

上将军 上將軍 shang4 jiang4 jun1
top general; commander-in-chief

上交 上交 shang4 jiao1
to hand over to; to give to higher authority; to seek connections in high places

上缴 上繳 shang4 jiao3
to transfer (income, profits etc) to higher authorities

上街 上街 shang4 jie1
to go onto the streets; to go shopping

上街区 上街區 shang4 jie1 qu1
Shangjie District of Zhengzhou City 鄭州市|郑州市, Henan

上界 上界 shang4 jie4
upper bound

上进 上進 shang4 jin4
to make progress; to do better; fig. ambitious to improve oneself; to move forwards

上进心 上進心 shang4 jin4 xin1
motivation; ambition

上镜 上鏡 shang4 jing4
photogenic; to appear on film or in the media

上课 上課 shang4 ke4
to go to class; to attend class; to go to teach a class

上空 上空 shang4 kong1
overhead; in the sky

上空洗车 上空洗車 shang4 kong1 xi3 che1
topless car wash

上口 上口 shang4 kou3
to be able to read aloud fluently; to be suitable (easy enough) for reading aloud

上口齿 上口齒 shang4 kou3 chi3
supraoral tooth

上夸克 上夸克 shang4 kua1 ke4
up quark (particle physics)

上款 上款 shang4 kuan3
addressee; name of recipient on painting or scroll

上来 上來 shang4 lai2
to come up; to approach; (verb complement indicating success)

上栗 上栗 shang4 li4
Shangli county in Pingxiang 萍鄉|萍乡, Jiangxi

上栗县 上栗縣 shang4 li4 xian4
Shangli county in Pingxiang 萍鄉|萍乡, Jiangxi

上梁不正下梁歪 上梁不正下梁歪 shang4 liang2 bu4 zheng4 xia4 liang2 wai1
lit. If the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked (idiom); fig. subordinates imitate their superiors' vices

上林 上林 shang4 lin2
Shanglin county in Nanning 南寧|南宁, Guangxi

上林县 上林縣 shang4 lin2 xian4
Shanglin county in Nanning 南寧|南宁, Guangxi

上溜油 上溜油 shang4 liu1 you2
basted (of meat etc)

上流 上流 shang4 liu2
upper class

上流社会 上流社會 shang4 liu2 she4 hui4
upper class; high society

上龙 上龍 shang4 long2

上楼 上樓 shang4 lou2
to go upstairs

上路 上路 shang4 lu4
to start on a journey; to be on one's way

上马 上馬 shang4 ma3
to get on a horse; to mount

上门 上門 shang4 men2
to drop in; to visit; to lock a door; (of a shop) to close; to go and live with one's wife's family, in effect becoming a member of her family

上门费 上門費 shang4 men2 fei4
house call fee; callout fee

上面 上面 shang4 mian4
on top of; above-mentioned; also pr.

上年 上年 shang4 nian2
last year

上农 上農 shang4 nong2
a rich farmer; to stress the importance of agriculture (in ancient philosophy)

上牌 上牌 shang4 pai2
to obtain a license plate

上皮 上皮 shang4 pi2

上片 上片 shang4 pian4
(of a movie) to start screening (Tw)

上坡 上坡 shang4 po1
uphill; upslope; to move upwards; to climb a slope

上坡段 上坡段 shang4 po1 duan4
uphill section (of a race)

上坡路 上坡路 shang4 po1 lu4
uphill road; slope up; fig. upward trend; progress

上汽 上汽 shang4 qi4
abbr. for 上海汽車工業集團|上海汽车工业集团, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (SAIC)

上气不接下气 上氣不接下氣 shang4 qi4 bu4 jie1 xia4 qi4
not enough breath (idiom); to gasp for breath

