surname Shi

life; age; generation; era; world; lifetime; epoch; descendant; noble

strokes 5
strokes after radical 4
白垩世 白堊世 bai2 e4 shi4
Cretaceous (geological period 140-65m years ago)

悲惨世界 悲慘世界 bei1 can3 shi4 jie4
Les Misérables (1862) by Victor Hugo 維克多·雨果|维克多·雨果

本笃·十六世 本篤·十六世 ben3 du3 - shi2 liu4 shi4
Pope Benedict XVI; Joseph Alois Ratzinger (1927-), pope 2005-2013

避世 避世 bi4 shi4
to shun the world

避世绝俗 避世絕俗 bi4 shi4 jue2 su2
to withdraw from society and live like a hermit (idiom)

不谙世故 不諳世故 bu4 an1 shi4 gu4
unworldly; unsophisticated

不可一世 不可一世 bu4 ke3 yi1 shi4
to consider oneself unexcelled in the world; to be insufferably arrogant

才华盖世 才華蓋世 cai2 hua2 gai4 shi4
peerless talent (idiom); incomparable artistic merit

超然世事 超然世事 chao1 ran2 shi4 shi4
to consider oneself above worldly matters (idiom)

尘世 塵世 chen2 shi4
this mortal life; the mundane world

出世 出世 chu1 shi4
to be born; to come into being; to withdraw from worldly affairs

处世 處世 chu3 shi4
to conduct oneself in society

处世原则 處世原則 chu3 shi4 yuan2 ze2
a maxim; one's principles

处世之道 處世之道 chu3 shi4 zhi1 dao4
way of life; attitude; modus operandi

传世 傳世 chuan2 shi4
handed down from ancient times; family heirloom

创世 創世 chuang4 shi4
the creation (in mythology and Genesis 1-2); the first foundational steps

创世纪 創世紀 chuang4 shi4 ji4
Genesis (first book of the Bible)

创世纪 創世紀 chuang4 shi4 ji4
creation myth

创世记 創世記 chuang4 shi4 ji4
Book of Genesis; First Book of Moses

创世论 創世論 chuang4 shi4 lun4
creationism (religion)

辞世 辭世 ci2 shi4
to die; to depart this life (euphemism); same as 去世

聪明一世,糊涂一时 聰明一世,糊塗一時 cong1 ming5 yi1 shi4 - hu2 tu5 yi1 shi2
even the wisest can have a momentary lapse in judgment (idiom); every man has a fool in his sleeve

聪明一世,懵懂一时 聰明一世,懵懂一時 cong1 ming5 yi1 shi4 - meng3 dong3 yi1 shi2
see 聰明一世,糊塗一時|聪明一世,糊涂一时

戴名世 戴名世 dai4 ming2 shi4
Dai Mingshi (1653-1713), early Qing writer

当世 當世 dang1 shi4
the present age; in office; the current office holder

当世冠 當世冠 dang1 shi4 guan4
the foremost person of his age; unequalled; a leading light

当世无双 當世無雙 dang1 shi4 wu2 shuang1
unequalled in his time

当世之冠 當世之冠 dang1 shi4 zhi1 guan4
the foremost person of his age; unequalled; a leading light

邓世昌 鄧世昌 deng4 shi4 chang1
Deng Shichang (1849-1894), Qing dynasty naval specialist, founded naval dockyards and two naval colleges, died heroically in action against the Japanese

第二次世界大战 第二次世界大戰 di4 er4 ci4 shi4 jie4 da4 zhan4
World War II

第二世界 第二世界 di4 er4 shi4 jie4
Second World (Cold War-era term referring to communist nations as a bloc)

第三世界 第三世界 di4 san1 shi4 jie4
Third World

第一次世界大战 第一次世界大戰 di4 yi1 ci4 shi4 jie4 da4 zhan4
World War One

对世权 對世權 dui4 shi4 quan2
(law) absolute rights; erga omnes rights

二次世界大战 二次世界大戰 er4 ci4 shi4 jie4 da4 zhan4
World War Two

二人世界 二人世界 er4 ren2 shi4 jie4
world with only two people (usually refers to a romantic couple); romantic couple's world

二十世纪 二十世紀 er4 shi2 shi4 ji4
20th century

二十一世纪 二十一世紀 er4 shi2 yi1 shi4 ji4
21st century

二世 二世 er4 shi4
the Second (of numbered kings); second generation (e.g. Chinese Americans)

