surname Diao

artful; wicked

strokes 2
strokes after radical 0
百般刁难 百般刁難 bai3 ban1 diao1 nan2
to put up innumerable obstacles; to create all kinds of difficulties (idiom)

刁藩都 刁藩都 diao1 fan1 dou1
Diophantus of Alexandria (3rd century AD), Greek mathematician

刁藩都方程 刁藩都方程 diao1 fan1 dou1 fang1 cheng2
Diophantine equation

刁妇 刁婦 diao1 fu4
shrew; virago

刁滑 刁滑 diao1 hua2
artful; crafty

刁蛮 刁蠻 diao1 man2
crafty and unruly

刁难 刁難 diao1 nan4
to be hard on sb; to deliberately make things difficult

刁钻 刁鑽 diao1 zuan1
crafty; tricky

放刁 放刁 fang4 diao1
to act wickedly; to bully; to make life difficult for sb by unreasonable actions

石刁柏 石刁柏 shi2 diao1 bai3