to do; to manage; to handle; to go about; to run; to set up; to deal with

strokes 4
strokes after radical 2
办案 辦案 ban4 an4
to handle a case

办报 辦報 ban4 bao4
to run a newspaper; to publish a newspaper

办不到 辦不到 ban4 bu5 dao4
impossible; can't be done; no can do; unable to accomplish

办到 辦到 ban4 dao4
to accomplish; to get sth done

办法 辦法 ban4 fa3
means; method; way (of doing sth)

办公 辦公 ban4 gong1
to handle official business; to work (esp. in an office)

办公大楼 辦公大樓 ban4 gong1 da4 lou2
office building

办公地址 辦公地址 ban4 gong1 di4 zhi3
business address

办公楼 辦公樓 ban4 gong1 lou2
office building

办公时间 辦公時間 ban4 gong1 shi2 jian1
office hours

办公室 辦公室 ban4 gong1 shi4
office; business premises; bureau

办公厅 辦公廳 ban4 gong1 ting1
general office

办公桌轮用 辦公桌輪用 ban4 gong1 zhuo1 lun2 yong4

办公自动化 辦公自動化 ban4 gong1 zi4 dong4 hua4
office automation

办好 辦好 ban4 hao3
to manage well

办货 辦貨 ban4 huo4
to purchase goods (for a company etc)

办酒席 辦酒席 ban4 jiu3 xi2
to prepare a feast

办理 辦理 ban4 li3
to handle; to transact; to conduct

办年货 辦年貨 ban4 nian2 huo4
to shop in preparation for Chinese New Year

办事 辦事 ban4 shi4
to handle (affairs); to work

办事处 辦事處 ban4 shi4 chu4
office; agency

办妥 辦妥 ban4 tuo3
to arrange; to settle; to complete; to carry through

办学 辦學 ban4 xue2
to run a school

办罪 辦罪 ban4 zui4
to punish

帮办 幫辦 bang1 ban4
assist in managing; deputy

包办 包辦 bao1 ban4
to undertake to do everything by oneself; to run the whole show

包办代替 包辦代替 bao1 ban4 dai4 ti4
to do everything oneself (idiom); not to allow others in on the act

包办婚姻 包辦婚姻 bao1 ban4 hun1 yin1
forced marriage; arranged marriage (without the consent of the individuals)

备办 備辦 bei4 ban4
to provide (items for an event); to cater; to make preparations

秉公办理 秉公辦理 bing3 gong1 ban4 li3
conducting business impartially (idiom); to act justly

采办 採辦 cai3 ban4
to buy on a considerable scale; to purchase; to procure; to stock up

操办 操辦 cao1 ban4
to arrange matters

查办 查辦 cha2 ban4
to investigate and handle (a criminal case)

惩办 懲辦 cheng2 ban4
to punish (someone); to take disciplinary action against (someone)

承办 承辦 cheng2 ban4
to undertake; to accept a contract

筹办 籌辦 chou2 ban4
to arrange; to make preparations

创办 創辦 chuang4 ban4
to establish; to found; to launch

创办人 創辦人 chuang4 ban4 ren2
founder (of an institution etc)

创办者 創辦者 chuang4 ban4 zhe3
founder; creator; author

措办 措辦 cuo4 ban4
to plan; to administer

代办 代辦 dai4 ban4
to act for sb else; to act on sb's behalf; an agent; a diplomatic representative; a chargé d'affaires

待办事项列表 待辦事項列表 dai4 ban4 shi4 xiang4 lie4 biao3
to-do list

督办 督辦 du1 ban4
to oversee; to supervise; superintendent

法办 法辦 fa3 ban4
to bring to justice; to punish according to the law

法制办公室 法制辦公室 fa3 zhi4 ban4 gong1 shi4
Legislative Affairs Office, LAO (PRC)

公办 公辦 gong1 ban4

公事公办 公事公辦 gong1 shi4 gong1 ban4
to do official business according to the official principles (i.e. without involving private interests)

官办 官辦 guan1 ban4
government run; state enterprise

国家汉办 國家漢辦 guo2 jia1 han4 ban4
Office of Chinese Language Council International (known colloquially as "Hanban"), an organ of the PRC government which develops Chinese language and culture teaching resources worldwide, and has established Confucius Institutes 孔子學院|孔子学院 internationally;

国家互联网信息办公室 國家互聯網信息辦公室 guo2 jia1 hu4 lian2 wang3 xin4 xi1 ban4 gong1 shi4
Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC)

国台办 國臺辦 guo2 tai2 ban4
PRC state council office for Taiwan affairs, abbr. for 國務院台灣事務辦公室|国务院台湾事务办公室

国务院港澳事务办公室 國務院港澳事務辦公室 guo2 wu4 yuan4 gang3 ao4 shi4 wu4 ban4 gong1 shi4
Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office (State Council, of PRC)

国务院台湾事务办公室 國務院台灣事務辦公室 guo2 wu4 yuan4 tai2 wan1 shi4 wu4 ban4 gong1 shi4
Taiwan Affairs Office

国务院新闻办公室 國務院新聞辦公室 guo2 wu4 yuan4 xin1 wen2 ban4 gong1 shi4
State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China

国新办 國新辦 guo2 xin1 ban4
State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China, abbr. for 國務院新聞辦公室|国务院新闻办公室

函办 函辦 han2 ban4
see 函送法辦|函送法办

函送法办 函送法辦 han2 song4 fa3 ban4
to bring to justice; to hand over to the law

汉办 漢辦 han4 ban4
abbr. for 國家漢辦|国家汉办, Office of Chinese Language Council International

合办 合辦 he2 ban4
to cooperate; to do business together

缓办 緩辦 huan3 ban4
to postpone; to delay

交办 交辦 jiao1 ban4
to assign (a task to sb)

