definitely; absolutely (not); (scoffing or dismissive interjection) Yeah, right.; Tut!; to grind; close to; eager; to correspond to; see also 反切

to cut; to slice; tangent (math)

strokes 4
strokes after radical 2
哀哭切齿 哀哭切齒 ai1 ku1 qie4 chi3
weeping and gnashing one's teeth (idiom)

爱情征服一切 愛情征服一切 ai4 qing2 zheng1 fu2 yi1 qie4
love conquers all; omnia vincit amor

奥切诺斯 奧切諾斯 ao4 qie1 nuo4 si1
Oceanus, Titan God of the seas before Poseidon

白切鸡 白切雞 bai2 qie1 ji1
Cantonese poached chicken, known as "white cut chicken"

包皮环切 包皮環切 bao1 pi2 huan2 qie1

包皮环切术 包皮環切術 bao1 pi2 huan2 qie1 shu4

悲切 悲切 bei1 qie4

柏蒂切利 柏蒂切利 bo2 di4 qie4 li4
Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) Italian painter of the Florentine school

不顾一切 不顧一切 bu4 gu4 yi1 qie4
reckless; regardless of everything

不切合实际 不切合實際 bu4 qie4 he2 shi2 ji4
impractical; not conforming to reality

不切实际 不切實際 bu4 qie4 shi2 ji4
unrealistic; impractical

裁切 裁切 cai2 qie1
to crop; to trim

操切 操切 cao1 qie4
rash; hasty

单位切向量 單位切向量 dan1 wei4 qie1 xiang4 liang4
unit tangent vector

低低切切 低低切切 di1 di1 qie4 qie4
in a low voice; whispered

帝王切开 帝王切開 di4 wang2 qie1 kai1
Cesarean section

洞察一切 洞察一切 dong4 cha2 yi1 qie4
to see everything clearly

反切 反切 fan3 qie4
traditional system expressing the phonetic value of a Chinese character using two other characters, the first for the initial consonant, the second for the rhyme and tone

风切变 風切變 feng1 qie1 bian4
wind shear (meteorology)

噶拉·多杰·仁波切 噶拉·多傑·仁波切 ga2 la1 - duo1 jie2 - ren2 bo1 qie4
Garab Dorje Rinpoche, succession of Buthanese religious leaders

关切 關切 guan1 qie4
to be deeply concerned; to be troubled (by)

关系密切 關係密切 guan1 xi4 mi4 qie4
close relationship; intimately related

横切 橫切 heng2 qie1
to cut across; a horizontal cut

划切 劃切 hua2 qie4
to slice; to dice

急切 急切 ji2 qie4
eager; impatient

家丑不可外传,流言切莫轻信 家醜不可外傳,流言切莫輕信 jia1 chou3 bu4 ke3 wai4 chuan2 - liu2 yan2 qie4 mo4 qing1 xin4
Don't spread abroad the shame of the family, don't believe rumors lightly. (idiom); Don't wash your dirty linen in public, don't listen to others' gossip.

剪切 剪切 jian3 qie1
to shear; shearing (force); (computing) to cut (as in "cut-and-paste")

剪切力 剪切力 jian3 qie1 li4
shear; shearing force

剪切形变 剪切形變 jian3 qie1 xing2 bian4
shearing; shear deformation

剀切 剴切 kai3 qie4
cogent; earnest

恳切 懇切 ken3 qie4
earnest; sincere

莱切 萊切 lai2 qie4
Lecce (city in Italy)

阑尾切除术 闌尾切除術 lan2 wei3 qie1 chu2 shu4
appendectomy (medicine)

罗巴切夫斯基 羅巴切夫斯基 luo2 ba1 qie4 fu1 si1 ji1
Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky (1793-1856), one of the discoverers of non-Euclidean geometry

罗切斯特 羅切斯特 luo2 qie1 si1 te4

曼切斯特 曼切斯特 man4 qie1 si1 te4
Manchester; also written 曼徹斯特|曼彻斯特

密切 密切 mi4 qie4
close; familiar; intimate; closely (related); to foster close ties; to pay close attention

密切相关 密切相關 mi4 qie4 xiang1 guan1
closely related

密切相连 密切相連 mi4 qie4 xiang1 lian2
to relate closely; closely related

密切注视 密切注視 mi4 qie4 zhu4 shi4
to watch closely

密切注意 密切注意 mi4 qie4 zhu4 yi4
to pay close attention (to sth)

藐视一切 藐視一切 miao3 shi4 yi1 qie4
to look down upon everything

目空一切 目空一切 mu4 kong1 yi1 qie4
the eye can see nothing worthwhile all around (idiom); arrogant; condescending; supercilious

内切球 內切球 nei4 qie1 qiu2
inside cut (golf); (math.) inscribed sphere; insphere

怒目切齿 怒目切齒 nu4 mu4 qie4 chi3
to gnash one's teeth in anger

皮诺切特 皮諾切特 pi2 nuo4 qie1 te4
General Augusto Pinochet (1915-2006), Chilean dictator

