(of sth) to move; to set in movement; to displace; to touch; to make use of; to stir (emotions); to alter; abbr. for 動詞|动词, verb

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
爱国卫生运动委员会 愛國衛生運動委員會 ai4 guo2 wei4 sheng1 yun4 dong4 wei3 yuan2 hui4
Patriotic Health Committee

按兵不动 按兵不動 an4 bing1 bu4 dong4
to hold back one's troops without moving (idiom); to bide one's time

奥林匹克运动会 奧林匹克運動會 ao4 lin2 pi3 ke4 yun4 dong4 hui4
Olympic Games; the Olympics

奥林匹克运动会组织委员会 奧林匹克運動會組織委員會 ao4 lin2 pi3 ke4 yun4 dong4 hui4 zu3 zhi1 wei3 yuan2 hui4
Olympic Organizing Committee; abbr. to 奧組委|奥组委

摆动 擺動 bai3 dong4
to sway; to swing; to move back and forth; to oscillate

百花运动 百花運動 bai3 hua1 yun4 dong4
Hundred Flowers Campaign (PRC, 1956-57), in which Mao called for the taboo on discussing mistakes of the CCP to be lifted

搬动 搬動 ban1 dong4
to move (sth around); to move house

扳动 扳動 ban1 dong4
to pull out; to pull a lever

办公自动化 辦公自動化 ban4 gong1 zi4 dong4 hua4
office automation

半劳动力 半勞動力 ban4 lao2 dong4 li4
one able to do light manual labor only; semi-able-bodied or part time (farm) worker

半自动 半自動 ban4 zi4 dong4

保安自动化 保安自動化 bao3 an1 zi4 dong4 hua4
security automation

暴动 暴動 bao4 dong4
insurrection; rebellion

被动 被動 bei4 dong4

被动免疫 被動免疫 bei4 dong4 mian3 yi4
passive immunity

被动吸烟 被動吸煙 bei4 dong4 xi1 yan1
second-hand smoking; passive smoking

变动 變動 bian4 dong4
to change; to fluctuate; change; fluctuation

变速传动 變速傳動 bian4 su4 chuan2 dong4
to change gear

变温动物 變溫動物 bian4 wen1 dong4 wu4
poikilothermal (cold-blooded) animal

别动队 別動隊 bie2 dong4 dui4
special detachment; commando; an armed secret agent squad

濒危野生动植物种国际贸易公约 瀕危野生動植物種國際貿易公約 bin1 wei1 ye3 sheng1 dong4 zhi2 wu4 zhong3 guo2 ji4 mao4 yi4 gong1 yue1
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora; CITES

兵马未动,粮草先行 兵馬未動,糧草先行 bing1 ma3 wei4 dong4 - liang2 cao3 xian1 xing2
before the troops move, fodder and provisions go first (idiom); logistics comes before military maneuvers; an army marches on its stomach

冰上运动 冰上運動 bing1 shang4 yun4 dong4

波动 波動 bo1 dong4
to undulate; to fluctuate; wave motion; rise and fall

拨动 撥動 bo1 dong4
to stir; to prod; to poke; to move sideways; to strum (on a guitar etc)

波动力学 波動力學 bo1 dong4 li4 xue2
wave mechanics (physics)

波动性 波動性 bo1 dong4 xing4

搏动 搏動 bo2 dong4
to beat rhythmically; to throb; to pulsate

博动 博動 bo2 dong4
pulsation; to throb

哺乳动物 哺乳動物 bu3 ru3 dong4 wu4

哺乳类动物 哺乳類動物 bu3 ru3 lei4 dong4 wu4

不动 不動 bu4 dong4

不动产 不動產 bu4 dong4 chan3
real estate; immovable property; immovables

不动点 不動點 bu4 dong4 dian3
fixed point (of a map) (math.)

不动点定理 不動點定理 bu4 dong4 dian3 ding4 li3
fixed point theorem (math.)

不动声色 不動聲色 bu4 dong4 sheng1 se4
not a word or movement (idiom); remaining calm and collected; not batting an eyelid

不动摇 不動搖 bu4 dong4 yao2

不及物动词 不及物動詞 bu4 ji2 wu4 dong4 ci2
intransitive verb

不结盟运动 不結盟運動 bu4 jie2 meng2 yun4 dong4
Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)

布朗运动 布朗運動 bu4 lang3 yun4 dong4
Brownian motion

不为所动 不為所動 bu4 wei2 suo3 dong4
to remain unmoved

不信任动议 不信任動議 bu4 xin4 ren4 dong4 yi4
motion of no confidence (against the government, in parliamentary debates)

踩动 踩動 cai3 dong4
to operate by means of a pedal

采取行动 採取行動 cai3 qu3 xing2 dong4
to take action; to adopt policies; to move on some issue

舱外活动 艙外活動 cang1 wai4 huo2 dong4
extravehicular activity (outside space vehicle); EVA

草食动物 草食動物 cao3 shi2 dong4 wu4
herbivore; herbivorous animal

策动 策動 ce4 dong4
to conspire; to plot (a rebellion, crime etc); to machinate; to spur on; to urge action

侧生动物 側生動物 ce4 sheng1 dong4 wu4
parazoan (animal of the subkingdom Parazoa, mostly sponges)

差动齿轮 差動齒輪 cha1 dong4 chi3 lun2
differential gear

柴油发动机 柴油發動機 chai2 you2 fa1 dong4 ji1
diesel engine

颤动 顫動 chan4 dong4
to tremble

长跑运动员 長跑運動員 chang2 pao3 yun4 dong4 yuan2
long distance runner

肠蠕动 腸蠕動 chang2 ru2 dong4
peristalsis (wave movement of gut wall)

朝劳动党 朝勞動黨 chao2 lao2 dong4 dang3
Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), the ruling party of North Korea

朝鲜劳动党 朝鮮勞動黨 chao2 xian3 lao2 dong4 dang3
Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), the ruling party of North Korea

城市运动会 城市運動會 cheng2 shi4 yun4 dong4 hui4
National Intercity Games, Chinese athletics competition, organized every four years since 1988

齿轮传动 齒輪傳動 chi3 lun2 chuan2 dong4
gear drive

冲动 衝動 chong1 dong4
to have an urge; to be impetuous; impulse; urge

重复启动效应 重複啟動效應 chong2 fu4 qi3 dong4 xiao4 ying4
repetition priming effect

重新启动 重新啟動 chong2 xin1 qi3 dong4
to reboot; to restart

抽动 抽動 chou1 dong4
to twitch; to throb; a spasm; to extract and use

抽动症 抽動症 chou1 dong4 zheng4
Tourette syndrome

出动 出動 chu1 dong4
to start out on a trip; to dispatch troops

触动 觸動 chu4 dong4
to touch; to stir up (trouble or emotions); to move (sb's emotions or worry)

传动 傳動 chuan2 dong4
drive (transmission in an engine)

传动比 傳動比 chuan2 dong4 bi3
transmission ratio; gear ratio

传动带 傳動帶 chuan2 dong4 dai4
transmission belt

传动机构 傳動機構 chuan2 dong4 ji1 gou4
transmission mechanism

传动器 傳動器 chuan2 dong4 qi4
drive (engine)

传动系统 傳動系統 chuan2 dong4 xi4 tong3
transmission system; power drive

传动轴 傳動軸 chuan2 dong4 zhou2
drive shaft

传动装置 傳動裝置 chuan2 dong4 zhuang1 zhi4
transmission (i.e. gears)

蠢蠢欲动 蠢蠢欲動 chun3 chun3 yu4 dong4
to begin to stir (idiom); to get restless; to become threatening

蠢动 蠢動 chun3 dong4
to wriggle; (fig.) to stir up trouble; (of a sentiment) to stir

磁动势 磁動勢 ci2 dong4 shi4
magnetomotive force

慈福行动 慈福行動 ci2 fu2 xing2 dong4
Operation Blessing (charitable relief organization)