凡世通 凡世通 fan2 shi4 tong1
Firestone (Tire and Rubber Company)

蜚声世界 蜚聲世界 fei1 sheng1 shi4 jie4
famous throughout the world

愤世嫉俗 憤世嫉俗 fen4 shi4 ji2 su2
to be cynical; to be embittered

浮世 浮世 fu2 shi4
(Buddhism) the world of the living

浮世绘 浮世繪 fu2 shi4 hui4

盖世 蓋世 gai4 shi4
unrivalled; matchless

盖世太保 蓋世太保 gai4 shi4 tai4 bao3

隔世 隔世 ge2 shi4
separated by a generation; a lifetime ago

更新世 更新世 geng1 xin1 shi4
Pleistocene (geological epoch from 2m years ago, covering the most recent ice ages)

公之于世 公之于世 gong1 zhi1 yu2 shi4
to announce to the world (idiom); to make public; to let everyone know

公诸于世 公諸於世 gong1 zhu1 yu2 shi4
to announce to the world (idiom); to make public; to let everyone know

孤独于世 孤獨於世 gu1 du2 yu2 shi4
alone in the world (idiom)

古新世 古新世 gu3 xin1 shi4
Palaeocene (geological epoch from 65m-55m years ago)

故世 故世 gu4 shi4
to die; to pass away

观世音 觀世音 guan1 shi4 yin1
Guanyin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion or Goddess of Mercy (Sanskrit Avalokiteśvara)

观世音菩萨 觀世音菩薩 guan1 shi4 yin1 pu2 sa4
Guanyin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion or Goddess of Mercy (Sanskrit Avalokiteśvara)

过世 過世 guo4 shi4
to die; to pass away

哈拉尔五世 哈拉爾五世 ha1 la1 er3 wu3 shi4
Harald V of Norway

韩世昌 韓世昌 han2 shi4 chang1
Han Shichang (1897-1977), actor specializing in Kunqu opera 昆曲

亨利五世 亨利五世 heng1 li4 wu3 shi4
Henry V (1387-1422), English warrior king, victor of Agincourt; History of Henry V by William Shakespeare 莎士比亞|莎士比亚

宏观世界 宏觀世界 hong2 guan1 shi4 jie4
macrocosm; the world in the large

后世 後世 hou4 shi4
later generations

花花世界 花花世界 hua1 hua1 shi4 jie4
the teeming world; the world of sensual pleasures

恍如隔世 恍如隔世 huang3 ru2 ge2 shi4
like a thing of the previous generation; as if it were a lifetime ago

恍若隔世 恍若隔世 huang3 ruo4 ge2 shi4
see 恍如隔世

混世魔王 混世魔王 hun4 shi4 mo2 wang2
devil incarnate (idiom); fiend in human form

极乐世界 極樂世界 ji2 le4 shi4 jie4
paradise (mainly Buddhist); Elysium; (Budd.) Sukhavati

季世 季世 ji4 shi4
final phase; end of a historical era

家世 家世 jia1 shi4
family background

家世寒微 家世寒微 jia1 shi4 han2 wei1
to be of humble origin (idiom)

佳世客 佳世客 jia1 shi4 ke4
JUSCO, Japanese chain of hypermarkets

渐新世 漸新世 jian4 xin1 shi4
Oligocene (geological epoch from 34m-24m years ago)

降世 降世 jiang4 shi4
lit. to descend to earth (of an immortal); to be born

今世 今世 jin1 shi4
this life; this age

经世 經世 jing1 shi4

惊世骇俗 驚世駭俗 jing1 shi4 hai4 su2
universally shocking; to offend the whole of society

警世通言 警世通言 jing3 shi4 tong1 yan2
Stories to Caution the World, vernacular short stories by Feng Menglong 馮夢龍|冯梦龙 published in 1624

救世 救世 jiu4 shi4

救世军 救世軍 jiu4 shi4 jun1
Salvation Army (protestant philanthropic organization founded in London in 1865)

救世主 救世主 jiu4 shi4 zhu3
the Savior (in Christianity)

举世 舉世 ju3 shi4
throughout the world; world ranking (e.g. first)

举世闻名 舉世聞名 ju3 shi4 wen2 ming2
world-famous (idiom)

举世无双 舉世無雙 ju3 shi4 wu2 shuang1
unrivaled (idiom); world number one; unique; unequaled

