in confusion or disorder; in a confused state of mind; disorder; upheaval; riot; illicit sexual relations; to throw into disorder; to mix up; indiscriminate; random; arbitrary

strokes 13
strokes after radical 12
安史之乱 安史之亂 an1 shi3 zhi1 luan4
An-Shi Rebellion (755-763) of 安祿山|安禄山 and 史思明, a catastrophic setback for Tang dynasty

暴乱 暴亂 bao4 luan4
riot; rebellion; revolt

悖乱 悖亂 bei4 luan4
to rebel; sedition; to delude; confused

变乱 變亂 bian4 luan4
turmoil; social upheaval

兵荒马乱 兵荒馬亂 bing1 huang1 ma3 luan4
soldiers munity and troops rebel (idiom); turmoil and chaos of war

兵乱 兵亂 bing1 luan4
confusion of war; turmoil of war

丙子胡乱 丙子胡亂 bing3 zi3 hu2 luan4
second Manchu invasion of Korea (1636)

病急乱投医 病急亂投醫 bing4 ji2 luan4 tou2 yi1
lit. to turn to any doctor one can find when critically ill (idiom); fig. to try anyone or anything in a crisis

拨乱反正 撥亂反正 bo1 luan4 fan3 zheng4
bring order out of chaos; set to rights things which have been thrown into disorder

步履紊乱 步履紊亂 bu4 lv3 wen3 luan4
to be in complete disorder

猖乱 猖亂 chang1 luan4
wild and disorderly

趁乱逃脱 趁亂逃脫 chen4 luan4 tao2 tuo1
to run away in the confusion; to take advantage of the confusion to escape

出乱子 出亂子 chu1 luan4 zi5
to go wrong; to get into trouble

创伤后压力紊乱 創傷後壓力紊亂 chuang1 shang1 hou4 ya1 li4 wen3 luan4
post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD

错乱 錯亂 cuo4 luan4
in disorder; deranged (mentally)

捣乱 搗亂 dao3 luan4
to disturb; to look for trouble; to stir up a row; to bother sb intentionally

丁卯胡乱 丁卯胡亂 ding1 mao3 hu2 luan4
first Manchu invasion of Korea (1627)

动乱 動亂 dong4 luan4
turmoil; upheaval; unrest

烦乱 煩亂 fan2 luan4
anxious; agitated

犯上作乱 犯上作亂 fan4 shang4 zuo4 luan4
to rebel against the emperor (idiom)

纷乱 紛亂 fen1 luan4
numerous and disorderly

搞乱 搞亂 gao3 luan4
to mess up; to mismanage; to bungle; to confuse; to muddle

侯景之乱 侯景之亂 hou2 jing3 zhi1 luan4
rebellion against Liang of the Southern Dynasties 南朝梁 in 548

胡编乱造 胡編亂造 hu2 bian1 luan4 zao4
to concoct a cock-and-bull story (idiom); to make things up

胡吹乱捧 胡吹亂捧 hu2 chui1 luan4 peng3
indiscriminate admiration (idiom)

胡乱 胡亂 hu2 luan4
careless; reckless; casually; absent-mindedly; at will; at random; any old how

胡思乱想 胡思亂想 hu2 si1 luan4 xiang3
to indulge in flights of fancy (idiom); to let one's imagination run wild

胡言乱语 胡言亂語 hu2 yan2 luan4 yu3
babbling nonsense (idiom); crazy and unfounded ravings; double Dutch

胡诌乱傍 胡謅亂傍 hu2 zhou1 luan4 bang4
to talk random nonsense (idiom); to say whatever comes into one's head

胡诌乱扯 胡謅亂扯 hu2 zhou1 luan4 che3
to talk nonsense (idiom); saying whatever comes into his head

胡诌乱道 胡謅亂道 hu2 zhou1 luan4 dao4
to talk nonsense (idiom); saying whatever comes into his head

胡诌乱说 胡謅亂說 hu2 zhou1 luan4 shuo1
to talk random nonsense (idiom); to say whatever comes into one's head

欢蹦乱跳 歡蹦亂跳 huan1 beng4 luan4 tiao4
glowing with health and vivacity (idiom)

慌乱 慌亂 huang1 luan4
frenetic; hurried

黄巢之乱 黃巢之亂 huang2 chao2 zhi1 luan4
late Tang peasant uprising 875-884 led by Huang Chao

黄巾之乱 黃巾之亂 huang2 jin1 zhi1 luan4
the Yellow Turbans Peasant Uprising at the end of later Han (from 184)

昏乱 昏亂 hun1 luan4
dazed; confused; fuddled

混乱 混亂 hun4 luan4
confusion; chaos; disorder

活蹦乱跳 活蹦亂跳 huo2 beng4 luan4 tiao4
to leap and frisk about (idiom); lively; healthy and active

