to lift; to hold up; to cite; to enumerate; to act; to raise; to choose; to elect; act; move; deed

variant of 舉|举

strokes 9
strokes after radical 8
百端待举 百端待舉 bai3 duan1 dai4 ju3
a thousand things remain to be done (idiom); numerous tasks remain to be undertaken

百废待举 百廢待舉 bai3 fei4 dai4 ju3
many things waiting to be done (idiom); a thousand things to do

柏举之战 柏舉之戰 bai3 ju3 zhi1 zhan4
Baiju war of 506 BC, in which Wu 吴 scored a crushing victory over Chu 楚

包举 包舉 bao1 ju3
to summarize; to swallow up; to annex; to merge

并举 並舉 bing4 ju3
to develop simultaneously; to undertake concurrently

不可枚举 不可枚舉 bu4 ke3 mei2 ju3
innumerable (idiom)

不胜枚举 不勝枚舉 bu4 sheng4 mei2 ju3
too numerous to mention individually or one by one

不识抬举 不識抬舉 bu4 shi2 tai2 ju3
fail to appreciate sb's kindness; not know how to appreciate favors

差额选举 差額選舉 cha1 e2 xuan3 ju3
competitive election (i.e. with more than one candidate)

成败在此一举 成敗在此一舉 cheng2 bai4 zai4 ci3 yi1 ju3
win or lose, it all ends here; this is the moment to shine

创举 創舉 chuang4 ju3
pioneering work

措举 措舉 cuo4 ju3
move; measure; step (to some end)

大举 大舉 da4 ju3
(do sth) on a large scale

掉举 掉擧 diao4 ju3
restlessness (Buddhism)

多此一举 多此一舉 duo1 ci3 yi1 ju3
to do more than is required (idiom); superfluous; gilding the lily

多党选举 多黨選舉 duo1 dang3 xuan3 ju3
multiparty election

噶举派 噶舉派 ga2 ju3 pai4
Geju (Tibetan: transmit word of Buddha) sect of Tibetan Buddhist

纲举目张 綱舉目張 gang1 ju3 mu4 zhang1
if you lift the headrope the meshes spread open (idiom); take care of the big things and the little things will take care of themselves; (of a piece of writing) well-structured and ordered

高举 高舉 gao1 ju3
to lift up; to hold high

高举远蹈 高舉遠蹈 gao1 ju3 yuan3 dao3
to leave office for a high and distant place (idiom); to retire and place oneself above the fray

公举 公舉 gong1 ju3
public election

共襄善举 共襄善舉 gong4 xiang1 shan4 ju3
to cooperate in a charity project

共襄盛举 共襄盛舉 gong4 xiang1 sheng4 ju3
to cooperate on a great undertaking or joint project

间接选举 間接選舉 jian1 jie1 xuan3 ju3
indirect election

检举 檢舉 jian3 ju3
to report (an offense to the authorities); to inform against sb

荐举 薦舉 jian4 ju3
to propose (for a job); to nominate; to recommend

揭举 揭舉 jie1 ju3
to lift up; (fig.) to put on display; to set forth; to expound

惊人之举 驚人之舉 jing1 ren2 zhi1 ju3
to astonish people (with a miraculous feat)

举案齐眉 舉案齊眉 ju3 an4 qi2 mei2
lit. to lift the tray to eyebrow level (idiom); mutual respect in a marriage

举办 舉辦 ju3 ban4
to conduct; to hold

举报 舉報 ju3 bao4
to report (malefactors to the police); to denounce

举报者 舉報者 ju3 bao4 zhe3
informer; snitch

举杯 舉杯 ju3 bei1
to toast sb (with wine etc); to drink a toast

举步 舉步 ju3 bu4
(literary) to move forward

举不胜举 舉不勝舉 ju3 bu4 sheng4 ju3
too numerous to list (idiom); innumerable

举步维艰 舉步維艱 ju3 bu4 wei2 jian1
to make progress only with great difficulty (idiom)

举措 舉措 ju3 cuo4
to move; to act; action; decision; conduct; manner

举动 舉動 ju3 dong4
act; action; activity; move; movement

举发 舉發 ju3 fa1
to expose (e.g., wrongdoing); to accuse (in court); to impeach; to denounce

举凡 舉凡 ju3 fan2
such things as ...; examples including ... (etc); without exception; every; any

举国 舉國 ju3 guo2
the entire country

举国上下 舉國上下 ju3 guo2 shang4 xia4
the entire nation; the whole country, from the leadership to the rank and file

举火 舉火 ju3 huo3
(literary) to light a fire

举家 舉家 ju3 jia1
the whole family

举架 舉架 ju3 jia4
(dialect) height of a house

举荐 舉薦 ju3 jian4
to recommend

举例 舉例 ju3 li4
to give an example

举例来说 舉例來說 ju3 li4 lai2 shuo1
for example

举目 舉目 ju3 mu4
to look; to raise one's eyes

举目无亲 舉目無親 ju3 mu4 wu2 qin1
to look up and see no-one familiar (idiom); not having anyone to rely on; without a friend in the world

举棋不定 舉棋不定 ju3 qi2 bu4 ding4
to hesitate over what move to make (idiom); to waver; to shilly-shally

举起 舉起 ju3 qi3
to heave; to lift; to raise up; to uphold

举人 舉人 ju3 ren2
graduate; successful candidate in the imperial provincial examination

