surname Bie

to leave; to depart; to separate; to distinguish; to classify; other; another; don't ...!; to pin; to stick (sth) in

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
爱别离苦 愛別離苦 ai4 bie2 li2 ku3
(Buddhism) the pain of parting with what (or whom) one loves, one of the eight distresses 八苦

巴别塔 巴別塔 ba1 bie2 ta3
Tower of Babel, in Genesis 11:5-foll.

霸王别姬 霸王別姬 ba4 wang2 bie2 ji1
Xiang Yu bids farewell to his favorite concubine (classic subject); Farewell my concubine (film by Chen Kaige)

拜别 拜別 bai4 bie2
to take leave

币别 幣別 bi4 bie2
specific currency

辨别 辨別 bian4 bie2
to differentiate; to distinguish; to discriminate

辩别 辯別 bian4 bie2
to differentiate; to distinguish; to discriminate; also written 辨別|辨别

辨别力 辨別力 bian4 bie2 li4
discrimination; power of discrimination

别称 別稱 bie2 cheng1
another name; alternative name

别出心裁 別出心裁 bie2 chu1 xin1 cai2
to hit on sth new (idiom); to display originality; to adopt an original approach

别处 別處 bie2 chu4

别的 別的 bie2 de5
else; other

别动队 別動隊 bie2 dong4 dui4
special detachment; commando; an armed secret agent squad

别管 別管 bie2 guan3
no matter (who, what etc)

别号 別號 bie2 hao4

别赫捷列夫 別赫捷列夫 bie2 he4 jie2 lie4 fu1
Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev (1857-1927), Russian neurologist and psychiatrist

别具 別具 bie2 ju4
see 獨具|独具

别具一格 別具一格 bie2 ju4 yi1 ge2
having a unique or distinctive style

别具只眼 別具隻眼 bie2 ju4 zhi1 yan3
see 獨具隻眼|独具只眼

别开生面 別開生面 bie2 kai1 sheng1 mian4
to start sth new or original (idiom); to break a new path; to break fresh ground

别克 別克 bie2 ke4

别客气 別客氣 bie2 ke4 qi5
don't mention it; no formalities, please

别来无恙 別來無恙 bie2 lai2 wu2 yang4
(literary) I trust you have been well since we last met

别离 別離 bie2 li2
to take leave of; to leave; separation

别理 別理 bie2 li3
don't get involved; ignore it!; don't have anything to do with (him, her etc); don't speak to

别脸 別臉 bie2 lian3
to turn one's face away

别论 別論 bie2 lun4
a different matter; another story; (old) objection

别名 別名 bie2 ming2
alias; alternative name

别人 別人 bie2 ren5
other people; others; other person

别墅 別墅 bie2 shu4

别树一旗 別樹一旗 bie2 shu4 yi1 qi2
lit. to fly one's banner on a solitary tree (idiom); fig. to act as a loner; to stand out; to develop one's own school; to have attitude of one's own

别树一帜 別樹一幟 bie2 shu4 yi1 zhi4
lit. to fly one's banner on a solitary tree (idiom); fig. to act as a loner; to stand out; to develop one's own school; to have attitude of one's own

别太客气 別太客氣 bie2 tai4 ke4 qi5
lit. no excessive politeness; Don't mention it!; You're welcome!; Please don't stand on ceremony.

别提了 別提了 bie2 ti2 le5
say no more; don't bring it up; drop the subject

别无 別無 bie2 wu2
to have no other... (used in fixed expressions)

别无他法 別無他法 bie2 wu2 ta1 fa3
there is no alternative

别无他物 別無他物 bie2 wu2 ta1 wu4
nothing else

别无他用 別無他用 bie2 wu2 ta1 yong4
to have no other use or purpose (idiom)

别无选择 別無選擇 bie2 wu2 xuan3 ze2
to have no other choice

别绪 別緒 bie2 xu4
emotions at time of parting

别筵 別筵 bie2 yan2
farewell banquet

别有 別有 bie2 you3
to have other...; to have a special ...