举世瞩目 舉世矚目 ju3 shi4 zhu3 mu4
to receive worldwide attention

绝世 絕世 jue2 shi4
unique; exceptional

绝世佳人 絕世佳人 jue2 shi4 jia1 ren2
a woman of unmatched beauty (idiom)

康乾盛世 康乾盛世 kang1 qian2 sheng4 shi4
booming and golden age of Qing dynasty (from Kang Xi to Qian Long emperors)

客观世界 客觀世界 ke4 guan1 shi4 jie4
the objective world (as opposed to empirical observation)

旷世 曠世 kuang4 shi4
incomparable; none to compare with at that time

莱齐耶三世 萊齊耶三世 lai2 qi2 ye1 san1 shi4
Letsie III of Lesotho

郎世宁 郎世寧 lang2 shi4 ning2
Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766) Jesuit who served as Qing court painter for 50 years

老于世故 老於世故 lao3 yu2 shi4 gu4
experienced in the ways of the world (idiom); worldly-wise; sophisticated

离开人世 離開人世 li2 kai1 ren2 shi4
to die; to leave this world

离世 離世 li2 shi4
to pass away; death

李世民 李世民 li3 shi4 min2
Li Shimin, personal name of second Tang emperor Taizong 唐太宗 (599-649), reigned 626-649

立身处世 立身處世 li4 shen1 chu3 shi4
the way of one's conduct and interaction in society (idiom)

灵的世界 靈的世界 ling2 de5 shi4 jie4
spirit world

流芳百世 流芳百世 liu2 fang1 bai3 shi4
(of one's name, reputation etc) to be immortalized (idiom); to leave a mark for generations to come

留芳百世 留芳百世 liu2 fang1 bai3 shi4
a good reputation to last a hundred generations

乱世 亂世 luan4 shi4
the world in chaos; troubled times; (in Buddhism) the mortal world

乱世佳人 亂世佳人 luan4 shi4 jia1 ren2
Gone with the Wind (film)

罗世昌 羅世昌 luo2 shi4 chang1
Luo Shichang, Qing dynasty painter

满世界 滿世界 man3 shi4 jie4
everywhere; across the world

美丽新世界 美麗新世界 mei3 li4 xin1 shi4 jie4
Brave New World, novel by Aldous Huxley 阿道司·赫胥黎

面世 面世 mian4 shi4
to be published (of art, literary works etc); to come out; to take shape; to see the light of day

魔兽世界 魔獸世界 mo2 shou4 shi4 jie4
World of Warcraft (video game)

末世 末世 mo4 shi4
last phase (of an age)

穆罕默德六世 穆罕默德六世 mu4 han3 mo4 de2 liu4 shi4
King Mohammed VI (King of Morocco)

那世 那世 na4 shi4
the world of the dead

内心世界 內心世界 nei4 xin1 shi4 jie4
(one's) inner world

普世 普世 pu3 shi4
ecumenical; universal

普世基督教 普世基督教 pu3 shi4 ji1 du1 jiao4

普世教会 普世教會 pu3 shi4 jiao4 hui4

弃世 棄世 qi4 shi4
to leave this world; to die

前世 前世 qian2 shi4
previous generations; previous incarnation (Buddhism)

前世姻缘 前世姻緣 qian2 shi4 yin1 yuan2
a marriage predestined in a former life (idiom)

乔治一世 喬治一世 qiao2 zhi4 yi1 shi4
George I of Great Brittain

秦二世 秦二世 qin2 er4 shi4
Qin Ershi (229-207 BC), second Qin emperor

去世 去世 qu4 shi4
to pass away; to die

全世界 全世界 quan2 shi4 jie4
worldwide; entire world

全世界第一 全世界第一 quan2 shi4 jie4 di4 yi1
world's first

全世界无产者联合起来 全世界無產者聯合起來 quan2 shi4 jie4 wu2 chan3 zhe3 lian2 he2 qi3 lai5
Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch!; Workers of the world, unite!