上前 上前 shang4 qian2
to advance; to step forward

上去 上去 shang4 qu4
to go up

上确界 上確界 shang4 que4 jie4
supremum (math.); least upper bound

上饶 上饒 shang4 rao2
Shangrao prefecture level city and county in Jiangxi

上饶地区 上饒地區 shang4 rao2 di4 qu1
Shangrao prefecture in Jiangxi

上饶市 上饒市 shang4 rao2 shi4
Shangrao prefecture level city in Jiangxi

上饶县 上饒縣 shang4 rao2 xian4
Shangrao county in Shangrao 上饒|上饶, Jiangxi

上任 上任 shang4 ren4
to take office; previous (incumbent); predecessor

上色 上色 shang4 se4
top-quality; top-grade

上色 上色 shang4 shai3
to color (a picture etc); to dye (fabric etc); to stain (furniture etc)

上山 上山 shang4 shan1
to go uphill; to spin cocoon (silkworms); to pass away

上衫 上衫 shang4 shan1

上山下乡 上山下鄉 shang4 shan1 xia4 xiang1
to work in the fields (esp. young school-leavers); forced agricultural experience for city intellectuals

上上之策 上上之策 shang4 shang4 zhi1 ce4
the best policy; the best thing one can do in the circumstances

上身 上身 shang4 shen1
upper part of the body

上升 上昇 shang4 sheng1
to rise; to go up; to ascend

上升空间 上升空間 shang4 sheng1 kong1 jian1
upside; potential to rise

上升趋势 上升趨勢 shang4 sheng1 qu1 shi4
an upturn; an upward trend

上市 上市 shang4 shi4
to hit the market (of a new product); to float (a company on the stock market)

上市公司 上市公司 shang4 shi4 gong1 si1
listed company

上手 上手 shang4 shou3
to obtain; to master; overhand (serve etc); seat of honor

上首 上首 shang4 shou3
seat of honor; first place

上书 上書 shang4 shu1
to write a letter (to the authorities); to present a petition

上疏 上疏 shang4 shu1
(of a court official) to present a memorial to the emperor (old)

上述 上述 shang4 shu4
aforementioned; above-mentioned

上水 上水 shang4 shui3
Sheung Shui (area in Hong Kong)

上水 上水 shang4 shui3
upper reaches (of a river); to go upstream; to add some water; to water (a crop etc)

上思 上思 shang4 si1
Shangxi county in Fangchenggang 防城港, Guangxi

上思县 上思縣 shang4 si1 xian4
Shangxi county in Fangchenggang 防城港, Guangxi

上司 上司 shang4 si5
boss; superior

上诉 上訴 shang4 su4
to appeal (a judicial case); appeal

上诉法院 上訴法院 shang4 su4 fa3 yuan4
appeals court

上台 上台 shang4 tai2
to rise to power (in politics); to go on stage (in the theater)

上膛 上膛 shang4 tang2
roof of the mouth; to load (a gun)

上天 上天 shang4 tian1
Heaven; Providence; God; the day before; the sky above; to fly to the sky; to take off and fly into space; to die; to pass away

上天入地 上天入地 shang4 tian1 ru4 di4
lit. to go up to heaven or down to Hades (idiom); fig. to go to great lengths; to search heaven and earth

上天无路,入地无门 上天無路,入地無門 shang4 tian1 wu2 lu4 - ru4 di4 wu2 men2
lit. there is no road to the sky, nor door into the earth (idiom); fig. to be at the end of one's rope; to be trapped in a hopeless situation

上田 上田 shang4 tian2
Ueda (Japanese surname and place name)

上调 上調 shang4 tiao2
to raise (prices); to adjust upwards

上同调 上同調 shang4 tong2 diao4
cohomology (invariant of a topological space in math.)

