surname Bao

to cover; to wrap; to hold; to include; to take charge of; to contract (to or for); package; wrapper; container; bag; to hold or embrace; bundle; packet

strokes 5
strokes after radical 3
包办 包辦 bao1 ban4
to undertake to do everything by oneself; to run the whole show

包办代替 包辦代替 bao1 ban4 dai4 ti4
to do everything oneself (idiom); not to allow others in on the act

包办婚姻 包辦婚姻 bao1 ban4 hun1 yin1
forced marriage; arranged marriage (without the consent of the individuals)

包包 包包 bao1 bao1
bag or purse etc; small bump or pimple; hillock

包被 包被 bao1 bei4
peridium (envelope or coat of fungi, e.g. puffballs)

包庇 包庇 bao1 bi4
to shield; to harbor; to cover up

包菜 包菜 bao1 cai4

包藏 包藏 bao1 cang2
to contain; to harbor; to conceal

包藏祸心 包藏禍心 bao1 cang2 huo4 xin1
to harbor evil intentions (idiom); concealing malice

包层 包層 bao1 ceng2
cladding; covering (on a fiber)

包产 包產 bao1 chan3
to make a production contract

包产到户 包產到戶 bao1 chan3 dao4 hu4
fixing of farm output quotas for each household

包产到户制 包產到戶制 bao1 chan3 dao4 hu4 zhi4
system of quotas for farm output per household

包长 包長 bao1 chang2
packet size (computing)

包场 包場 bao1 chang3
to reserve all the seats (or a large block of seats) at a theater, restaurant etc

包抄 包抄 bao1 chao1
to outflank; to envelop

包车 包車 bao1 che1
hired car; chartered car

包乘 包乘 bao1 cheng2
to charter (a car, ship, plane)

包乘制 包乘制 bao1 cheng2 zhi4
chartering system

包承制 包承制 bao1 cheng2 zhi4
responsible crew system

包乘组 包乘組 bao1 cheng2 zu3
chartering charge

包承组 包承組 bao1 cheng2 zu3
(responsible) crew

包船 包船 bao1 chuan2
to charter a ship

包打天下 包打天下 bao1 da3 tian1 xia4
to run everything (idiom); to monopolize the whole business; not allow anyone else to have a look in

包袋 包袋 bao1 dai4

包待制 包待制 bao1 dai4 zhi4
Bao Daizhi, "Edict Attendant Bao", fictional name used for Bao Zheng 包拯 (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty

包尔 包爾 bao1 er3
Borr (Norse deity)

包二奶 包二奶 bao1 er4 nai3
to cohabit with and financially support a mistress

包饭 包飯 bao1 fan4
to get or supply meals for a monthly rate; to board; to cater

包房 包房 bao1 fang2
compartment (of train, ship etc); private room at restaurant; rented room for karaoke; hotel room rented by the hour

包封 包封 bao1 feng1
to seal; to close up a package with a seal

包袱 包袱 bao1 fu5
wrapping cloth; a bundle wrapped in cloth; load; weight; burden; funny part; punchline

包袱底儿 包袱底兒 bao1 fu5 di3 er5
family heirloom; most precious family possession; person's secrets; one's best performance

包袱皮儿 包袱皮兒 bao1 fu5 pi2 er5
wrapping cloth

包干 包乾 bao1 gan1
to have the full responsibility of a job; allocated task

包干儿 包乾兒 bao1 gan1 er5
erhua variant of 包乾|包干

包干制 包乾制 bao1 gan1 zhi4
a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash

包工 包工 bao1 gong1
to undertake to perform work within a time limit and according to specifications; to contract for a job; contractor

包公 包公 bao1 gong1
Lord Bao or Judge Bao, fictional nickname of Bao Zheng 包拯 (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty

包工头 包工頭 bao1 gong1 tou2
chief labor contractor

包谷 包穀 bao1 gu3
(dialect) maize; corn; also written 苞穀|苞谷

包管 包管 bao1 guan3
to assure; to guarantee

包裹 包裹 bao1 guo3
to wrap up; to bind up; bundle; parcel; package

包含 包含 bao1 han2
to contain; to embody; to include

包涵 包涵 bao1 han2
to excuse; to forgive; to bear with; to contain

包豪斯 包豪斯 bao1 hao2 si1
Bauhaus (German school of modern architecture and design)