全新世 全新世 quan2 xin1 shi4
Holocene (geological period covering approx 12000 years since the last ice age)

人情世故 人情世故 ren2 qing2 shi4 gu4
worldly wisdom; the ways of the world; to know how to get on in the world

人生一世,草木一春 人生一世,草木一春 ren2 sheng1 yi1 shi4 - cao3 mu4 yi1 chun1
Man has but one life, grass but one spring (idiom). fig. the brevity of human existence

人世 人世 ren2 shi4
the world; this world; the world of the living

人世间 人世間 ren2 shi4 jian1
the secular world

入世 入世 ru4 shi4
to join the WTO; to enter the world; secular

三个世界 三個世界 san1 ge5 shi4 jie4
the Three Worlds (as proposed by Mao Zedong), i.e. the superpowers (USA and USSR), other wealthy countries (UK, France, Japan etc), and the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America

三世 三世 san1 shi4
the Third (of numbered kings)

上新世 上新世 shang4 xin1 shi4
Pliocene (geological epoch from 5m-2m years ago)

涉世 涉世 she4 shi4
to see the world; to go out into society; to gain experience

涉世未深 涉世未深 she4 shi4 wei4 shen1
unpracticed; inexperienced; naive; unsophisticated

身世 身世 shen1 shi4
one's life experience; one's lot; one's past history

神爱世人 神愛世人 shen2 ai4 shi4 ren2
the gods love the common people (idiom)

盛世 盛世 sheng4 shi4
a flourishing period; period of prosperity; a golden age

施华洛世奇水晶 施華洛世奇水晶 shi1 hua2 luo4 shi4 qi2 shui3 jing1
Swarovski crystal

始新世 始新世 shi3 xin1 shi4
Eocene (geological epoch from 55m-34m years ago)

世伯 世伯 shi4 bo2
uncle (affectionate name for a friend older than one's father); old friend

世博 世博 shi4 bo2
abbr. for 世界博覽會|世界博览会, World Expo

世博会 世博會 shi4 bo2 hui4
World Exposition; abbr. for 世界博覽會|世界博览会, World Expo

世仇 世仇 shi4 chou2

世代 世代 shi4 dai4
for many generations; generation; era; age

世代交替 世代交替 shi4 dai4 jiao1 ti4
alternation of generations

世代相传 世代相傳 shi4 dai4 xiang1 chuan2
passed on from generation to generation (idiom); to hand down

世道 世道 shi4 dao4
the ways of the world; the morals of the time

世风 世風 shi4 feng1
public morals

世风日下 世風日下 shi4 feng1 ri4 xia4
public morals are degenerating with each passing day (idiom)

世隔绝 世隔絕 shi4 ge2 jue2
isolated from the world; disconnected

世故 世故 shi4 gu4
the ways of the world

世故 世故 shi4 gu5
sophisticated; worldly-wise

世行 世行 shi4 hang2
World Bank; abbr. for 世界銀行|世界银行

世纪 世紀 shi4 ji4

世纪末 世紀末 shi4 ji4 mo4
end of the century

世纪末年 世紀末年 shi4 ji4 mo4 nian2
final years of the century

世家 世家 shi4 jia1
family influential for generations; aristocratic family

世间 世間 shi4 jian1
world; earth

世交 世交 shi4 jiao1
(long time) friend of the family

世界 世界 shi4 jie4

世界报 世界報 shi4 jie4 bao4
the name of various newspapers, notably Le Monde (France), El Mundo (Spain) and Die Welt (Germany)

世界杯 世界杯 shi4 jie4 bei1
World Cup

世界变暖 世界變暖 shi4 jie4 bian4 nuan3
global warming

世界博览会 世界博覽會 shi4 jie4 bo2 lan3 hui4
World Expo; abbr. to 世博

世界大战 世界大戰 shi4 jie4 da4 zhan4
world war

世界地图 世界地圖 shi4 jie4 di4 tu2
world map

世界第一 世界第一 shi4 jie4 di4 yi1
ranked number one in the world; the world's first

世界各地 世界各地 shi4 jie4 ge4 di4
all over the world; everywhere; in all parts of the world

世界观 世界觀 shi4 jie4 guan1
worldview; world outlook; Weltanschauung

世界海关组织 世界海關組織 shi4 jie4 hai3 guan1 zu3 zhi1
World Customs Organization

世界和平 世界和平 shi4 jie4 he2 ping2
world peace

世界级 世界級 shi4 jie4 ji2

世界纪录 世界紀錄 shi4 jie4 ji4 lu4
world record

世界金融中心 世界金融中心 shi4 jie4 jin1 rong2 zhong1 xin1
World Financial Center (New York City)

世界经济 世界經濟 shi4 jie4 jing1 ji4
global economy; world economy

世界经济论坛 世界經濟論壇 shi4 jie4 jing1 ji4 lun4 tan2
World Economic Forum

世界粮食署 世界糧食署 shi4 jie4 liang2 shi5 shu3
World food program (United Nations aid agency)

