to enter; to go into; to join; to become a member of; to confirm or agree with; abbr. for 入聲|入声

strokes 2
strokes after radical 0
凹入 凹入 ao1 ru4
cavity; convex opening

鞭辟入里 鞭闢入裡 bian1 pi4 ru4 li3
penetrated; trenchant; incisive

病从口入 病從口入 bing4 cong2 kou3 ru4
Illness enters by the mouth (idiom). Mind what you eat!; fig. A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.

病从口入,祸从口出 病從口入,禍從口出 bing4 cong2 kou3 ru4 - huo4 cong2 kou3 chu1
Illness enters by the mouth, trouble comes out by the mouth (idiom). A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.

并入 並入 bing4 ru4
to merge into; to incorporate in

并入 併入 bing4 ru4
to merge into; to incorporate in

病入膏肓 病入膏肓 bing4 ru4 gao1 huang1
lit. the disease has attacked the vitals (idiom); fig. beyond cure; the situation is hopeless

不得其门而入 不得其門而入 bu4 de2 qi2 men2 er2 ru4
to be unable to get in; to fail to find a proper approach to handling sth

不堪入目 不堪入目 bu4 kan1 ru4 mu4
unbearable to look at; an eyesore

步入 步入 bu4 ru4
to step into; to enter

不入虎穴,焉得虎子 不入虎穴,焉得虎子 bu4 ru4 hu3 xue2 - yan1 de2 hu3 zi3
How do you catch the tiger cub without entering the tiger's lair? (idiom); Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

不入时宜 不入時宜 bu4 ru4 shi2 yi2
untimely; premature; inopportune; ill-timed; out of fashion; behind the times

插入 插入 cha1 ru4
to insert; to stick; to thrust

插入因子 插入因子 cha1 ru4 yin1 zi3
insertion element

插入语 插入語 cha1 ru4 yu3

乘虚而入 乘虛而入 cheng2 xu1 er2 ru4
to enter by exploiting a weak spot (idiom); to take advantage of a lapse

冲入 衝入 chong1 ru4
to rush into; to break into

出入 出入 chu1 ru4
to go out and come in; entrance and exit; expenditure and income; discrepancy; inconsistent

出入境管理局 出入境管理局 chu1 ru4 jing4 guan3 li3 ju2
Exit and Entry Administration Bureau (PRC)

出入境检验检疫局 出入境檢驗檢疫局 chu1 ru4 jing4 jian3 yan4 jian3 yi4 ju2
entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau

出入口 出入口 chu1 ru4 kou3

出入门 出入門 chu1 ru4 men2
entrance and exit door

出入平安 出入平安 chu1 ru4 ping2 an1
lit. peace when you come or go; peace wherever you go

出神入化 出神入化 chu1 shen2 ru4 hua4
to reach perfection (idiom); a superb artistic achievement

出生入死 出生入死 chu1 sheng1 ru4 si3
from the cradle to the grave (idiom); to go through fire and water; brave; willing to risk life and limb

传入 傳入 chuan2 ru4
to import; transmitted inwards; afferent

传入神经 傳入神經 chuan2 ru4 shen2 jing1
afferent nerve (transmitting in to the brain); afferent neuron

闯入 闖入 chuang3 ru4
to intrude; to charge in; to gate-crash

存入 存入 cun2 ru4
to deposit (e.g. in a bank account)

代入 代入 dai4 ru4
to substitute into

单刀直入 單刀直入 dan1 dao1 zhi2 ru4
to get straight to the point (idiom)

淡入 淡入 dan4 ru4
to fade in (cinema)

刀枪不入 刀槍不入 dao1 qiang1 bu4 ru4
lit. impervious to sword or spear (idiom); fig. invulnerable; untouchable; thick-skinned; impervious to criticism

导入 導入 dao3 ru4
to introduce into; to channel; to lead; to guide into; to import (data)

导入期 導入期 dao3 ru4 qi1
introductory phase or period

登机入口 登機入口 deng1 ji1 ru4 kou3
boarding gate

登入 登入 deng1 ru4
to log in (to a computer); to enter (data)

登堂入室 登堂入室 deng1 tang2 ru4 shi4
from the main room, enter the inner chamber (idiom); to go to the next level; to attain a higher level

低收入 低收入 di1 shou1 ru4
low income

地租收入 地租收入 di4 zu1 shou1 ru4
rent income (esp. from arable land)

调入 調入 diao4 ru4
to bring in; to call in; to transfer (a person, data); (computing) to call; to load (a subroutine etc)

对号入座 對號入座 dui4 hao4 ru4 zuo4
to take one's seat according to the ticket number; (fig.) to put (things or people) in their right place; to take a general comment as a personal attack; to take a criticism for oneself