祸乱 禍亂 huo4 luan4
calamity and chaos; devastating disorder; great turmoil

霍乱 霍亂 huo4 luan4

霍乱毒素 霍亂毒素 huo4 luan4 du2 su4
cholera toxin

霍乱杆菌 霍亂桿菌 huo4 luan4 gan3 jun1
Vibrio cholerae; the cholera bacterium

霍乱菌苗 霍亂菌苗 huo4 luan4 jun1 miao2
cholera vaccine

鸡霍乱 雞霍亂 ji1 huo4 luan4
chicken cholera (caused by Pasteurella multocida or P. avicida); fowl cholera

几可乱真 幾可亂真 ji1 ke3 luan4 zhen1
to seem almost genuine; easily mistaken for the real thing

搅乱 攪亂 jiao3 luan4
to disrupt; to throw into disorder

精神错乱 精神錯亂 jing1 shen2 cuo4 luan4

精神狂乱 精神狂亂 jing1 shen2 kuang2 luan4
delirium; mental illness

靖乱 靖亂 jing4 luan4
to put down a rebellion

聚众淫乱罪 聚眾淫亂罪 ju4 zhong4 yin2 luan4 zui4
group licentiousness (offense punishable by up to five years in prison in the PRC)

快刀断乱麻 快刀斷亂麻 kuai4 dao1 duan4 luan4 ma2
lit. quick sword cuts through tangled hemp (idiom); decisive action in a complex situation; cutting the Gordian knot

快刀斩乱麻 快刀斬亂麻 kuai4 dao1 zhan3 luan4 ma2
lit. quick sword cuts through tangled hemp (idiom); decisive action in a complex situation; cutting the Gordian knot

狂乱 狂亂 kuang2 luan4

骊姬之乱 驪姬之亂 li2 ji1 zhi1 luan4
Li Ji Rebellion in 657-651 BC, where concubine Li Ji tried to throne her son but was eventually defeated by Duke Wen of Jin 晉文公|晋文公

撩乱 撩亂 liao2 luan4
variant of 繚亂|缭乱

缭乱 繚亂 liao2 luan4
dazzled; confused

零乱 零亂 ling2 luan4
in disorder; a complete mess

凌乱 凌亂 ling2 luan4
messy; disarrayed; disheveled; chaos

凌乱不堪 凌亂不堪 ling2 luan4 bu4 kan1
in a terrible mess (idiom)

乱臣贼子 亂臣賊子 luan4 chen2 zei2 zi3
rebels and traitors (idiom); general term for scoundrel

乱成一团 亂成一團 luan4 cheng2 yi1 tuan2
in a great mess; chaotic

乱吃 亂吃 luan4 chi1
to eat indiscriminately

乱穿马路 亂穿馬路 luan4 chuan1 ma3 lu4
to jaywalk

乱窜 亂竄 luan4 cuan4
to flee in disarray; to scatter

乱党 亂黨 luan4 dang3
the rebel party

乱道 亂道 luan4 dao4
see 亂說|乱说

乱掉 亂掉 luan4 diao4
to throw away; to discard

乱丢 亂丟 luan4 diu1
to discard in the wrong place (cigarette butts etc); to leave one's things lying around

乱动 亂動 luan4 dong4
to fiddle with; to tamper with; to meddle with; to move randomly; to flail about

乱搞 亂搞 luan4 gao3
to make a mess; to mess with; to be wild; to sleep around; to jump into bed

乱搞男女关系 亂搞男女關係 luan4 gao3 nan2 nv3 guan1 xi4
to be promiscuous; to sleep around

乱咕攘 亂咕攘 luan4 gu1 rang5
to disturb (dialect)

乱哄哄 亂哄哄 luan4 hong1 hong1
noisy and in disarray; in an uproar

乱花 亂花 luan4 hua1
to spend recklessly; to waste money

乱花钱 亂花錢 luan4 hua1 qian2
to spend money recklessly; to squander

乱画 亂畫 luan4 hua4
to doodle; graffito; doodle

乱纪 亂紀 luan4 ji4
to break the rules; to break discipline

乱讲 亂講 luan4 jiang3
to talk nonsense; nonsense!

乱叫 亂叫 luan4 jiao4
to inconsiderately shout

乱来 亂來 luan4 lai2
to act recklessly; to mess around

乱伦 亂倫 luan4 lun2
incest; immorality; depravity; fornication

乱麻 亂麻 luan4 ma2
lit. tangled skein; in a tremendous muddle; confused

乱码 亂碼 luan4 ma3
mojibake (nonsense characters displayed when software fails to render text according to its intended character encoding)

乱民 亂民 luan4 min2

乱跑 亂跑 luan4 pao3
to run around all over the place

乱蓬蓬 亂蓬蓬 luan4 peng1 peng1
disheveled; tangled

乱七八糟 亂七八糟 luan4 qi1 ba1 zao1
everything in disorder (idiom); in a hideous mess; at sixes and sevens

乱扔 亂扔 luan4 reng1
to litter; to throw away

乱石 亂石 luan4 shi2
rocks; stones; rubble; riprap

乱石砸死 亂石砸死 luan4 shi2 za2 si3
to stone to death

乱世 亂世 luan4 shi4
the world in chaos; troubled times; (in Buddhism) the mortal world

乱视 亂視 luan4 shi4
astigmatism (medicine) (Tw)