世界旅游组织 世界旅遊組織 shi4 jie4 lv3 you2 zu3 zhi1
World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

世界贸易 世界貿易 shi4 jie4 mao4 yi4
world trade; global trade

世界贸易中心 世界貿易中心 shi4 jie4 mao4 yi4 zhong1 xin1
World Trade Center

世界贸易组织 世界貿易組織 shi4 jie4 mao4 yi4 zu3 zhi1
World Trade Organization (WTO)

世界末日 世界末日 shi4 jie4 mo4 ri4
end of the world

世界气象组织 世界氣象組織 shi4 jie4 qi4 xiang4 zu3 zhi1
World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

世界强国 世界強國 shi4 jie4 qiang2 guo2
world power

世界人权宣言 世界人權宣言 shi4 jie4 ren2 quan2 xuan1 yan2
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

世界日报 世界日報 shi4 jie4 ri4 bao4
World Journal, US newspaper

世界维吾尔代表大会 世界維吾爾代表大會 shi4 jie4 wei2 wu2 er3 dai4 biao3 da4 hui4
World Uighur Congress

世界卫生大会 世界衛生大會 shi4 jie4 wei4 sheng1 da4 hui4
World Health Assembly

世界卫生组织 世界衛生組織 shi4 jie4 wei4 sheng1 zu3 zhi1
World Health Organization (WHO)

世界文化遗产 世界文化遺產 shi4 jie4 wen2 hua4 yi2 chan3
(UNESCO) World Cultural Heritage

世界文化遗产地 世界文化遺產地 shi4 jie4 wen2 hua4 yi2 chan3 di4
World Heritage site

世界闻名 世界聞名 shi4 jie4 wen2 ming2
world famous

世界屋脊 世界屋脊 shi4 jie4 wu1 ji3
the roof of the world; usually refers to Tibet or Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau 青藏高原

世界小姐选美 世界小姐選美 shi4 jie4 xiao3 jie5 xuan3 mei3
Miss World Beauty Pageant

世界野生生物基金会 世界野生生物基金會 shi4 jie4 ye3 sheng1 sheng1 wu4 ji1 jin1 hui4
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

世界银行 世界銀行 shi4 jie4 yin2 hang2
World Bank

世界语 世界語 shi4 jie4 yu3

世界运动会 世界運動會 shi4 jie4 yun4 dong4 hui4
World Games

世界知名 世界知名 shi4 jie4 zhi1 ming2
world famous

世界知识产权组织 世界知識產權組織 shi4 jie4 zhi1 shi2 chan3 quan2 zu3 zhi1
World Intellectual Property Organization

世界自然基金会 世界自然基金會 shi4 jie4 zi4 ran2 ji1 jin1 hui4
World Wildlife Fund WWF

世锦赛 世錦賽 shi4 jin3 sai4
world championship

世局 世局 shi4 ju2
the situation (e.g. political); the state of the world

世爵 世爵 shi4 jue2

世禄 世祿 shi4 lu4
hereditary benefits such as rank and wealth

世禄之家 世祿之家 shi4 lu4 zhi1 jia1
family with hereditary emoluments

世贸 世貿 shi4 mao4
World Trade Organization (WTO); abbr. for 世界貿易組織|世界贸易组织

世贸大厦 世貿大廈 shi4 mao4 da4 sha4
World Trade Center

世贸中心大楼 世貿中心大樓 shi4 mao4 zhong1 xin1 da4 lou2
World Trade Center (the twin towers destroyed by the 9-11 terrorists)

世贸组织 世貿組織 shi4 mao4 zu3 zhi1
WTO (World Trade Organization)

世面 世面 shi4 mian4
aspects of society; the world

世情 世情 shi4 qing2
worldly affairs; the ways of the world

世人 世人 shi4 ren2
people (in general); people around the world; everyone

世上 世上 shi4 shang4
on earth

世事 世事 shi4 shi4
affairs of life; things of the world

逝世 逝世 shi4 shi4
to pass away; to die

世世 世世 shi4 shi4
from age to age

世世代代 世世代代 shi4 shi4 dai4 dai4
for many generations

世说新语 世說新語 shi4 shuo1 xin1 yu3
A New Account of the Tales of the World, collection of anecdotes, conversations, remarks etc of historic personalities, compiled and edited by Liu Yiqing 劉義慶|刘义庆

