surname Dao

knife; blade; single-edged sword; cutlass; (slang) dollar (loanword); classifier for sets of one hundred sheets (of paper); classifier for knife cuts or stabs

strokes 2
strokes after radical 0
奥卡姆剃刀 奧卡姆剃刀 ao4 ka3 mu3 ti4 dao1
Occam's razor

宝刀不老 寶刀不老 bao3 dao1 bu4 lao3
lit. a good sword always remains sharp (idiom); fig. (of one's skills etc) to be as good as ever; the old man still has it

宝刀未老 寶刀未老 bao3 dao1 wei4 lao3
treasure knife does not age (idiom); old but still vigorous

刨笔刀 刨筆刀 bao4 bi3 dao1
pencil sharpener

刨刀 刨刀 bao4 dao1
planing tool

笔胜于刀文比武强 筆勝於刀文比武強 bi3 sheng4 yu2 dao1 wen2 bi3 wu3 qiang2
the pen is mightier than the sword (idiom)

冰刀 冰刀 bing1 dao1
ice skates; ice skate blades

菜刀 菜刀 cai4 dao1
vegetable knife; kitchen knife; cleaver

餐刀 餐刀 can1 dao1
table knife; dinner knife

操刀手 操刀手 cao1 dao1 shou3
person charged with decisive action; hatchet man

侧刀旁 側刀旁 ce4 dao1 pang2
name of "knife" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 18), occurring in 到, 利, 别 etc; see also 刂

长柄大镰刀 長柄大鐮刀 chang2 bing3 da4 lian2 dao1

吃刀 吃刀 chi1 dao1
penetration of a cutting tool

持刀 持刀 chi2 dao1
to hold a knife; knife-wielding

刺刀 刺刀 ci4 dao1

锉刀 銼刀 cuo4 dao1
file (metalworking and woodworking tool)

打薄剪刀 打薄剪刀 da3 bao2 jian3 dao1
thinning scissors

大刀 大刀 da4 dao1
broadsword; large knife; machete

大刀会 大刀會 da4 dao1 hui4
Great Sword Society, an offshoot of the White Lotus in the late Qing dynasty, involved in anti-Western activity at the time of the Boxer rebellion

大刀阔斧 大刀闊斧 da4 dao1 kuo4 fu3
bold and decisive

大剪刀 大剪刀 da4 jian3 dao1
shears; large scissors; secateurs

大镰刀 大鐮刀 da4 lian2 dao1

单刀赴会 單刀赴會 dan1 dao1 fu4 hui4
lit. to go among enemies with only one's sword (idiom); fig. to go alone into enemy lines

单刀直入 單刀直入 dan1 dao1 zhi2 ru4
to get straight to the point (idiom)

刀疤 刀疤 dao1 ba1
scar from a knife wound

刀背 刀背 dao1 bei4
back of the knife

刀笔 刀筆 dao1 bi3
writing up of official or judicial documents; pettifoggery

刀叉 刀叉 dao1 cha1
knife and fork

刀刺 刀刺 dao1 ci4
to stab; to attack with knife

刀刺性痛 刀刺性痛 dao1 ci4 xing4 tong4
lancing pain

刀锋 刀鋒 dao1 feng1
cutting edge or point of a knife, sword or tool

刀斧手 刀斧手 dao1 fu3 shou3

刀耕火种 刀耕火種 dao1 geng1 huo3 zhong4
slash and burn (agriculture)

刀光血影 刀光血影 dao1 guang1 xue4 ying3

刀剑 刀劍 dao1 jian4

刀具 刀具 dao1 ju4
cutting tool

刀锯鼎镬 刀鋸鼎鑊 dao1 ju4 ding3 huo4
knife, saw and cauldron; ancient instruments of torture; fig. torture

刀锯斧钺 刀鋸斧鉞 dao1 ju4 fu3 yue4
knife, saw, ax and hatchet (idiom); facing torture and execution

刀口 刀口 dao1 kou3
the edge of a knife; cut; incision

刀郎 刀郎 dao1 lang2
Dolan, a people of the Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, also known as 多郎

