strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
卑劣 卑劣 bei1 lie4
base; mean; despicable

鄙劣 鄙劣 bi3 lie4
base; mean; despicable

粗劣 粗劣 cu1 lie4

粗劣作品 粗劣作品 cu1 lie4 zuo4 pin3
kitsch; vulgar art; art in bad taste

低劣 低劣 di1 lie4
inferior quality; substandard; low-grade

恶劣 惡劣 e4 lie4
vile; nasty; of very poor quality

恶劣影响 惡劣影響 e4 lie4 ying3 xiang3
evil influence

假冒伪劣 假冒偽劣 jia3 mao4 wei3 lie4
cheap quality counterfeit (goods); low-quality commodities

劣币驱逐良币 劣幣驅逐良幣 lie4 bi4 qu1 zhu2 liang2 bi4
bad money drives out good money (economics)

劣迹 劣跡 lie4 ji4
bad record (esp. of a public official); unsavory track record

劣迹斑斑 劣跡斑斑 lie4 ji4 ban1 ban1
notorious for one's misdeeds

劣势 劣勢 lie4 shi4
inferior; disadvantaged

劣汰 劣汰 lie4 tai4
elimination of the weakest

劣质 劣質 lie4 zhi4
shoddy; of poor quality

土豪劣绅 土豪劣紳 tu3 hao2 lie4 shen1
local bosses, shady gentry (idiom); dominant local mafia

歪瓜劣枣 歪瓜劣棗 wai1 gua1 lie4 zao3
ugly; repulsive; also written 歪瓜裂棗|歪瓜裂枣

顽劣 頑劣 wan2 lie4
stubborn and obstreperous; naughty and mischievous

伪劣 偽劣 wei3 lie4
inferior; false

芜劣 蕪劣 wu2 lie4
muddled and inferior (of writing)

优劣 優劣 you1 lie4
good and bad; merits and drawbacks

优胜劣败 優勝劣敗 you1 sheng4 lie4 bai4
see 優勝劣汰|优胜劣汰

优胜劣汰 優勝劣汰 you1 sheng4 lie4 tai4
survival of the fittest (idiom)

拙劣 拙劣 zhuo1 lie4
clumsy; botched