to lose; to put aside; to throw

strokes 6
strokes after radical 5
丢丑 丟丑 diu1 chou3
to lose face

丢到家 丟到家 diu1 dao4 jia1
to lose (face) utterly

丢掉 丟掉 diu1 diao4
to lose; to throw away; to discard; to cast away

丢饭碗 丟飯碗 diu1 fan4 wan3
to lose one's job

丢官 丟官 diu1 guan1
(of an official) to lose one's job

丢魂 丟魂 diu1 hun2
to be distracted

丢魂落魄 丟魂落魄 diu1 hun2 luo4 po4
see 失魂落魄

丢开 丟開 diu1 kai1
to cast or put aside; to forget for a while

丢脸 丟臉 diu1 lian3
to lose face; humiliation

丢轮扯炮 丟輪扯砲 diu1 lun2 che3 pao4
lose a wheel, tear at the gun (idiom); flustered and confused in a panic

丢眉丢眼 丟眉丟眼 diu1 mei2 diu1 yan3
to wink at sb

丢眉弄色 丟眉弄色 diu1 mei2 nong4 se4
to wink at sb

丢面子 丟面子 diu1 mian4 zi5
to lose face

丢命 丟命 diu1 ming4
to die

丢弃 丟棄 diu1 qi4
to discard; to abandon

丢人 丟人 diu1 ren2
to lose face

丢人现眼 丟人現眼 diu1 ren2 xian4 yan3
to make an exhibition of oneself; to be a disgrace

丢三落四 丟三落四 diu1 san1 la4 si4
forgetful; empty-headed

丢失 丟失 diu1 shi1
to lose; lost

丢手 丟手 diu1 shou3
to wash one's hands of sth; to have nothing further to do with sth

丢乌纱帽 丟烏紗帽 diu1 wu1 sha1 mao4
lit. to lose one's black hat; to be sacked from an official post

丢下 丟下 diu1 xia4
to abandon

灰不溜丢 灰不溜丟 hui1 bu5 liu1 diu1
gloomy and dull (idiom); boring and gray; unpleasantly murky

捡了芝麻丢了西瓜 撿了芝麻丟了西瓜 jian3 le5 zhi1 ma5 diu1 le5 xi1 gua1
to let go of the big prize while grabbing at trifles (idiom)

可选择丢弃 可選擇丟棄 ke3 xuan3 ze2 diu1 qi4
discard eligible (Frame Relay); DE

乱丢 亂丟 luan4 diu1
to discard in the wrong place (cigarette butts etc); to leave one's things lying around

弄丢 弄丟 nong4 diu1
to lose

酸不溜丢 酸不溜丟 suan1 bu5 liu1 diu1
sour; acrid; (of a person) embittered

走丢 走丟 zou3 diu1
to wander off; to get lost