canon; law; standard work of scholarship; literary quotation or allusion; ceremony; to be in charge of; to mortgage or pawn

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
百科词典 百科詞典 bai3 ke1 ci2 dian3
encyclopedic dictionary

百科事典 百科事典 bai3 ke1 shi4 dian3

宝典 寶典 bao3 dian3
canonical text; treasury (i.e. book of treasured wisdom)

毕典 畢典 bi4 dian3
graduation ceremony; (Tw) (coll.) to graduate; abbr. for 畢業典禮|毕业典礼

毕业典礼 畢業典禮 bi4 ye4 dian3 li3
graduation ceremony; commencement exercises

操典 操典 cao1 dian3
drill book

成语典故 成語典故 cheng2 yu3 dian3 gu4
historical or literary anecdote that gives rise to a saying

唇典 唇典 chun2 dian3
argot; codeword

词典 詞典 ci2 dian3
dictionary (of Chinese compound words); also written 辭典|辞典

辞典 辭典 ci2 dian3
dictionary (of Chinese compound words); also written 詞典|词典

词典学 詞典學 ci2 dian3 xue2

大典 大典 da4 dian3
ceremony; collection of classical writings

典藏 典藏 dian3 cang2
repository of items of cultural significance; collection

典当 典當 dian3 dang4
to pawn; pawnshop

典范 典範 dian3 fan4
model; example; paragon

典故 典故 dian3 gu4
classical story or quote from the literature

典籍 典籍 dian3 ji2
ancient books or records

典礼 典禮 dian3 li3
celebration; ceremony

典型 典型 dian3 xing2
model; typical case; archetype; typical; representative

典型登革热 典型登革熱 dian3 xing2 deng1 ge2 re4
dengue fever

典型化 典型化 dian3 xing2 hua4
stereotype; exemplar; typification

典型用途 典型用途 dian3 xing2 yong4 tu2
typical use; typical application

典押 典押 dian3 ya1
see 典當|典当

典雅 典雅 dian3 ya3
refined; elegant

典狱长 典獄長 dian3 yu4 zhang3

典章 典章 dian3 zhang1
institution; institutional

典质 典質 dian3 zhi4
to mortgage; to pawn

恩典 恩典 en1 dian3
favor; grace

法典 法典 fa3 dian3
legal code; statute

非典 非典 fei1 dian3
atypical pneumonia; Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome; SARS

非典型肺炎 非典型肺炎 fei1 dian3 xing2 fei4 yan2
atypical pneumonia; Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome; SARS

佛典 佛典 fo2 dian3
Buddhist scriptures; Buddhist classics

古典 古典 gu3 dian3

古典派 古典派 gu3 dian3 pai4

古典文学 古典文學 gu3 dian3 wen2 xue2
classical literature

古典音乐 古典音樂 gu3 dian3 yin1 yue4
classical music

古典语言 古典語言 gu3 dian3 yu3 yan2
classical language

古典乐 古典樂 gu3 dian3 yue4
classical music (mainly Western)

古雅典 古雅典 gu3 ya3 dian3
ancient Athens

故典 故典 gu4 dian3
old classics; old customs; cause

汉语大词典 漢語大詞典 han4 yu3 da4 ci2 dian3
Hanyu Da Cidian, the most comprehensive Chinese dictionary with over 375,000 word entries, first published between 1986-1994

汉语大字典 漢語大字典 han4 yu3 da4 zi4 dian3
Hanyu Da Zidian, one of the most comprehensive Chinese character dictionaries with 54,678 (and later 60,370) entries, first published between 1986-1990

婚典 婚典 hun1 dian3
wedding; marriage celebration

活字典 活字典 huo2 zi4 dian3
walking dictionary; well-informed person

祭典 祭典 ji4 dian3
sacrificial ceremony; religious festival

经典 經典 jing1 dian3
the classics; scriptures; classical; classic (example, case etc); typical

经典案例 經典案例 jing1 dian3 an4 li4
case study; classic example

经典场论 經典場論 jing1 dian3 chang3 lun4
classical field theory (physics)

经典动力系统 經典動力系統 jing1 dian3 dong4 li4 xi4 tong3
classical dynamical system (physics)

就职典礼 就職典禮 jiu4 zhi2 dian3 li3

开幕典礼 開幕典禮 kai1 mu4 dian3 li3
opening ceremony

康熙字典 康熙字典 kang1 xi1 zi4 dian3
the Kangxi Dictionary, named after the Kangxi Emperor, who in 1710 ordered its compilation, containing 47,035 single-character entries

类属词典 類屬詞典 lei4 shu3 ci2 dian3

类语辞典 類語辭典 lei4 yu3 ci2 dian3

路透金融词典 路透金融詞典 lu4 tou4 jin1 rong2 ci2 dian3
Reuter's Financial Glossary

民法典 民法典 min2 fa3 dian3
civil code

破土典礼 破土典禮 po4 tu3 dian3 li3
ground breaking ceremony

庆典 慶典 qing4 dian3

瑞典 瑞典 rui4 dian3

瑞典人 瑞典人 rui4 dian3 ren2

瑞典语 瑞典語 rui4 dian3 yu3
Swedish (language)

盛典 盛典 sheng4 dian3
majestic pomp; grand ceremony

圣典 聖典 sheng4 dian3
sacred writing; canon

事典 事典 shi4 dian3

释典 釋典 shi4 dian3
Buddhist doctrine; sutras

数典忘祖 數典忘祖 shu3 dian3 wang4 zu3
to recount history but omit one's ancestors (idiom); to forget one's roots

外典写作 外典寫作 wai4 dian3 xie3 zuo4
apocryphal writings

维基词典 維基詞典 wei2 ji1 ci2 dian3
Wiktionary (online dictionary)

邪典电影 邪典電影 xie2 dian3 dian4 ying3
cult film

新古典 新古典 xin1 gu3 dian3

新古典主义 新古典主義 xin1 gu3 dian3 zhu3 yi4

心理词典 心理詞典 xin1 li3 ci2 dian3
mental lexicon

袖珍辞典 袖珍辭典 xiu4 zhen1 ci2 dian3
pocket dictionary

雅典 雅典 ya3 dian3
Athens, capital of Greece

雅典的泰门 雅典的泰門 ya3 dian3 de5 tai4 men2
Timon of Athens, 1607 tragedy by William Shakespeare 莎士比亞|莎士比亚

雅典娜 雅典娜 ya3 dian3 na4

雅典卫城 雅典衛城 ya3 dian3 wei4 cheng2
the Acropolis (Athens)

药典 藥典 yao4 dian3

仪典 儀典 yi2 dian3

引经据典 引經據典 yin3 jing1 ju4 dian3
lit. to quote the classics; to quote chapter and verse (idiom)

永乐大典 永樂大典 yong3 le4 da4 dian3
the Yongle Great Encyclopedia (1408)

犹太法典 猶太法典 you2 tai4 fa3 dian3
the Talmud

重典 重典 zhong4 dian3
important classic text; cruel torture; severe punishment

字典 字典 zi4 dian3
dictionary; character dictionary