to slash

perverse; unreasonable; absurd

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
榜葛剌 榜葛剌 bang3 ge2 la4
old Chinese name for Bengal, now written 孟加拉

大剌剌 大剌剌 da4 la4 la4
pompous; with a swagger; casual

满剌加 滿剌加 man3 la4 jia1
Ming Dynasty name for modern day Malacca; see also 馬六甲|马六甲

热剌剌 熱剌剌 re4 la4 la4
smartingly painful

瓦剌 瓦剌 wa3 la4
Oirat Mongols (alliance of tribes of Western Mongolia) (Ming Dynasty term)

扎马剌丁 紮馬剌丁 za1 ma3 la2 ding1
Jamal al-Din ibn Muhammad al-Najjari (13th century), famous Persian astronomer and scholar who served Khubilai Khan 忽必烈 from c. 1260

札马剌丁 札馬剌丁 zha2 ma3 la2 ding1
see 紮馬剌丁|扎马剌丁