上头 上頭 shang4 tou2
(of alcohol) to go to one's head; (old) (of a bride-to-be) to bind one's hair into a bun; (of a prostitute) to receive a patron for the first time

上头 上頭 shang4 tou5
above; on top of; on the surface of

上吐下泻 上吐下瀉 shang4 tu4 xia4 xie4
to vomit and have diarrhea

上外 上外 shang4 wai4
abbr. for 上海外國語大學|上海外国语大学

上万 上萬 shang4 wan4
over ten thousand; fig. untold numbers; innumerable; thousands upon thousands

上网 上網 shang4 wang3
to go online; to connect to the Internet; (of a document etc) to be uploaded to the Internet; (tennis, volleyball etc) to move in close to the net

上网本 上網本 shang4 wang3 ben3

上位 上位 shang4 wei4
top seat; person occupying leading position

上尉 上尉 shang4 wei4
captain (military rank)

上位概念 上位概念 shang4 wei4 gai4 nian4
superordinate concept

上文 上文 shang4 wen2
preceding part of the text

上午 上午 shang4 wu3

上西天 上西天 shang4 xi1 tian1
to enter heaven; to rise to the Western Paradise

上下 上下 shang4 xia4
up and down; top and bottom; old and new; length; about

上下班 上下班 shang4 xia4 ban1
to start and finish work

上下班时间 上下班時間 shang4 xia4 ban1 shi2 jian1
rush hour

上下床 上下床 shang4 xia4 chuang2
bunk bed

上下其手 上下其手 shang4 xia4 qi2 shou3
to raise and lower one's hand (idiom); to signal as conspiratorial hint; fig. conspiring to defraud

上下文 上下文 shang4 xia4 wen2
(textual) context

上下文菜单 上下文菜單 shang4 xia4 wen2 cai4 dan1
context menu (computing)

上下五千年 上下五千年 shang4 xia4 wu3 qian1 nian2
popular history of China in three volumes by Cao Yuzhang 曹余章

上弦 上弦 shang4 xian2
to wind; to tighten; crescent moon; first quarter or waxing moon

上弦月 上弦月 shang4 xian2 yue4
first quarter moon

上线 上線 shang4 xian4
to go online; to put sth online

上限 上限 shang4 xian4
upper bound

上相 上相 shang4 xiang4
photogenic; (old) high official

上校 上校 shang4 xiao4
high ranking officer in Chinese army; colonel

上鞋 上鞋 shang4 xie2
to sole a shoe

上心 上心 shang4 xin1
carefully; meticulously; to set one's heart on sth

上新世 上新世 shang4 xin1 shi4
Pliocene (geological epoch from 5m-2m years ago)

上星 上星 shang4 xing1
to broadcast through satellite; satellite (TV etc); shangxing acupoint (DU23)

上星期 上星期 shang4 xing1 qi1
last week; previous week

上行 上行 shang4 xing2
(of trains) up (i.e. towards the capital); (of river boats) to go against the current; to submit (a document) to higher authorities

上行下效 上行下傚 shang4 xing2 xia4 xiao4
subordinates follow the example of their superiors (idiom)

上学 上學 shang4 xue2
to go to school; to attend school

上旬 上旬 shang4 xun2
first third of a month

上牙膛 上牙膛 shang4 ya2 tang2
palate (roof of the mouth)

上演 上演 shang4 yan3
to screen (a movie); to stage (a play); a screening; a staging

上眼睑 上眼瞼 shang4 yan3 jian3
upper eyelid

上扬 上揚 shang4 yang2
to rise (i.e. number increases); a price rise; to raise

上扬趋势 上揚趨勢 shang4 yang2 qu1 shi4
upward trend; rising tendency

上野 上野 shang4 ye3
Ueno, district in Taitō Ward, Tokyo; Ueno (Japanese surname)

上夜 上夜 shang4 ye4
to be on night duty

上页 上頁 shang4 ye4
previous page

上衣 上衣 shang4 yi1
jacket; upper outer garment

上一次当,学一次乖 上一次當,學一次乖 shang4 yi1 ci4 dang4 - xue2 yi1 ci4 guai1
to take sth as a lesson for next time (idiom); once bitten, twice shy

