surname Yu

to go; to take; sentence-final interrogative particle; variant of 於|于

in; at; to; from; by; than; out of

strokes 3
strokes after radical 1
哀莫大于心死 哀莫大於心死 ai1 mo4 da4 yu2 xin1 si3
nothing sadder than a withered heart (idiom attributed to Confucius by Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子); no greater sorrow than a heart that never rejoices; the worst sorrow is not as bad as an uncaring heart; nothing is more wretched than apathy

安于 安於 an1 yu2
to feel contented with

安于现状 安於現狀 an1 yu2 xian4 zhuang4
to take things as they are (idiom); to leave a situation as it is; to be happy with the status quo

笔胜于刀文比武强 筆勝於刀文比武強 bi3 sheng4 yu2 dao1 wen2 bi3 wu3 qiang2
the pen is mightier than the sword (idiom)

毕其功于一役 畢其功於一役 bi4 qi2 gong1 yu2 yi1 yi4
to accomplish the whole task at one stroke (idiom)

便于 便於 bian4 yu2
easy to; convenient for

濒于 瀕於 bin1 yu2
near to; approaching (collapse)

不甘于 不甘於 bu4 gan1 yu2
unwilling to accept; not content with (a subservient role, a mediocre result etc)

不绝于耳 不絕於耳 bu4 jue2 yu2 er3
(of sound) to never stop; to fall incessantly on the ear; to linger on

不绝于途 不絕於途 bu4 jue2 yu2 tu2
to come and go in an incessant stream

不下于 不下于 bu4 xia4 yu2
as many as; no less than; not inferior to; as good as; on a par with

不亚于 不亞於 bu4 ya4 yu2
no less than; not inferior to

不至于 不至於 bu4 zhi4 yu2
unlikely to go so far as to; not as bad as

单于 單于 chan2 yu2
chanyu (Han Dynasty name for chiefs of Xiongnu Huns 匈奴)

长于 長於 chang2 yu2
to be adept in; to excel at

出于 出於 chu1 yu2
due to; to stem from

处于 處於 chu3 yu2
to be in (some state, position, or condition)

淳于 淳于 chun2 yu2
two-character surname Chun'yu

次于 次於 ci4 yu2
second after; second only to

大于 大於 da4 yu2
greater than; bigger than; more than, >

等于 等於 deng3 yu2
to equal; to be tantamount to

低于 低于 di1 yu2
to be lower than

定于 定於 ding4 yu2
set at; scheduled at

对于 對於 dui4 yu2
regarding; as far as sth is concerned; with regards to

多于 多於 duo1 yu2
more than; greater than

防患于未然 防患於未然 fang2 huan4 yu2 wei4 ran2
see 防患未然

富于 富于 fu4 yu2
to be full of; to be rich in

富于想像 富於想像 fu4 yu2 xiang3 xiang4

甘于 甘於 gan1 yu2
to be willing to; to be ready to; to be content with; accepting (of restriction, sacrifice, risk etc)

敢于 敢於 gan3 yu2
to have the courage to do sth; to dare to; bold in

高于 高於 gao1 yu2
greater than; to exceed

耿耿于怀 耿耿於懷 geng3 geng3 yu2 huai2
to take troubles to heart (idiom); brooding

供大于求 供大於求 gong1 da4 yu2 qiu2
supply exceeds demand

供过于求 供過於求 gong1 guo4 yu2 qiu2
supply exceeds demand

工于心计 工於心計 gong1 yu2 xin1 ji4
scheming; calculating

公之于世 公之于世 gong1 zhi1 yu2 shi4
to announce to the world (idiom); to make public; to let everyone know

公之于众 公之於眾 gong1 zhi1 yu2 zhong4
to make known to the masses (idiom); to publicize widely; to let the world know

公诸于世 公諸於世 gong1 zhu1 yu2 shi4
to announce to the world (idiom); to make public; to let everyone know

孤独于世 孤獨於世 gu1 du2 yu2 shi4
alone in the world (idiom)

关于 關於 guan1 yu2
pertaining to; concerning; with regard to; about; a matter of

归于 歸於 gui1 yu2
to belong to; affiliated to; to result in sth; to incline towards

过于 過於 guo4 yu2
too much; excessively

海于格松 海于格松 hai3 yu2 ge2 song1
Haugesund (city in Rogaland, Norway)

何济于事 何濟於事 he2 ji4 yu2 shi4
of what use is it; (idiom)

合于 合於 he2 yu2
to tally; to accord with; to fit

合于时宜 合于時宜 he2 yu2 shi2 yi2
timely; at the right moment; appropriate to the occasion; opportune; to fit current fashion

基于 基於 ji1 yu2
because of; on the basis of; in view of; on account of

积于忽微 積於忽微 ji1 yu2 hu1 wei1
to accumulate tiny quantities (idiom)

急于 急於 ji2 yu2
anxious; impatient

急于求成 急於求成 ji2 yu2 qiu2 cheng2
anxious for quick results (idiom); to demand instant success; impatient for result; impetuous

急于星火 急於星火 ji2 yu2 xing1 huo3
see 急如星火

己所不欲,勿施于人 己所不欲,勿施於人 ji3 suo3 bu4 yu4 - wu4 shi1 yu2 ren2
What you don't want done to you, don't do to others. (idiom, from the Confucian analects); Do as you would be done by.; Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you.