举世 舉世 ju3 shi4
throughout the world; world ranking (e.g. first)

举世闻名 舉世聞名 ju3 shi4 wen2 ming2
world-famous (idiom)

举世无双 舉世無雙 ju3 shi4 wu2 shuang1
unrivaled (idiom); world number one; unique; unequaled

举世瞩目 舉世矚目 ju3 shi4 zhu3 mu4
to receive worldwide attention

举手 舉手 ju3 shou3
to raise a hand; to put up one's hand (as signal)

举手投足 舉手投足 ju3 shou3 tou2 zu2
one's every movement (idiom); comportment; gestures

举手之劳 舉手之勞 ju3 shou3 zhi1 lao2
lit. the exertion of lifting one's hand (idiom); fig. a very slight effort

举贤良对策 舉賢良對策 ju3 xian2 liang2 dui4 ce4
Treatise 134 BC by Han dynasty philosopher Dong Zhongshu 董仲舒

举行 舉行 ju3 xing2
to hold (a meeting, ceremony etc)

举行会谈 舉行會談 ju3 xing2 hui4 tan2
to hold talks; to take part in discussions with

举行婚礼 舉行婚禮 ju3 xing2 hun1 li3
to celebrate a wedding

举业 舉業 ju3 ye4
preparatory literary studies for imperial examination

举一反三 舉一反三 ju3 yi1 fan3 san1
to raise one and infer three; to deduce many things from one case (idiom)

举用 舉用 ju3 yong4
to select the best (for a job)

举隅法 舉隅法 ju3 yu4 fa3

举债 舉債 ju3 zhai4
to raise a loan; to borrow money

举证 舉證 ju3 zheng4
to offer evidence

举止 舉止 ju3 zhi3
bearing; manner; mien

举重 舉重 ju3 zhong4
to lift weights; weight-lifting (sports)

举足轻重 舉足輕重 ju3 zu2 qing1 zhong4
to play a critical role (idiom); influential

科举 科舉 ke1 ju3
imperial examination

科举考试 科舉考試 ke1 ju3 kao3 shi4
imperial examinations (in former times)

科举制 科舉制 ke1 ju3 zhi4
imperial examination system

立委选举 立委選舉 li4 wei3 xuan3 ju3
legislative elections

列举 列舉 lie4 ju3
a list; to list; to enumerate

略举 略舉 lve4 ju3
some cases picked out as example; to highlight

枚举 枚舉 mei2 ju3
to enumerate

明智之举 明智之舉 ming2 zhi4 zhi1 ju3
sensible act

飘举 飄舉 piao1 ju3
to dance; to float in the wind

轻而易举 輕而易舉 qing1 er2 yi4 ju3
easy; with no difficulty

轻举妄动 輕舉妄動 qing1 ju3 wang4 dong4
to act blindly without thinking (idiom)

盛举 盛舉 sheng4 ju3
grand event; magnificent undertaking

手举 手舉 shou3 ju3
a salute; hands raised

抬举 抬舉 tai2 ju3
to lift sth up; to elevate sb; to honor sb (with compliments, gifts, promotions etc); to show great regard; to speak highly

挺举 挺舉 ting3 ju3
clean and jerk (weightlifting technique)

土洋并举 土洋並舉 tu3 yang2 bing4 ju3
combining native and foreign methods

推举 推舉 tui1 ju3
to elect; to choose; press (weightlifting technique)

伟举 偉舉 wei3 ju3
great feat; splendid achievement

武举 武舉 wu3 ju3
successful military candidate in the imperial provincial examination

遐举 遐舉 xia2 ju3
to go a long way away

选举 選舉 xuan3 ju3
to elect; election

选举法庭 選舉法庭 xuan3 ju3 fa3 ting2
election court

选举权 選舉權 xuan3 ju3 quan2

选举人 選舉人 xuan3 ju3 ren2
voter; elector

选举人团 選舉人團 xuan3 ju3 ren2 tuan2
Electoral College (of the United States)

选举团 選舉團 xuan3 ju3 tuan2
Electoral College (of the United States)

选举委员会 選舉委員會 xuan3 ju3 wei3 yuan2 hui4
Election Committee (Hong Kong)

一举 一舉 yi1 ju3
a move; an action; in one move; at a stroke; in one go

一举成功 一舉成功 yi1 ju3 cheng2 gong1
success at one go; to succeed at the first attempt

一举两得 一舉兩得 yi1 ju3 liang3 de2
one move, two gains (idiom); two birds with one stone

一举手一投足 一舉手一投足 yi1 ju3 shou3 yi1 tou2 zu2
every little move; every single movement

一举一动 一舉一動 yi1 ju3 yi1 dong4
every movement; each and every move

应举 應舉 ying4 ju3
to sit for imperial examinations

有选举权 有選舉權 you3 xuan3 ju3 quan2

直接选举 直接選舉 zhi2 jie1 xuan3 ju3
direct election

中举 中舉 zhong4 ju3
to pass the provincial level imperial examination

抓举 抓舉 zhua1 ju3
snatch (weightlifting technique)

壮举 壯舉 zhuang4 ju3
magnificent feat; impressive feat; heroic undertaking; heroic attempt

自举 自舉 zi4 ju3

总统选举 總統選舉 zong3 tong3 xuan3 ju3
presidential election