variant of 劫

variant of 劫

variant of 劫

to rob; to plunder; to seize by force; to coerce; calamity; abbr. for kalpa 劫波

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
趁火打劫 趁火打劫 chen4 huo3 da3 jie2
to loot a burning house; to profit from sb's misfortune (idiom)

乘火打劫 乘火打劫 cheng2 huo3 da3 jie2
to take advantage of sb's misfortune; to loot

持枪抢劫 持槍搶劫 chi2 qiang1 qiang1 jie2
armed robbery

打家劫舍 打家劫舍 da3 jia1 jie2 she4
to break into a house for robbery (idiom)

打劫 打劫 da3 jie2
to loot; to rob; to plunder; to ransack

浩劫 浩劫 hao4 jie2
calamity; catastrophe; apocalypse

红羊劫 紅羊劫 hong2 yang2 jie2
national disaster (ancient astrological allusion)

劫波 劫波 jie2 bo1
kalpa (loanword) (Hinduism)

劫车 劫車 jie2 che1
to carjack; carjacking

劫持 劫持 jie2 chi2
to kidnap; to hijack; to abduct; to hold under duress

劫持者 劫持者 jie2 chi2 zhe3
hijacker; kidnapper

劫道 劫道 jie2 dao4
to kidnap; to hijack

劫夺 劫奪 jie2 duo2
to seize by force; to abduct

劫匪 劫匪 jie2 fei3
bandit; robber

劫富济贫 劫富濟貧 jie2 fu4 ji4 pin2
to rob the rich to help the poor

劫后余生 劫後餘生 jie2 hou4 yu2 sheng1
after the calamity, renewed life (idiom); new lease of life

劫机 劫機 jie2 ji1
hijacking; air piracy

劫掠 劫掠 jie2 lve4
to loot; to plunder

劫难 劫難 jie2 nan4

劫囚 劫囚 jie2 qiu2
to break a prisoner out of jail

劫杀 劫殺 jie2 sha1
to rob and kill

劫数 劫數 jie2 shu4
predestined fate (Buddhism)

劫数难逃 劫數難逃 jie2 shu4 nan2 tao2
Destiny is inexorable, there is no fleeing it (idiom). Your doom is at hand.

劫洗 劫洗 jie2 xi3
to loot; plunder

劫营 劫營 jie2 ying2
to seize a camp; to surprise the enemy in bed

劫余 劫餘 jie2 yu2
remnants after a disaster; aftermath

劫狱 劫獄 jie2 yu4
to break into jail; to forcibly release prisoners

劫寨 劫寨 jie2 zhai4
to seize a stronghold; to surprise the enemy in his camp

拦劫 攔劫 lan2 jie2
to mug; to intercept and rob

抢劫罪 搶劫罪 qiang1 jie2 zui4

抢劫 搶劫 qiang3 jie2
to rob; looting

抢劫案 搶劫案 qiang3 jie2 an4
robbery; holdup

万劫不复 萬劫不復 wan4 jie2 bu4 fu4
consigned to eternal damnation; with no hope of reprieve

洗劫 洗劫 xi3 jie2
to loot; to rob; to ransack; to pillage

洗劫一空 洗劫一空 xi3 jie2 yi1 kong1
to steal everything