cluster; collection; collection of books; thicket

strokes 5
strokes after radical 4
百弊丛生 百弊叢生 bai3 bi4 cong2 sheng1
All the ill effects appear. (idiom)

蚕丛 蠶叢 can2 cong2
Can Cong, legendary creator of silk and sericulture

草丛 草叢 cao3 cong2

丛集 叢集 cong2 ji2
to crowd together; to pile up; to cluster; (book) collection; series

丛林 叢林 cong2 lin2
jungle; thicket; forest; Buddhist monastery

丛林鸦 叢林鴉 cong2 lin2 ya1
(bird species of China) Indian jungle crow (Corvus culminatus)

丛生 叢生 cong2 sheng1
growing as a thicket; overgrown; breaking out everywhere (of disease, social disorder etc)

丛书 叢書 cong2 shu1
a series of books; a collection of books

丛台 叢臺 cong2 tai2
Congtai district of Handan city 邯鄲市|邯郸市, Hebei

丛台区 叢臺區 cong2 tai2 qu1
Congtai district of Handan city 邯鄲市|邯郸市, Hebei

丛谈 叢談 cong2 tan2
discussion; forum

丛冢 叢冢 cong2 zhong3
mass grave; cluster of graves

单丛 單叢 dan1 cong1
a class of oolong tea

灌丛 灌叢 guan4 cong2
scrub; shrubland; undergrowth

灌木丛 灌木叢 guan4 mu4 cong2
shrub; shrubbery

花丛 花叢 hua1 cong2
cluster of flowers; inflorescence; flowering shrub

孔丛子 孔叢子 kong3 cong2 zi3
the K'ung family Masters' anthology, collection of dialogues between Confucius and his disciples, possibly forged in third century by Wang Su 王肅|王肃

人丛 人叢 ren2 cong2
crowd of people

树丛 樹叢 shu4 cong2
thicket; undergrowth

太阳神经丛 太陽神經叢 tai4 yang2 shen2 jing1 cong2
solar plexus chakra

纤维丛 纖維叢 xian1 wei2 cong2
fiber bundle (math.)