to judge; to sentence; to discriminate; to discern; obviously (different)

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
裁判 裁判 cai2 pan4
judgment; to referee; umpire; judge; referee

裁判官 裁判官 cai2 pan4 guan1

裁判所 裁判所 cai2 pan4 suo3
place of judgment; law court

裁判员 裁判員 cai2 pan4 yuan2

词汇判断 詞彙判斷 ci2 hui4 pan4 duan4
lexical decision

词汇判断法 詞彙判斷法 ci2 hui4 pan4 duan4 fa3
lexical decision task

词汇判断任务 詞彙判斷任務 ci2 hui4 pan4 duan4 ren4 wu4
lexical decision task

词汇判断作业 詞彙判斷作業 ci2 hui4 pan4 duan4 zuo4 ye4
lexical decision task

改判 改判 gai3 pan4
to amend a judgment; to overrule the original decision; to commute (a sentence)

公判 公判 gong1 pan4
public opinion; public announcement of verdict at a trial

公平审判权 公平審判權 gong1 ping2 shen3 pan4 quan2
the right to a fair trial

和平谈判 和平談判 he2 ping2 tan2 pan4
peace negotiations

核谈判 核談判 he2 tan2 pan4
nuclear negotiations

判别 判別 pan4 bie2
to differentiate; to discriminate

判别式 判別式 pan4 bie2 shi4
discriminant (e.g. b^2-4ac in the formula for the root of a quadratic equation)

判处 判處 pan4 chu3
to sentence; to condemn

判定 判定 pan4 ding4
to judge; to decide; judgment; determination

判读 判讀 pan4 du2
to interpret (a visual document, a medical exam, an historical event etc); to analyze data (from a chip, a black box etc)

判断 判斷 pan4 duan4
to judge; to determine; judgment

判断力 判斷力 pan4 duan4 li4
ability to judge; judgment

判断语 判斷語 pan4 duan4 yu3

判官 判官 pan4 guan1
magistrate (during Tang and Song dynasties); mythological underworld judge

判据 判據 pan4 ju4
criterion; criteria

判决 判決 pan4 jue2
judgment (by a court of law); to pass judgment on; to sentence

判令 判令 pan4 ling4
decree; (of a court) to order

判袂 判袂 pan4 mei4
to separate; to part (of friends)

判明 判明 pan4 ming2
to distinguish; to ascertain

判赔 判賠 pan4 pei2
to sentence (sb) to pay compensation

判然 判然 pan4 ran2
markedly; clearly

判若两人 判若兩人 pan4 ruo4 liang3 ren2
to be a different person; not to be one's usual self

判若云泥 判若雲泥 pan4 ruo4 yun2 ni2
as different as heaven and earth (idiom); worlds apart

判刑 判刑 pan4 xing2
to sentence (to prison etc)

批判 批判 pi1 pan4
to criticize; critique

评判 評判 ping2 pan4
to judge (a competition); to appraise

审判 審判 shen3 pan4
a trial; to try sb

审判栏 審判欄 shen3 pan4 lan2
judgment bar

审判权 審判權 shen3 pan4 quan2
jurisdiction; judicial authority

审判庭 審判庭 shen3 pan4 ting2
court; tribunal; courtroom

审判席 審判席 shen3 pan4 xi2
judgment seat

审判员 審判員 shen3 pan4 yuan2
judge (in court)

审判长 審判長 shen3 pan4 zhang3
presiding judge

审判者 審判者 shen3 pan4 zhe3

谈判 談判 tan2 pan4
to negotiate; negotiation; talks; conference

谈判制度 談判制度 tan2 pan4 zhi4 du4
collective bargaining system

谈判桌 談判桌 tan2 pan4 zhuo1
conference table

通判 通判 tong1 pan4
local magistrate

维持原判 維持原判 wei2 chi2 yuan2 pan4
to affirm the original sentence (law)

五鬼闹判 五鬼鬧判 wu3 gui3 nao4 pan4
Five ghosts mock the judge, or Five ghosts resist judgment (title of folk opera, idiom); important personage mobbed by a crowd of ne'er-do-wells

误判 誤判 wu4 pan4
to misjudge; error of judgment; incorrect ruling; miscarriage of justice

误判案 誤判案 wu4 pan4 an4
miscarriage of justice

刑事审判庭 刑事審判庭 xing2 shi4 shen3 pan4 ting2
criminal court

宣判 宣判 xuan1 pan4
to pronounce a sentence (after a verdict in a court of law)

研判 研判 yan2 pan4
to study and come to a conclusion; to judge; to determine

重判 重判 zhong4 pan4
major punishment (law)