to peel with a knife; to pare; to cut (a ball at tennis etc)

to pare; to reduce; to remove; Taiwan pr.

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
被剥削者 被剝削者 bei4 bo1 xue1 zhe3
person suffering exploitation; the workers in Marxist theory

剥削 剝削 bo1 xue1
to exploit; exploitation

剥削阶级 剝削階級 bo1 xue1 jie1 ji2
exploiting class (in Marxist theory)

剥削者 剝削者 bo1 xue1 zhe3
exploiter (of labor)

刀削面 刀削麵 dao1 xiao1 mian4
knife-shaved noodles (pared or shaved into strips), a Shanxi specialty

陡削 陡削 dou3 xiao1

切削 切削 qie1 xiao1
to cut; cutting; machining

瘦削 瘦削 shou4 xue1

下旋削球 下旋削球 xia4 xuan2 xiao1 qiu2
(golf, tennis) undercut

削尖 削尖 xiao1 jian1
to sharpen

削铅笔机 削鉛筆機 xiao1 qian1 bi3 ji1
pencil sharpener (mechanical or electric)

削球 削球 xiao1 qiu2
(sport) to chop; to cut

削波 削波 xue1 bo1
clipping (signal processing)

削除 削除 xue1 chu2
to remove; to eliminate; to delete

削发 削髮 xue1 fa4
to shave one's head; fig. to become a monk or nun; to take the tonsure

削籍 削籍 xue1 ji2
(of an official) dismissal from office (old)

削价 削價 xue1 jia4
to cut down the price

削减 削減 xue1 jian3
to cut down; to reduce; to lower

削弱 削弱 xue1 ruo4
to weaken; to impair; to cripple

削职 削職 xue1 zhi2
demotion; to have one's job cut

削职为民 削職為民 xue1 zhi2 wei2 min2
demotion to commoner (idiom)

削足适履 削足適履 xue1 zu2 shi4 lv3
to cut the feet to fit the shoes (idiom); to force sth to fit (as to a Procrustean bed); impractical or inelegant solution