上一个 上一個 shang4 yi1 ge5
previous one

上一号 上一號 shang4 yi1 hao4
(coll.) to go pee; to go to the bathroom

上一页 上一頁 shang4 yi1 ye4
preceding page

上议院 上議院 shang4 yi4 yuan4
Upper Chamber; Upper House; Senate

上瘾 上癮 shang4 yin3
to get into a habit; to become addicted

上映 上映 shang4 ying4
to show (a movie); to screen

上游 上游 shang4 you2
upper reaches (of a river); upper level; upper echelon; upstream

上犹 上猶 shang4 you2
Shangyou county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi

上犹县 上猶縣 shang4 you2 xian4
Shangyou county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi

上有老下有小 上有老下有小 shang4 you3 lao3 xia4 you3 xiao3
lit. above are the elderly, below are the young (idiom); fig. to have to take care of both one's aging parents and one's children; sandwich generation

上有天堂,下有苏杭 上有天堂,下有蘇杭 shang4 you3 tian1 tang2 - xia4 you3 su1 hang2
lit. there is heaven above, and there is 蘇杭|苏杭 below (idiom); fig. the beauty and affluence of Suzhou and Hangzhou is comparable with heaven

上有政策,下有对策 上有政策,下有對策 shang4 you3 zheng4 ce4 - xia4 you3 dui4 ce4
The higher ups have policies while the lower downs have their own ways of getting around them. (idiom)

上虞 上虞 shang4 yu2
Shangyu county level city in Shaoxing 紹興|绍兴, Zhejiang

上虞市 上虞市 shang4 yu2 shi4
Shangyu county level city in Shaoxing 紹興|绍兴, Zhejiang

上域 上域 shang4 yu4
codomain of a function (math.)

上谕 上諭 shang4 yu4
imperial edict; see also 聖諭|圣谕

上月 上月 shang4 yue4
last month

上载 上載 shang4 zai4
to upload

上涨 上漲 shang4 zhang3
to rise; to go up

上阵 上陣 shang4 zhen4
to go into battle

上阵杀敌 上陣殺敵 shang4 zhen4 sha1 di2
to go into battle; to strike at the enemy

上证 上證 shang4 zheng4
Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), abbr. for 上海證券交易所|上海证券交易所

上证综合指数 上證綜合指數 shang4 zheng4 zong1 he2 zhi3 shu4
SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange) Composite Index

上肢 上肢 shang4 zhi1
upper limb

上钟 上鐘 shang4 zhong1
to clock in for work

上周 上周 shang4 zhou1
last week

上装 上裝 shang4 zhuang1
upper garment

上座 上座 shang4 zuo4
seat of honor

上座部 上座部 shang4 zuo4 bu4
Theravada school of Buddhism

拾级而上 拾級而上 she4 ji2 er2 shang4
to walk slowly up a flight of steps (idiom)

身上 身上 shen1 shang5
on the body; at hand; among

肾上腺 腎上腺 shen4 shang4 xian4
adrenal glands

肾上腺皮质 腎上腺皮質 shen4 shang4 xian4 pi2 zhi4
adrenal cortex

肾上腺素 腎上腺素 shen4 shang4 xian4 su4

肾上腺髓质 腎上腺髓質 shen4 shang4 xian4 sui3 zhi4
adrenal medulla

甚嚣尘上 甚囂塵上 shen4 xiao1 chen2 shang4
clamor raises the dust (idiom); a tremendous clamor; to raise a tremendous stink

圣上 聖上 sheng4 shang4
courtier's or minister's form of address for the current Emperor

实际上 實際上 shi2 ji4 shang4
in fact; in reality; as a matter of fact; in practice

实质上 實質上 shi2 zhi4 shang4
virtually; essentially

史上 史上 shi3 shang4
in history

世上 世上 shi4 shang4
on earth

事实上 事實上 shi4 shi2 shang4
in fact; in reality; actually; as a matter of fact; de facto; ipso facto

数不上 數不上 shu3 bu4 shang4
not to deserve to be mentioned; not to qualify; below par

数得上 數得上 shu3 de5 shang4
to be considered as outstanding or special; to be reckoned with; notable

