depressed; sunken; indented; concave; female (connector etc)

variant of 窪|洼; (used in names)

strokes 5
strokes after radical 3
凹岸 凹岸 ao1 an4
concave bank

凹板 凹板 ao1 ban3
variant of 凹版

凹版 凹版 ao1 ban3
intaglio printing plate (or a print made with it)

凹槽 凹槽 ao1 cao2
recess; notch; groove; fillister

凹雕 凹雕 ao1 diao1
to engrave; to carve into

凹洞 凹洞 ao1 dong4
cavity; pit

凹度 凹度 ao1 du4

凹痕 凹痕 ao1 hen2
dent; indentation; notch; pitting

凹进 凹進 ao1 jin4
concave; recessed; dented

凹镜 凹鏡 ao1 jing4
concave mirror

凹坑 凹坑 ao1 keng1
concave depression; crater

凹面镜 凹面鏡 ao1 mian4 jing4
concave mirror

凹朴皮 凹朴皮 ao1 po4 pi2
bark of tulip tree (TCM); Cortex Liriodendri

凹入 凹入 ao1 ru4
cavity; convex opening

凹透镜 凹透鏡 ao1 tou4 jing4
concave lens

凹凸 凹凸 ao1 tu1
concave or convex; bumps and holes; uneven (surface); rugged

凹凸不平 凹凸不平 ao1 tu1 bu4 ping2
uneven (surface); bumpy (road)

凹凸形 凹凸形 ao1 tu1 xing2
crenelated; corrugated

凹凸性 凹凸性 ao1 tu1 xing4
concavity (math.)

凹凸轧花 凹凸軋花 ao1 tu1 ya4 hua1

凹凸印刷 凹凸印刷 ao1 tu1 yin4 shua1
embossing; die stamping

凹纹 凹紋 ao1 wen2
die (printing, metalwork etc)

凹陷 凹陷 ao1 xian4
to cave in; hollow; sunken; depressed

凹线 凹線 ao1 xian4

凹造型 凹造型 ao1 zao4 xing2
(coll.) to strike a pose

贾平凹 賈平凹 jia3 ping2 wa1
Jia Pingwa (1952-), Chinese novelist

山凹 山凹 shan1 ao1
mountain cave, hole, recess etc

中央凹 中央凹 zhong1 yang1 ao1
fovea centralis (depression in the macula retina, most sensitive optic region)