乱世佳人 亂世佳人 luan4 shi4 jia1 ren2
Gone with the Wind (film)

乱数 亂數 luan4 shu4
random number

乱说 亂說 luan4 shuo1
to talk drivel; to make irresponsible remarks

乱弹琴 亂彈琴 luan4 tan2 qin2
to talk nonsense; to behave like a fool

乱套 亂套 luan4 tao4
in a mess; upside down

乱跳 亂跳 luan4 tiao4
to jump about; (of the heart) to beat wildly

乱象 亂象 luan4 xiang4
chaos; madness

乱写 亂寫 luan4 xie3
to write without basis

乱糟糟 亂糟糟 luan4 zao1 zao1
chaotic; topsy turvy; a complete mess

乱真 亂真 luan4 zhen1
to pass off as genuine; spurious

乱政 亂政 luan4 zheng4
to corrupt politics

乱抓 亂抓 luan4 zhua1
to claw wildly; to scratch frantically; to arrest people indiscriminately

乱作决定 亂作決定 luan4 zuo4 jue2 ding4
to make arbitrary decisions

忙乱 忙亂 mang2 luan4
rushed and muddled

迷乱 迷亂 mi2 luan4

内乱 內亂 nei4 luan4
internal disorder; civil strife; civil unrest

弄乱 弄亂 nong4 luan4
to mess up; to put into disorder; to meddle with; to confuse

叛乱 叛亂 pan4 luan4
armed rebellion

叛乱罪 叛亂罪 pan4 luan4 zui4
the crime of armed rebellion

蓬乱 蓬亂 peng2 luan4
matted (of straw or hair); unkempt; overgrown; scraggly; thatch

扰乱 擾亂 rao3 luan4
to disturb; to perturb; to harass

惹乱子 惹亂子 re3 luan4 zi5
to stir up trouble; to get into trouble

壬辰倭乱 壬辰倭亂 ren2 chen2 wo1 luan4
Imjin war, Japanese invasion of Korea 1592-1598

三藩叛乱 三藩叛亂 san1 fan1 pan4 luan4
rebellion against the Qing of 1670s, pacified by Kangxi

三藩之乱 三藩之亂 san1 fan1 zhi1 luan4
Three feudatories rebellion against Qing 1673-1681 during the reign of Kangxi

散乱 散亂 san4 luan4
in disorder; messy

丧乱 喪亂 sang1 luan4
tragic disaster; disturbance and bloodshed

骚乱 騷亂 sao1 luan4
disturbance; riot; to create a disturbance

骚乱者 騷亂者 sao1 luan4 zhe3
a rioter

手忙脚乱 手忙腳亂 shou3 mang2 jiao3 luan4
to act with confusion; to be in a flurry; to be flustered

天花乱坠 天花亂墜 tian1 hua1 luan4 zhui4
lit. a deluge of heavenly flowers (idiom); fig. extravagant embellishments; hype

添乱 添亂 tian1 luan4
(coll.) to cause trouble for sb; to inconvenience

天下大乱 天下大亂 tian1 xia4 da4 luan4
the whole country in rebellion

违法乱纪 違法亂紀 wei2 fa3 luan4 ji4
to break the law and violate discipline (idiom)

唯恐天下不乱 唯恐天下不亂 wei2 kong3 tian1 xia4 bu4 luan4
to wish for the whole world to be in chaos (idiom)

紊乱 紊亂 wen3 luan4
disorder; chaos

瞎编乱造 瞎編亂造 xia1 bian1 luan4 zao4
random lies and falsehoods

淆乱 淆亂 xiao2 luan4
to confuse; to befuddle

小鹿乱撞 小鹿亂撞 xiao3 lu4 luan4 zhuang4
fig. restless, because of fear or strong emotions

心烦意乱 心煩意亂 xin1 fan2 yi4 luan4
lit. heart distracted, thoughts in turmoil (idiom); distraught with anxiety

心慌意乱 心慌意亂 xin1 huang1 yi4 luan4
confused; rattled; flustered

心乱如麻 心亂如麻 xin1 luan4 ru2 ma2
one's thoughts in a whirl (idiom); confused; disconcerted; upset

眼花缭乱 眼花繚亂 yan3 hua1 liao2 luan4
to be dazzled

一团乱糟 一團亂糟 yi1 tuan2 luan4 zao1
a chaotic mess

义和乱 義和亂 yi4 he2 luan4
the Boxer uprising

淫乱 淫亂 yin2 luan4

应仁之乱 應仁之亂 ying1 ren2 zhi1 luan4
Ōnin war 1467-1477 between factions of Ashikaga shogunate

杂乱 雜亂 za2 luan4
in a mess; in a jumble; chaotic

杂乱无章 雜亂無章 za2 luan4 wu2 zhang1
disordered and in a mess (idiom); all mixed up and chaotic

脏乱 髒亂 zang1 luan4
dirty and disordered; in a mess

战乱 戰亂 zhan4 luan4
chaos of war

作乱 作亂 zuo4 luan4
to start a rebellion; to rise in revolt