世俗 世俗 shi4 su2
profane; secular; worldly

世态 世態 shi4 tai4
the ways of the world; social behavior

世态炎凉 世態炎涼 shi4 tai4 yan2 liang2
the hypocrisy of the world (idiom)

世外桃花源 世外桃花源 shi4 wai4 tao2 hua1 yuan2
see 桃花源

世外桃源 世外桃源 shi4 wai4 tao2 yuan2
see 桃花源

世维会 世維會 shi4 wei2 hui4
abbr. for 世界維吾爾代表大會|世界维吾尔代表大会; World Uighur Congress

世卫 世衛 shi4 wei4
World Health Organization (WHO); abbr. for 世界衛生組織|世界卫生组织

世卫组织 世衛組織 shi4 wei4 zu3 zhi1
World Health Organization (WHO); abbr. for 世界衛生組織|世界卫生组织

世务 世務 shi4 wu4
worldly affairs

世袭 世襲 shi4 xi2
succession; inheritance; hereditary

世袭君主国 世襲君主國 shi4 xi2 jun1 zhu3 guo2
hereditary monarchy

世袭之争 世襲之爭 shi4 xi2 zhi1 zheng1
succession struggle; dispute over inheritance

世系 世系 shi4 xi4
lineage; genealogy; family tree

世相 世相 shi4 xiang4
the ways of the world

世银 世銀 shi4 yin2
World Bank; abbr. for 世界銀行|世界银行

世运 世運 shi4 yun4
World Games; abbr. for 世界運動會|世界运动会

世职 世職 shi4 zhi2
hereditary office

世胄 世胄 shi4 zhou4
hereditary house; noble or official family

世子 世子 shi4 zi3
crown prince; heir of a noble house

世宗 世宗 shi4 zong1
Sejong the Great or Sejong Daewang (1397-1450), reigned 1418-1450 as fourth king of Joseon or Chosun dynasty, in whose reign the hangeul alphabet was invented

世宗大王 世宗大王 shi4 zong1 da4 wang2
Sejong the Great or Sejong Daewang (1397-1450), reigned 1418-1450 as fourth king of Joseon or Chosun dynasty, in whose reign the hangeul alphabet was invented

世尊 世尊 shi4 zun1
World Honored One; Revered One of the World (Buddha)

淑世 淑世 shu1 shi4
to make the world a better place

属世 屬世 shu3 shi4
of this world

四世同堂 四世同堂 si4 shi4 tong2 tang2
Four Generations Under One Roof, novel by Lao She 老舍

四世同堂 四世同堂 si4 shi4 tong2 tang2
four generations under one roof (idiom)

苏黎世 蘇黎世 su1 li2 shi4
Zurich, Switzerland

苏黎世联邦理工学院 蘇黎世聯邦理工學院 su1 li2 shi4 lian2 bang1 li3 gong1 xue2 yuan4
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich, a university

俗世 俗世 su2 shi4
the vulgar world (Buddhist concept); secular world

俗世奇人 俗世奇人 su2 shi4 qi2 ren2
Extraordinary people in our ordinary world, short stories by novelist Feng Jicai 馮驥才|冯骥才

宿世 宿世 su4 shi4
previous life

夙世 夙世 su4 shi4
previous life

太平盛世 太平盛世 tai4 ping2 sheng4 shi4
peace and prosperity (idiom)

同一个世界,同一个梦想 同一個世界,同一個夢想 tong2 yi1 ge4 shi4 jie4 - tong2 yi1 ge4 meng4 xiang3
One world - one dream, motto of 2008 Beijing Olympic games

玩世不恭 玩世不恭 wan2 shi4 bu4 gong1
to trifle without respect (idiom); to despise worldly conventions; frivolous

晚世 晚世 wan3 shi4

万世 萬世 wan4 shi4
all ages

万世师表 萬世師表 wan4 shi4 shi1 biao3
model teacher of every age (idiom); eternal paragon; refers to Confucius (551-479 BC) 孔子

王世充 王世充 wang2 shi4 chong1
Wang Shichong (-621), general of late Sui and opponent of early Tang

微观世界 微觀世界 wei1 guan1 shi4 jie4
microcosm; the microscopic world

闻名于世 聞名於世 wen2 ming2 yu2 shi4

问世 問世 wen4 shi4
to be published; to come out

五世 五世 wu3 shi4
the fifth (of series of numbered kings)