遁入空门 遁入空門 dun4 ru4 kong1 men2
to take refuge in religious life

封入 封入 feng1 ru4
to enclose

呒虾米输入法 嘸蝦米輸入法 fu3 xia1 mi3 shu1 ru4 fa3
Boshiamy (Hoklo: 無甚物 it's nothing) input method for Chinese

高唱入云 高唱入雲 gao1 chang4 ru4 yun2
loud songs reaches the clouds (idiom); fig. to praise to the skies

高耸入云 高聳入雲 gao1 song3 ru4 yun2
tall and erect, reaching through the clouds (idiom); used to describe tall mountain or skyscraper

格格不入 格格不入 ge2 ge2 bu4 ru4
(idiom) inharmonious; incompatible

攻入 攻入 gong1 ru4
to force entrance into; to score a goal (sport)

固定收入 固定收入 gu4 ding4 shou1 ru4
fixed income

归入 歸入 gui1 ru4
to assign (to a class); to classify as; to include

国民收入 國民收入 guo2 min2 shou1 ru4
measures of national income and output

恨之入骨 恨之入骨 hen4 zhi1 ru4 gu3
to hate sb to the bone (idiom)

汇入 匯入 hui4 ru4
to flow into; to converge (of river); (computing) to import (data)

混入 混入 hun4 ru4
to sneak into

挤入 擠入 ji3 ru4
to squeeze in; to force oneself into; to cram into; to intrude

加入 加入 jia1 ru4
to become a member; to join; to mix into; to participate in; to add in

键入 鍵入 jian4 ru4
to key in; to input

接入 接入 jie1 ru4
to access; access

介入 介入 jie4 ru4
to intervene; to get involved

借入方 借入方 jie4 ru4 fang1
borrower; debit side (of a balance sheet)

进入 進入 jin4 ru4
to enter; to join; to go into

浸入 浸入 jin4 ru4
to soak; to dip

禁止驶入 禁止駛入 jin4 zhi3 shi3 ru4
Do not enter! (road sign)

静脉注入 靜脈注入 jing4 mai4 zhu4 ru4
intravenous (medicine)

净收入 淨收入 jing4 shou1 ru4
net income; net profit

卷入 捲入 juan3 ru4
to be drawn into; to be involved in

考入 考入 kao3 ru4
to pass entrance exam; to enter college after a competitive exam

可支配收入 可支配收入 ke3 zhi1 pei4 shou1 ru4
disposable income

拉入 拉入 la1 ru4
to pull into; to draw in

阑入 闌入 lan2 ru4
to trespass; to mix; to mingle

锒铛入狱 鋃鐺入獄 lang2 dang1 ru4 yu4
lit. to get shackled and thrown in jail (idiom); fig. to be put behind bars; to get jailed

量入为出 量入為出 liang4 ru4 wei2 chu1
to assess one's income and spend accordingly (idiom); to live within one's means; You can only spend what you earn.

列入 列入 lie4 ru4
to include on a list

流入 流入 liu2 ru4
to flow into; to drift into; influx; inflow

录入 錄入 lu4 ru4
to input (computer); to type

落入 落入 luo4 ru4
to fall into

落入法网 落入法網 luo4 ru4 fa3 wang3
to fall into the net of justice (idiom); finally arrested

买入 買入 mai3 ru4
to buy (finance)

毛收入 毛收入 mao2 shou1 ru4
gross income; gross profit

纳入 納入 na4 ru4
to bring into; to channel into; to integrate into; to incorporate

男怕入错行,女怕嫁错郎 男怕入錯行,女怕嫁錯郎 nan2 pa4 ru4 cuo4 hang2 - nv3 pa4 jia4 cuo4 lang2
men fear getting into the wrong line of business, women fear marrying the wrong man (proverb)

泥牛入海 泥牛入海 ni2 niu2 ru4 hai3
lit. a clay ox enters the sea (idiom); fig. to disappear with no hope of returning

年收入 年收入 nian2 shou1 ru4
annual income

排入 排入 pai2 ru4
to discharge into; to secrete into

平均收入 平均收入 ping2 jun1 shou1 ru4
average income

凭票入场 憑票入場 ping2 piao4 ru4 chang3
admission by ticket only

破门而入 破門而入 po4 men2 er2 ru4
to break the door down and enter (idiom)

签入 簽入 qian1 ru4
to log on; to log in

迁入 遷入 qian1 ru4
to move in (to new lodging)