迫切 迫切 po4 qie4
urgent; pressing

迫切性 迫切性 po4 qie4 xing4

普里切特 普里切特 pu3 li3 qie4 te4
Pratchett (name)

凄切 淒切 qi1 qie4

气管切开术 氣管切開術 qi4 guan3 qie1 kai1 shu4
tracheotomy (medicine)

切变 切變 qie1 bian4
shear (physics)

切成 切成 qie1 cheng2
to cut up (into pieces); to slice; to carve; to dice; to shred

切成块 切成塊 qie1 cheng2 kuai4
to cut into cubes; to dice (vegetable)

切成丝 切成絲 qie1 cheng2 si1
to grate; to shred (vegetable)

切除 切除 qie1 chu2
to excise; to cut out (a tumor)

切磋 切磋 qie1 cuo1
to compare notes; to learn from one another; to swap pointers

切磋琢磨 切磋琢磨 qie1 cuo1 zhuo2 mo2
lit. cutting and polishing (idiom); fig. to learn by exchanging ideas or experiences

切刀 切刀 qie1 dao1
cutter; knife

切点 切點 qie1 dian3
contact (math.)

切断 切斷 qie1 duan4
to cut off; to sever

切尔诺贝利 切爾諾貝利 qie1 er3 nuo4 bei4 li4

切腹 切腹 qie1 fu4
harakiri (formal Japanese: seppuku), a samurai's suicide by disemboweling

切杆 切杆 qie1 gan1
chip (golf shot)

切糕 切糕 qie1 gao1
traditional Xinjiang sweet walnut cake

切割 切割 qie1 ge1
to cut

切换 切換 qie1 huan4
to switch over; to switch modes or data streams; to cut (to a new scene)

切空间 切空間 qie1 kong1 jian1
space of sections (math)

切口 切口 qie1 kou3
incision; notch; slit; gash; margin of a page; trimmed edge (of a page in a book)

切块 切塊 qie1 kuai4
to cut into pieces

切面 切面 qie1 mian4
section; cross-cut; tangent plane (math.)

切尼 切尼 qie1 ni2
Cheney (name); Richard B. "Dick" Cheney (1941-), US Republican politician, vice-president 2001-2008

切片 切片 qie1 pian4
to slice; slice; thin section of a specimen (for microscopic examination)

切片检查 切片檢查 qie1 pian4 jian3 cha2
slide examination; microscopic examination of thin section of specimen as part of biopsy

切平面 切平面 qie1 ping2 mian4
tangent plane (to a surface)

切肉刀 切肉刀 qie1 rou4 dao1
meat cleaver

切入 切入 qie1 ru4
to cut into; to incise; to penetrate deeply into (a topic, area etc); cut (offensive moves in basketball)

切碎 切碎 qie1 sui4
to chop

切特豪斯学校 切特豪斯學校 qie1 te4 hao2 si1 xue2 xiao4
Charterhouse public school (UK)

切痛 切痛 qie1 tong4
sharp pain

切线 切線 qie1 xian4
tangent line (geometry)

切向 切向 qie1 xiang4
tangent direction

切向力 切向力 qie1 xiang4 li4
tangential force

切向量 切向量 qie1 xiang4 liang4
tangent vector

切向速度 切向速度 qie1 xiang4 su4 du4
tangential velocity

切削 切削 qie1 xiao1
to cut; cutting; machining

切牙 切牙 qie1 ya2
incisor tooth

切齿 切齒 qie4 chi3
to gnash one's teeth (in anger)

切齿腐心 切齒腐心 qie4 chi3 fu3 xin1
to detest sth or sb to the utmost extreme (idiom)

切触 切觸 qie4 chu4
osculation (higher order tangency)

切达 切達 qie4 da2
Cheddar (cheese)

切尔西 切爾西 qie4 er3 xi1

切肤之痛 切膚之痛 qie4 fu1 zhi1 tong4
keenly felt pain; bitter anguish

切骨之仇 切骨之仇 qie4 gu3 zhi1 chou2
bitter hatred; hatred that cuts to the bone

切合 切合 qie4 he2
to fit in with; to suit; appropriate

切合实际 切合實際 qie4 he2 shi2 ji4
practical; corresponding to reality; geared to practical situations

切激 切激 qie4 ji1
impassioned; fiercely

切忌 切忌 qie4 ji4
to avoid as taboo; to avoid by all means

切记 切記 qie4 ji4
remember at all costs

切结书 切結書 qie4 jie2 shu1
affidavit; written pledge

切近 切近 qie4 jin4
very close; touching; very appropriate

切口 切口 qie4 kou3
slang; argot; private language used as secret code

切脉 切脈 qie4 mai4
to feel sb's pulse

切莫 切莫 qie4 mo4
you must not; Please don't...; be sure not to; on no account (do it)

切末 切末 qie4 mo5
stage props

切盼 切盼 qie4 pan4
to look forward eagerly to sth; keenly desired

切迫 切迫 qie4 po4

切切 切切 qie4 qie4
urgently; eagerly; worried; (urge sb to) be sure to; it is absolutely essential to (follow the above instruction)

