variant of 櫃|柜

surname Kui

to lack; lacking; empty; exhausted

strokes 14
strokes after radical 12
不俭则匮 不儉則匱 bu4 jian3 ze2 kui4
wastage makes one destitute (idiom)

不匮 不匱 bu4 kui4
endlessly; without ceasing

俭以防匮 儉以防匱 jian3 yi3 fang2 kui4
frugality in order to prevent destitution (idiom)

金匮 金匱 jin1 gui4
variant of 金櫃|金柜

金匮石室 金匱石室 jin1 gui4 shi2 shi4
variant of 金櫃石室|金柜石室

窘匮 窘匱 jiong3 kui4
destitute; impoverished

空匮 空匱 kong4 kui4
scarce; poor

匮乏 匱乏 kui4 fa2
to be deficient in sth; to be short of sth (supplies, money etc)

匮竭 匱竭 kui4 jie2

匮缺 匱缺 kui4 que1
to be deficient in sth; to be short of sth (supplies, money etc)

疲匮 疲匱 pi2 kui4
tired; weary

勤劳不虞匮乏 勤勞不虞匱乏 qin2 lao2 bu4 yu2 kui4 fa2
Poverty is a stranger to industry. (idiom)

勤则不匮 勤則不匱 qin2 ze2 bu4 kui4
If one is industrious, one will not be in want. (idiom)

罄匮 罄匱 qing4 kui4
used-up; exhausted

穷匮 窮匱 qiong2 kui4
to be short of sth; to be wanting in sth

笥匮囊空 笥匱囊空 si4 kui4 nang2 kong1
extremely destitute (idiom)

无虞匮乏 無虞匱乏 wu2 yu2 kui4 fa2
no fear of deficiency; sufficient; abundant

孝思不匮 孝思不匱 xiao4 si1 bu4 kui4
to be forever filial (idiom)

恤匮 恤匱 xu4 kui4
to relieve the distressed

语言匮乏 語言匱乏 yu3 yan2 kui4 fa2
language deficit (linguistics)