to print; to publish; publication; periodical; to peel with a knife; to carve; to amend

old variant of 刊; to peel with a knife; to carve; to amend

strokes 5
strokes after radical 3
半月刊 半月刊 ban4 yue4 kan1
fortnightly; twice a month

报刊 報刊 bao4 kan1
newspapers and periodicals; the press

报刊摊 報刊攤 bao4 kan1 tan1

不刊之论 不刊之論 bu4 kan1 zhi1 lun4
indisputable statement; unalterable truth

查理周刊 查理週刊 cha2 li3 zhou1 kan1
Charlie Hebdo (French magazine)

创刊 創刊 chuang4 kan1
to start publishing; to found a journal

创刊号 創刊號 chuang4 kan1 hao4
first issue

发刊 發刊 fa1 kan1
to publish; to put out (a document)

发刊词 發刊詞 fa1 kan1 ci2
foreword; preface (to a publication)

副刊 副刊 fu4 kan1

黄色书刊 黃色書刊 huang2 se4 shu1 kan1
pornographic book

集刊 集刊 ji2 kan1
collection of papers (published as one volume)

季刊 季刊 ji4 kan1
quarterly publication

简氏防务周刊 簡氏防務週刊 jian3 shi4 fang2 wu4 zhou1 kan1
Jane's defense weekly

刊登 刊登 kan1 deng1
to carry a story; to publish (in a newspaper or magazine)

刊号 刊號 kan1 hao4
issue (of journal); number

刊首语 刊首語 kan1 shou3 yu3
foreword; preface

刊头 刊頭 kan1 tou2
newspaper or magazine masthead

刊误 刊誤 kan1 wu4
to correct printing errors

刊物 刊物 kan1 wu4

刊误表 刊誤表 kan1 wu4 biao3
variant of 勘誤表|勘误表

刊行 刊行 kan1 xing2
to print and circulate

刊印 刊印 kan1 yin4
to set in print; to diffuse; to publish

刊载 刊載 kan1 zai3
to publish

期刊 期刊 qi1 kan1

日刊 日刊 ri4 kan1
daily (publication)

书刊 書刊 shu1 kan1
books and publications

双月刊 雙月刊 shuang1 yue4 kan1
bimonthly publication

特刊 特刊 te4 kan1
special edition (of magazine)

校刊 校刊 xiao4 kan1
school magazine

新闻周刊 新聞周刊 xin1 wen2 zhou1 kan1
Newsweek magazine

新闻周刊 新聞週刊 xin1 wen2 zhou1 kan1
Newsweek magazine; also written 新聞周刊|新闻周刊

亚洲周刊 亞洲周刊 ya4 zhou1 zhou1 kan1
Asiaweek (current affairs magazine)

月刊 月刊 yue4 kan1
monthly magazine

增刊 增刊 zeng1 kan1
additional publication; supplement (to a newspaper)

周刊 週刊 zhou1 kan1
weekly publication; weekly