词干启动 詞幹啟動 ci2 gan4 qi3 dong4
stem priming

磁盘驱动器 磁盤驅動器 ci2 pan2 qu1 dong4 qi4
disk drive

刺胞动物 刺胞動物 ci4 bao1 dong4 wu4
Cnidaria (animal phylum including jellyfish and sessile polyps)

刺丝胞动物 刺絲胞動物 ci4 si1 bao1 dong4 wu4
Cnidaria (animal phylum including jellyfish and sessile polyps)

从动 從動 cong2 dong4
-driven (of mechanism, driven by a component); slave (wheel, pulley)

促动 促動 cu4 dong4
to motivate

错动 錯動 cuo4 dong4
to move relative to one another

打动 打動 da3 dong4
to move (to pity); arousing (sympathy); touching

打麻雀运动 打麻雀運動 da3 ma2 que4 yun4 dong4
the Great Sparrow Campaign or the Four Pests Campaign, one of the actions during the Great Leap Forward 大躍進|大跃进 aiming to eliminate four pests: rats, flies, mosquitoes, and sparrows

大动干戈 大動干戈 da4 dong4 gan1 ge1
to go to war (idiom); to make a big fuss over sth

大动脉 大動脈 da4 dong4 mai4
main artery (blood vessel); fig. main highway; arterial road

大鸣大放运动 大鳴大放運動 da4 ming2 da4 fang4 yun4 dong4
see 百花運動|百花运动

带动 帶動 dai4 dong4
to spur; to provide impetus; to drive

岛国动作片 島國動作片 dao3 guo2 dong4 zuo4 pian4
euphemism for Japanese porn movie

低等动物 低等動物 di1 deng3 dong4 wu4
lower animal; primitive life-form

地动 地動 di4 dong4
earthquake (old term)

地动山摇 地動山搖 di4 dong4 shan1 yao2
the earth quaked, the mountains shook (idiom); a tremendous battle

地动仪 地動儀 di4 dong4 yi2
the world's first seismograph invented by Zhang Heng 张衡 in 132; abbr. for 候風地動儀|候风地动仪

地壳运动 地殼運動 di4 qiao4 yun4 dong4
crustal movement; movement of tectonic plates

地震活动带 地震活動帶 di4 zhen4 huo2 dong4 dai4
seismic zone; earthquake belt

电动 電動 dian4 dong4
electric-powered; (Tw) video game

电动葫芦 電動葫蘆 dian4 dong4 hu2 lu5
electric chain pulley block

电动机 電動機 dian4 dong4 ji1
electric motor

电动势 電動勢 dian4 dong4 shi4
electromotive force

电动玩具 電動玩具 dian4 dong4 wan2 ju4
battery-powered toy; (Tw) video game; computer game

电动转盘 電動轉盤 dian4 dong4 zhuan4 pan2
an electric turntable

调动 調動 diao4 dong4
to transfer; to maneuver (troops etc); movement of personnel; to mobilize; to bring into play

东突厥斯坦伊斯兰运动 東突厥斯坦伊斯蘭運動 dong1 tu1 jue2 si1 tan3 yi1 si1 lan2 yun4 dong4
East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM)

东亚运动会 東亞運動會 dong1 ya4 yun4 dong4 hui4
East Asian Games

动L 動L dong4 -
flowing; flexible; lively (Internet slang)

动宾式 動賓式 dong4 bin1 shi4
verb-object construction

动不动 動不動 dong4 bu5 dong4
apt to happen (usually of sth undesirable); frequently; happening easily (e.g. accident or illness)

动产 動產 dong4 chan3
movable property; personal property

动车 動車 dong4 che1
power car; multiple-unit train (abbr. for 動車組|动车组)

动词 動詞 dong4 ci2

动词重叠 動詞重疊 dong4 ci2 chong2 die2
verb reduplication

动词结构 動詞結構 dong4 ci2 jie2 gou4
verbal construction (clause)

动粗 動粗 dong4 cu1
to use violence (against sb); to strong-arm sb; to manhandle

动荡 動蕩 dong4 dang4
unrest (social or political); turmoil; upheaval; commotion

动荡 動盪 dong4 dang4
variant of 動蕩|动荡

动点 動點 dong4 dian3
moving point

动肝火 動肝火 dong4 gan1 huo3
to get angry

动感 動感 dong4 gan3
innervation; dynamism

动工 動工 dong4 gong1
to start (a building project)

动画 動畫 dong4 hua4
animation; cartoon

动画片 動畫片 dong4 hua4 pian4
animated film

动机 動機 dong4 ji1
motor; locomotive; motive; motivation; intention

动见观瞻 動見觀瞻 dong4 jian4 guan1 zhan1
to be watched closely (idiom)

动静 動靜 dong4 jing4
sound of activity or people talking; news of activity

动觉 動覺 dong4 jue2
kinesthesia; perception of one's bodily surroundings and movement

动口 動口 dong4 kou3
to use one's mouth (to say sth)

动力 動力 dong4 li4
power; motion; propulsion; force

动力反应堆 動力反應堆 dong4 li4 fan3 ying4 dui1
power reactor

动力系统 動力系統 dong4 li4 xi4 tong3
mechanical system

动力学 動力學 dong4 li4 xue2
dynamics (math.); kinetics

动量 動量 dong4 liang4

动量词 動量詞 dong4 liang4 ci2
verbal classifier (in Chinese grammar); measure word applying mainly to verbs

动乱 動亂 dong4 luan4
turmoil; upheaval; unrest

动脉 動脈 dong4 mai4

动脉硬化 動脈硬化 dong4 mai4 ying4 hua4
hardening of the arteries; arteriosclerosis

动脉粥样硬化 動脈粥樣硬化 dong4 mai4 zhou1 yang4 ying4 hua4

动漫 動漫 dong4 man4
cartoons and comics; animes and mangas; cartoon (animated movie); anime

动名词 動名詞 dong4 ming2 ci2

动脑 動腦 dong4 nao3
to use one's brain

动脑筋 動腦筋 dong4 nao3 jin1
to use one's brains; to think

动能 動能 dong4 neng2
kinetic energy

动能车 動能車 dong4 neng2 che1
car with a new type of propulsion system (hybrid, hydrogen-powered etc)

动怒 動怒 dong4 nu4
to get angry

动平衡 動平衡 dong4 ping2 heng2
dynamic equilibrium; dynamic balancing

动魄 動魄 dong4 po4
shocking; shattering

动魄惊心 動魄驚心 dong4 po4 jing1 xin1
shaking one to the core (idiom); extremely disturbing; shattering; hair-raising

动气 動氣 dong4 qi4
to get angry

动情 動情 dong4 qing2
to get excited; passionate; aroused to passion; to fall in love; on heat (of animals)

动情激素 動情激素 dong4 qing2 ji1 su4

动情期 動情期 dong4 qing2 qi1
estrus; the rutting season; on heat

动情素 動情素 dong4 qing2 su4

动人 動人 dong4 ren2
touching; moving

动人心魄 動人心魄 dong4 ren2 xin1 po4
to move and thrill (idiom); exciting

动容 動容 dong4 rong2
to be emotionally moved

动身 動身 dong4 shen1
to go on a journey; to leave

动手 動手 dong4 shou3
to set about (a task); to hit; to punch; to touch

动手动脚 動手動腳 dong4 shou3 dong4 jiao3
to come to blows; to paw; to grope; to get fresh

动手脚 動手腳 dong4 shou3 jiao3
(coll.) to tamper with; to mess around with

动态 動態 dong4 tai4
movement; motion; development; trend; dynamic (science)

动态存储器 動態存儲器 dong4 tai4 cun2 chu3 qi4
dynamic memory

动态更新 動態更新 dong4 tai4 geng1 xin1
dynamic update (Internet)

动态链接库 動態鏈接庫 dong4 tai4 lian4 jie1 ku4
dynamic-link library (DLL); shared library (computing)