潜入 潛入 qian2 ru4
to submerge; to infiltrate; to steal into

嵌入 嵌入 qian4 ru4
to insert; to embed

嵌入式衣柜 嵌入式衣櫃 qian4 ru4 shi4 yi1 gui4
built-in closet

敲入 敲入 qiao1 ru4
to key in; to input

切入 切入 qie1 ru4
to cut into; to incise; to penetrate deeply into (a topic, area etc); cut (offensive moves in basketball)

侵入 侵入 qin1 ru4
to make (military) incursions; to invade; to intrude into; to trespass; to gain unauthorized access (computing)

侵入家宅者 侵入家宅者 qin1 ru4 jia1 zhai2 zhe3
housebreaker; burglar

侵入性 侵入性 qin1 ru4 xing4
invasive (e.g. disease or procedure)

侵入岩 侵入岩 qin1 ru4 yan2
intrusive rock

侵入者 侵入者 qin1 ru4 zhe3
intruder; invader

沁入 沁入 qin4 ru4
to seep

请君入瓮 請君入甕 qing3 jun1 ru4 weng4
lit. please Sir, get into the boiling pot (idiom); fig. to give sb a taste of his own medicine

日出而作,日入而息 日出而作,日入而息 ri4 chu1 er2 zuo4 - ri4 ru4 er2 xi1
lit. to get up at sunrise and work until sunset (proverb); fig. to lead a plain and hardworking life

融入 融入 rong2 ru4
to blend into; to integrate; to assimilate; to merge

入禀 入稟 ru4 bing3
to file (law)

入不敷出 入不敷出 ru4 bu4 fu1 chu1
income does not cover expenditure; unable to make ends meet

入场 入場 ru4 chang3
to enter the venue for a meeting; to enter into an examination; to enter a stadium, arena etc

入场费 入場費 ru4 chang3 fei4
admission fee

入场券 入場券 ru4 chang3 quan4
admission ticket

入场式 入場式 ru4 chang3 shi4
ceremonial entry; opening procession

入党 入黨 ru4 dang3
to join a political party (esp. the Communist Party)

入道 入道 ru4 dao4
to enter the Way; to become a Daoist

入风口 入風口 ru4 feng1 kou3
air intake vent

入股 入股 ru4 gu3
to invest

入关 入關 ru4 guan1
to enter a pass; to go through customs

入海口 入海口 ru4 hai3 kou3

入户 入戶 ru4 hu4
to obtain a residence permit

入会 入會 ru4 hui4
to join a society, association etc

入伙 入伙 ru4 huo3
to join a group; to become a member

入籍 入籍 ru4 ji2
to become naturalized; to become a citizen

入境 入境 ru4 jing4
to enter a country; immigration

入境签证 入境簽證 ru4 jing4 qian1 zheng4
entry visa

入境随俗 入境隨俗 ru4 jing4 sui2 su2
When you enter a country, follow the local customs (idiom); do as the natives do; When in Rome, do as the Romans do

入境问俗 入境問俗 ru4 jing4 wen4 su2
When you enter a country, enquire about the local customs (idiom); do as the natives do; When in Rome, do as the Romans do

入口 入口 ru4 kou3
entrance; to import

入口就化 入口就化 ru4 kou3 jiu4 hua4
to melt in one's mouth

入口网 入口網 ru4 kou3 wang3
Web portal; (enterprise) portal

入口页 入口頁 ru4 kou3 ye4
web portal

入联 入聯 ru4 lian2
to join an alliance; admission to the United Nations

入殓 入殮 ru4 lian4
to put dead body in coffin

入门 入門 ru4 men2
entrance door; to enter a door; introduction (to a subject)

入门课程 入門課程 ru4 men2 ke4 cheng2
introductory course; primer

入盟 入盟 ru4 meng2
to join (e.g. union or alliance)

入迷 入迷 ru4 mi2
to be fascinated; to be enchanted

入眠 入眠 ru4 mian2
to fall asleep

入木三分 入木三分 ru4 mu4 san1 fen1
written in a forceful hand; penetrating; profound

入涅 入涅 ru4 nie4
to enter nirvana (Buddhism)

入侵 入侵 ru4 qin1
to invade

入侵者 入侵者 ru4 qin1 zhe3

入情入理 入情入理 ru4 qing2 ru4 li3
sensible and reasonable (idiom)

入球 入球 ru4 qiu2
to score a goal; goal

入肉 入肉 ru4 rou4
to have intercourse; to fuck

入神 入神 ru4 shen2
to be enthralled; to be entranced

入声 入聲 ru4 sheng1
entering tone; checked tone; one of the four tones of Middle Chinese

入圣 入聖 ru4 sheng4
to become an arhat (Buddhism)

