extending all the way across; running all the way through

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
亘古 亙古 gen4 gu3
throughout time; from ancient times (up to the present)

亘古不变 亙古不變 gen4 gu3 bu4 bian4
unchanging since times immemorial (idiom); unalterable; unvarying; monotonous

亘古通今 亙古通今 gen4 gu3 tong1 jin1
from ancient times up to now; throughout history

亘古未有 亙古未有 gen4 gu3 wei4 you3
unprecedented; never seen since ancient times

绵亘 綿亙 mian2 gen4
to stretch in an unbroken chain (esp. of mountains)

盘亘 盤亙 pan2 gen4
linked in a unbroken chain