嫁祸于人 嫁禍於人 jia4 huo4 yu2 ren2
to pass the misfortune on to sb else (idiom); to blame others; to pass the buck

鉴于 鑒於 jian4 yu2
in view of; seeing that; considering; whereas

介于 介於 jie4 yu2
between; intermediate; to lie between

介于两难 介於兩難 jie4 yu2 liang3 nan2
to be on the horns of a dilemma (idiom)

仅次于 僅次于 jin3 ci4 yu2
second only to...; (in second place) preceded only by...

精于 精於 jing1 yu2
skillful in; proficient in; adept at

精于此道 精於此道 jing1 yu2 ci3 dao4
to be proficient in the area of; skilled in this field

居住于 居住於 ju1 zhu4 yu2
to inhabit

局限于 局限於 ju2 xian4 yu2
to be limited to

苛政猛于虎 苛政猛於虎 ke1 zheng4 meng3 yu2 hu3
tyrannical government is fiercer than a tiger (idiom)

困难在于 困難在於 kun4 nan2 zai4 yu2
the problem is...

来源于 來源於 lai2 yuan2 yu2
to originate in

老于世故 老於世故 lao3 yu2 shi4 gu4
experienced in the ways of the world (idiom); worldly-wise; sophisticated

乐于 樂於 le4 yu2
willing (to do sth); to take pleasure in

乐于助人 樂於助人 le4 yu2 zhu4 ren2
willing to help others

利于 利於 li4 yu2
to be beneficial; to be good for

聊胜于无 聊勝於無 liao2 sheng4 yu2 wu2
better than nothing (idiom)

了然于胸 了然於胸 liao3 ran2 yu2 xiong1
to be well aware of sth; to understand clearly

流于 流於 liu2 yu2
to change (for the worse)

流于形式 流於形式 liu2 yu2 xing2 shi4
to become a mere formality

落于下风 落於下風 luo4 yu2 xia4 feng1
to be at a disadvantage

忙于 忙於 mang2 yu2
busy with

免于 免於 mian3 yu2
to be saved from; to be spared (something)

莫过于 莫過於 mo4 guo4 yu2
nothing can surpass

难于登天 難於登天 nan2 yu2 deng1 tian1
harder than climbing to heaven (idiom)

难于接近 難於接近 nan2 yu2 jie1 jin4
(of people) difficult to approach; inaccessible

拟于不伦 擬於不倫 ni3 yu2 bu4 lun2
to draw an impossible comparison

怒形于色 怒形於色 nu4 xing2 yu2 se4
to betray anger (idiom); fury written across one's face

疲于奔命 疲於奔命 pi2 yu2 ben1 ming4
lit. tired of constantly running for one's life (idiom); terribly busy; up to one's ears in work

迫于 迫於 po4 yu2
constrained; restricted; forced to; under pressure to do sth

千里之堤,溃于蚁穴 千里之堤,潰於蟻穴 qian1 li3 zhi1 di1 - kui4 yu2 yi3 xue2
An ant hole causing the collapse of a great dike.; Huge damage from a moment's negligence. (idiom)

千里之行,始于足下 千里之行,始於足下 qian1 li3 zhi1 xing2 - shi3 yu2 zu2 xia4
lit. a thousand mile journey begins with the first step; fig. big accomplishments come from an accumulation of little achievements made one by one

迁怒于人 遷怒於人 qian1 nu4 yu2 ren2
to vent one's anger on an innocent party (idiom)

青出于蓝而胜于蓝 青出於藍而勝於藍 qing1 chu1 yu2 lan2 er2 sheng4 yu2 lan2
lit. the color blue is made out of indigo but is more vivid than indigo (idiom); fig. the student surpasses the master

倾向于 傾向於 qing1 xiang4 yu2
to incline to; to prefer; to be prone to

轻于鸿毛 輕於鴻毛 qing1 yu2 hong2 mao2
light as a goose feather (idiom); trifling; unimportant

穷于应付 窮於應付 qiong2 yu2 ying4 fu4
to struggle to cope (with a situation); to be at one's wits' end

