bandit; (literary) not

strokes 10
strokes after radical 8
白匪 白匪 bai2 fei3
white bandit (i.e. Nationalist soldier)

绑匪 綁匪 bang3 fei3

赤匪 赤匪 chi4 fei3
red bandit (i.e. PLA soldier (during the civil war) or Chinese communist (Tw))

盗匪 盜匪 dao4 fei3

匪帮 匪幫 fei3 bang1
gang of bandits; criminal gang (formerly often used of political opponents)

匪巢 匪巢 fei3 chao2
bandit stronghold

匪盗 匪盜 fei3 dao4

匪首 匪首 fei3 shou3

匪徒 匪徒 fei3 tu2
gangster; bandit

匪徒集团 匪徒集團 fei3 tu2 ji2 tuan2

匪穴 匪穴 fei3 xue2
bandit den; rebel stronghold

匪夷所思 匪夷所思 fei3 yi2 suo3 si1
unimaginable; outrageous; freakish

共匪 共匪 gong4 fei3
communist bandit (i.e. PLA soldier (during the civil war) or Chinese communist (Tw))

胡匪 鬍匪 hu2 fei3
bandit (old)

交情匪浅 交情匪淺 jiao1 qing2 fei3 qian3
to be very close; to understand each other

剿匪 剿匪 jiao3 fei3
to send armed forces to suppress

劫匪 劫匪 jie2 fei3
bandit; robber

蔫土匪 蔫土匪 nian1 tu3 fei3
scoundrel with an honest demeanor; see also 蔫兒壞|蔫儿坏

叛匪 叛匪 pan4 fei3
rebel bandit

枪匪 槍匪 qiang1 fei3
bandits with guns; an armed criminal; a gunman

散匪 散匪 san3 fei3
scattered bandits; fig. random jottings; marginal notes

受益匪浅 受益匪淺 shou4 yi4 fei3 qian3
to benefit (from)

夙夜匪懈 夙夜匪懈 su4 ye4 fei3 xie4
to work from morning to night (idiom)

土匪 土匪 tu3 fei3

顽匪 頑匪 wan2 fei3
gangster; bandit