入时 入時 ru4 shi2

入世 入世 ru4 shi4
to join the WTO; to enter the world; secular

入手 入手 ru4 shou3
to begin; to set one's hand to

入睡 入睡 ru4 shui4
to fall asleep

入土 入土 ru4 tu3
to bury; buried; interred

入土为安 入土為安 ru4 tu3 wei2 an1
buried and at rest (idiom); Resquiescat in pacem (RIP)

入团 入團 ru4 tuan2
to enroll in the Communist Youth League

入微 入微 ru4 wei1
down to the smallest detail; thoroughgoing; fine and detailed

入围 入圍 ru4 wei2
to get past the qualifying round; to make it to the finals

入味 入味 ru4 wei4
tasty; to be absorbed in sth; interesting

入伍 入伍 ru4 wu3
to enter the army; to enlist

入伍生 入伍生 ru4 wu3 sheng1
newly enlisted officer student; cadet

入息 入息 ru4 xi1
income (Hong Kong)

入席 入席 ru4 xi2
to take one's seat

入乡随俗 入鄉隨俗 ru4 xiang1 sui2 su2
When you enter a village, follow the local customs (idiom); do as the natives do; When in Rome, do as the Romans do

入选 入選 ru4 xuan3
to be chosen; to be elected as

入学 入學 ru4 xue2
to enter a school or college; to go to school for the first time as a child

入学率 入學率 ru4 xue2 lv4
percentage of children who enter school

入眼 入眼 ru4 yan3
pleasing to the eye; nice to look at

入药 入藥 ru4 yao4
to use in medicine

入夜 入夜 ru4 ye4

入狱 入獄 ru4 yu4
to go to jail; to be sent to prison

入院 入院 ru4 yuan4
to enter hospital; to be hospitalized

入月 入月 ru4 yue4
(of women) beginning of menstrual cycle; full-term gestation

入住 入住 ru4 zhu4
to check in (at a hotel etc)

入赘 入贅 ru4 zhui4
to go and live with one's wife's family, in effect becoming a member of her family

入樽 入樽 ru4 zun1
slam dunk

入座 入座 ru4 zuo4
to seat (sb in a restaurant etc); to take one's seat

上天入地 上天入地 shang4 tian1 ru4 di4
lit. to go up to heaven or down to Hades (idiom); fig. to go to great lengths; to search heaven and earth

上天无路,入地无门 上天無路,入地無門 shang4 tian1 wu2 lu4 - ru4 di4 wu2 men2
lit. there is no road to the sky, nor door into the earth (idiom); fig. to be at the end of one's rope; to be trapped in a hopeless situation

奢入俭难 奢入儉難 she1 ru4 jian3 nan2
it is hard to become frugal after becoming accustomed to luxury (idiom)

摄入 攝入 she4 ru4
to take in; to absorb; to consume; intake; consumption

摄入量 攝入量 she4 ru4 liang4
intake (quantity)

深入 深入 shen1 ru4
to penetrate deeply; thorough

深入浅出 深入淺出 shen1 ru4 qian3 chu1
to explain a complicated subject matter in simple terms (idiom); (of language) simple and easy to understand

深入人心 深入人心 shen1 ru4 ren2 xin1
to enter deeply into people's hearts; to have a real impact on the people (idiom)

深入显出 深入顯出 shen1 ru4 xian3 chu1
see 深入淺出|深入浅出

慎入 慎入 shen4 ru4
keep away!; proceed with caution!

渗入 滲入 shen4 ru4
to permeate

升堂入室 升堂入室 sheng1 tang2 ru4 shi4
lit. to reach the main room and enter the chamber (idiom); fig. to gradually attain proficiency; to attain a higher level

驶入 駛入 shi3 ru4
(of a car, ship, train etc) to enter

市场准入 市場准入 shi4 chang3 zhun3 ru4
access to markets

收入 收入 shou1 ru4
to take in; income; revenue

收入政策 收入政策 shou1 ru4 zheng4 ce4
income policy

输入 輸入 shu1 ru4
to import; to input

输入法 輸入法 shu1 ru4 fa3
input method

输入设备 輸入設備 shu1 ru4 she4 bei4
input device (computer)

输入系统 輸入系統 shu1 ru4 xi4 tong3
input system; data entry system

刷入 刷入 shua1 ru4
to flash; to overwrite the firmware (computing)

四舍五入 四捨五入 si4 she3 wu3 ru4
to round up to the nearest integer; to discard four, but treat five as whole (of decimal points)

岁入 歲入 sui4 ru4
annual revenue; annual income

体贴入微 體貼入微 ti3 tie1 ru4 wei1
to show every possible consideration (idiom); meticulous care