树上开花 樹上開花 shu4 shang4 kai1 hua1
to deck the tree with false blossoms; to make something of no value appear valuable (idiom)

甩上 甩上 shuai3 shang4
to throw off; to fling sth up (in anger); refers to dramatic sale prices

水上 水上 shui3 shang4
Shuishang township in Chiayi county 嘉義縣|嘉义县, west Taiwan

水上 水上 shui3 shang4
on water; aquatic

水上芭蕾 水上芭蕾 shui3 shang4 ba1 lei3
synchronized swimming

水上电单车 水上電單車 shui3 shang4 dian4 dan1 che1
see 水上摩托車|水上摩托车

水上飞机 水上飛機 shui3 shang4 fei1 ji1

水上摩托 水上摩托 shui3 shang4 mo2 tuo1
jet ski

水上摩托车 水上摩托車 shui3 shang4 mo2 tuo1 che1
jet ski

水上乡 水上鄉 shui3 shang4 xiang1
Shuishang township in Chiayi county 嘉義縣|嘉义县, west Taiwan

水上运动 水上運動 shui3 shang4 yun4 dong4
water sports; aquatic motion; movement over water

说不上 說不上 shuo1 bu5 shang4
to be unable to say or tell; to not be worth mentioning

说得上 說得上 shuo1 de5 shang4
can be counted or regarded as; to be able to tell or answer; to deserve mention

说上 說上 shuo1 shang4
to say; to speak; to talk

送上轨道 送上軌道 song4 shang4 gui3 dao4
to send into orbit

送上太空 送上太空 song4 shang4 tai4 kong1
to launch into space

随信附上 隨信附上 sui2 xin4 fu4 shang4
enclosed with (this) letter

锁上 鎖上 suo3 shang4
to lock; to lock up

踏上 踏上 ta4 shang4
to set foot on; to step on or into

台上 臺上 tai2 shang4
on stage

台上一分钟,台下十年功 臺上一分鐘,臺下十年功 tai2 shang4 yi1 fen1 zhong1 - tai2 xia4 shi2 nian2 gong1
ten years of practice for one minute on the stage (idiom)

太公钓鱼,愿者上钩 太公釣魚,願者上鉤 tai4 gong1 diao4 yu2 - yuan4 zhe3 shang4 gou1
Jiang Ziya is fishing, if you want take the hook (idiom, refers to early sage 薑子牙|姜子牙 fishing with no bait and the hook above the water); to put one's head in the noose

太上 太上 tai4 shang4
title of respect for taoists

太上皇 太上皇 tai4 shang4 huang2
Taishang Huang; Retired Emperor; father of the reigning emperor; fig. puppet master

太阳照在桑干河上 太陽照在桑乾河上 tai4 yang2 zhao4 zai4 sang1 gan1 he2 shang4
The Sun Shines over the Sanggan River, proletarian novel by Ding Ling, winner of 1951 Stalin prize

谈不上 談不上 tan2 bu5 shang4
to be out of the question

提上议事日程 提上議事日程 ti2 shang4 yi4 shi4 ri4 cheng2
to put (sth) on the agenda

天上 天上 tian1 shang4
celestial; heavenly

天上不会掉馅饼 天上不會掉餡餅 tian1 shang4 bu4 hui4 diao4 xian4 bing3
there is no such thing as a free lunch (idiom)

天上下刀子 天上下刀子 tian1 shang4 xia4 dao1 zi5
lit. knives rain down from the sky (idiom); fig. (even if) the sky crumbles

听上去 聽上去 ting1 shang4 qu5
to sound (difficult, worthwhile etc); to seem

同上 同上 tong2 shang4
as above; ditto; idem

头上 頭上 tou2 shang4
overhead; above

晚上好 晚上好 wan3 shang4 hao3
Good evening!

