for a particular person, occasion, purpose; focused on one thing; special; expert; particular (to sth); concentrated; specialized

variant of 專|专

strokes 4
strokes after radical 3
不敢自专 不敢自專 bu4 gan3 zi4 zhuan1
not daring to act for oneself (idiom)

宠擅专房 寵擅專房 chong3 shan4 zhuan1 fang2
an especially favored concubine (idiom)

大专 大專 da4 zhuan1
three-year college; junior college; professional training college

电视专题片 電視專題片 dian4 shi4 zhuan1 ti2 pian4
television documentary or feature

独断专行 獨斷專行 du2 duan4 zhuan1 xing2
to decide and act alone (idiom); to take arbitrary action; a law unto oneself

笃专 篤專 du3 zhuan1
with undivided attention

二奶专家 二奶專家 er4 nai3 zhuan1 jia1
"mercenary expert", a person who is supposedly an independent expert, but receives payment for making comments favorable to a particular entity

高级专员 高級專員 gao1 ji2 zhuan1 yuan2
high commissioner

联合国难民事务高级专员办事处 聯合國難民事務高級專員辦事處 lian2 he2 guo2 nan2 min2 shi4 wu4 gao1 ji2 zhuan1 yuan2 ban4 shi4 chu4
Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

人民民主专政 人民民主專政 ren2 min2 min2 zhu3 zhuan1 zheng4
people's democratic dictatorship

生物专一性 生物專一性 sheng1 wu4 zhuan1 yi1 xing4

特快专递 特快專遞 te4 kuai4 zhuan1 di4
express mail

天津会议专条 天津會議專條 tian1 jin1 hui4 yi4 zhuan1 tiao2
Tianjin agreement of 1885 between Li Hongzhang 李鴻章|李鸿章 and ITŌ Hirobumi 伊藤博文 to pull Qing and Japanese troops out of Korea

心神专注 心神專註 xin1 shen2 zhuan1 zhu4
to concentrate one's attention; to be fully focused

虚拟专用网络 虛擬專用網絡 xu1 ni3 zhuan1 yong4 wang3 luo4
virtual private network (VPN)

一党专制 一黨專制 yi1 dang3 zhuan1 zhi4
one party dictatorship

医学专家 醫學專家 yi1 xue2 zhuan1 jia1
medical expert; medical specialist

中等专业教育 中等專業教育 zhong1 deng3 zhuan1 ye4 jiao4 yu4
technical middle school education

中等专业学校 中等專業學校 zhong1 deng3 zhuan1 ye4 xue2 xiao4
specialized middle school

中央专制集权 中央專制集權 zhong1 yang1 zhuan1 zhi4 ji2 quan2
centralized autocratic rule

中专 中專 zhong1 zhuan1
vocational secondary school; technical secondary school; trade school; abbr. for 中等專科學校|中等专科学校

专案 專案 zhuan1 an4
special case for investigation; project (Taiwan)

专案经理 專案經理 zhuan1 an4 jing1 li3
project manager

专案组 專案組 zhuan1 an4 zu3
special investigation team (legal or judicial)

专长 專長 zhuan1 chang2
specialty; special knowledge or ability

专场 專場 zhuan1 chang3
special performance

专车 專車 zhuan1 che1
special (or reserved) train (or bus etc); limousine; private car used as a taxi and booked via a smartphone app

专程 專程 zhuan1 cheng2
specifically; specially (for that purpose)

专递 專遞 zhuan1 di4
special delivery; courier

专断 專斷 zhuan1 duan4
to act arbitrarily; to make decisions without consulting others

专访 專訪 zhuan1 fang3
to interview (a particular person or on a particular topic); special interview; special report based on such an interview

专攻 專攻 zhuan1 gong1
to specialize in; to major in

专管 專管 zhuan1 guan3
to be in charge of something specific

专柜 專櫃 zhuan1 gui4
sales counter dedicated to a certain kind of product (e.g. alcohol)

专横 專橫 zhuan1 heng4
imperious; peremptory

专辑 專輯 zhuan1 ji2
album; record (music); special collection of printed or broadcast material

专家 專家 zhuan1 jia1
expert; specialist

专家评价 專家評價 zhuan1 jia1 ping2 jia4
expert evaluation

专家评论 專家評論 zhuan1 jia1 ping2 lun4
expert commentary

专家系统 專家系統 zhuan1 jia1 xi4 tong3
expert system

专科 專科 zhuan1 ke1
specialized subject; branch (of medicine); specialized training school

专科学校 專科學校 zhuan1 ke1 xue2 xiao4
specialized school; college for professional training; polytechnic

专科院校 專科院校 zhuan1 ke1 yuan4 xiao4

专控 專控 zhuan1 kong4
exclusive control

专款 專款 zhuan1 kuan3
special fund; money allocated for a particular purpose

专栏 專欄 zhuan1 lan2
special column

专利 專利 zhuan1 li4
patent; sth uniquely enjoyed (or possessed etc) by a certain group of people; monopoly