物欲世界 物慾世界 wu4 yu4 shi4 jie4
the world of material desires (Buddhism)

西方极乐世界 西方極樂世界 xi1 fang1 ji2 le4 shi4 jie4
Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss or Sukhavati (Sanskrit)

稀世 稀世 xi1 shi4

下世 下世 xia4 shi4
to die; future incarnation; next life; to be born; to come into the world; future generation

现世 現世 xian4 shi4
this life; to lose face; to be disgraced

现世宝 現世寶 xian4 shi4 bao3
good-for-nothing; fool

现世报 現世報 xian4 shi4 bao4
karmic retribution within one's lifetime

协调世界时 協調世界時 xie2 tiao2 shi4 jie4 shi2
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

谢世 謝世 xie4 shi4
to die; to pass away

新世纪 新世紀 xin1 shi4 ji4
21st century; New Century (commonly used name)

醒世恒言 醒世恆言 xing3 shi4 heng2 yan2
Stories to Awaken the World, vernacular short stories by Feng Menglong 馮夢龍|冯梦龙 published in 1627

徐世昌 徐世昌 xu2 shi4 chang1
Xu Shichang (1855-1939), politician associated with the Northern Warlords, president of China in 1921

悬壶济世 懸壺濟世 xuan2 hu2 ji4 shi4
practice medicine or pharmacy to help the people or public

厌世 厭世 yan4 shi4
world-weary; pessimistic

阳世 陽世 yang2 shi4
world of the living

阳世间 陽世間 yang2 shi4 jian1
the world of the living

耶稣基督末世圣徒教会 耶穌基督末世聖徒教會 ye1 su1 ji1 du1 mo4 shi4 sheng4 tu2 jiao4 hui4
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

一生一世 一生一世 yi1 sheng1 yi1 shi4
a whole lifetime (idiom); all my life

一世 一世 yi1 shi4
generation; period of 30 years; one's whole lifetime; lifelong; age; era; times; the whole world; the First (of numbered European kings)

永世 永世 yong3 shi4
eternal; forever

虞世南 虞世南 yu2 shi4 nan2
Yu Shi'nan (558-638), politician of Sui and early Tang periods, poet and calligrapher, one of Four Great Calligraphers of early Tang 唐初四大家

与全世界为敌 與全世界為敵 yu3 quan2 shi4 jie4 wei2 di2
to fight the whole world (idiom)

与世长辞 與世長辭 yu3 shi4 chang2 ci2
to die; to depart from the world forever

与世俯仰 與世俯仰 yu3 shi4 fu3 yang3
to swim with the tide (idiom)

与世隔绝 與世隔絕 yu3 shi4 ge2 jue2
to be cut off from the rest of the world (idiom)

与世无争 與世無爭 yu3 shi4 wu2 zheng1
to stand aloof from worldly affairs

与世永别 與世永別 yu3 shi4 yong3 bie2
to die

喻世明言 喻世明言 yu4 shi4 ming2 yan2
another name for 古今小說|古今小说, Stories Old and New by Feng Menglong 馮夢龍|冯梦龙

袁世凯 袁世凱 yuan2 shi4 kai3
Yuan Shikai (1859-1916), senior general of late Qing, subsequently warlord and self-proclaimed emperor of China

元世祖 元世祖 yuan2 shi4 zu3
lit. progenitor of the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368), title of Khubilai Khan (1215-1294), first Yuan dynasty emperor, reigned 1260-1294

阅世 閱世 yue4 shi4
to see the world

在世 在世 zai4 shi4
to be alive

沾染世俗 沾染世俗 zhan1 ran3 shi4 su2
to be corrupted by the ways of the world (idiom)

中世纪 中世紀 zhong1 shi4 ji4
medieval; Middle Ages

中新世 中新世 zhong1 xin1 shi4
Miocene (geological epoch from 24m-5m years ago)

周游世界 周遊世界 zhou1 you2 shi4 jie4
to travel around the world

著称于世 著稱於世 zhu4 cheng1 yu2 shi4

转世 轉世 zhuan3 shi4
reincarnation or transmigration (Buddhism)

浊世 濁世 zhuo2 shi4
the world in chaos; troubled times; the mortal world (Buddhism)

佐世保 佐世保 zuo3 shi4 bao3
Sasebo, city and naval port in Nagasaki prefecture, Kyūshū, Japan