to beg

strokes 3
strokes after radical 2
吹箫乞食 吹簫乞食 chui1 xiao1 qi3 shi2
to beg while playing the xiao 箫 (mouth organ); cf Wu Zixu 伍子胥, destitute refugee from Chu 楚, busked in Wu town c. 520 BC, then became a powerful politician

乞哀告怜 乞哀告憐 qi3 ai1 gao4 lian2
begging for pity and asking for help (idiom)

乞贷 乞貸 qi3 dai4
to beg for a loan

乞儿 乞兒 qi3 er2

乞伏 乞伏 qi3 fu2
tribe of the Xianbei 鮮卑|鲜卑 nomadic people

乞丐 乞丐 qi3 gai4

乞和 乞和 qi3 he2
to sue for peace

乞力马扎罗山 乞力馬扎羅山 qi3 li4 ma3 zha1 luo2 shan1
Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

乞怜 乞憐 qi3 lian2
to beg for pity

乞求 乞求 qi3 qiu2
to beg

乞人 乞人 qi3 ren2

乞食 乞食 qi3 shi2
to beg for food

乞恕 乞恕 qi3 shu4
to beg forgiveness

乞讨 乞討 qi3 tao3
to beg; to go begging

乞休 乞休 qi3 xiu1
to request permission to resign from an official position (old)

求乞 求乞 qiu2 qi3
to beg

死乞白赖 死乞白賴 si3 qi5 bai2 lai4
to pester someone again and again

讨乞 討乞 tao3 qi3
to go begging; to ask for alms

行乞 行乞 xing2 qi3
to beg; to ask for alms