求道于盲 求道於盲 qiu2 dao4 yu2 mang2
see 問道於盲|问道于盲

求助于人 求助於人 qiu2 zhu4 yu2 ren2
to call upon others for help

趋于 趨於 qu1 yu2
to tend towards

染指于鼎 染指於鼎 ran3 zhi3 yu2 ding3
lit. dip one's finger in the tripod (idiom); fig. to get one's finger in the pie; to get a share of the action

人浮于事 人浮於事 ren2 fu2 yu2 shi4
more hands than needed (idiom); too many cooks spoil the broth

善于 善於 shan4 yu2
to be good at; to be adept at

身教胜于言教 身教勝於言教 shen1 jiao4 sheng4 yu2 yan2 jiao4
teaching by example beats explaining in words (idiom); action speaks louder than words

甚至于 甚至於 shen4 zhi4 yu2
so much (that); even (to the extent that)

生命在于运动 生命在於運動 sheng1 ming4 zai4 yu2 yun4 dong4
life is motion (popular saying with many possible interpretations); Physical effort is vital for our bodies to function (Aristotle).; Life derives from physical exercise.

生于忧患,死于安乐 生於憂患,死於安樂 sheng1 yu2 you1 huan4 - si3 yu2 an1 le4
to thrive in calamity and perish in soft living (idiom); life springs from sorrow and calamity, death comes from ease and pleasure

事实胜于雄辩 事實勝於雄辯 shi4 shi2 sheng4 yu2 xiong2 bian4
Facts speak louder than words. (idiom)

受命于天 受命于天 shou4 ming4 yu2 tian1
to become Emperor by the grace of Heaven; to "receive the Mandate of Heaven" (traditional English translation)

受聘于 受聘于 shou4 pin4 yu2
to be employed at

疏于 疏於 shu1 yu2
to fail to pay sufficient attention to; to be negligent in regard to; to be lacking in

疏于防范 疏於防範 shu1 yu2 fang2 fan4
to neglect to take precautions; relaxed vigilance

属于 屬於 shu3 yu2
to be classified as; to belong to; to be part of

死于安乐 死於安樂 si3 yu2 an1 le4
see 生於憂患,死於安樂|生于忧患,死于安乐

死于非命 死於非命 si3 yu2 fei1 ming4
violent death (idiom); to die in a disaster; an unnatural death

同归于尽 同歸於盡 tong2 gui1 yu2 jin4
to die in such a way that sb (or sth) else also perishes; to take sb down with oneself; to end in mutual destruction

涂油于 塗油於 tu2 you2 yu2

位于 位於 wei4 yu2
to be located at; to be situated at; to lie

闻名于世 聞名於世 wen2 ming2 yu2 shi4

问道于盲 問道於盲 wen4 dao4 yu2 mang2
lit. to ask a blind man the way (idiom); fig. to seek advice from an incompetent

无动于中 無動於中 wu2 dong4 yu2 zhong1
variant of 無動於衷|无动于衷

无动于衷 無動於衷 wu2 dong4 yu2 zhong1
aloof; indifferent; unconcerned

无济于事 無濟於事 wu2 ji4 yu2 shi4
to no avail; of no use

喜形于色 喜形於色 xi3 xing2 yu2 se4
face light up with delight (idiom); to beam with joy

限于 限於 xian4 yu2
to be limited to; to be confined to

陷于 陷於 xian4 yu2
caught in (a bad situation); to fall into (trap etc)

陷于瘫痪 陷於癱瘓 xian4 yu2 tan1 huan4
to be paralyzed; at a standstill

相当于 相當於 xiang1 dang1 yu2
equivalent to

相当于或大于 相當於或大於 xiang1 dang1 yu2 huo4 da4 yu2
greater than or equal to ≥; at least as great as

小于 小於 xiao3 yu2
less than, <

形于色 形於色 xing2 yu2 se4
to show one's feelings; to show it in one's face

兄弟阋于墙,外御其侮 兄弟鬩於墻,外禦其侮 xiong1 di4 xi4 yu2 qiang2 - wai4 yu4 qi2 wu3
internal disunity dissolves at the threat of an invasion from outside (idiom)

羞于启齿 羞於啟齒 xiu1 yu2 qi3 chi3
to be too shy to speak one's mind (idiom)

血浓于水 血濃於水 xue4 nong2 yu2 shui3
blood is thicker than water; fig. family ties are closer than social relations

言归于好 言歸於好 yan2 gui1 yu2 hao3
to become reconciled; to bury the hatchet

严于律己 嚴於律己 yan2 yu2 lv4 ji3
to be strict with oneself

业荒于嬉 業荒於嬉 ye4 huang1 yu2 xi1
to be distracted from one's work and fail to achieve results (idiom)

业精于勤 業精於勤 ye4 jing1 yu2 qin2
mastery of study lies in diligence (idiom). You can only master a subject by assiduous study.; Excellence in work is only possible with diligence.; Practice makes perfect.