体恤入微 體恤入微 ti3 xu4 ru4 wei1
to emphasize down to last detail (idiom); to show every possible consideration; meticulous care

投入 投入 tou2 ru4
to throw into; to put into; to throw oneself into; to participate in; to invest in; absorbed; engrossed

脱亚入欧 脫亞入歐 tuo1 ya4 ru4 ou1
to abandon the old (Asian) ways and learn from Europe; refers to the ideas that led to the Meiji Restoration and Japan's subsequent colonization projects in Asia

五笔输入法 五筆輸入法 wu3 bi3 shu1 ru4 fa3
five stroke input method for Chinese characters by numbered strokes, invented by Wang Yongmin 王永民 in 1983

悟入 悟入 wu4 ru4
to understand; to comprehend the ultimate essence of things (Buddhism)

误入歧途 誤入歧途 wu4 ru4 qi2 tu2
to take a wrong step in life (idiom); to go astray

误入歧途效应 誤入歧途效應 wu4 ru4 qi2 tu2 xiao4 ying4
garden path effect

吸入 吸入 xi1 ru4
to breathe in; to suck in; to inhale

吸入阀 吸入閥 xi1 ru4 fa2
suction valve

吸入剂 吸入劑 xi1 ru4 ji4

吸入器 吸入器 xi1 ru4 qi4

先入为主 先入為主 xian1 ru4 wei2 zhu3
lit. first impression is strongest

陷入 陷入 xian4 ru4
to sink into; to get caught up in; to land in (a predicament)

陷入绝境 陷入絕境 xian4 ru4 jue2 jing4
to fall into impasse

陷入牢笼 陷入牢籠 xian4 ru4 lao2 long2
to fall into a trap; ensnared

想入非非 想入非非 xiang3 ru4 fei1 fei1
to indulge in fantasy (idiom); to let one's imagination run wild

选入 選入 xuan3 ru4
selected (for admission); elected

羊入虎口 羊入虎口 yang2 ru4 hu3 kou3
lit. a lamb in a tiger's den (idiom); fig. to tread dangerous ground

一击入洞 一擊入洞 yi1 ji1 ru4 dong4
hole in one (golf)

一拥而入 一擁而入 yi1 yong1 er2 ru4
to swarm in (of people etc) (idiom)

引狗入寨 引狗入寨 yin3 gou3 ru4 zhai4
to lead the wolf into the woodpile (idiom); to leave oneself open to attack; to act imprudently, asking for trouble

引狼入室 引狼入室 yin3 lang2 ru4 shi4
to lead the wolf into the house (idiom); to leave oneself open to attack; to act imprudently, asking for trouble

引人入胜 引人入勝 yin3 ren2 ru4 sheng4
to enchant; fascinating

引入 引入 yin3 ru4
to draw into; to pull into; to introduce

引入迷途 引入迷途 yin3 ru4 mi2 tu2
to mislead; to lead astray

引水入墙 引水入牆 yin3 shui3 ru4 qiang2
lit. to lead the water through the wall; to ask for trouble (idiom)

营业收入 營業收入 ying2 ye4 shou1 ru4

涌入 湧入 yong3 ru4
to come pouring in; influx

鱼贯而入 魚貫而入 yu2 guan4 er2 ru4
to walk in in a line

预期收入票据 預期收入票據 yu4 qi1 shou1 ru4 piao4 ju4
revenue anticipation note (RAN, financing)

月收入 月收入 yue4 shou1 ru4
monthly income

载入 載入 zai3 ru4
to load into; to record; to write into; to enter (data); to go into (the records); to go down (in history)

再入 再入 zai4 ru4
to re-enter

植入 植入 zhi2 ru4
to implant

植入式广告 植入式廣告 zhi2 ru4 shi4 guang3 gao4
product placement

置入 置入 zhi4 ru4
to insert; to implant; to embed; to introduce (a new element) into

置入性行销 置入性行銷 zhi4 ru4 xing4 xing2 xiao1
product placement

注入 注入 zhu4 ru4
to pour into; to empty into

转入 轉入 zhuan3 ru4
change over to; shift to; switch to

转入地下 轉入地下 zhuan3 ru4 di4 xia4
to go underground; to turn to secret activities

装入 裝入 zhuang1 ru4
to load

坠入 墜入 zhui4 ru4
to drop into; to fall into

坠入情网 墜入情網 zhui4 ru4 qing2 wang3
to fall in love

准入 准入 zhun3 ru4
access; admittance

总收入 總收入 zong3 shou1 ru4
gross income

走入 走入 zou3 ru4
to walk into