spoon; ladle; abbr. for 公勺, centiliter (unit of volume)

strokes 3
strokes after radical 1
长柄勺子 長柄勺子 chang2 bing3 shao2 zi5

耳挖勺 耳挖勺 er3 wa1 shao2
(dialect) earpick; curette

公勺 公勺 gong1 shao2
serving spoon; centiliter (i.e. 10 ml), abbr. to 勺

刮勺 刮勺 gua1 shao2
scraper; trowel; putty knife

后脑勺 後腦勺 hou4 nao3 shao2
back of the head

马勺 馬勺 ma3 shao2
wooden ladle

脑勺 腦勺 nao3 shao2
back of the head

勺鸡 勺雞 shao2 ji1
(bird species of China) koklass pheasant (Pucrasia macrolopha)

勺子 勺子 shao2 zi5
scoop; ladle

勺嘴鹬 勺嘴鷸 shao2 zui3 yu4
(bird species of China) spoon-billed sandpiper (Eurynorhynchus pygmeus)

汤勺 湯勺 tang1 shao2
soup ladle

舀勺 舀勺 yao3 shao2
scoop; dipper

掌勺 掌勺 zhang3 shao2
to be in charge of the cooking; to be the chef; head cook; chef