to string together; to skewer; to connect wrongly; to gang up; to rove; string; bunch; skewer; classifier for things that are strung together, or in a bunch, or in a row: string of, bunch of, series of; to make a swift or abrupt linear movement (like a be

strokes 7
strokes after radical 6
成串 成串 cheng2 chuan4
cluster; bunch

串处理 串處理 chuan4 chu3 li3
string processing (computing)

串岗 串崗 chuan4 gang3
to leave one's post during working hours

串供 串供 chuan4 gong4
to collude to fabricate a story

串行 串行 chuan4 hang2
to miss a line; to confuse two lines

串号 串號 chuan4 hao4
identification number; IMEI

串换 串換 chuan4 huan4
to exchange; to change; to swap

串口 串口 chuan4 kou3
serial port (computing)

串联 串聯 chuan4 lian2
to establish ties or contact; in series connection (electricity)

串门 串門 chuan4 men2
to call on sb; to drop in; to visit sb's home

串门儿 串門兒 chuan4 men2 er5
erhua variant of 串門|串门

串门子 串門子 chuan4 men2 zi5
see 串門|串门

串谋 串謀 chuan4 mou2
to conspire

串亲访友 串親訪友 chuan4 qin1 fang3 you3
to call on friends and relations (idiom)

串烧 串燒 chuan4 shao1
to cook on a skewer; barbecued food on a skewer; shish kebab

串通 串通 chuan4 tong1
to collude; to collaborate; to gang up

串通一气 串通一氣 chuan4 tong1 yi1 qi4
to act in collusion (idiom)

串味 串味 chuan4 wei4
to become tainted with the smell of sth else; to pick up an odor

串线 串線 chuan4 xian4
to get the lines crossed

串乡 串鄉 chuan4 xiang1
to go from village to village (like an itinerant artist)

串行 串行 chuan4 xing2
series; serial (computer)

串行点阵打印机 串行點陣打印機 chuan4 xing2 dian3 zhen4 da3 yin4 ji1
serial dot matrix printer

串行口 串行口 chuan4 xing2 kou3
serial port (computing)

串音 串音 chuan4 yin1
crosstalk; to overhear

反串 反串 fan3 chuan4
(Chinese opera) to play a role outside of one's specialty; (modern) to play a transvestite role; to masquerade as an opponent

符串 符串 fu2 chuan4
string (as in 'character string')

贯串 貫串 guan4 chuan4
to pierce through; to string together

客串 客串 ke4 chuan4
to appear on stage in an amateur capacity; (of a professional) to make a guest appearance; (fig.) to assume a role outside one's usual duties; to substitute for

连串 連串 lian2 chuan4
one after the other; a succession of; a series of

钱串 錢串 qian2 chuan4
string of cash

钱串儿 錢串兒 qian2 chuan4 er5
erhua variant of 錢串|钱串

钱串子 錢串子 qian2 chuan4 zi5
string of cash

特别客串 特別客串 te4 bie2 ke4 chuan4
special guest performer (in a show); special guest appearance (in film credits)

通用串行总线 通用串行總線 tong1 yong4 chuan4 xing2 zong3 xian4
Universal Serial Bus, USB (computer)

羊肉串 羊肉串 yang2 rou4 chuan4
lamb kebab

一连串 一連串 yi1 lian2 chuan4
a succession of; a series of

字串 字串 zi4 chuan4
character string

字符串 字符串 zi4 fu2 chuan4
string (computer science)