街道办事处 街道辦事處 jie1 dao4 ban4 shi4 chu4
sub-district office; neighborhood official; an official who works with local residents to report to higher government authorities

解决办法 解決辦法 jie3 jue2 ban4 fa3
solution; method to settle an issue

究办 究辦 jiu1 ban4
to investigate and deal with

举办 舉辦 ju3 ban4
to conduct; to hold

据情办理 據情辦理 ju4 qing2 ban4 li3
to handle a situation according to the circumstances (idiom)

开办 開辦 kai1 ban4
to open; to start (a business etc); to set up

看着办 看著辦 kan4 zhe5 ban4
to do as one sees fit; to play it by ear (according to the circumstances)

懒办法 懶辦法 lan3 ban4 fa3
to loaf about; lazy; to hang around (and cause trouble to everyone)

联合国难民事务高级专员办事处 聯合國難民事務高級專員辦事處 lian2 he2 guo2 nan2 min2 shi4 wu4 gao1 ji2 zhuan1 yuan2 ban4 shi4 chu4
Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

买办 買辦 mai3 ban4

没办法 沒辦法 mei2 ban4 fa3
there is nothing to be done; one can't do anything about it

民办 民辦 min2 ban4
run by the local people; privately operated

拿办 拿辦 na2 ban4
to arrest for punishment

拿你没办法 拿你沒辦法 na2 ni3 mei2 ban4 fa3
don't know what to do with you; can't really say no to you

你看着办吧 你看著辦吧 ni3 kan4 zhe5 ban4 ba5
You figure it out for yourself.; Do as you please.

批办 批辦 pi1 ban4
to approve and carry out; to issue approval

瞧着办 瞧著辦 qiao2 zhe5 ban4
to do as one sees fit; It's up to you.; Let's wait and see and then decide what to do.

勤俭办企业 勤儉辦企業 qin2 jian3 ban4 qi3 ye4
to run an enterprise diligently and thriftily

勤俭办社 勤儉辦社 qin2 jian3 ban4 she4
to run an organization diligently and thriftily

勤俭办学 勤儉辦學 qin2 jian3 ban4 xue2
to run a school diligently and thriftily

商办 商辦 shang1 ban4
to consult and act upon; privately run; commercial

申办 申辦 shen1 ban4
to apply for; to bid for

试办 試辦 shi4 ban4
to try sth out; trial; pilot scheme

首办 首辦 shou3 ban4
first organized; to run sth for the first time

私办 私辦 si1 ban4
privately-run; private enterprise

添办 添辦 tian1 ban4
to acquire

停办 停辦 ting2 ban4
to shut down; to terminate; to cancel; to go out of business

椭圆形办公室 橢圓形辦公室 tuo3 yuan2 xing2 ban4 gong1 shi4
Oval office (in the White House)

外办 外辦 wai4 ban4
foreign affairs office

无纸化办公 無紙化辦公 wu2 zhi3 hua4 ban4 gong1
paperless office

协办 協辦 xie2 ban4
to assist; to help sb do sth; to cooperate in doing sth

兴办 興辦 xing1 ban4
to begin; to set in motion

一手包办 一手包辦 yi1 shou3 bao1 ban4
to take care of a matter all by oneself; to run the whole show

移送法办 移送法辦 yi2 song4 fa3 ban4
to bring to justice; to hand over to the law

营办 營辦 ying2 ban4
to handle; to undertake; to run (a business); to administer

有办法 有辦法 you3 ban4 fa3
can find methods; resourceful; creative

怎么办 怎麼辦 zen3 me5 ban4
what's to be done

照办 照辦 zhao4 ban4
to follow the rules; to do as instructed; to play by the book; to comply with a request

侦办 偵辦 zhen1 ban4
to investigate (a crime) and prosecute

置办 置辦 zhi4 ban4
to purchase; to buy

中办 中辦 zhong1 ban4
General Office of the Central Committee of the CPC; abbr. for 中共中央辦公廳|中共中央办公厅

中共中央办公厅 中共中央辦公廳 zhong1 gong4 zhong1 yang1 ban4 gong1 ting1
General Office of the Central Committee of the CPC, responsible for technical and logistical matters relating to the Central Committee; abbr. to 中辦|中办

中央人民政府驻香港特别行政区联络办公室 中央人民政府駐香港特別行政區聯絡辦公室 zhong1 yang1 ren2 min2 zheng4 fu3 zhu4 xiang1 gang3 te4 bie2 xing2 zheng4 qu1 lian2 luo4 ban4 gong1 shi4
Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

重办 重辦 zhong4 ban4
to punish severely

主办 主辦 zhu3 ban4
to organize; to host (a conference or sports event)

主办国 主辦國 zhu3 ban4 guo2
host country

主办权 主辦權 zhu3 ban4 quan2
the right to host (an international meeting)

酌办 酌辦 zhuo2 ban4
to do as one thinks fit; to handle by taking circumstances into consideration

酌情办理 酌情辦理 zhuo2 qing2 ban4 li3
to act after full consideration of the actual situation

阻差办公 阻差辦公 zu3 chai1 ban4 gong1
(law) obstructing government administration (Hong Kong)

嘴上没毛,办事不牢 嘴上沒毛,辦事不牢 zui3 shang4 mei2 mao2 - ban4 shi4 bu4 lao2
a youth without facial hair cannot be relied upon (proverb)

嘴上无毛,办事不牢 嘴上無毛,辦事不牢 zui3 shang4 wu2 mao2 - ban4 shi4 bu4 lao2
see 嘴上沒毛,辦事不牢|嘴上没毛,办事不牢

遵办 遵辦 zun1 ban4
to handle in accordance with (the rules)