variant of 占

to take possession of; to occupy; to take up

to observe; to divine

strokes 5
strokes after radical 3
霸占 霸佔 ba4 zhan4
to occupy by force; to seize; to dominate

拜占庭 拜占庭 bai4 zhan4 ting2
Byzantium; Byzantine or Eastern Roman empire (395-1453)

卜占 卜占 bu3 zhan1
to divine; to prophecy; to foretell the future

敌占区 敵佔區 di2 zhan4 qu1
enemy occupied territory

独占 獨佔 du2 zhan4
to monopolize; to control; to dominate

独占鳌头 獨佔鰲頭 du2 zhan4 ao2 tou2
to come first in triennial palace examinations (idiom, refers to the carved stone turtle head in front of the imperial palace, next to which the most successful candidate in the imperial examinations was entitled to stand); to be the champion; to be the v

多吃多占 多吃多佔 duo1 chi1 duo1 zhan4
taking or eating more than one's due (idiom); greedy and selfish

返还占有 返還占有 fan3 huan2 zhan4 you3

攻占 攻占 gong1 zhan4
to seize control of (an enemy position); (fig.) to take by storm; to gain (awards, control of a market etc)

挤占 擠占 ji3 zhan4
to seize; to push aside and occupy

马占 馬占 ma3 zhan4
(dialect) merchant (loanword)

强占 強佔 qiang2 zhan4
to occupy by force

抢占 搶佔 qiang3 zhan4
to seize (the strategic high ground)

侵占 侵佔 qin1 zhan4
to invade and occupy (territory)

鹊巢鸠占 鵲巢鳩占 que4 chao2 jiu1 zhan4
the magpie made a nest, the turtledove dwells in it (idiom); to reap where one has not sown

市场占有率 市場佔有率 shi4 chang3 zhan4 you3 lv4
market share

市占率 市佔率 shi4 zhan4 lv4
market share; abbr. for 市場佔有率|市场占有率

苏占区 蘇佔區 su1 zhan4 qu1
Soviet-occupied area (of Eastern Europe etc)

贪占 貪占 tan1 zhan4
to misappropriate

占卜 占卜 zhan1 bu3
to divine

占星 占星 zhan1 xing1
to divine by astrology; horoscope

占星家 占星家 zhan1 xing1 jia1

占星师 占星師 zhan1 xing1 shi1

占星术 占星術 zhan1 xing1 shu4

占星学 占星學 zhan1 xing1 xue2

占城 佔城 zhan4 cheng2
Champa (Sanskrit: Campapura or Campanagara), ancient kingdom in the South of Vietnam c. 200-1693

占地 占地 zhan4 di4
to take up space; to occupy (space)

占地儿 占地兒 zhan4 di4 er5
to take up space

占地方 占地方 zhan4 di4 fang5
to take up space

占地面积 占地面積 zhan4 di4 mian4 ji5
floor area; occupied area; footprint (of a building, piece of equipment etc)

占据 佔據 zhan4 ju4
to occupy; to hold

占领 佔領 zhan4 ling3
to occupy (a territory); to hold

占领者 佔領者 zhan4 ling3 zhe3

占满 占滿 zhan4 man3
to fill; to occupy completely

占便宜 佔便宜 zhan4 pian2 yi5
advantageous; favorable; to benefit at others' expense; to take unfair advantage

占婆 佔婆 zhan4 po2
Champa (Sanskrit: Campapura or Campanagara), ancient kingdom in the South of Vietnam c. 200-1693

占上风 佔上風 zhan4 shang4 feng1
to take the lead; to gain the upper hand

占为己有 佔為己有 zhan4 wei2 ji3 you3
to appropriate to oneself (what rightfully belongs to others)

占位符 占位符 zhan4 wei4 fu2
placeholder (computing)

占下风 佔下風 zhan4 xia4 feng1
to be at a disadvantage

占先 佔先 zhan4 xian1
to take precedence

占线 佔線 zhan4 xian4
busy (telephone line)

占用 佔用 zhan4 yong4
to occupy

占优 占優 zhan4 you1
to dominate; dominant

占优势 佔優勢 zhan4 you1 shi4
to predominate; to occupy a dominant position

占有 佔有 zhan4 you3
to have; to own; to hold; to occupy; to possess; to account for (a high proportion etc)

占着茅坑不拉屎 占著茅坑不拉屎 zhan4 zhe5 mao2 keng1 bu4 la1 shi3
lit. to occupy a latrine but not shit (proverb); fig. to be a dog in the manger

占中 佔中 zhan4 zhong1
Occupy Central, Hong Kong civil disobedience movement (September 2014 -)

占族 佔族 zhan4 zu2
Cham ethnic group