别有洞天 別有洞天 bie2 you3 dong4 tian1
place of charm and beauty; scenery of exceptional charm; completely different world

别有天地 別有天地 bie2 you3 tian1 di4
enchanting scenery; beautiful surroundings; world of its own

别有用心 別有用心 bie2 you3 yong4 xin1
to have an ulterior motive (idiom); a hidden agenda

别有韵味 別有韻味 bie2 you3 yun4 wei4
to have quite a lasting charm

别着急 別著急 bie2 zhao2 ji2
Don't worry!

别针 別針 bie2 zhen1
pin; safety pin; clip; brooch

别致 別緻 bie2 zhi4
unusual; unique

别致 別致 bie2 zhi4
variant of 別緻|别致

别传 別傳 bie2 zhuan4
supplementary biography

别庄 別莊 bie2 zhuang1

别字 別字 bie2 zi4
mispronounced or wrongly written character

别子 別子 bie2 zi5
hasp; pendant

不辞而别 不辭而別 bu4 ci2 er2 bie2
to leave without saying good-bye

不加区别 不加區別 bu4 jia1 qu1 bie2

差别 差別 cha1 bie2
difference; distinction; disparity

辞别 辭別 ci2 bie2
to take leave

错别字 錯別字 cuo4 bie2 zi4
incorrectly written or mispronounced characters

大别山 大別山 da4 bie2 shan1
Dabie mountain range on the borders of Henan, Anhui and Hubei provinces

道别 道別 dao4 bie2
leave taking; to say goodbye

杜尚别 杜尚別 du4 shang4 bie2
Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan

分别 分別 fen1 bie2
to part or leave each other; to distinguish; difference; in different ways; differently; separately or individually

分门别类 分門別類 fen1 men2 bie2 lei4
to organize by categories; to classify

告别 告別 gao4 bie2
to leave; to bid farewell to; to say good-bye to

告别式 告別式 gao4 bie2 shi4
parting ceremony; funeral

各别 各別 ge4 bie2
distinct; characteristic; in different ways; different

个别 個別 ge4 bie2
individual; specific; respective; just one or two

股东特别大会 股東特別大會 gu3 dong1 te4 bie2 da4 hui4
special shareholders' meeting

光学字符识别 光學字符識別 guang1 xue2 zi4 fu2 shi2 bie2
optical character recognition, OCR

汉城特别市 漢城特別市 han4 cheng2 te4 bie2 shi4
Hanseong Metropolitan City, old name for Seoul, capital of Korea; adopted new Chinese spelling 首爾|首尔 in 2005

话别 話別 hua4 bie2
to say good-bye; to bid sb farewell

级别 級別 ji2 bie2
(military) rank; level; grade

济州特别自治道 濟州特別自治道 ji4 zhou1 te4 bie2 zi4 zhi4 dao4
Jeju island special autonomous province, South Korea, a World Heritage site

饯别 餞別 jian4 bie2
to give a farewell dinner

鉴别 鑑別 jian4 bie2
to differentiate; to distinguish

界别 界別 jie4 bie2
kingdom (taxonomy)

久别 久別 jiu3 bie2
a long period of separation

久别重逢 久別重逢 jiu3 bie2 chong2 feng2
to meet again after a long period of separation

诀别 訣別 jue2 bie2
to bid farewell; to part (usually with little hope of meeting again)

阔别 闊別 kuo4 bie2
separated for a long time

类别 類別 lei4 bie2
classification; category

离别 離別 li2 bie2
to leave (on a long journey); to part from sb

离家别井 離家別井 li2 jia1 bie2 jing3
to leave home; to abandon one's family

离情别绪 離情別緒 li2 qing2 bie2 xu4
sad feeling at separation (idiom)

