to stick out; protruding; convex; male (connector etc); Taiwan pr.

strokes 5
strokes after radical 3
U凸内裤 U凸內褲 - tu1 nei4 ku4
contour pouch brief (men's underwear)

凹凸 凹凸 ao1 tu1
concave or convex; bumps and holes; uneven (surface); rugged

凹凸不平 凹凸不平 ao1 tu1 bu4 ping2
uneven (surface); bumpy (road)

凹凸形 凹凸形 ao1 tu1 xing2
crenelated; corrugated

凹凸性 凹凸性 ao1 tu1 xing4
concavity (math.)

凹凸轧花 凹凸軋花 ao1 tu1 ya4 hua1

凹凸印刷 凹凸印刷 ao1 tu1 yin4 shua1
embossing; die stamping

激凸 激凸 ji1 tu1
protruding nipples or bulging penis (contours of intimate body parts visible through clothing)

脊柱侧凸 脊柱側凸 ji3 zhu4 ce4 tu1

绿豆凸 綠豆凸 lv4 dou4 tu1
see 綠豆椪|绿豆椪

前凸后翘 前凸後翹 qian2 tu1 hou4 qiao4
(of a woman) to have nice curves; buxom; shapely

双凸面 雙凸面 shuang1 tu1 mian4
convex on both sides (of lens); biconvex

凸版 凸版 tu1 ban3
relief printing plate

凸版印刷 凸版印刷 tu1 ban3 yin4 shua1
relief printing; typography; printing with metal plates

凸边 凸邊 tu1 bian1
rim; protruding edge

凸出 凸出 tu1 chu1
to protrude; to stick out

凸槌 凸槌 tu1 chui2
(slang) (Tw) to mess up; to screw up

凸多胞形 凸多胞形 tu1 duo1 bao1 xing2
convex polytope

凸多边形 凸多邊形 tu1 duo1 bian1 xing2
convex polygon

凸多面体 凸多面體 tu1 duo1 mian4 ti3
convex polyhedron

凸耳 凸耳 tu1 er3
flange; lug

凸镜 凸鏡 tu1 jing4
convex mirror

凸轮 凸輪 tu1 lun2

凸轮轴 凸輪軸 tu1 lun2 zhou2

凸面 凸面 tu1 mian4
convex surface

凸面镜 凸面鏡 tu1 mian4 jing4
convex mirror

凸面体 凸面體 tu1 mian4 ti3
convex body

凸起 凸起 tu1 qi3
convex; protruding; to protrude; to bulge; to buckle upwards

凸透镜 凸透鏡 tu1 tou4 jing4
convex lens

凸凸 凸凸 tu1 tu1
convex on both sides (of lens); biconvex

凸显 凸顯 tu1 xian3
to present clearly; to give prominence to; to magnify; clear and obvious

凸现 凸現 tu1 xian4
to come to prominence; to appear clearly; to stick out

凸线 凸線 tu1 xian4
convex curve

凸性 凸性 tu1 xing4

凸缘 凸緣 tu1 yuan2

凸折线 凸摺線 tu1 zhe2 xian4
convex polygonal line

盈凸月 盈凸月 ying2 tu1 yue4
full moon; waxing gibbous moon