to shave

shave; to weed

variant of 剃

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
奥卡姆剃刀 奧卡姆剃刀 ao4 ka3 mu3 ti4 dao1
Occam's razor

剃刀 剃刀 ti4 dao1

剃度 剃度 ti4 du4
to take the tonsure; to shave the head; tonsure (shaved head of Buddhist monk)

剃发令 剃髮令 ti4 fa4 ling4
the Qing order to all men to shave their heads but keep a queue, first ordered in 1646

剃发留辫 剃髮留辮 ti4 fa4 liu2 bian4
to shave the head but keep the queue

剃光头 剃光頭 ti4 guang1 tou2
to shave the whole head clean; crushing defeat

剃头 剃頭 ti4 tou2
to have one's head shaved

剃须刀 剃鬚刀 ti4 xu1 dao1
shaver; razor

剃须膏 剃鬚膏 ti4 xu1 gao1
shaving cream