动态图形 動態圖形 dong4 tai4 tu2 xing2
animated graphics; animation

动态网页 動態網頁 dong4 tai4 wang3 ye4
dynamic webpage

动态影像 動態影像 dong4 tai4 ying3 xiang4

动态助词 動態助詞 dong4 tai4 zhu4 ci2
aspect particle, such as 著|着, 了, 過|过

动弹 動彈 dong4 tan5
to budge

动弹不得 動彈不得 dong4 tan5 bu5 de2
to be unable to move a single step

动听 動聽 dong4 ting1
pleasant to listen to

动土 動土 dong4 tu3
to break ground (prior to building sth); to start building

动问 動問 dong4 wen4
may I ask

动武 動武 dong4 wu3
to use force; to come to blows

动物 動物 dong4 wu4

动物毒素 動物毒素 dong4 wu4 du2 su4

动物分类 動物分類 dong4 wu4 fen1 lei4
taxonomy; classification of animals

动物界 動物界 dong4 wu4 jie4
animal kingdom

动物农场 動物農場 dong4 wu4 nong2 chang3
Animal Farm (1945), novel and famous satire on communist revolution by George Orwell 喬治·奧威爾|乔治·奥威尔

动物性 動物性 dong4 wu4 xing4

动物性名词 動物性名詞 dong4 wu4 xing4 ming2 ci2
animate noun

动物性饲料 動物性飼料 dong4 wu4 xing4 si4 liao4
feed made of animal products

动物学 動物學 dong4 wu4 xue2
zoological; zoology

动物油 動物油 dong4 wu4 you2
animal fat

动物园 動物園 dong4 wu4 yuan2

动物脂肪 動物脂肪 dong4 wu4 zhi1 fang2
animal fat

动物庄园 動物莊園 dong4 wu4 zhuang1 yuan2
Animal Farm (1945), novel and famous satire on communist revolution by George Orwell 喬治·奧威爾|乔治·奥威尔; also translated 動物農場|动物农场

动向 動向 dong4 xiang4
trend; tendency

动心 動心 dong4 xin1
to be moved; to be tempted

动摇 動搖 dong4 yao2
to sway; to waver; to rock; to rattle; to destabilize; to pose a challenge to

动议 動議 dong4 yi4
motion; proposal

动因 動因 dong4 yin1
motivation; moving force; underlying force; agent

动用 動用 dong4 yong4
to utilize; to put sth to use

动员 動員 dong4 yuan2
to mobilize; to arouse; mobilization

动辄 動輒 dong4 zhe2
easily; readily; frequently; at every turn; at the slightest pretext

动辄得咎 動輒得咎 dong4 zhe2 de2 jiu4
faulted at every turn (idiom); can't get anything right

动植物 動植物 dong4 zhi2 wu4
plants and animals; flora and fauna

动植物分类 動植物分類 dong4 zhi2 wu4 fen1 lei4

动嘴 動嘴 dong4 zui3
to talk

动嘴皮 動嘴皮 dong4 zui3 pi2
to move one's lips; to wag one's tongue

动嘴皮儿 動嘴皮兒 dong4 zui3 pi2 er5
erhua variant of 動嘴皮|动嘴皮

动嘴皮子 動嘴皮子 dong4 zui3 pi2 zi5
see 動嘴皮|动嘴皮

动作 動作 dong4 zuo4
movement; motion; action

动作片 動作片 dong4 zuo4 pian4
action movie

抖动 抖動 dou3 dong4
to tremble

对抗煸动 對抗煸動 dui4 kang4 bian1 dong4
anti-inflammatory (medicine)

多动症 多動症 duo1 dong4 zheng4
attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

多孔动物 多孔動物 duo1 kong3 dong4 wu4
Porifera (phylum of sponges)

多孔动物门 多孔動物門 duo1 kong3 dong4 wu4 men2
(zoology) phylum Porifera (sponges)

多足动物 多足動物 duo1 zu2 dong4 wu4
myriapod; centipedes and millipedes

发动 發動 fa1 dong4
to start; to launch; to unleash; to mobilize; to arouse

发动机 發動機 fa1 dong4 ji1
engine; motor

发动力 發動力 fa1 dong4 li4
motive power

翻动 翻動 fan1 dong4
to flip over; to turn (a page); to scroll (an electronic document); to stir (food in a pot etc); to move things about; to rummage

反刍动物 反芻動物 fan3 chu2 dong4 wu4

反动 反動 fan3 dong4
reaction; reactionary

反动分子 反動份子 fan3 dong4 fen4 zi3
reactionaries; reactionary elements

反动派 反動派 fan3 dong4 pai4

反动势力 反動勢力 fan3 dong4 shi4 li5
reactionary forces (esp. in Marxist rhetoric)

反革命宣传煽动罪 反革命宣傳煽動罪 fan3 ge2 ming4 xuan1 chuan2 shan1 dong4 zui4
the crime of instigating counterrevolutionary propaganda

反射动作 反射動作 fan3 she4 dong4 zuo4
reflex action

反右运动 反右運動 fan3 you4 yun4 dong4
Anti-Rightist Movement, Mao's purge of "rightists" after the Hundred Flowers Campaign ended in 1957

反袁运动 反袁運動 fan3 yuan2 yun4 dong4
opposing Yuan Shikai 袁世凱|袁世凯 in War of national protection 護國爭|护国争 1915-1916; same as 反袁鬥爭|反袁斗争

非动物性 非動物性 fei1 dong4 wu4 xing4

非动物性名词 非動物性名詞 fei1 dong4 wu4 xing4 ming2 ci2
inanimate noun

浮动 浮動 fu2 dong4
to float and drift; unstable

拂动 拂動 fu2 dong4
(of a breeze) to make (hair, leaves, clothing etc) sway gently; to ruffle

浮动地狱 浮動地獄 fu2 dong4 di4 yu4
floating hell; slave ships

妇女运动 婦女運動 fu4 nv3 yun4 dong4
women's movement; feminism

付之行动 付之行動 fu4 zhi1 xing2 dong4
to put into action; to transform into acts

改动 改動 gai3 dong4
to alter; to modify; to revise

概念驱动加工 概念驅動加工 gai4 nian4 qu1 dong4 jia1 gong1
concept-driven processing

感动 感動 gan3 dong4
to move (sb); to touch (sb emotionally); moving

感天动地 感天動地 gan3 tian1 dong4 di4
deeply affecting (idiom)

刚体转动 剛體轉動 gang1 ti3 zhuan3 dong4
rigid rotation

更动 更動 geng1 dong4
to change; to replace; to alter

公益活动 公益活動 gong1 yi4 huo2 dong4
charity event; public service activities

构造运动 構造運動 gou4 zao4 yun4 dong4
tectonic movement; movement of earth's crust

鼓动 鼓動 gu3 dong4
to agitate; to arouse; to instigate; to encite

古脊椎动物学 古脊椎動物學 gu3 ji3 zhui1 dong4 wu4 xue2
vertebrate paleontology

古文运动 古文運動 gu3 wen2 yun4 dong4
cultural movement aspiring to study and emulate classic works, at different periods of history, esp. Tang and Song

冠状动脉 冠狀動脈 guan1 zhuang4 dong4 mai4
coronary artery

冠状动脉旁路移植手术 冠狀動脈旁路移植手術 guan1 zhuang4 dong4 mai4 pang2 lu4 yi2 zhi2 shou3 shu4
coronary bypass operation

冠状动脉旁通手术 冠狀動脈旁通手術 guan1 zhuang4 dong4 mai4 pang2 tong1 shou3 shu4
coronary bypass operation

光动嘴 光動嘴 guang1 dong4 zui3
empty talk; mere rhetoric; palaver

光盘驱动器 光盤驅動器 guang1 pan2 qu1 dong4 qi4
CD or DVD drive; abbr. to 光驅|光驱

滚动 滾動 gun3 dong4
to roll; (to do sth) in a loop; to scroll (computing); to progressively expand (economics); to rumble (of thunder)