专利法 專利法 zhuan1 li4 fa3
patent law

专利局 專利局 zhuan1 li4 ju2
patent office

专利权 專利權 zhuan1 li4 quan2
patent right

专利药品 專利藥品 zhuan1 li4 yao4 pin3
patent drugs

专列 專列 zhuan1 lie4
special train; abbr. for 專門列車|专门列车

专卖 專賣 zhuan1 mai4
monopoly; exclusive right to trade

专卖店 專賣店 zhuan1 mai4 dian4
specialty store

专美于前 專美於前 zhuan1 mei3 yu2 qian2
to monopolize the limelight (idiom); to get all the glory; to rank highest

专门 專門 zhuan1 men2
specialist; specialized; customized

专门化 專門化 zhuan1 men2 hua4
to specialize

专门机构 專門機構 zhuan1 men2 ji1 gou4
specialized agency

专门家 專門家 zhuan1 men2 jia1

专门列车 專門列車 zhuan1 men2 lie4 che1
special train

专门人员 專門人員 zhuan1 men2 ren2 yuan2
specialist; specialized staff

专名 專名 zhuan1 ming2
proper noun

专名词 專名詞 zhuan1 ming2 ci2
proper noun

专区 專區 zhuan1 qu1
special district; prefecture

专权 專權 zhuan1 quan2
autocracy; dictatorship

专人 專人 zhuan1 ren2
specialist; person appointed for specific task

专任 專任 zhuan1 ren4
full time; to appoint sb to a specific task

专擅 專擅 zhuan1 shan4
without authorization; to act on one's own initiative

专事 專事 zhuan1 shi4

专属 專屬 zhuan1 shu3
to belong or be dedicated exclusively to; proprietary; private; personal

专属经济区 專屬經濟區 zhuan1 shu3 jing1 ji4 qu1
exclusive economic zone

专司 專司 zhuan1 si1
specialist (responsible some task)

专题 專題 zhuan1 ti2
special topic

专线 專線 zhuan1 xian4
special-purpose phone line or communications link; hotline; special rail line (e.g. between airport and city)

专项 專項 zhuan1 xiang4
special; dedicated

专心 專心 zhuan1 xin1
to concentrate; absorption; concentration; engrossed

专心一意 專心一意 zhuan1 xin1 yi1 yi4
to concentrate on

专心致志 專心致志 zhuan1 xin1 zhi4 zhi4
with single-hearted devotion (idiom)

专业 專業 zhuan1 ye4
specialty; specialized field; main field of study (at university); major; professional

专业户 專業戶 zhuan1 ye4 hu4
family firm producing a special product; cottage industry

专业化 專業化 zhuan1 ye4 hua4

专业教育 專業教育 zhuan1 ye4 jiao4 yu4
specialized education; technical school

专业人才 專業人才 zhuan1 ye4 ren2 cai2
expert (in a field)

专业人士 專業人士 zhuan1 ye4 ren2 shi4
a professional

专业性 專業性 zhuan1 ye4 xing4
professionalism; expertise

专一 專一 zhuan1 yi1
single-minded; concentrated

专意 專意 zhuan1 yi4
deliberately; on purpose

专营 專營 zhuan1 ying2
special trade; monopoly

专营店 專營店 zhuan1 ying2 dian4
exclusive agency; franchised shop; authorized store

专用 專用 zhuan1 yong4
special; dedicated

专用集成电路 專用集成電路 zhuan1 yong4 ji2 cheng2 dian4 lu4
application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)

专用网路 專用網路 zhuan1 yong4 wang3 lu4
dedicated network

专有 專有 zhuan1 you3
exclusive; proprietary

专有名词 專有名詞 zhuan1 you3 ming2 ci2
proper noun

专员 專員 zhuan1 yuan2
assistant director; commissioner

专责 專責 zhuan1 ze2
specific responsibility

专征 專征 zhuan1 zheng1
to go on a personal punitive expedition

专政 專政 zhuan1 zheng4

专职 專職 zhuan1 zhi2
special duty; assigned full time to a task

专治 專治 zhuan1 zhi4
(of medicine) to use specifically for the treatment of

专制 專制 zhuan1 zhi4
autocracy; dictatorship

专制君主制 專制君主制 zhuan1 zhi4 jun1 zhu3 zhi4
absolute monarchy; autocracy

专制主义 專制主義 zhuan1 zhi4 zhu3 yi4
absolutism; despotism; autocracy

专注 專注 zhuan1 zhu4
concentrated; single-mindedly devoted to

专著 專著 zhuan1 zhu4
monograph; specialized text

自专 自專 zi4 zhuan1
to act arbitrarily; to act for oneself