包河 包河 bao1 he2
Baohe district of Hefei city 合肥市, Anhui

包河区 包河區 bao1 he2 qu1
Baohe district of Hefei city 合肥市, Anhui

包换 包換 bao1 huan4
to guarantee replacement (of faulty goods); warranty

包荒 包荒 bao1 huang1
to be tolerant; to be forgiving; to conceal; to cover

包活 包活 bao1 huo2
job paid according to the amount of work done; contract work

包伙 包伙 bao1 huo3
see 包飯|包饭

包机 包機 bao1 ji1
chartered plane; to charter a plane

包价 包價 bao1 jia4
package; all-inclusive deal

包价旅游 包價旅遊 bao1 jia4 lv3 you2
package holiday

包间 包間 bao1 jian1
private room (in a restaurant, or for karaoke etc); parlor; booth; compartment

包剪锤 包剪錘 bao1 jian3 chui2
rock-paper-scissors (game)

包剿 包剿 bao1 jiao3
to surround and annihilate (bandits)

包饺子 包餃子 bao1 jiao3 zi5
to wrap jiaozi (dumplings or potstickers)

包巾 包巾 bao1 jin1
headscarf; turban

包金 包金 bao1 jin1
to gild; (old) wages paid to a performer or a troupe by a theater

包茎 包莖 bao1 jing1
phimosis (medicine)

包举 包舉 bao1 ju3
to summarize; to swallow up; to annex; to merge

包括 包括 bao1 kuo4
to comprise; to include; to involve; to incorporate; to consist of

包括内置配重 包括內置配重 bao1 kuo4 nei4 zhi4 pei4 zhong4
integrated weights (diving)

包揽 包攬 bao1 lan3
to monopolize; to take on responsibility over everything; to undertake the whole task

包揽词讼 包攬詞訟 bao1 lan3 ci2 song4
to canvas for lawsuits (idiom); to practice chicanery

包里斯 包里斯 bao1 li3 si1
Boris (name)

包龙图 包龍圖 bao1 long2 tu2
Bao Longtu, ”Bao of the Dragon Image”, fictional name used for Bao Zheng 包拯 (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty

包罗 包羅 bao1 luo2
to include; to cover; to embrace

包罗万象 包羅萬象 bao1 luo2 wan4 xiang4
all-embracing; all-inclusive

包茅 包茅 bao1 mao2
bundled thatch

包米 包米 bao1 mi3
(dialect) corn; maize; also written 苞米

包囊 包囊 bao1 nang2
bundle; bag

包赔 包賠 bao1 pei2
guarantee to pay compensations

包皮 包皮 bao1 pi2
wrapping; wrapper; foreskin

包皮环切 包皮環切 bao1 pi2 huan2 qie1

包皮环切术 包皮環切術 bao1 pi2 huan2 qie1 shu4

包票 包票 bao1 piao4
guarantee certificate

包青天 包青天 bao1 qing1 tian1
Bao Qingtian, fictional nickname of Bao Zheng 包拯 (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty

包容 包容 bao1 rong2
to pardon; to forgive; to show tolerance; to contain; to hold; inclusive

包柔氏螺旋体 包柔氏螺旋體 bao1 rou2 shi4 luo2 xuan2 ti3
Borrelia, genus of Spirochaete bacteria

包身工 包身工 bao1 shen1 gong1
indentured laborer

包氏螺旋体 包氏螺旋體 bao1 shi4 luo2 xuan2 ti3
Borrelia, genus of Spirochaete bacteria

包书皮 包書皮 bao1 shu1 pi2
book cover

包粟 包粟 bao1 su4
corn; maize

包探 包探 bao1 tan4
detective (in former times)

包头 包頭 bao1 tou2
Baotou prefecture level city in Inner Mongolia

包头 包頭 bao1 tou2
turban; headband

包头地区 包頭地區 bao1 tou2 di4 qu1
Baotou prefecture in Inner Mongolia

包头市 包頭市 bao1 tou2 shi4
Baotou prefecture level city in Inner Mongolia

包退 包退 bao1 tui4
to guarantee refund (for faulty or unsatisfactory goods)

包退换 包退換 bao1 tui4 huan4
to guarantee refund or replacement (of faulty or unsatisfactory goods)

包围 包圍 bao1 wei2
to surround; to encircle; to hem in

包厢 包廂 bao1 xiang1
box (in a theater or concert hall); private room (in a restaurant or karaoke)

包销 包銷 bao1 xiao1
to have exclusive selling rights; to be the sole agent for a production unit or firm

包心菜 包心菜 bao1 xin1 cai4

包养 包養 bao1 yang3
to provide for; to keep (a mistress)

包衣 包衣 bao1 yi1
capsule (containing medicine); husk (of corn)