刀螂 刀螂 dao1 lang5
(dialect) mantis

刀类 刀類 dao1 lei4
knives; cutlery

刀马旦 刀馬旦 dao1 ma3 dan4
female warrior role in Chinese opera

刀片 刀片 dao1 pian4
blade; razor blade; tool bit

刀枪 刀槍 dao1 qiang1
sword and spear; weapons

刀枪不入 刀槍不入 dao1 qiang1 bu4 ru4
lit. impervious to sword or spear (idiom); fig. invulnerable; untouchable; thick-skinned; impervious to criticism

刀鞘 刀鞘 dao1 qiao4

刀刃 刀刃 dao1 ren4
knife blade; crucial point

刀山火海 刀山火海 dao1 shan1 huo3 hai3
lit. mountains of daggers and seas of flames; fig. extreme danger (idiom)

刀身 刀身 dao1 shen1
blade (of a knife or sword)

刀削面 刀削麵 dao1 xiao1 mian4
knife-shaved noodles (pared or shaved into strips), a Shanxi specialty

刀叶 刀葉 dao1 ye4

刀鱼 刀魚 dao1 yu2
tapertail anchovy (Coilia ectenes); various species of cutlassfish; saury

刀子 刀子 dao1 zi5

刀子嘴,豆腐心 刀子嘴,豆腐心 dao1 zi5 zui3 - dou4 fu5 xin1
to have a sharp tongue but a soft heart (idiom)

刀子嘴巴,豆腐心 刀子嘴巴,豆腐心 dao1 zi5 zui3 ba5 - dou4 fu5 xin1
lit. knife mouth but heart of bean curd; sharp tongue concealing a caring heart

刀俎 刀俎 dao1 zu3
sacrificial knife and altar

掇刀 掇刀 duo1 dao1
Duodao district of Jingmen city 荊門市|荆门市, Hubei

掇刀区 掇刀區 duo1 dao1 qu1
Duodao district of Jingmen city 荊門市|荆门市, Hubei

二把刀 二把刀 er4 ba3 dao1
inexpert; a botcher

番刀 番刀 fan1 dao1
type of machete used by Taiwan aborigines, worn at the waist in an open-sided scabbard

放下屠刀,立地成佛 放下屠刀,立地成佛 fang4 xia4 tu2 dao1 - li4 di4 cheng2 fo2
lay down butcher's knife, become a Buddha on the spot (idiom); instant rehabilitation; to repent and be absolved of one's crimes

飞刀 飛刀 fei1 dao1
a throwing knife; fly cutter (machine tool)

封刀 封刀 feng1 dao1
to hang up the sword

钢刀 鋼刀 gang1 dao1
steel knife; sword

杠刀 槓刀 gang4 dao1
to sharpen a knife (or razor etc)

割鸡焉用牛刀 割雞焉用牛刀 ge1 ji1 yan1 yong4 niu2 dao1
lit. why use a pole-ax to slaughter a chicken? (idiom); fig. to waste effort on a trifling matter; also written 殺雞焉用牛刀|杀鸡焉用牛刀

刮刀 刮刀 gua1 dao1
spatula; scraper

刮胡刀 刮鬍刀 gua1 hu2 dao1

刮皮刀 刮皮刀 gua1 pi2 dao1
peeler; potato peeler

滚刀块 滾刀塊 gun3 dao1 kuai4
chunks obtained by repeatedly cutting a vegetable diagonally and rotating the vegetable after each cut

滚刀肉 滾刀肉 gun3 dao1 rou4
annoying person; troublemaker; pain in the neck

桁杨刀锯 桁楊刀鋸 hang2 yang2 dao1 ju4
lit. stocks and knives; fig. any punishment equipment; torture instrument

横刀夺爱 橫刀奪愛 heng2 dao1 duo2 ai4
to rob sb of sth they cherish (idiom)

火海刀山 火海刀山 huo3 hai3 dao1 shan1
see 刀山火海

尖刀 尖刀 jian1 dao1

剪刀 剪刀 jian3 dao1

剪刀差 剪刀差 jian3 dao1 cha1
prices scissor (caught between low income and high prices)

