to scrape; to blow; to shave; to plunder; to extort

to blow (of the wind)

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
顶刮刮 頂颳颳 ding3 gua1 gua1
variant of 頂呱呱|顶呱呱

耳刮子 耳刮子 er3 gua1 zi5
(coll.) a slap on one's face; a cuff

刮蹭 刮蹭 gua1 ceng4
to scrape one's car against sth; to sideswipe

刮铲 刮鏟 gua1 chan3

刮刀 刮刀 gua1 dao1
spatula; scraper

刮掉 刮掉 gua1 diao4
to scrape off; to shave off (whiskers etc); (of the wind) to blow sth away

刮风 颳風 gua1 feng1
to be windy

刮刮叫 刮刮叫 gua1 gua1 jiao4
variant of 呱呱叫

刮刮卡 刮刮卡 gua1 gua1 ka3
lottery scratchcard

刮胡刀 刮鬍刀 gua1 hu2 dao1

刮胡子 刮鬍子 gua1 hu2 zi5
to shave

刮脸 刮臉 gua1 lian3
to shave one's face

刮目相待 刮目相待 gua1 mu4 xiang1 dai4
see 刮目相看

刮目相看 刮目相看 gua1 mu4 xiang1 kan4
to have a whole new level of respect for sb or sth; to sit up and take notice (of sb's improved performance etc)

刮皮刀 刮皮刀 gua1 pi2 dao1
peeler; potato peeler

刮痧 刮痧 gua1 sha1
gua sha (technique in TCM)

刮伤 刮傷 gua1 shang1
scratch (wound); scratch (damage to an object)

刮勺 刮勺 gua1 shao2
scraper; trowel; putty knife

搜肠刮肚 搜腸刮肚 sou1 chang2 gua1 du4
to search one's guts and belly (idiom); to racks one's brains for a solution

搜刮 搜刮 sou1 gua1
to rake in (money); to plunder; to milk people dry

雨刮 雨刮 yu3 gua1
windshield wiper