exclamatory final particle

interrogative final particle

suffix, used to form interrogative 甚麼|什么, what?, indefinite 這麼|这么 thus, etc

variant of 麼|么

surname Yao

youngest; most junior; tiny; one (unambiguous spoken form when spelling out numbers, esp. on telephone or in military); one or ace on dice or dominoes; variant of 吆, to shout

strokes 3
strokes after radical 2
不怎么 不怎麼 bu4 zen3 me5
not very; not particularly

不怎么样 不怎麼樣 bu4 zen3 me5 yang4
not up to much; very indifferent; nothing great about it; nothing good to be said about it

都什么年代了 都什麼年代了 dou1 shen2 me5 nian2 dai4 le5
What decade are you living in?; That's so out-of-date!

对幺 對么 dui4 yao1
pair of aces (in dominoes); double one

多么 多麼 duo1 me5
how (wonderful etc); what (a great idea etc); however (difficult it may be etc); (in interrogative sentences) how (much etc); to what extent

干么 幹麼 gan4 ma2
see 幹嘛|干嘛

干什么 幹甚麼 gan4 shen2 me5
what are you doing?; what's he up to?

葫芦里卖的是什么药 葫蘆裡賣的是什麼藥 hu2 lu5 li3 mai4 de5 shi4 shen2 me5 yao4
what has (he) got up (his) sleeve?; what's going on?

老幺 老么 lao3 yao1

么么 麼麼 me5 me5
kissing sound (slang onom.)

没什么 沒什麼 mei2 shen2 me5
variant of 沒甚麼|没什么

没什么 沒甚麼 mei2 shen2 me5
nothing; it doesn't matter; it's nothing; never mind

没有什么 沒有甚麼 mei2 you3 shen2 me5
it is nothing; there's nothing ... about it

没有什么不可能 沒有甚麼不可能 mei2 you3 shen2 me5 bu4 ke3 neng2
nothing is impossible; there's nothing impossible about it

那么 那麼 na4 me5
like that; in that way; or so; so; so very much; about; in that case

凭什么 憑什麼 ping2 shen2 me5
(spoken) why?; for which reason?

恁么 恁麼 ren4 me5
(old) this way; what?

甚么 甚麼 shen2 me5
variant of 什麼|什么

什么 什麼 shen2 me5
what?; who?; something; anything

什么的 甚麼的 shen2 me5 de5
and so on; and what not

什么地方 什麼地方 shen2 me5 di4 fang5
somewhere; someplace; where

什么风把你吹来的 什麼風把你吹來的 shen2 me5 feng1 ba3 ni3 chui1 lai2 de5
What brings you here? (idiom)

什么好说 什麼好說 shen2 me5 hao3 shuo1
sth pertinent to say

什么人 甚麼人 shen2 me5 ren2
who?; which person?

什么时候 什麼時候 shen2 me5 shi2 hou5
when?; at what time?

什么时候 甚麼時候 shen2 me5 shi2 hou5
when?; at what time?

什么事 甚麼事 shen2 me5 shi4
what?; which?

什么样 甚麼樣 shen2 me5 yang4
what kind?; what sort?; what appearance?

邷么儿 邷麼兒 wa3 mo2 er5
to play knucklebones (dialect)

为什么 為什麼 wei4 shen2 me5
why?; for what reason?

像那么回事儿 像那麽回事兒 xiang4 na4 me5 hui2 shi4 er5
not bad at all; quite impressive

幺并矢 么並矢 yao1 bing4 shi3
idemfactor (expressing a vector as sum of its three orthogonal projections)

幺点 么點 yao1 dian3

幺二 么二 yao1 er4
one-two or ace-deuce (smallest throw at dice); a prostitute

幺麽小丑 么麼小醜 yao1 mo2 xiao3 chou3
insignificant wretch

要么 要麼 yao4 me5
or; either one or the other

再怎么 再怎麼 zai4 zen3 me5
no matter how ...

怎么 怎麼 zen3 me5
how?; what?; why?

怎么 怎麽 zen3 me5
variant of 怎麼|怎么

怎么办 怎麼辦 zen3 me5 ban4
what's to be done

怎么得了 怎麼得了 zen3 me5 de2 liao3
how can this be?; what's to be done?; what an awful mess!

怎么搞的 怎麼搞的 zen3 me5 gao3 de5
How did it happen?; What's wrong?; What went wrong?; What's up?

怎么回事 怎麼回事 zen3 me5 hui2 shi4
what's the matter?; what's going on?; how could that be?; how did that come about?; what's it all about?

怎么了 怎麼了 zen3 me5 le5
What's up?; What's going on?; What happened?

怎么了 怎麽了 zen3 me5 le5
variant of 怎麼了|怎么了

怎么说呢 怎麼說呢 zen3 me5 shuo1 ne5
Why is that?; How come?

怎么样 怎麼樣 zen3 me5 yang4
how?; how about?; how was it?; how are things?

怎么着 怎麼著 zen3 me5 zhao1
what?; how?; how about?; whatever; also pr.

这么 這麼 zhe4 me5
so much; this much; how much?; this way; like this

这么样 這麼樣 zhe4 me5 yang4
thus; in this way

这么着 這麼著 zhe4 me5 zhe5
thus; in this way; like this

肿么 腫麼 zhong3 me5
Internet slang for 怎麼|怎么