切切私语 切切私語 qie4 qie4 si1 yu3
a private whisper

切身 切身 qie4 shen1
direct; concerning oneself; personal

切实 切實 qie4 shi2
feasible; realistic; practical; earnestly; conscientiously

切实可行 切實可行 qie4 shi2 ke3 xing2

切题 切題 qie4 ti2
to keep to the subject

切望 切望 qie4 wang4
to eagerly anticipate

切勿 切勿 qie4 wu4
by no means

切要 切要 qie4 yao4
essential; extremely important

切音 切音 qie4 yin1
to indicate the phonetic value of a word using other words

切韵 切韻 qie4 yun4
Qieyun, the first Chinese rime dictionary from 601 AD, containing 11,500 single-character entries

切韵 切韻 qie4 yun4
see 反切

切责 切責 qie4 ze2
to blame; to reprimand

切诊 切診 qie4 zhen3
(TCM) pulse feeling and palpitation, one of the four methods of diagnosis 四診|四诊

切中 切中 qie4 zhong4
to hit the target (esp. in argument); to strike home

切中时弊 切中時弊 qie4 zhong4 shi2 bi4
to hit home on the evils of the day (idiom); fig. to hit a current political target; to hit the nub of the matter

切中时病 切中時病 qie4 zhong4 shi2 bing4
to hit the target where it hurts (idiom); fig. to hit home; to hit the nail on the head (in an argument)

切中要害 切中要害 qie4 zhong4 yao4 hai4
to hit the target and do real damage (idiom); fig. to hit where it hurts; fig. to hit home; an argument that hits the nail on the head

切嘱 切囑 qie4 zhu3
urgent advice; to exhort

亲切 親切 qin1 qie4
amiable; cordial; close and dear; familiar

求好心切 求好心切 qiu2 hao3 xin1 qie4
to demand the highest standards of sb (or oneself) (idiom); to strive to achieve the best possible results; to be a perfectionist

确切 確切 que4 qie4
definite; exact; precise

热切 熱切 re4 qie4

仁波切 仁波切 ren2 bo1 qie4
Rinpoche (Tibetan honorific)

撒切尔 撒切爾 sa1 qie1 er3
Thatcher (name); Baroness Thatcher or Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013), British conservative politician, prime minister 1979-1990

撒切尔夫人 撒切爾夫人 sa1 qie1 er3 fu1 ren5
Mrs Thatcher; Baroness Thatcher or Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013), British conservative politician, prime minister 1979-1990

深切 深切 shen1 qie4
deeply felt; heartfelt; sincere; honest

适切 適切 shi4 qie4
apt; appropriate

贴切 貼切 tie1 qie4
close-fitting; closest (translation)

温切斯特 溫切斯特 wen1 qie1 si1 te4
Winchester (town in south England, capital of former kingdom of Wessex)

弦切角 弦切角 xian2 qie1 jiao3
chord angle (i.e. angle a chord of a curve makes to the tangent)

消除对妇女一切形式歧视公约 消除對婦女一切形式歧視公約 xiao1 chu2 dui4 fu4 nv3 yi1 qie4 xing2 shi4 qi2 shi4 gong1 yue1
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

斜切锯 斜切鋸 xie2 qie1 ju4
miter saw

心切 心切 xin1 qie4
eager; impatient; guileless

胸廓切开术 胸廓切開術 xiong1 kuo4 qie1 kai1 shu4
thoracotomy (medicine)

亚历山大·杜布切克 亞歷山大·杜布切克 ya4 li4 shan1 da4 - du4 bu4 qie1 ke4
Alexander Dubček (1921-1992), leader of Czechoslovakia (1968-1969)

严重关切 嚴重關切 yan2 zhong4 guan1 qie4
serious concern

咬牙切齿 咬牙切齒 yao3 ya2 qie4 chi3
gnashing one's teeth (idiom); displaying extreme anger; fuming with rage between gritted teeth

一刀切 一刀切 yi1 dao1 qie1
lit. to cut all at one stroke (idiom); to impose uniformity; one solution fits a diversity of problems; one size fits all

一切 一切 yi1 qie4
everything; every; all

一切就绪 一切就緒 yi1 qie4 jiu4 xu4
everything in its place and ready (idiom)

一切如旧 一切如舊 yi1 qie4 ru2 jiu4
everything as before

一切事物 一切事物 yi1 qie4 shi4 wu4

一切险 一切險 yi1 qie4 xian3
all risks (insurance)

一切向钱看 一切向錢看 yi1 qie4 xiang4 qian2 kan4
to put money above everything else

殷切 殷切 yin1 qie4
ardent; eager; earnest

余切 餘切 yu2 qie1
cotangent (of angle), written cot θ or ctg θ

真切 真切 zhen1 qie4
vivid; distinct; clear; sincere; honest

正切 正切 zheng4 qie1
tangent (of angle), written tan θ

挚切 摯切 zhi4 qie4
sincere; fervent

肿瘤切除术 腫瘤切除術 zhong3 liu2 qie4 chu2 shu4