滚动条 滾動條 gun3 dong4 tiao2
scrollbar (computing)

腘动脉 膕動脈 guo2 dong4 mai4
popliteal artery (anatomy)

国际共产主义运动 國際共產主義運動 guo2 ji4 gong4 chan3 zhu3 yi4 yun4 dong4
Comintern; the international communist movement

国际劳动节 國際勞動節 guo2 ji4 lao2 dong4 jie2
May Day; International Labor Day (May 1)

海上运动 海上運動 hai3 shang4 yun4 dong4
water sports (sailing, windsurfing etc)

撼动 撼動 han4 dong4
to shake up; to deal a shock; (fig.) to stir (sb's heart)

撼天动地 撼天動地 han4 tian1 dong4 di4

好动 好動 hao4 dong4
active; restless; energetic

核动力 核動力 he2 dong4 li4
nuclear power

核动力航空母舰 核動力航空母艦 he2 dong4 li4 hang2 kong1 mu3 jian4
nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

横振动 橫振動 heng2 zhen4 dong4
transverse vibration

哄动 哄動 hong1 dong4
variant of 轟動|轰动

烘动 烘動 hong1 dong4
variant of 轟動|轰动

轰动 轟動 hong1 dong4
to cause a sensation; to create a stir in (a place); commotion; controversy

轰动效应 轟動效應 hong1 dong4 xiao4 ying4
sensational effect; wild reaction

轰动一时 轟動一時 hong1 dong4 yi1 shi2
to cause a sensation (idiom)

哄动一时 哄動一時 hong1 dong4 yi1 shi2
variant of 轟動一時|轰动一时

候风地动仪 候風地動儀 hou4 feng1 di4 dong4 yi2
the world's first seismograph invented by Zhang Heng 张衡 in 132

后生动物 後生動物 hou4 sheng1 dong4 wu4
metazoa; the animal kingdom

厚生劳动省 厚生勞動省 hou4 sheng1 lao2 dong4 sheng3
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Japan)

互动 互動 hu4 dong4
to interact; interactive

互动电视 互動電視 hu4 dong4 dian4 shi4
interactive TV

护国运动 護國運動 hu4 guo2 yun4 dong4
Campaign to Defend the Republic (1915) or National Protection War, a rebellion against the installation of Yuan Shikai 袁世凱|袁世凯 as emperor

滑动 滑動 hua2 dong4
to slide; sliding movement

滑雪运动 滑雪運動 hua2 xue3 yun4 dong4

环节动物 環節動物 huan2 jie2 dong4 wu4
annelid (worm)

环节动物门 環節動物門 huan2 jie2 dong4 wu4 men2
Annelidan, the phylum of annelid worms

环境行动主义 環境行動主義 huan2 jing4 xing2 dong4 zhu3 yi4
environmentalism; environmental activism

缓动 緩動 huan3 dong4

晃动 晃動 huang4 dong4
to sway; to rock

挥动 揮動 hui1 dong4
to wave sth; to brandish

混合动力车 混合動力車 hun4 he2 dong4 li4 che1
hybrid vehicle

活动 活動 huo2 dong4
to exercise; to move about; to operate; to use connections (personal influence); loose; shaky; active; movable; activity; campaign; maneuver; behavior

活动扳手 活動扳手 huo2 dong4 ban1 shou3
adjustable spanner

活动房 活動房 huo2 dong4 fang2
prefabricated building; prefab

活动房屋 活動房屋 huo2 dong4 fang2 wu1
prefabricated building; prefab; mobile home; caravan; trailer

活动挂图 活動掛圖 huo2 dong4 gua4 tu2

活动家 活動家 huo2 dong4 jia1
political activist

活动看板 活動看板 huo2 dong4 kan4 ban3
calendar of events

活动能力 活動能力 huo2 dong4 neng2 li4
mobility; motility

活动曲尺 活動曲尺 huo2 dong4 qu1 chi3
sliding bevel (to measure angles)

活动人士 活動人士 huo2 dong4 ren2 shi4

活动中心 活動中心 huo2 dong4 zhong1 xin1
activity center

活动桌面 活動桌面 huo2 dong4 zhuo1 mian4
active desktop

火山活动 火山活動 huo3 shan1 huo2 dong4
volcanic activity; volcanism

基底动脉 基底動脈 ji1 di3 dong4 mai4
basilar artery (central artery of the brain)

激动 激動 ji1 dong4
to move emotionally; to stir up (emotions); to excite

机动 機動 ji1 dong4
locomotive; motorized; power-driven; adaptable; flexible (use, treatment, timing etc)

机动车 機動車 ji1 dong4 che1
motor vehicle

机动车辆 機動車輛 ji1 dong4 che1 liang4
motor vehicle

肌动蛋白 肌動蛋白 ji1 dong4 dan4 bai2

机动性 機動性 ji1 dong4 xing4

棘皮动物 棘皮動物 ji2 pi2 dong4 wu4
echinoderm, the phylum containing sea urchins, sea cucumbers etc

及物动词 及物動詞 ji2 wu4 dong4 ci2
transitive verb

极限运动 極限運動 ji2 xian4 yun4 dong4
extreme sport

脊索动物 脊索動物 ji3 suo3 dong4 wu4

脊索动物门 脊索動物門 ji3 suo3 dong4 wu4 men2
Chordata, phylum containing vertebrates

脊椎动物 脊椎動物 ji3 zhui1 dong4 wu4

脊椎动物门 脊椎動物門 ji3 zhui1 dong4 wu4 men2
Vertebrata, the phylum of vertebrates

悸动 悸動 ji4 dong4
to pound; to throb

计算机动画 計算機動畫 ji4 suan4 ji1 dong4 hua4
computer animation

假动作 假動作 jia3 dong4 zuo4
fake move or pass (sports); feint

甲壳动物 甲殼動物 jia3 qiao4 dong4 wu4

简谐运动 簡諧運動 jian3 xie2 yun4 dong4
simple harmonic motion (in mechanics); motion of a simple pendulum

简谐振动 簡諧振動 jian3 xie2 zhen4 dong4
simple harmonic oscillation; sinusoidal oscillation

间谍活动 間諜活動 jian4 die2 huo2 dong4
espionage; spying

健美运动 健美運動 jian4 mei3 yun4 dong4

见诸行动 見諸行動 jian4 zhu1 xing2 dong4
to translate sth into action; to put sth into action

搅动 攪動 jiao3 dong4
to mix; to stir

角动量 角動量 jiao3 dong4 liang4
angular momentum

节支动物 節支動物 jie2 zhi1 dong4 wu4

节肢动物 節肢動物 jie2 zhi1 dong4 wu4

节足动物 節足動物 jie2 zu2 dong4 wu4
arthropod, segmented animals with jointed limbs; same as 節肢動物|节肢动物

解放运动 解放運動 jie3 fang4 yun4 dong4
liberation movement

经典动力系统 經典動力系統 jing1 dian3 dong4 li4 xi4 tong3
classical dynamical system (physics)

惊动 驚動 jing1 dong4
to alarm; to startle; to disturb

经济活动 經濟活動 jing1 ji4 huo2 dong4
economic activity

惊群动众 驚群動眾 jing1 qun2 dong4 zhong4
to alarm everyone; to scandalize the public

惊师动众 驚師動眾 jing1 shi1 dong4 zhong4
to alarm everyone; to scandalize the public

惊天动地 驚天動地 jing1 tian1 dong4 di4
world-shaking (idiom)

惊心动魄 驚心動魄 jing1 xin1 dong4 po4
shaking one to the core; extremely disturbing; hair-raising (idiom)

颈动脉 頸動脈 jing3 dong4 mai4
carotid artery (medicine)