一年之计在于春 一年之計在於春 yi1 nian2 zhi1 ji4 zai4 yu2 chun1
the whole year must be planned for in the spring (idiom); early planning is the key to success

一日之计在于晨 一日之計在於晨 yi1 ri4 zhi1 ji4 zai4 yu2 chen2
make your day's plan early in the morning (idiom); early morning is the golden time of the day

伊于胡底 伊於胡底 yi1 yu2 hu2 di3
where will it stop?

以利于 以利於 yi3 li4 yu2
for the sake of; in order to

以至于 以至於 yi3 zhi4 yu2
down to; up to; to the extent that...

以致于 以致於 yi3 zhi4 yu2
so that; to the point that

易于 易于 yi4 yu2
very likely; prone to

易于反掌 易於反掌 yi4 yu2 fan3 zhang3
see 易如反掌

溢于言表 溢於言表 yi4 yu2 yan2 biao3
to exhibit one's feelings in one's speech

勇于 勇於 yong3 yu2
to dare to; to be brave enough to

用于 用于 yong4 yu2
use in; use on; use for

优于 優於 you1 yu2
to surpass

由于 由於 you2 yu2
due to; as a result of; thanks to; owing to; since; because

有悖于 有悖於 you3 bei4 yu2
to go against

有鉴于此 有鑒於此 you3 jian4 yu2 ci3
in view of this; to this end

有赖于 有賴於 you3 lai4 yu2
to rely on; to depend on

有助于 有助於 you3 zhu4 yu2
to contribute to; to promote

于丹 于丹 yu2 dan1
Yu Dan (1965-), female scholar, writer, educator and TV presenter

于都 於都 yu2 du1
Yudu county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi

于都县 於都縣 yu2 du1 xian4
Yudu county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi

于归 于歸 yu2 gui1
(literary) (of a girl) to marry

于归之喜 于歸之喜 yu2 gui1 zhi1 xi3
the joy of matrimony (polite phrase referring to a young woman)

于洪 于洪 yu2 hong2
Yuhong district of Shenyang city 沈陽市|沈阳市, Liaoning

于洪区 于洪區 yu2 hong2 qu1
Yuhong District of Shenyang city 沈陽市|沈阳市, Liaoning

于是 於是 yu2 shi4
thereupon; as a result; consequently; thus; hence

于是乎 於是乎 yu2 shi4 hu1

于事无补 於事無補 yu2 shi4 wu2 bu3
unhelpful; useless

于田 於田 yu2 tian2
Kériye Nahiyisi; Yutian county in Khotan prefecture 和田地區|和田地区, Xinjiang

于田县 於田縣 yu2 tian2 xian4
Kériye Nahiyisi; Yutian county in Khotan prefecture 和田地區|和田地区, Xinjiang

于雾霭之中 於霧靄之中 yu2 wu4 ai3 zhi1 zhong1
to be beclouded

于心不忍 於心不忍 yu2 xin1 bu4 ren3
can't bear to

于焉 於焉 yu2 yan1
(classical) see 於是|于是

寓管理于服务之中 寓管理于服務之中 yu4 guan3 li3 yu2 fu2 wu4 zhi1 zhong1
integrated services management

缘于 緣於 yuan2 yu2
to originate from; to come from the fact that; owing to; because of

源于 源於 yuan2 yu2
has its origins in

袁于令 袁于令 yuan2 yu2 ling4
Yuan Yuling (-1674) Qing writer, author of 西樓記|西楼记

约等于 約等於 yue1 deng3 yu2
approximately equal to

在于 在於 zai4 yu2
to be in; to lie in; to consist in; to depend on; to rest with

臻于完善 臻於完善 zhen1 yu2 wan2 shan4
to attain perfection (idiom)

臻于郅治 臻於郅治 zhen1 yu2 zhi4 zhi4
to attain a state of perfect governance (idiom)

植根于 植根於 zhi2 gen1 yu2
to be rooted to; to take root in

只限于 只限於 zhi3 xian4 yu2
to be limited to

置于 置于 zhi4 yu2
to place; to put (at or in a position); to be located

至于 至於 zhi4 yu2
as for; as to; to go so far as to

忠于 忠於 zhong1 yu2
to be loyal to

终于 終於 zhong1 yu2
at last; in the end; finally; eventually

重于泰山 重於泰山 zhong4 yu2 tai4 shan1
heavier than Mt Tai (idiom); fig. extremely serious matter

著称于世 著稱於世 zhu4 cheng1 yu2 shi4

专美于前 專美於前 zhuan1 mei3 yu2 qian2
to monopolize the limelight (idiom); to get all the glory; to rank highest

拙于言词 拙於言詞 zhuo1 yu2 yan2 ci2
to be unable to express oneself clearly (idiom)

醉心于 醉心於 zui4 xin1 yu2
to be infatuated with