包衣种子 包衣種子 bao1 yi1 zhong3 zi5
seed enclosed in artificial capsule

包银 包銀 bao1 yin2
contracted payment (esp. actors' salary in former times)

包邮 包郵 bao1 you2
shipping included

包圆儿 包圓兒 bao1 yuan2 er5
to buy the whole lot; to take everything remaining

包月 包月 bao1 yue4
to make monthly payments; monthly payment

包扎 包扎 bao1 za1
variant of 包紮|包扎

包扎 包紮 bao1 za1
to wrap up; to pack; to bind up (a wound)

包在我身上 包在我身上 bao1 zai4 wo3 shen1 shang5
leave it to me (idiom); I'll take care of it

包拯 包拯 bao1 zheng3
Bao Zheng (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty; modern day metaphor for an honest politician

包治百病 包治百病 bao1 zhi4 bai3 bing4
guaranteed to cure all diseases

包住 包住 bao1 zhu4
to envelop; to wrap; to enclose

包装 包裝 bao1 zhuang1
to pack; to package; to wrap; packaging

包装物 包裝物 bao1 zhuang1 wu4

包装纸 包裝紙 bao1 zhuang1 zhi3
wrapping paper

包子 包子 bao1 zi5
steamed stuffed bun

包子有肉不在褶上 包子有肉不在褶上 bao1 zi5 you3 rou4 bu4 zai4 zhe3 shang4
a book is not judged by its cover (idiom)

包租 包租 bao1 zu1
to rent; to charter; to rent land or a house for subletting; fixed rent for farmland

背包 背包 bei1 bao1
knapsack; rucksack; infantry pack; field pack; blanket roll

背包袱 背包袱 bei1 bao1 fu2
to have a weight on one's mind; to take on a mental burden

背包客 背包客 bei1 bao1 ke4

背包游 背包遊 bei4 bao1 you2

闭包 閉包 bi4 bao1
closure (math)

病包儿 病包兒 bing4 bao1 er5
a person who is always falling ill; chronic invalid

菜包子 菜包子 cai4 bao1 zi5
steamed bun stuffed with vegetables; (fig.) useless person; a good-for-nothing

草包 草包 cao3 bao1
idiot; straw bag

叉烧包 叉燒包 cha1 shao1 bao1
roast pork bun; cha siu baau

茶包 茶包 cha2 bao1
tea bag; (slang) trouble (loanword)

承包 承包 cheng2 bao1
to contract; to undertake (a job)

承包人 承包人 cheng2 bao1 ren2

承包商 承包商 cheng2 bao1 shang1

出包 出包 chu1 bao1
to contract out; to run into problems

打包 打包 da3 bao1
to wrap; to pack; to put leftovers in a doggy bag for take-out; to package (computing)

打包票 打包票 da3 bao1 piao4
to vouch for; to guarantee

大包大揽 大包大攬 da4 bao1 da4 lan3
to take complete charge (idiom)

大度包容 大度包容 da4 du4 bao1 rong2
extreme tolerance; generous and forgiving

袋子包 袋子包 dai4 zi5 bao1
pita bread (Middle eastern flat bread)

单肩包 單肩包 dan1 jian1 bao1
shoulder bag

丹麦包 丹麥包 dan1 mai4 bao1
Danish pastry

胆大包天 膽大包天 dan3 da4 bao1 tian1
reckless; extremely daring

蛋包 蛋包 dan4 bao1

蛋包饭 蛋包飯 dan4 bao1 fan4
rice omelet

掉包 掉包 diao4 bao1
to steal sb's valuable item and substitute a similar-looking but worthless item; to sell a fake for the genuine article; to palm off

调包 調包 diao4 bao1
see 掉包

顶包 頂包 ding3 bao1
to serve as forced labor; to take the rap for sb

豆蓉包 豆蓉包 dou4 rong2 bao1
bean paste bun

豆沙包 豆沙包 dou4 sha1 bao1
bean paste bun

发包 發包 fa1 bao1
to put out to contract

发包 髮包 fa4 bao1
bun hair extension

放下包袱 放下包袱 fang4 xia5 bao1 fu5
to lay down a heavy burden

分包 分包 fen1 bao1
to subcontract

封包 封包 feng1 bao1
to package up; (computer networking) packet

麸皮面包 麩皮麵包 fu1 pi2 mian4 bao1
whole-wheat bread

割包皮 割包皮 ge1 bao1 pi2
to circumcise

跟包 跟包 gen1 bao1
to work as footman; to do odd jobs; to understudy (an opera actor)