竞技动物 競技動物 jing4 ji4 dong4 wu4
animals used in blood sports

竞选活动 競選活動 jing4 xuan3 huo2 dong4
(election) campaign

静坐不动 靜坐不動 jing4 zuo4 bu4 dong4
to sit still and do nothing; to sit tight

举动 舉動 ju3 dong4
act; action; activity; move; movement

军事行动 軍事行動 jun1 shi4 xing2 dong4
military operation

君子动口不动手 君子動口不動手 jun1 zi3 dong4 kou3 bu4 dong4 shou3
a gentleman uses his mouth and not his fist

开动 開動 kai1 dong4
to start; to set in motion; to move; to march; to dig in (eating); to tuck in (eating)

抗日救亡运动 抗日救亡運動 kang4 ri4 jiu4 wang2 yun4 dong4
the Save the Nation Anti-Japanese Protest Movement stemming from the Manchurian railway incident of 18th July 1931 九一八事變|九一八事变

可动 可動 ke3 dong4

课文启动 課文啟動 ke4 wen2 qi3 dong4
text priming

空气动力 空氣動力 kong1 qi4 dong4 li4
aerodynamic force

空气动力学 空氣動力學 kong1 qi4 dong4 li4 xue2

快速动眼期 快速動眼期 kuai4 su4 dong4 yan3 qi1
REM sleep

劳动 勞動 lao2 dong4
work; toil; physical labor

劳动保险 勞動保險 lao2 dong4 bao3 xian3
labor insurance

劳动报 勞動報 lao2 dong4 bao4
Trud (Russian newspaper)

劳动改造 勞動改造 lao2 dong4 gai3 zao4
reeducation through labor; laogai (prison camp)

劳动号 勞動號 lao2 dong4 hao4
Nodong, series of North Korean medium range missiles

劳动合同 勞動合同 lao2 dong4 he2 tong5
labor contract; contract between employer and employees governing wages and conditions

劳动教养 勞動教養 lao2 dong4 jiao4 yang3
reeducation through labor

劳动节 勞動節 lao2 dong4 jie2
International Labor Day (May Day)

劳动力 勞動力 lao2 dong4 li4
labor force; manpower

劳动模范 勞動模範 lao2 dong4 mo2 fan4
model worker

劳动能力 勞動能力 lao2 dong4 neng2 li4
ability to work

劳动人民 勞動人民 lao2 dong4 ren2 min2
working people; the workers of Socialist theory or of the glorious Chinese past

劳动新闻 勞動新聞 lao2 dong4 xin1 wen2
Rodong Sinmun (Workers' news), the official newspaper of the North Korean WPK's Central Committee

劳动营 勞動營 lao2 dong4 ying2
labor camp; prison camp with hard labor

劳动者 勞動者 lao2 dong4 zhe3
worker; laborer

雷打不动 雷打不動 lei2 da3 bu4 dong4
not shaken by thunder (idiom); the arrangements are unalterable; to adhere rigidly to regulations; will go ahead whatever happens (of an arrangement or plan)

冷血动物 冷血動物 leng3 xue4 dong4 wu4
cold-blooded animal; fig. cold-hearted person

连动 連動 lian2 dong4
to link; to peg (currency); gang (gears); continuously; serial verb construction

连动债 連動債 lian2 dong4 zhai4
structured note (finance)

连缀动词 連綴動詞 lian2 zhui4 dong4 ci2
linking verb

两栖动物 兩棲動物 liang3 qi1 dong4 wu4
amphibian; amphibious animals

两性动物 兩性動物 liang3 xing4 dong4 wu4
hermaphrodite creature

量子电动力学 量子電動力學 liang4 zi3 dian4 dong4 li4 xue2
quantum electrodynamics QED

量子色动力学 量子色動力學 liang4 zi3 se4 dong4 li4 xue2
quantum chromodynamics (particle physics)

撩动 撩動 liao2 dong4
to stir up; to provoke

灵动 靈動 ling2 dong4
to be quick-witted

灵机一动 靈機一動 ling2 ji1 yi1 dong4
a bright idea suddenly occurs (idiom); to hit upon an inspiration; to be struck by a brainwave

流动 流動 liu2 dong4
to flow; to circulate; to go from place to place; to be mobile; (of assets) liquid

流动儿童 流動兒童 liu2 dong4 er2 tong2
children of migrants

流动负债 流動負債 liu2 dong4 fu4 zhai4
current liability

流动人口 流動人口 liu2 dong4 ren2 kou3
transient population; floating population

流动性 流動性 liu2 dong4 xing4
flowing; shifting; fluidity; mobility; liquidity (of funds)

流动性大沙漠 流動性大沙漠 liu2 dong4 xing4 da4 sha1 mo4
shifting sand dunes

流动资产 流動資產 liu2 dong4 zi1 chan3
current asset

流动资金 流動資金 liu2 dong4 zi1 jin1
money in circulation; fluid funds

流体动力学 流體動力學 liu2 ti3 dong4 li4 xue2
fluid dynamics

乱动 亂動 luan4 dong4
to fiddle with; to tamper with; to meddle with; to move randomly; to flail about

律动 律動 lv4 dong4
rhythm; to move rhythmically

脉动 脈動 mai4 dong4
pulse; throbbing; pulsation

慢动作 慢動作 man4 dong4 zuo4
slow motion

毛织运动衫 毛織運動衫 mao2 zhi1 yun4 dong4 shan1

萌动 萌動 meng2 dong4
to sprout; (fig.) to emerge

秘密活动 秘密活動 mi4 mi4 huo2 dong4
clandestine activities; covert operation

拿不动 拿不動 na2 bu5 dong4
to be unable to carry; lift (sth heavy)

难以撼动 難以撼動 nan2 yi3 han4 dong4
unsusceptible to change; deeply entrenched

脑力劳动 腦力勞動 nao3 li4 lao2 dong4
mental labor; intellectual work

能动性 能動性 neng2 dong4 xing4
initiative; active role

能愿动词 能願動詞 neng2 yuan4 dong4 ci2
optative verb

黏土动画 黏土動畫 nian2 tu3 dong4 hua4
clay animation; Claymation

啮齿动物 嚙齒動物 nie4 chi3 dong4 wu4

农事活动 農事活動 nong2 shi4 huo2 dong4
agricultural activities

挪动 挪動 nuo2 dong4
to move; to shift

爬虫动物 爬蟲動物 pa2 chong2 dong4 wu4

爬行动物 爬行動物 pa2 xing2 dong4 wu4

喷气发动机 噴氣發動機 pen1 qi4 fa1 dong4 ji1
jet engine

怦然心动 怦然心動 peng1 ran2 xin1 dong4
palpitating with eagerness to do sth (idiom)

皮带传动 皮帶傳動 pi2 dai4 chuan2 dong4
a leather drive belt

扁形动物 扁形動物 pian1 xing2 dong4 wu4
flatworm; phylum of Platyhelminthes

扁形动物门 扁形動物門 pian1 xing2 dong4 wu4 men2
flatworm; phylum of Platyhelminthes

飘动 飄動 piao1 dong4
to float; to drift

破坏活动 破壞活動 po4 huai4 huo2 dong4
sabotage; subversive activities

启动 啟動 qi3 dong4
to start (a machine); to set in movement; to launch (an operation); to activate (a plan)

起动 起動 qi3 dong4
to start up (a motor); to launch (a computer application)

启动技术 啟動技術 qi3 dong4 ji4 shu4
priming technique

起动钮 起動鈕 qi3 dong4 niu3
starter button; on switch

启动区 啟動區 qi3 dong4 qu1
boot sector (computing)

启动子 啟動子 qi3 dong4 zi5

启动作业 啟動作業 qi3 dong4 zuo4 ye4
priming task

气动 氣動 qi4 dong4

气动泵 氣動泵 qi4 dong4 beng4
pneumatic pump

气动葫芦 氣動葫蘆 qi4 dong4 hu2 lu5
pneumatic hoist pulley

气动开关 氣動開關 qi4 dong4 kai1 guan1
pneumatic switch

气动控制 氣動控制 qi4 dong4 kong4 zhi4
air operated

气动式 氣動式 qi4 dong4 shi4

气动噪声 氣動噪聲 qi4 dong4 zao4 sheng1
aerodynamic noise

气动闸 氣動閘 qi4 dong4 zha2
pneumatic brake

牵动 牽動 qian1 dong4
to affect; to produce a change in sth

牵一发而动全身 牽一髮而動全身 qian1 yi1 fa4 er2 dong4 quan2 shen1
lit. pull one hair and the whole body moves; fig. a slight change will affect everything else; the butterfly effect