晚上 晚上 wan3 shang5
evening; night; in the evening

往脸上抹黑 往臉上抹黑 wang3 lian3 shang4 mo3 hei1
to bring shame to; to smear; to disgrace

网上 網上 wang3 shang4

网上广播 網上廣播 wang3 shang4 guang3 bo1
online broadcast; webcast

闻上去 聞上去 wen2 shang4 qu4
to smell of sth; to smell like sth

汶上 汶上 wen4 shang4
Wenshang County in Jining 濟寧|济宁, Shandong; classically, upper reaches of Wen River in Shandong, used to refer to Qi 齊國|齐国

汶上县 汶上縣 wen4 shang4 xian4
Wenshang County in Jining 濟寧|济宁, Shandong

无上 無上 wu2 shang4

误上贼船 誤上賊船 wu4 shang4 zei2 chuan2
lit. to mistakenly board a pirate ship; to embark on a hopeless adventure

羲皇上人 羲皇上人 xi1 huang2 shang4 ren2
lit. a person before the legendary emperor Fuxi 伏羲; person from ages immemorial; fig. untroubled person

膝上舞 膝上舞 xi1 shang4 wu3
lap dance

膝上型 膝上型 xi1 shang4 xing2
laptop (computer)

膝上型电脑 膝上型電腦 xi1 shang4 xing2 dian4 nao3
laptop (computer)

瞎猫碰上死耗子 瞎貓碰上死耗子 xia1 mao1 peng4 shang4 si3 hao4 zi5
a blind cat finds a dead mouse (idiom); blind luck

下而上 下而上 xia4 er2 shang4
bottom to top (of listing)

下至上 下至上 xia4 zhi4 shang4
bottom to top

鲜花插在牛粪上 鮮花插在牛糞上 xian1 hua1 cha1 zai4 niu2 fen4 shang4
lit. a bunch of flowers poked into a pile of manure; fig. a terrible shame (as when a lovely woman marries an odious man)

线上 線上 xian4 shang4

献上 獻上 xian4 shang4
to offer to God

线上查询 線上查詢 xian4 shang4 cha2 xun2
online search

向上 向上 xiang4 shang4
upward; up; to advance; to try to improve oneself; to make progress

项上人头 項上人頭 xiang4 shang4 ren2 tou2
head; neck (as in "to save one's neck", i.e. one's life)

新官上任三把火 新官上任三把火 xin1 guan1 shang4 ren4 san1 ba3 huo3
the new boss cracks the whip three times; a new broom sweeps clean; fig. vigorous new policies

心灵上 心靈上 xin1 ling2 shang4

心上人 心上人 xin1 shang4 ren2
sweetheart; one's beloved

形而上学 形而上學 xing2 er2 shang4 xue2

形上 形上 xing2 shang4

雪上加霜 雪上加霜 xue3 shang4 jia1 shuang1
to add hail to snow (idiom); one disaster on top of another; to make things worse in a bad situation

筵上 筵上 yan2 shang3

羊毛出在羊身上 羊毛出在羊身上 yang2 mao2 chu1 zai4 yang2 shen1 shang4
lit. wool comes from the sheep's back (idiom); One gets the benefit, but the price has been paid.; Nothing comes for free.

一根绳上的蚂蚱 一根繩上的螞蚱 yi1 gen1 sheng2 shang4 de5 ma4 zha5
see 一條繩上的螞蚱|一条绳上的蚂蚱

一哭二闹三上吊 一哭二鬧三上吊 yi1 ku1 er4 nao4 san1 shang4 diao4
to make a terrible scene (idiom); to throw a tantrum

一条绳上的蚂蚱 一條繩上的螞蚱 yi1 tiao2 sheng2 shang4 de5 ma4 zha5
lit. like locusts tied to one rope (idiom); fig. in the same boat; in it together for better or worse; to sink or swim together

一拥而上 一擁而上 yi1 yong1 er2 shang4
to swarm around; flocking (to see)

以上 以上 yi3 shang4
that level or higher; that amount or more; the above-mentioned

引鬼上门 引鬼上門 yin3 gui3 shang4 men2
to lead the devil to the door (idiom); to invite the attention of criminals; to leave oneself open to attack

