extraneous; redundant; superfluous; busy schedule

variant of 冗

strokes 4
strokes after radical 2
拨冗 撥冗 bo1 rong3
to find time to do sth in the midst of pressing affairs

烦冗 煩冗 fan2 rong3
diverse and complicated (of one's affairs); prolix (of speech, writing etc)

繁冗 繁冗 fan2 rong3
variant of 煩冗|烦冗

流冗 流冗 liu2 rong3
the unemployed workforce

冗笔 冗筆 rong3 bi3
superfluous words (in writing); superfluous strokes (in calligraphy)

冗兵 冗兵 rong3 bing1
superfluous troops

冗长 冗長 rong3 chang2
long and tedious; redundant; superfluous; supernumerary; verbose (of writing)

冗长度 冗長度 rong3 chang2 du4
(level of) redundancy

冗辞 冗辭 rong3 ci2
variant of 冗詞|冗词

冗词 冗詞 rong3 ci2
tautology; superfluous words

冗繁 冗繁 rong3 fan2

冗费 冗費 rong3 fei4
unnecessary expenses

冗官 冗官 rong3 guan1
redundant officials

冗冗 冗冗 rong3 rong3
numerous; excessive; multitude

冗散 冗散 rong3 san3
idle; unemployed

冗食 冗食 rong3 shi2
eating without working

冗数 冗數 rong3 shu4
redundant number

冗条子 冗條子 rong3 tiao2 zi5
unwanted branches (of a tree etc)

冗位 冗位 rong3 wei4
redundant position

冗务 冗務 rong3 wu4
miscellaneous affairs

冗言 冗言 rong3 yan2
pleonasm (linguistics)

冗余 冗餘 rong3 yu2
redundancy; redundant

冗语 冗語 rong3 yu3
verbosity; verbose speech

冗员 冗員 rong3 yuan2
excess personnel; superfluous staff

冗杂 冗雜 rong3 za2
many and varied; confused

冗职 冗職 rong3 zhi2
redundant position

冗赘 冗贅 rong3 zhui4

冗赘词 冗贅詞 rong3 zhui4 ci2
expletive (linguistics)

闲冗 閑冗 xian2 rong3
officials with light duties; supernumeraries