variant of 刨

to dig; to excavate; (coll.) to exclude; not to count; to deduct; to subtract

carpenter's plane; to plane (woodwork); to shave off; to peel (with a potato peeler etc)

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
刨笔刀 刨筆刀 bao4 bi3 dao1
pencil sharpener

刨冰 刨冰 bao4 bing1
shaved or crushed ice dessert or beverage

刨程 刨程 bao4 cheng2
planing length

刨齿 刨齒 bao4 chi3

刨床 刨床 bao4 chuang2
planer; planing machine

刨刀 刨刀 bao4 dao1
planing tool

刨工 刨工 bao4 gong1
planing; planing machine operator; planer

刨花 刨花 bao4 hua1
wood shavings

刨花板 刨花板 bao4 hua1 ban3
particle board; chipboard

刨丝器 刨絲器 bao4 si1 qi4
grater; shredder

刨子 刨子 bao4 zi5

狗刨 狗刨 gou3 pao2
dog paddle (swimming style)

龙门刨 龍門刨 long2 men2 bao4
double column surface grinding machine

刨根 刨根 pao2 gen1
lit. to dig up the root; to get to the heart of (the matter)

刨根儿 刨根兒 pao2 gen1 er5
erhua variant of 刨根

刨根问底 刨根問底 pao2 gen1 wen4 di3
to dig up roots and inquire at the base (idiom); to get to the bottom of sth