腔肠动物 腔腸動物 qiang1 chang2 dong4 wu4
Coelenterata (such as jellyfish)

强迫劳动 強迫勞動 qiang3 po4 lao2 dong4
forced labor (as punishment in criminal case)

亲自动手 親自動手 qin1 zi4 dong4 shou3
to do the job oneself

倾动 傾動 qing1 dong4
to admire

轻举妄动 輕舉妄動 qing1 ju3 wang4 dong4
to act blindly without thinking (idiom)

驱动 驅動 qu1 dong4
to drive; to propel; drive (vehicle wheel); drive mechanism (tape or disk); device driver (computing software)

驱动程序 驅動程序 qu1 dong4 cheng2 xu4
device driver (computing software)

驱动力 驅動力 qu1 dong4 li4
driving force

驱动轮 驅動輪 qu1 dong4 lun2
drive wheel

驱动器 驅動器 qu1 dong4 qi4

圈地运动 圈地運動 quan1 di4 yun4 dong4
Enclosure Movement

全国运动会 全國運動會 quan2 guo2 yun4 dong4 hui4
National Games, Chinese athletics competition, organized every four years since 1959

全轮驱动 全輪驅動 quan2 lun2 qu1 dong4
all-wheel drive

劝动 勸動 quan4 dong4
to incite

扰动 擾動 rao3 dong4
to disturb; to stir up; disturbance; agitation; turmoil

热动平衡 熱動平衡 re4 dong4 ping2 heng2
thermodynamic equilibrium

人民行动党 人民行動黨 ren2 min2 xing2 dong4 dang3
People's Action Party (ruling party in Singapore)

人手动 人手動 ren2 shou3 dong4
manually controlled

肉食动物 肉食動物 rou4 shi2 dong4 wu4

蠕动 蠕動 ru2 dong4
to wiggle; to squirm; peristalsis (wave movement of gut wall)

蠕动前进 蠕動前進 ru2 dong4 qian2 jin4

蠕形动物 蠕形動物 ru2 xing2 dong4 wu4
soft-bodied organisms; vermes (obsolete taxonomic term)

软体动物 軟體動物 ruan3 ti3 dong4 wu4
mollusk; mollusks

三反运动 三反運動 san1 fan3 yun4 dong4
"Three Anti" campaign (anti-corruption, anti-waste, anti-bureaucracy), early PRC purge of 1951-52

三胚层动物 三胚層動物 san1 pei1 ceng2 dong4 wu4
triploblastic animals (having three germ layers)

骚动 騷動 sao1 dong4
disturbance; uproar; to become restless

扫黄运动 掃黃運動 sao3 huang2 yun4 dong4
campaign against pornography

煽动 煽動 shan1 dong4
to incite; to instigate

扇动 扇動 shan1 dong4
to fan; to flap; to incite; to instigate (a strike etc)

煽动颠覆国家政权 煽動顛覆國家政權 shan1 dong4 dian1 fu4 guo2 jia1 zheng4 quan2
incitement to subvert state power (criminal charge used to gag free speech)

煽动颠覆国家罪 煽動顛覆國家罪 shan1 dong4 dian1 fu4 guo2 jia1 zui4
crime of conspiring to overthrow the state

煽动性 煽動性 shan1 dong4 xing4

闪动 閃動 shan3 dong4
to flicker or flash

伤筋动骨 傷筋動骨 shang1 jin1 dong4 gu3
to suffer serious injury (idiom)

社会行动 社會行動 she4 hui4 xing2 dong4
social actions

社会主义教育运动 社會主義教育運動 she4 hui4 zhu3 yi4 jiao4 yu4 yun4 dong4
Socialist Education Movement (1963-66), formal name of the Four Cleanups Movement 四清運動|四清运动

审美活动 審美活動 shen3 mei3 huo2 dong4
appreciating the arts; esthetic activity

生产劳动 生產勞動 sheng1 chan3 lao2 dong4
productive labor

生动 生動 sheng1 dong4
vivid; lively

生命在于运动 生命在於運動 sheng1 ming4 zai4 yu2 yun4 dong4
life is motion (popular saying with many possible interpretations); Physical effort is vital for our bodies to function (Aristotle).; Life derives from physical exercise.

食草动物 食草動物 shi2 cao3 dong4 wu4

十动然拒 十動然拒 shi2 dong4 ran2 ju4
to reject sb after being deeply touched by them (Internet slang)

食腐动物 食腐動物 shi2 fu3 dong4 wu4

食肉动物 食肉動物 shi2 rou4 dong4 wu4

世界运动会 世界運動會 shi4 jie4 yun4 dong4 hui4
World Games

示威运动 示威運動 shi4 wei1 yun4 dong4

手动 手動 shou3 dong4
manual; manually operated; manual gear-change

手动变速器 手動變速器 shou3 dong4 bian4 su4 qi4
manual gearbox; manual transmission

手动挡 手動擋 shou3 dong4 dang3
manual gear change; shift stick

甩动 甩動 shuai3 dong4
to shake; to fling one's arm; to lash; to swing

水上运动 水上運動 shui3 shang4 yun4 dong4
water sports; aquatic motion; movement over water

说动 說動 shuo1 dong4
to persuade

四轮驱动 四輪驅動 si4 lun2 qu1 dong4
four-wheel drive

四清运动 四清運動 si4 qing1 yun4 dong4
the Four Cleanups Movement (1963-66), which aimed to cleanse the politics, economy, organization and ideology of the Communist Party

松动 鬆動 song1 dong4
loose; slack; (fig.) to soften (policies, tone of voice); to give some slack; (of a place) not crowded

耸动 聳動 song3 dong4
to shake (a part of one's body); to shrug (shoulders); to create a sensation; to incite

肃反运动 肅反運動 su4 fan3 yun4 dong4
purge of counterrevolutionary elements (esp. Stalin's purges of the 1930 and Mao's purges 1955-57); abbr. for 肅反肅清反革命份子|肃清反革命分子运动

胎动 胎動 tai1 dong4
fetal movement

太阳活动 太陽活動 tai4 yang2 huo2 dong4
sunspot activity; solar variation

体操运动员 體操運動員 ti3 cao1 yun4 dong4 yuan2

体力劳动 體力勞動 ti3 li4 lao2 dong4
physical labor

体育活动 體育活動 ti3 yu4 huo2 dong4
sports; sporting activity

体育运动 體育運動 ti3 yu4 yun4 dong4
sports; physical culture

天平动 天平動 tian1 ping2 dong4
(astronomy) libration

田径运动 田徑運動 tian2 jing4 yun4 dong4
track and field sports

调和振动 調和振動 tiao2 he2 zhen4 dong4
harmonic oscillation

挑动 挑動 tiao3 dong4
to entice; to arouse; to provoke

跳动 跳動 tiao4 dong4
to throb; to pulse; to bounce; to jiggle; to jump about

通讯自动化 通訊自動化 tong1 xun4 zi4 dong4 hua4
communications automation

推动 推動 tui1 dong4
to push (for acceptance of a plan); to push forward; to promote; to actuate

推动力 推動力 tui1 dong4 li4
driving force

拖动 拖動 tuo1 dong4
to drag; to tow; (computing) to drag (mouse operation)

拖动力 拖動力 tuo1 dong4 li4
motive force; traction

万头钻动 萬頭鑽動 wan4 tou2 zuan1 dong4
milling crowds

腕足动物 腕足動物 wan4 zu2 dong4 wu4

往复运动 往復運動 wang3 fu4 yun4 dong4
backwards and forwards action (e.g. of piston or pump); reciprocating motion

