old variant of 乘

surname Cheng

to ride; to mount; to make use of; to avail oneself of; to take advantage of; to multiply (mathematics); Buddhist sect or creed

four horse military chariot (archaic); four (archaic); generic term for history books

strokes 10
strokes after radical 9
包乘 包乘 bao1 cheng2
to charter (a car, ship, plane)

包乘制 包乘制 bao1 cheng2 zhi4
chartering system

包乘组 包乘組 bao1 cheng2 zu3
chartering charge

乘便 乘便 cheng2 bian4
at your convenience

乘车 乘車 cheng2 che1
to ride (in a car or carriage); to drive; to motor

乘除 乘除 cheng2 chu2
to multiply and divide

乘船 乘船 cheng2 chuan2
to embark; to travel by ship; to ferry

乘法 乘法 cheng2 fa3

乘法表 乘法表 cheng2 fa3 biao3
multiplication table

乘法逆 乘法逆 cheng2 fa3 ni4
multiplicative inverse (math.)

乘方 乘方 cheng2 fang1
to square a number; to calculate the square

乘风 乘風 cheng2 feng1
to ride the wind; to use a fair wind; to take an opportunity

乘风破浪 乘風破浪 cheng2 feng1 po4 lang4
to brave the wind and the billows (idiom); to have high ambitions

乘号 乘號 cheng2 hao4
multiplication sign (math.)

乘鹤 乘鶴 cheng2 he4
to fly on a crane; to die

乘火打劫 乘火打劫 cheng2 huo3 da3 jie2
to take advantage of sb's misfortune; to loot

乘积 乘積 cheng2 ji1
product (result of multiplication)

乘机 乘機 cheng2 ji1
to take the opportunity; to take a plane

乘坚策肥 乘堅策肥 cheng2 jian1 ce4 fei2
to live in luxury; lit. to ride a solid carriage pulled by fat horses

乘警 乘警 cheng2 jing3
police on trains; train marshal

乘客 乘客 cheng2 ke4

乘凉 乘涼 cheng2 liang2
to cool off in the shade

乘龙 乘龍 cheng2 long2
to ride the dragon; to die (of emperors and kings)

乘龙快婿 乘龍快婿 cheng2 long2 kuai4 xu4
ideal son-in-law

乘幂 乘冪 cheng2 mi4
the power of a number (square, cube etc); to exponentiate (math.)

乘人不备 乘人不備 cheng2 ren2 bu4 bei4
to take advantage of sb in an unguarded moment (idiom); to take sb by surprise

乘人之危 乘人之危 cheng2 ren2 zhi1 wei1
to take advantage of sb's precarious position

乘胜 乘勝 cheng2 sheng4
to follow up a victory; to pursue retreating enemy

乘胜追击 乘勝追擊 cheng2 sheng4 zhui1 ji1
to follow up a victory and press home the attack; to pursue retreating enemy

乘势 乘勢 cheng2 shi4
to seize the opportunity; to strike while the iron is hot

乘数 乘數 cheng2 shu4

乘务 乘務 cheng2 wu4
service (on a train, a plane etc)

乘务员 乘務員 cheng2 wu4 yuan2
attendant on an airplane, train, boat etc

乘隙 乘隙 cheng2 xi4
to seize an opportunity; to exploit (a loophole)

乘兴 乘興 cheng2 xing4
while in high spirits; feeling upbeat; on an impulse

乘虚 乘虛 cheng2 xu1
to take advantage of weakness

乘虚而入 乘虛而入 cheng2 xu1 er2 ru4
to enter by exploiting a weak spot (idiom); to take advantage of a lapse

乘以 乘以 cheng2 yi3
(math.) multiplied with

乘用车 乘用車 cheng2 yong4 che1
passenger vehicle

乘坐 乘坐 cheng2 zuo4
to ride (in a vehicle)

搭乘 搭乘 da1 cheng2
to ride as a passenger; to travel by (car, plane etc)

大乘 大乘 da4 sheng4
Mahayana, the Great Vehicle; Buddhism based on the Mayahana sutras, as spread to Central Asia, China and beyond; also pr.

大树底下好乘凉 大樹底下好乘涼 da4 shu4 di3 xia4 hao3 cheng2 liang2
lit. under a big tree the shade is plentiful (idiom); fig. to benefit by proximity to an influential person

共乘 共乘 gong4 cheng2
to ride together; to carpool

换乘 換乘 huan4 cheng2
to change train (plane, bus etc); transfer between modes of transport

加减乘除 加減乘除 jia1 jian3 cheng2 chu2
four rules of arithmetic; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

阶乘 階乘 jie1 cheng2
the factorial of a number, e.g. 5! = = 120

九九乘法表 九九乘法表 jiu3 jiu3 cheng2 fa3 biao3
multiplication table

空乘 空乘 kong1 cheng2
flight attendant; on-board service

枚乘 枚乘 mei2 cheng2
Mei Cheng (-c. 140 BC), Han dynasty poet

女乘务员 女乘務員 nv3 cheng2 wu4 yuan2
stewardess; female flight attendant

前人栽树,后人乘凉 前人栽樹,後人乘涼 qian2 ren2 zai1 shu4 - hou4 ren2 cheng2 liang2
to enjoy the benefits of the hard work of one's predecessors. (idiom)

上乘 上乘 shang4 cheng2
first-class; best quality; also pr.

试乘 試乘 shi4 cheng2
test drive

相乘 相乘 xiang1 cheng2
to multiply (math.); multiplication

小乘 小乘 xiao3 sheng4
Hinayana, the Lesser Vehicle; Buddhism in India before the Mayahana sutras; also pr.

因利乘便 因利乘便 yin1 li4 cheng2 bian4
(idiom) to rely on the most favorable method

有机可乘 有機可乘 you3 ji1 ke3 cheng2
to have an opportunity that one can exploit (idiom)

转乘 轉乘 zhuan3 cheng2
to transfer; to change trains, buses etc

最小二乘 最小二乘 zui4 xiao3 er4 cheng2
least square (estimate)