公文包 公文包 gong1 wen2 bao1
briefcase; attaché case

狗胆包天 狗膽包天 gou3 dan3 bao1 tian1
extremely daring (idiom); foolhardy

刈包 刈包 gua4 bao1
popular Taiwan snack, similar to a hamburger, steamed bun stuffed with pork, pickled vegetables, peanut powder and cilantro

割包 割包 gua4 bao1
see 刈包

裹包 裹包 guo3 bao1
to wrap up; parcel

汉堡包 漢堡包 han4 bao3 bao1
hamburger (loanword)

荷包 荷包 he2 bao1
embroidered pouch for carrying loose change etc; purse; pocket (in clothing)

荷包蛋 荷包蛋 he2 bao1 dan4
poached egg; egg fried on both sides

红包 紅包 hong2 bao1
money wrapped in red as a gift; bonus payment; kickback; bribe

猴面包 猴麵包 hou2 mian4 bao1
see 猴麵包樹|猴面包树

猴面包树 猴麵包樹 hou2 mian4 bao1 shu4
boabab tree; monkey-bread tree; Adansonia digitata (botany)

坏包儿 壞包兒 huai4 bao1 er5
rascal; rogue; little devil (term of endearment)

黄包车 黃包車 huang2 bao1 che1

货包 貨包 huo4 bao1
bundle; bale

兼容并包 兼容並包 jian1 rong2 bing4 bao1
to include and monopolize many things; all-embracing

解包 解包 jie3 bao1
to unpack (computing)

巨无霸汉堡包指数 巨無霸漢堡包指數 ju4 wu2 ba4 han4 bao3 bao1 zhi3 shu4
Big Mac Index, a measure of the purchasing power parity (PPP) between currencies

烤面包 烤麵包 kao3 mian4 bao1
toast; to bake bread

烤面包机 烤麵包機 kao3 mian4 bao1 ji1

挎包 挎包 kua4 bao1
satchel; bag

拉包尔 拉包爾 la1 bao1 er3
Rabaul, port city and capital of New Britain, island of northeast Papua New Guinea

利乐包 利樂包 li4 le4 bao1
carton (e.g. for milk or juice); Tetra Pak

联合包裹服务公司 聯合包裹服務公司 lian2 he2 bao1 guo3 fu2 wu4 gong1 si1
United Parcel Service (UPS)

莲蓉包 蓮蓉包 lian2 rong2 bao1
lotus seed bun

拎包 拎包 lin1 bao1
handbag or shopping bag (dialect)

拎包党 拎包黨 lin1 bao1 dang3
(coll.) purse snatcher

蒙古包 蒙古包 meng3 gu3 bao1

面包 麵包 mian4 bao1

面包车 麵包車 mian4 bao1 che1
van for carrying people; taxi minibus

面包房 麵包房 mian4 bao1 fang2

面包果 麵包果 mian4 bao1 guo3
jackfruit; breadfruit; Artocarpus heterophyllus

面包糠 麵包糠 mian4 bao1 kang1

面包皮 麵包皮 mian4 bao1 pi2

面包片 麵包片 mian4 bao1 pian4
bread slice; sliced bread

面包师傅 麵包師傅 mian4 bao1 shi1 fu4

面包树 麵包樹 mian4 bao1 shu4
breadfruit tree; Artocarpus altilis

面包屑 麵包屑 mian4 bao1 xie4

面包心 麵包心 mian4 bao1 xin1

面包渣 麵包渣 mian4 bao1 zha1

奶黄包 奶黃包 nai3 huang2 bao1
custard bun

牛角包 牛角包 niu2 jiao3 bao1

牛角面包 牛角麵包 niu2 jiao3 mian4 bao1

脓包 膿包 nong2 bao1
pustule; (fig.) worthless person; a good-for-nothing; useless weakling

农村家庭联产承包责任制 農村家庭聯產承包責任制 nong2 cun1 jia1 ting2 lian2 chan3 cheng2 bao1 ze2 ren4 zhi4
rural household contract responsibility system, PRC government policy linking rural income to productivity

皮包 皮包 pi2 bao1
handbag; briefcase

皮包公司 皮包公司 pi2 bao1 gong1 si1
lit. briefcase company; dummy corporation; shell company; fly-by-night company

皮包骨头 皮包骨頭 pi2 bao1 gu3 tou2
to be all skin and bones (idiom); also written 皮包骨

气包子 氣包子 qi4 bao1 zi5
quick-tempered person

钱包 錢包 qian2 bao1
purse; wallet

群众外包 群眾外包 qun2 zhong4 wai4 bao1
crowdsourcing; abbr. to 眾包|众包

肉包子打狗 肉包子打狗 rou4 bao1 zi3 da3 gou3
what's gone can never come back

如假包换 如假包換 ru2 jia3 bao1 huan4
replacement guaranteed if not genuine; fig. authentic