引体向上 引體向上 yin3 ti3 xiang4 shang4
chin-up (physical exercise)

迎头赶上 迎頭趕上 ying2 tou2 gan3 shang4
to try hard to catch up

颍上 潁上 ying3 shang4
Yingshan county in Fuyang 阜陽|阜阳, Anhui

颍上县 潁上縣 ying3 shang4 xian4
Yingshan County in Fuyang 阜陽|阜阳, Anhui

颖上县 穎上縣 ying3 shang4 xian4
Yingshang county in Anhui

用得上 用得上 yong4 de5 shang4
needed; to come in useful

右上 右上 you4 shang4
upper right

原则上 原則上 yuan2 ze2 shang5
in principle; generally

跃然纸上 躍然紙上 yue4 ran2 zhi3 shang4
to appear vividly on paper (idiom); to show forth vividly (in writing, painting etc); to stand out markedly

早上 早上 zao3 shang5
early morning

早上好 早上好 zao3 shang5 hao3
Good morning!

占上风 佔上風 zhan4 shang4 feng1
to take the lead; to gain the upper hand

掌上电脑 掌上電腦 zhang3 shang4 dian4 nao3
handheld computer; PDA (personal digital assistant); Pocket PC

掌上明珠 掌上明珠 zhang3 shang4 ming2 zhu1
lit. a pearl in the palm (idiom); fig. beloved person (esp. daughter)

找上门 找上門 zhao3 shang4 men2
to come to sb's door; to call on sb

蒸蒸日上 蒸蒸日上 zheng1 zheng1 ri4 shang4
becoming more prosperous with each passing day

之上 之上 zhi1 shang4

直上云霄 直上雲霄 zhi2 shang4 yun2 xiao1
to soar into the sky

纸上谈兵 紙上談兵 zhi3 shang4 tan2 bing1
lit. military tactics on paper (idiom); fig. theoretical discussion that is worse than useless in practice; armchair strategist; idle theorizing; cf Zhao Kuo 趙括|赵括 leading an army of 400,000 to total annihilation at battle of Changping 長平之戰|长平之战 in 260 BC

至高无上 至高無上 zhi4 gao1 wu2 shang4
supreme; paramount; unsurpassed

至上 至上 zhi4 shang4
supreme; paramount; above all else

追上 追上 zhui1 shang4
to overtake

桌面儿上 桌面兒上 zhuo1 mian4 er5 shang4
on the table; fig. everything open and above board

桌上型 桌上型 zhuo1 shang4 xing2

桌上型电脑 桌上型電腦 zhuo1 shang4 xing2 dian4 nao3
desktop computer

自底向上 自底向上 zi4 di3 xiang4 shang4

自上而下 自上而下 zi4 shang4 er2 xia4

自下而上 自下而上 zi4 xia4 er2 shang4

综上所述 綜上所述 zong1 shang4 suo3 shu4
to summarize; a round-up; in summary ...

总体上说 總體上說 zong3 ti3 shang4 shuo1
looking at the big picture; all in all; all things considered

走马上任 走馬上任 zou3 ma3 shang4 ren4
to ride to take up an official appointment (idiom); to take on a job with alacrity; to undertake a task

走为上 走為上 zou3 wei2 shang4
If everything else fails, retreat. (idiom); see also 三十六計,走為上策|三十六计,走为上策

走为上计 走為上計 zou3 wei2 shang4 ji4
see 三十六計,走為上策|三十六计,走为上策

嘴上没毛,办事不牢 嘴上沒毛,辦事不牢 zui3 shang4 mei2 mao2 - ban4 shi4 bu4 lao2
a youth without facial hair cannot be relied upon (proverb)

嘴上无毛,办事不牢 嘴上無毛,辦事不牢 zui3 shang4 wu2 mao2 - ban4 shi4 bu4 lao2
see 嘴上沒毛,辦事不牢|嘴上没毛,办事不牢

左上 左上 zuo3 shang4
upper left

座上客 座上客 zuo4 shang4 ke4
guest of honor