绞刀 絞刀 jiao3 dao1

铰刀 鉸刀 jiao3 dao1
reamer; scissors

戒刀 戒刀 jie4 dao1
Buddhist monk's knife (not used for killing)

借刀杀人 借刀殺人 jie4 dao1 sha1 ren2
to lend sb a knife to kill sb; to get sb else to do one's dirty work; to attack using the strength of another (idiom)

卷笔刀 卷筆刀 juan3 bi3 dao1
pencil sharpener (blade-only type)

军刀 軍刀 jun1 dao1
military knife; saber

开刀 開刀 kai1 dao1
(of a surgeon) to perform an operation; (of a patient) to have an operation; to decapitate; to behead; to single out as a point of attack

开山刀 開山刀 kai1 shan1 dao1

砍刀 砍刀 kan3 dao1

跨刀 跨刀 kua4 dao1
to appear in sb's show; to give one's support

快刀断乱麻 快刀斷亂麻 kuai4 dao1 duan4 luan4 ma2
lit. quick sword cuts through tangled hemp (idiom); decisive action in a complex situation; cutting the Gordian knot

快刀斩乱麻 快刀斬亂麻 kuai4 dao1 zhan3 luan4 ma2
lit. quick sword cuts through tangled hemp (idiom); decisive action in a complex situation; cutting the Gordian knot

利刀 利刀 li4 dao1
sharp knife; knife (weapon)

立刀旁 立刀旁 li4 dao1 pang2
name of "knife" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 18), occurring in 到, 利, 别 etc; see also 刂

镰刀 鐮刀 lian2 dao1
sickle; curved blade to cut grain

镰刀斧头 鐮刀斧頭 lian2 dao1 fu3 tou2
the hammer and sickle (flag of USSR, symbolizing rural and proletarian labor)

镰刀细胞贫血 鐮刀細胞貧血 lian2 dao1 xi4 bao1 pin2 xue4
sickle cell anemia

两肋插刀 兩肋插刀 liang3 lei4 cha1 dao1
lit. knifes piercing both sides (idiom); fig. to attach a great importance to friendship, up to the point of being able to sacrifice oneself for it

两面三刀 兩面三刀 liang3 mian4 san1 dao1
two-faced, three knives (idiom); double-cross; double dealing and back stabbing

猎刀 獵刀 lie4 dao1
hunting knife

柳叶刀 柳葉刀 liu3 ye4 dao1
lancet (surgeon's knife)

螺刀 螺刀 luo2 dao1

螺丝刀 螺絲刀 luo2 si1 dao1

马刀 馬刀 ma3 dao1
saber; cavalry sword

美刀 美刀 mei3 dao1
(slang) US dollar; USD

美工刀 美工刀 mei3 gong1 dao1
utility knife; box cutter

磨刀 磨刀 mo2 dao1
to hone (a knife)

磨刀霍霍 磨刀霍霍 mo2 dao1 huo4 huo4
lit. to sharpen one's sword (idiom); fig. to prepare to attack; to be getting ready for battle

磨刀石 磨刀石 mo2 dao1 shi2
whetstone (for honing knives)

抹刀 抹刀 mo3 dao1
scraper; trowel; putty knife

泥刀 泥刀 ni2 dao1

拼刺刀 拼刺刀 pin1 ci4 dao1
bayonet charge

铅笔刀 鉛筆刀 qian1 bi3 dao1
pencil sharpener

千刀万剐 千刀萬剮 qian1 dao1 wan4 gua3
to make mincemeat of sb; to hack sb to pieces (used while cursing)

潜水刀 潛水刀 qian2 shui3 dao1
dive knife

切刀 切刀 qie1 dao1
cutter; knife

切肉刀 切肉刀 qie1 rou4 dao1
meat cleaver

秋刀鱼 秋刀魚 qiu1 dao1 yu2
Pacific saury (Cololabis saira)

