to hack; to chop; to split open; (of lightning) to strike

to split in two; to divide

strokes 15
strokes after radical 13
劈柴 劈柴 pi1 chai2
to chop firewood; to split logs

劈挂拳 劈掛拳 pi1 gua4 quan2
Piguaquan "Chop-Hanging Fist" (Chinese Martial Art)

劈开 劈開 pi1 kai1
to cleave; to split open; to spread open (fingers, legs)

劈空扳害 劈空扳害 pi1 kong1 ban1 hai4
damaged by groundless slander (idiom)

劈离 劈離 pi1 li2

劈里啪啦 劈裡啪啦 pi1 li5 pa1 la1
variant of 噼裡啪啦|噼里啪啦

劈脸 劈臉 pi1 lian3
right in the face

劈裂 劈裂 pi1 lie4
to split open; to cleave; to rend

劈面 劈面 pi1 mian4
right in the face

劈啪 劈啪 pi1 pa1
(onom.) for crack, slap, clap, clatter etc

劈情操 劈情操 pi1 qing2 cao1
to have a friendly chat (Shanghai)

劈手 劈手 pi1 shou3
with a lightning move of the hand

劈头盖脸 劈頭蓋臉 pi1 tou2 gai4 lian3
lit. splitting the head and covering the face (idiom); fig. pelting (with rain etc); showering down

劈腿 劈腿 pi1 tui3
to do the splits (gymnastics); two-timing (in romantic relationships)

劈叉 劈叉 pi3 cha4
the splits (move in dancing); to do the splits; Taiwan pr.

劈柴 劈柴 pi3 chai2
chopped wood; firewood

嚷劈 嚷劈 rang3 pi1
shout oneself hoarse