妄动 妄動 wang4 dong4
to rush indiscriminately into action

微动脉 微動脈 wei1 dong4 mai4
capillary artery

娓娓动听 娓娓動聽 wei3 wei3 dong4 ting1
to speak in a pleasant and captivating manner (idiom)

纹风不动 紋風不動 wen2 feng1 bu4 dong4
absolutely still; fig. not the slightest change; also written 文風不動|文风不动

文风不动 文風不動 wen2 feng1 bu4 dong4
absolutely still; fig. not the slightest change; also written 紋風不動|纹风不动

闻风而动 聞風而動 wen2 feng1 er2 dong4
to respond instantly; to act at once on hearing the news

文康活动 文康活動 wen2 kang1 huo2 dong4
cultural and recreational activities (Tw)

纹丝不动 紋絲不動 wen2 si1 bu4 dong4
to not move a single jot (idiom)

涡轮喷气发动机 渦輪噴氣發動機 wo1 lun2 pen1 qi4 fa1 dong4 ji1

涡轮轴发动机 渦輪軸發動機 wo1 lun2 zhou2 fa1 dong4 ji1

无动于中 無動於中 wu2 dong4 yu2 zhong1
variant of 無動於衷|无动于衷

无动于衷 無動於衷 wu2 dong4 yu2 zhong1
aloof; indifferent; unconcerned

无脊椎动物 無脊椎動物 wu2 ji3 zhui1 dong4 wu4

舞动 舞動 wu3 dong4
to move as in a dance; to wave (some implement); to flourish; (of eyes, hands etc) to dance; to flutter

五卅运动 五卅運動 wu3 sa4 yun4 dong4
anti-imperialist movement of 30th May 1925, involving general strike esp. in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong etc

五四爱国运动 五四愛國運動 wu3 si4 ai4 guo2 yun4 dong4
May Fourth Movement; Chinese national renewal movement that started with 4th May 1919 protest against the Treaty of Versailles

五四运动 五四運動 wu3 si4 yun4 dong4
May Fourth Movement; Chinese national renewal movement that started with 4th May 1919 protest against the Treaty of Versailles

噏动 噏動 xi1 dong4
variant of 翕動|翕动

翕动 翕動 xi1 dong4
to open and close (the mouth etc)

掀动 掀動 xian1 dong4
to stir; to lift; to set sth in motion

纤毛动力蛋白 纖毛動力蛋白 xian1 mao2 dong4 li4 dan4 bai2
ciliary dynein protein

相机而动 相機而動 xiang4 ji1 er2 dong4
to wait for the opportune moment before taking action (idiom)

小动作 小動作 xiao3 dong4 zuo4
bad habit (e.g. nose-picking); petty maneuver; dirty trick; gamesmanship

谐振动 諧振動 xie2 zhen4 dong4
harmonic oscillation (e.g. sound wave)

心动 心動 xin1 dong4
heartbeat; heart rate; (fig.) emotionally affected; aroused (of desire, emotion, interest etc)

心动女 心動女 xin1 dong4 nv3
(coll.) the girl of your dreams

心动图 心動圖 xin1 dong4 tu2
cardiogram (medicine)

心房颤动 心房顫動 xin1 fang2 chan4 dong4
atrial fibrillation

新文化运动 新文化運動 xin1 wen2 hua4 yun4 dong4
the New Culture Movement (mid-1910s and 1920s), intellectual revolution against Confucianism aiming to introduce Western elements, especially democracy and science

兴师动众 興師動眾 xing1 shi1 dong4 zhong4
to muster large forces; to get a great number of people involved (in carrying out some task)

行动 行動 xing2 dong4
operation; action; to move; mobile

行动不便 行動不便 xing2 dong4 bu4 bian4
unable to move freely; difficult to get about

行动电话 行動電話 xing2 dong4 dian4 hua4
mobile telephone

行动方案 行動方案 xing2 dong4 fang1 an4
program of action

行动纲领 行動綱領 xing2 dong4 gang1 ling3
action plan; program of action

行动缓慢 行動緩慢 xing2 dong4 huan3 man4
lagging; slow to move; tardy

行动计划 行動計劃 xing2 dong4 ji4 hua4
action plan

行动艺术家 行動藝術家 xing2 dong4 yi4 shu4 jia1
performance artist

行动主义 行動主義 xing2 dong4 zhu3 yi4

行动自由 行動自由 xing2 dong4 zi4 you2
freedom of action

性冲动 性衝動 xing4 chong1 dong4
sex drive

喧哗与骚动 喧嘩與騷動 xuan1 hua2 yu3 sao1 dong4
The Sound and the Fury (novel by William Faulkner 威廉·福克納|威廉·福克纳)

旋转运动 旋轉運動 xuan2 zhuan3 yun4 dong4
rotation; rotary motion

学生运动 學生運動 xue2 sheng5 yun4 dong4
student movement

眼动 眼動 yan3 dong4
eye movement

眼动记录 眼動記錄 yan3 dong4 ji4 lu4
eye movement recording

眼动技术 眼動技術 yan3 dong4 ji4 shu4
eye movement technique

眼跳动 眼跳動 yan3 tiao4 dong4

洋务运动 洋務運動 yang2 wu4 yun4 dong4
Self-Strengthening Movement (period of reforms in China c 1861-1894), also named 自強運動|自强运动

摇动 搖動 yao2 dong4
to shake; to sway

野生动物 野生動物 ye3 sheng1 dong4 wu4
wild animal

野生动植物园 野生動植物園 ye3 sheng1 dong4 zhi2 wu4 yuan2
wildlife park; safari park

液压传动 液壓傳動 ye4 ya1 chuan2 dong4
hydraulic drive; hydraulic transmission

一动不动 一動不動 yi1 dong4 bu4 dong4

一举一动 一舉一動 yi1 ju3 yi1 dong4
every movement; each and every move

一类保护动物 一類保護動物 yi1 lei4 bao3 hu4 dong4 wu4
class A protected animal

一无所动 一無所動 yi1 wu2 suo3 dong4
totally unaffected; unimpressed

一言一动 一言一動 yi1 yan2 yi1 dong4
(one's) every word and deed (idiom)

移动 移動 yi2 dong4
to move; movement; migration; mobile; portable

移动电话 移動電話 yi2 dong4 dian4 hua4
mobile telephone

移动平均线 移動平均線 yi2 dong4 ping2 jun1 xian4
moving average (in financial analysis)

移动平均线指标 移動平均線指標 yi2 dong4 ping2 jun1 xian4 zhi3 biao1
moving average index (used in financial analysis)

移动设备 移動設備 yi2 dong4 she4 bei4
mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc)

移动式 移動式 yi2 dong4 shi4

移动式电话 移動式電話 yi2 dong4 shi4 dian4 hua4
mobile telephone

移动通信网络 移動通信網絡 yi2 dong4 tong1 xin4 wang3 luo4
cell phone network

移动性 移動性 yi2 dong4 xing4

异动 異動 yi4 dong4
to shift; to alter; unusual change; abnormal move

义和团运动 義和團運動 yi4 he2 tuan2 yun4 dong4
Boxer Rebellion

役使动物 役使動物 yi4 shi3 dong4 wu4
draft animals; beasts of burden

隐栖动物学 隱棲動物學 yin3 qi1 dong4 wu4 xue2

永动机 永動機 yong3 dong4 ji1
a perpetual motion machine

游动 游動 you2 dong4
to move about; to go from place to place; roving; mobile

有蹄动物 有蹄動物 you3 ti2 dong4 wu4
ungulates (animals with hooves)

有氧运动 有氧運動 you3 yang3 yun4 dong4

诱动 誘動 you4 dong4
to tempt; to seduce

元胞自动机 元胞自動機 yuan2 bao1 zi4 dong4 ji1
cellular automaton

原动力 原動力 yuan2 dong4 li4
motive force; prime mover; first cause; agent

原封不动 原封不動 yuan2 feng1 bu4 dong4
sticking unmoving to the original (idiom); not an iota changed; untouched