联体别墅 聯體別墅 lian2 ti3 bie2 shu4

列别杰夫 列別傑夫 lie4 bie4 jie2 fu1
Lebedev or Lebedyev (Russian name)

临别 臨別 lin2 bie2
on parting; facing separation

临别赠言 臨別贈言 lin2 bie2 zeng4 yan2
words of advice on parting

另当别论 另當別論 ling4 dang1 bie2 lun4
to treat differently; another cup of tea

留别 留別 liu2 bie2
a departing gift; a souvenir on leaving; a poem to mark one's departure

流别 流別 liu2 bie2
tributary; branch of river

没有差别 沒有差別 mei2 you3 cha1 bie2
there is no difference; it makes no difference

派别 派別 pai4 bie2
denomination; group; school; faction; school of thought

判别 判別 pan4 bie2
to differentiate; to discriminate

判别式 判別式 pan4 bie2 shi4
discriminant (e.g. b^2-4ac in the formula for the root of a quadratic equation)

评审团特别奖 評審團特別獎 ping2 shen3 tuan2 te4 bie2 jiang3
Special Jury Prize

千差万别 千差萬別 qian1 cha1 wan4 bie2
manifold diversity

请别见怪 請別見怪 qing3 bie2 jian4 guai4
please don't be upset; no hard feelings; absit iniuria verbis; let injury by words be absent

区别 區別 qu1 bie2
difference; to distinguish; to discriminate; to make a distinction

曲别针 曲別針 qu1 bie2 zhen1

人种差别 人種差別 ren2 zhong3 cha1 bie2
racial differences; racial discrimination

伤别 傷別 shang1 bie2
sorrowful farewell; sad goodbye

射频识别 射頻識別 she4 pin2 shi2 bie2
radio-frequency identification (RFID)

身份识别卡 身份識別卡 shen1 fen4 shi2 bie2 ka3
identification card; ID card

生离死别 生離死別 sheng1 li2 si3 bie2
separated in life and death; to part for ever

识别 識別 shi2 bie2
to distinguish; to discern

识别号 識別號 shi2 bie2 hao4

识别码 識別碼 shi2 bie2 ma3

首尔特别市 首爾特別市 shou3 er3 te4 bie2 shi4
Seoul Metropolitan City, capital of South Korea (Chinese spelling adopted in 2005)

手写识别 手寫識別 shou3 xie3 shi2 bie2
handwriting recognition

双湖特别区 雙湖特別區 shuang1 hu2 te4 bie2 qu1
Shuanghu special district, Tibetan: Mtsho gnyis don gcod khru'u, in Nagchu prefecture 那曲地區|那曲地区, central Tibet

死别 死別 si3 bie2
to be parted by death

送别 送別 song4 bie2

特别 特別 te4 bie2
especially; special; particular; unusual

特别待遇 特別待遇 te4 bie2 dai4 yu4
special treatment

特别感谢 特別感謝 te4 bie2 gan3 xie4
special thanks; particular thanks

特别护理 特別護理 te4 bie2 hu4 li3
intensive care

特别客串 特別客串 te4 bie2 ke4 chuan4
special guest performer (in a show); special guest appearance (in film credits)

特别任务连 特別任務連 te4 bie2 ren4 wu5 lian2
Special Duties Unit, Hong Kong special police

特别提款权 特別提款權 te4 bie2 ti2 kuan3 quan2
special drawing rights (SDR), international currency of the IMF

特别行政区 特別行政區 te4 bie2 xing2 zheng4 qu1
special administrative region (SAR), of which there are two in the PRC: Hong Kong 香港 and Macau 澳門|澳门; refers to many different areas during late Qing, foreign occupation, warlord period and Nationalist government; refers to special zones in North Korea an

天差地別 天差地別 tian1 cha1 di4 bie2
poles apart (idiom); as different as can be

天壤之别 天壤之別 tian1 rang3 zhi1 bie2
lit. as different as sky and earth (idiom); fig. night and day difference; opposite extremes; a world of difference; a far cry from

