to cut; to cut apart

strokes 12
strokes after radical 10
不可分割 不可分割 bu4 ke3 fen1 ge1
inalienable; unalienable; inseparable; indivisible

分割 分割 fen1 ge1
to cut up; to break up

分割区 分割區 fen1 ge1 qu1
partition (computing)

割爱 割愛 ge1 ai4
to part with sth cherished; to forsake

割包皮 割包皮 ge1 bao1 pi2
to circumcise

割草 割草 ge1 cao3
mow grass

割草机 割草機 ge1 cao3 ji1
lawn mower (machine)

割除 割除 ge1 chu2
to amputate; to excise (cut out)

割断 割斷 ge1 duan4
to cut off; to sever

割股疗亲 割股療親 ge1 gu3 liao3 qin1
to cut flesh from one's thigh to nourish a sick parent (idiom); filial thigh-cutting

割鸡焉用牛刀 割雞焉用牛刀 ge1 ji1 yan1 yong4 niu2 dao1
lit. why use a pole-ax to slaughter a chicken? (idiom); fig. to waste effort on a trifling matter; also written 殺雞焉用牛刀|杀鸡焉用牛刀

割接 割接 ge1 jie1
(network) cutover; (system) migration

割据 割據 ge1 ju4
to set up an independent regime; to secede; segmentation; division; fragmentation

割礼 割禮 ge1 li3

割裂 割裂 ge1 lie4
to cut apart; to sever; to separate; to isolate

割袍断义 割袍斷義 ge1 pao2 duan4 yi4
to rip one's robe as a sign of repudiating a sworn brotherhood (idiom); to break all friendly ties

割弃 割棄 ge1 qi4
to discard; to abandon; to give (sth) up

割取 割取 ge1 qu3
to cut off

割让 割讓 ge1 rang4
to cede; cession

割伤 割傷 ge1 shang1
to gash; to cut; gash; cut

割舍 割捨 ge1 she3
to give up; to part with

割线 割線 ge1 xian4
secant line (math.)

割包 割包 gua4 bao1
see 刈包

黄金分割 黃金分割 huang2 jin1 fen1 ge1
golden ratio; golden section

交割 交割 jiao1 ge1
delivery (commerce)

联合收割机 聯合收割機 lian2 he2 shou1 ge1 ji1
combine; harvester

切割 切割 qie1 ge1
to cut

忍痛割爱 忍痛割愛 ren3 tong4 ge1 ai4
to resign oneself to part with what one treasures

任人宰割 任人宰割 ren4 ren2 zai3 ge1
to get trampled on (idiom); to be taken advantage of

收割 收割 shou1 ge1
to harvest; to reap; to gather in crops

收割者 收割者 shou1 ge1 zhe3

双曲余割 雙曲餘割 shuang1 qu1 yu2 ge1
hyperbolic cosecant, i.e. function cosech(x)

心如刀割 心如刀割 xin1 ru2 dao1 ge1
to feel as if having one's heart cut out (idiom); to be torn with grief

阉割 閹割 yan1 ge1
to castrate; fig. to emasculate

氧割 氧割 yang3 ge1
to cut using oxyacetylene torch

余割 餘割 yu2 ge1
cosecant (of angle), written cosec θ or csc θ

宰割 宰割 zai3 ge1
to slaughter; (fig.) to ride roughshod over; to take advantage of (others)

正割 正割 zheng4 ge1
secant (of angle), written sec θ