圆口纲脊椎动物 圓口綱脊椎動物 yuan2 kou3 gang1 ji3 zhui1 dong4 wu4
cyclostome (marine biology)

原生动物 原生動物 yuan2 sheng1 dong4 wu4
protozoan (bacteria)

运动 運動 yun4 dong4
to move; to exercise; sports; exercise; motion; movement; campaign

运动病 運動病 yun4 dong4 bing4
car sickness; motion sickness

运动场 運動場 yun4 dong4 chang3
sports field; playground; exercise yard

运动定律 運動定律 yun4 dong4 ding4 lv4
laws of motion (mechanics)

运动方程 運動方程 yun4 dong4 fang1 cheng2
equations of motion

运动服 運動服 yun4 dong4 fu2

运动会 運動會 yun4 dong4 hui4
sports competition

运动家 運動家 yun4 dong4 jia1
athlete; sportsman; activist

运动衫 運動衫 yun4 dong4 shan1
sports shirt; sweatshirt

运动鞋 運動鞋 yun4 dong4 xie2
sports shoes; sneakers

运动学 運動學 yun4 dong4 xue2

运动员 運動員 yun4 dong4 yuan2

运动战 運動戰 yun4 dong4 zhan4
mobile warfare

杂食动物 雜食動物 za2 shi2 dong4 wu4

再生制动 再生制動 zai4 sheng1 zhi4 dong4
regenerative braking

早动手,早收获 早動手,早收穫 zao3 dong4 shou3 - zao3 shou1 huo4
The sooner you set to work, the sooner you'll reap the rewards. (idiom)

躁动 躁動 zao4 dong4
to stir restlessly; to be agitated; commotion; agitation

造山运动 造山運動 zao4 shan1 yun4 dong4
mountain building (geology); orogenesis

掌声雷动 掌聲雷動 zhang3 sheng1 lei2 dong4
thunderous applause (idiom)

招牌动作 招牌動作 zhao1 pai2 dong4 zuo4
signature move

真后生动物 真後生動物 zhen1 hou4 sheng1 dong4 wu4
eumetazoa; subkingdom of animals excluding sponges

震动 震動 zhen4 dong4
to shake; to vibrate; to strongly affect; shock; vibration

振动 振動 zhen4 dong4
to vibrate; to shake; vibration

震动力 震動力 zhen4 dong4 li4
force of seismic wave

震天动地 震天動地 zhen4 tian1 dong4 di4
to shake heaven and earth (idiom)

整风运动 整風運動 zheng3 feng1 yun4 dong4
Rectification campaign; political purge; cf Mao's 1942-44 campaign at Yanan, and his 1950 and 1957 anti-rightist purges

政治运动 政治運動 zheng4 zhi4 yun4 dong4
political movement

知识越多越反动 知識越多越反動 zhi1 shi5 yue4 duo1 yue4 fan3 dong4
the more knowledgeable, the more reactionary (absurd anti-intellectual slogan attributed after the event to the Gang of Four 四人幫|四人帮)

职业运动员 職業運動員 zhi2 ye4 yun4 dong4 yuan2
professional (athlete); pro

制动 制動 zhi4 dong4
to brake

制动器 制動器 zhi4 dong4 qi4

制动踏板 制動踏板 zhi4 dong4 ta4 ban3
brake pedal

中国移动通信 中國移動通信 zhong1 guo2 yi2 dong4 tong1 xin4
China Mobile (PRC state telecommunications company)

主动 主動 zhu3 dong4
to take the initiative; to do sth of one's own accord; spontaneous; active; opposite: passive 被動|被动; drive (of gears and shafts etc)

主动脉 主動脈 zhu3 dong4 mai4
aorta; principal artery

主动免疫 主動免疫 zhu3 dong4 mian3 yi4
active immunity

驻车制动器 駐車制動器 zhu4 che1 zhi4 dong4 qi4
parking brake

助动车 助動車 zhu4 dong4 che1
low-powered motorized scooter or bike

助动词 助動詞 zhu4 dong4 ci2
auxiliary verb; modal verb

注意力不足过动症 注意力不足過動症 zhu4 yi4 li4 bu4 zu2 guo4 dong4 zheng4
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

注意力缺陷过动症 注意力缺陷過動症 zhu4 yi4 li4 que1 xian4 guo4 dong4 zheng4
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

转动 轉動 zhuan3 dong4
to turn sth around; to swivel

转动惯量 轉動慣量 zhuan3 dong4 guan4 liang4
moment of inertia (mechanics)

转动 轉動 zhuan4 dong4
to rotate (about an axis); to revolve; to turn; to move in a circle; to gyrate

转动件 轉動件 zhuan4 dong4 jian4

转动轴 轉動軸 zhuan4 dong4 zhou2
axis of rotation (mechanics); spindle

状态动词 狀態動詞 zhuang4 tai4 dong4 ci2
(linguistics) stative verb

自动 自動 zi4 dong4
automatic; voluntarily

自动步道 自動步道 zi4 dong4 bu4 dao4
moving walkway; travelator

自动车 自動車 zi4 dong4 che1

自动挡 自動擋 zi4 dong4 dang3
automatic transmission; auto gear shift

自动点唱机 自動點唱機 zi4 dong4 dian3 chang4 ji1
jukebox; nickelodeon

自动扶梯 自動扶梯 zi4 dong4 fu2 ti1

自动付款机 自動付款機 zi4 dong4 fu4 kuan3 ji1
cash dispenser; auto-teller; ATM

自动挂挡 自動掛擋 zi4 dong4 gua4 dang3
automatic gear change

自动柜员机 自動櫃員機 zi4 dong4 gui4 yuan2 ji1
automated teller machine (ATM)

自动化 自動化 zi4 dong4 hua4

自动化技术 自動化技術 zi4 dong4 hua4 ji4 shu4

自动恢复 自動恢復 zi4 dong4 hui1 fu4
spontaneous recovery

自动控制 自動控制 zi4 dong4 kong4 zhi4
automatic control

自动离合 自動離合 zi4 dong4 li2 he2
automatic clutch

自动楼梯 自動樓梯 zi4 dong4 lou2 ti1

自动免疫 自動免疫 zi4 dong4 mian3 yi4
active immunity

自动铅笔 自動鉛筆 zi4 dong4 qian1 bi3
mechanical pencil; propelling pencil

自动取款机 自動取款機 zi4 dong4 qu3 kuan3 ji1
automated teller machine (ATM)

自动射线摄影 自動射線攝影 zi4 dong4 she4 xian4 she4 ying3

自动售货机 自動售貨機 zi4 dong4 shou4 huo4 ji1
vending machine

自动提款 自動提款 zi4 dong4 ti2 kuan3
automatic cash withdrawal; bank autoteller ATM

自动提款机 自動提款機 zi4 dong4 ti2 kuan3 ji1
bank autoteller; ATM

自动自发 自動自發 zi4 dong4 zi4 fa1
(to act) on one's own initiative

自己动手 自己動手 zi4 ji3 dong4 shou3
to do (sth) oneself; to help oneself to

自强运动 自強運動 zi4 qiang2 yun4 dong4
Self-Strengthening Movement (period of reforms in China c 1861-1894), also named 洋務運動|洋务运动

自由活动 自由活動 zi4 you2 huo2 dong4
free time (between organized activities)

总动员 總動員 zong3 dong4 yuan2
general mobilization (for war etc)

走动 走動 zou3 dong4
to walk around; to move about; to stretch one's legs; to go for a walk; to be mobile (e.g. after an illness); to visit one another; to pay a visit (go to the toilet)

走向滑动断层 走向滑動斷層 zou3 xiang4 hua2 dong4 duan4 ceng2
strike-slip fault (geology); fault line where the two sides slide horizontally past one another