天渊之别 天淵之別 tian1 yuan1 zhi1 bie2
a complete contrast; totally different

违别 違別 wei2 bie2
to leave; to depart; to go against

吻别 吻別 wen3 bie2
to kiss goodbye

握别 握別 wo4 bie2
to shake hands

乌滋别克 烏滋別克 wu1 zi1 bie2 ke4

乌兹别克 烏茲別克 wu1 zi1 bie2 ke4
Uzbek; abbr. for Uzbekistan

乌孜别克 烏孜別克 wu1 zi1 bie2 ke4
Uzbek ethnic group of Xinjiang

乌兹别克人 烏茲別克人 wu1 zi1 bie2 ke4 ren2
Uzbek (person)

乌滋别克斯坦 烏滋別克斯坦 wu1 zi1 bie2 ke4 si1 tan3

乌兹别克斯坦 烏茲別克斯坦 wu1 zi1 bie2 ke4 si1 tan3

乌孜别克语 烏孜別克語 wu1 zi1 bie2 ke4 yu3
Uzbek language

乌兹别克族 烏茲別克族 wu1 zi1 bie2 ke4 zu2
the Uzbek people (race)

乌孜别克族 烏孜別克族 wu1 zi1 bie2 ke4 zu2
Uzbek ethnic group of Xinjiang

无期别 無期別 wu2 qi1 bie2
to part for an unspecified period; to take leave from indefinitely

武器级别材料 武器級別材料 wu3 qi4 ji2 bie2 cai2 liao4
weapons-grade material

惜别 惜別 xi1 bie2
reluctant to part

霄壤之别 霄壤之別 xiao1 rang3 zhi1 bie2
huge difference

性别 性別 xing4 bie2
gender; sex; distinguishing between the sexes

性别比 性別比 xing4 bie2 bi3
sex ratio

性别角色 性別角色 xing4 bie2 jue2 se4
gender role

性别歧视 性別歧視 xing4 bie2 qi2 shi4
sex discrimination; sexism

性别认同障碍 性別認同障礙 xing4 bie2 ren4 tong2 zhang4 ai4
gender identity disorder (GID); gender dysphoria

耶洗别 耶洗別 ye1 xi3 bie2
Jezebel, wife of Ahab and mother of Ahaziah, major character in 1 Kings 16:31, 19:1, 21 and 2 Kings 9, killed by Jehu 耶戶|耶户

移情别恋 移情別戀 yi2 qing2 bie2 lian4
change of affection, shift of love (idiom); to change one's feelings to another love; to fall in love with sb else

遗体告别式 遺體告別式 yi2 ti3 gao4 bie2 shi4

引别 引別 yin3 bie2
to leave; to say goodbye

永别 永別 yong3 bie2
to part forever; eternal parting (i.e. death)

有别 有別 you3 bie2
different; distinct; unequal; variable

与世永别 與世永別 yu3 shi4 yong3 bie2
to die

语音识别 語音識別 yu3 yin1 shi2 bie2
speech recognition

甄别 甄別 zhen1 bie2
to screen; to discriminate; to reexamine a case; screening (of applicants etc)

甄别考试 甄別考試 zhen1 bie2 kao3 shi4
to screen; to grade by examination; screening; placement test

中央人民政府驻香港特别行政区联络办公室 中央人民政府駐香港特別行政區聯絡辦公室 zhong1 yang1 ren2 min2 zheng4 fu3 zhu4 xiang1 gang3 te4 bie2 xing2 zheng4 qu1 lian2 luo4 ban4 gong1 shi4
Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

卓别林 卓別林 zhuo2 bie2 lin2
Charlie Chaplin (1899-1977), English movie actor and director

作别 作別 zuo4 bie2
to take one's leave; to bid farewell