人为刀俎,我为鱼肉 人為刀俎,我為魚肉 ren2 wei2 dao1 zu3 - wo3 wei2 yu2 rou4
lit. to be the meat on sb's chopping block (idiom); fig. to be at sb's mercy

日本刀 日本刀 ri4 ben3 dao1
Japanese sword; katana

软刀子 軟刀子 ruan3 dao1 zi5
(lit.) the soft knife; (fig.) underhanded tactics; devious means of attack

瑞士军刀 瑞士軍刀 rui4 shi4 jun1 dao1
Swiss Army knife

色字头上一把刀 色字頭上一把刀 se4 zi4 tou2 shang4 yi1 ba3 dao1
lit. there is a knife above the character for lust; fig. lascivious activities can lead to bitter consequences

杀鸡焉用牛刀 殺雞焉用牛刀 sha1 ji1 yan1 yong4 niu2 dao1
don't use a sledgehammer on a nut; aquila non capit muscam

时间是把杀猪刀 時間是把殺豬刀 shi2 jian1 shi4 ba3 sha1 zhu1 dao1
lit. time is a butcher's knife; fig. time marches on, relentless and unforgiving; nothing gold can stay

十字头螺刀 十字頭螺刀 shi2 zi4 tou2 luo2 dao1
Phillips screwdriver (i.e. with cross slit)

手刀 手刀 shou3 dao1
hand formed into a flat shape, as for a karate chop

水果刀 水果刀 shui3 guo3 dao1
paring knife; fruit knife

弹簧刀 彈簧刀 tan2 huang2 dao1
flick knife; switchblade; spring-loaded knife

剃刀 剃刀 ti4 dao1

剃须刀 剃鬚刀 ti4 xu1 dao1
shaver; razor

天上下刀子 天上下刀子 tian1 shang4 xia4 dao1 zi5
lit. knives rain down from the sky (idiom); fig. (even if) the sky crumbles

调药刀 調藥刀 tiao2 yao4 dao1

屠刀 屠刀 tu2 dao1
butcher's knife; abattoir hatchet

武士刀 武士刀 wu3 shi4 dao1

细磨刀石 細磨刀石 xi4 mo4 dao1 shi2
whetstone (for honing knives)

小刀 小刀 xiao3 dao1

小刀会 小刀會 xiao3 dao1 hui4
Dagger Society, anti-Qing secret society who mounted an unsuccessful rebellion in 1855

笑里藏刀 笑裡藏刀 xiao4 li3 cang2 dao1
lit. a dagger hidden in smiles (idiom); friendly manners belying hypocritical intentions; when the fox preaches, look to the geese

心如刀割 心如刀割 xin1 ru2 dao1 ge1
to feel as if having one's heart cut out (idiom); to be torn with grief

心如刀绞 心如刀絞 xin1 ru2 dao1 jiao3
to feel a pain like a knife being twisted in one's heart (idiom)

凶刀 凶刀 xiong1 dao1
murder weapon (i.e. knife)

一刀两断 一刀兩斷 yi1 dao1 liang3 duan4
lit. two segments with a single cut (idiom); fig. to make a clean break (idiom)

一刀切 一刀切 yi1 dao1 qie1
lit. to cut all at one stroke (idiom); to impose uniformity; one solution fits a diversity of problems; one size fits all

油灰刀 油灰刀 you2 hui1 dao1
putty knife

铡刀 鍘刀 zha2 dao1
lever-style guillotine (for chopping fodder etc)

折刀 折刀 zhe2 dao1
clasp knife; folding knife

折刀儿 折刀兒 zhe2 dao1 er5
a clasp knife; a folding knife

真刀真枪 真刀真槍 zhen1 dao1 zhen1 qiang1
real swords, real spears (idiom); real weapons; very much for real; every bit real; the genuine article

指甲刀 指甲刀 zhi3 jia5 dao1
nail clipper

竹刀 竹刀 zhu2 dao1
shinai (bamboo sword for kendō)

转笔刀 轉筆刀 zhuan4 bi3 dao1
pencil sharpener