软包 軟包 ruan3 bao1
soft (bread) roll

软件包 軟件包 ruan3 jian4 bao1
software package

三包 三包 san1 bao1
"three-guarantee service": repair, exchange, refund

骚包 騷包 sao1 bao1
(slang) alluring; showy; flashy and enticing person; painted Jezebel

色胆包天 色膽包天 se4 dan3 bao1 tian1
outrageously bold in one's lust; debauched (idiom)

山包 山包 shan1 bao1
(dialect) hill

烧包 燒包 shao1 bao1
to forget oneself in extravagance; to burn money

生煎包 生煎包 sheng1 jian1 bao1
pan-fried dumpling

手包 手包 shou3 bao1

手拿包 手拿包 shou3 na2 bao1
clutch bag

手提包 手提包 shou3 ti2 bao1
(hand)bag; hold-all

受气包 受氣包 shou4 qi4 bao1
(fig.) punching bag

寿桃包 壽桃包 shou4 tao2 bao1
longevity peach bun; birthday peach bun

书包 書包 shu1 bao1
schoolbag; satchel

甩包袱 甩包袱 shuai3 bao1 fu5
lit. to fling off a bundle; fig. to abandon one's responsibility for sth; to wash one's hands of the matter

双肩包 雙肩包 shuang1 jian1 bao1

双人包夹 雙人包夾 shuang1 ren2 bao1 jia1
double team (sports)

思想包袱 思想包袱 si1 xiang3 bao1 fu5
sth weighing on one's mind

汤包 湯包 tang1 bao1
steamed dumpling

掏包 掏包 tao1 bao1
to pick pockets

掏腰包 掏腰包 tao1 yao1 bao1
to dip into one's pocket; to pay out of pocket; to foot the bill

套包 套包 tao4 bao1
collar part of horse harness

提包 提包 ti2 bao1
handbag; bag; valise

土包子 土包子 tu3 bao1 zi5
country bumpkin; boor; unsophisticated country person (humble, applied to oneself); burial mound

外包 外包 wai4 bao1

窝脓包 窩膿包 wo1 nong2 bao1
useless weakling

无所不包 無所不包 wu2 suo3 bu4 bao1
not excluding anything; all-inclusive

香包 香包 xiang1 bao1
a small bag full of fragrance used on Dragon boat Festival

小包 小包 xiao3 bao1

小笼包 小籠包 xiao3 long2 bao1
steamed dumpling

小笼汤包 小籠湯包 xiao3 long2 tang1 bao1
steamed soup dumpling

小面包 小麵包 xiao3 mian4 bao1
bread roll; bun

小山包包 小山包包 xiao3 shan1 bao1 bao5
a landscape dotted with low hills and hillocks (idiom)

心包 心包 xin1 bao1

熊包 熊包 xiong2 bao1
worthless person; good-for-nothing

羊角包 羊角包 yang2 jiao3 bao1

羊角面包 羊角麵包 yang2 jiao3 mian4 bao1

腰包 腰包 yao1 bao1
waist purse (old); (fig.) purse; pocket; waist pack; fanny pack; bum bag

一手包办 一手包辦 yi1 shou3 bao1 ban4
to take care of a matter all by oneself; to run the whole show

邮包 郵包 you2 bao1
postal parcel; parcel

玉荷包 玉荷包 yu4 he2 bao1
jade purse, a cultivar of lychee

圆形面包 圓形麵包 yuan2 xing2 mian4 bao1

芝麻包 芝麻包 zhi1 ma5 bao1
sesame bun

纸包不住火 紙包不住火 zhi3 bao1 bu4 zhu4 huo3
lit. paper can't wrap fire; fig. the truth will out

纸包饮品 紙包飲品 zhi3 bao1 yin3 pin3
juice box; drink in a carton; Tetra Pak drink

众包 眾包 zhong4 bao1
crowdsourcing; abbr. for 群眾外包|群众外包

猪仔包 豬仔包 zhu1 zai3 bao1
a French-style bread, similar to a small baguette, commonly seen in Hong Kong and Macao

抓包 抓包 zhua1 bao1
to catch sb in the act

紫菜包饭 紫菜包飯 zi3 cai4 bao1 fan4
gimbap (Korean rice roll similar in appearance to sushi); kimbap