surname Wei

danger; to endanger; Taiwan pr.

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
安危 安危 an1 wei1
safety and danger; safety

摆脱危机 擺脫危機 bai3 tuo1 wei1 ji1
to break out of a crisis

濒危 瀕危 bin1 wei1
endangered (species); in imminent danger; critically ill

濒危物种 瀕危物種 bin1 wei1 wu4 zhong3
endangered species

濒危野生动植物种国际贸易公约 瀕危野生動植物種國際貿易公約 bin1 wei1 ye3 sheng1 dong4 zhi2 wu4 zhong3 guo2 ji4 mao4 yi4 gong1 yue1
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora; CITES

病危 病危 bing4 wei1
to be critically ill; to be terminally ill

趁人之危 趁人之危 chen4 ren2 zhi1 wei1
to take advantage of sb's difficulties (idiom)

乘人之危 乘人之危 cheng2 ren2 zhi1 wei1
to take advantage of sb's precarious position

垂危 垂危 chui2 wei1
close to death; life-threatening (illness)

次贷危机 次貸危機 ci4 dai4 wei1 ji1
subprime mortgage crisis; abbr. for 次級房屋信貸危機|次级房屋信贷危机

次级房屋信贷危机 次級房屋信貸危機 ci4 ji2 fang2 wu1 xin4 dai4 wei1 ji1
subprime mortgage crisis

道高益安,势高益危 道高益安,勢高益危 dao4 gao1 yi4 an1 - shi4 gao1 yi4 wei1
More moral strength increases one's safety, more power and influence increases one's danger (idiom, from Records of the Historian 史記|史记). cf Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it (William Pitt the Elder, 1770).

倒悬之危 倒懸之危 dao4 xuan2 zhi1 wei1
lit. the crisis of being hanged upside down (idiom); fig. extremely critical situation; dire straits

抵押贷款危机 抵押貸款危機 di3 ya1 dai4 kuan3 wei1 ji1
mortgage crisis

扶困济危 扶困濟危 fu2 kun4 ji4 wei1
see 濟危扶困|济危扶困

扶危 扶危 fu2 wei1
to help those in distress

扶危济困 扶危濟困 fu2 wei1 ji4 kun4
to help those in distress (idiom)

货币危机 貨幣危機 huo4 bi4 wei1 ji1
monetary crisis

岌岌可危 岌岌可危 ji2 ji2 ke3 wei1
imminent danger (idiom); approaching a crisis

济困扶危 濟困扶危 ji4 kun4 fu2 wei1
to help those in distress (idiom)

济危 濟危 ji4 wei1
to help people in distress

济危扶困 濟危扶困 ji4 wei1 fu2 kun4
to help people in difficulty and bring relief to the needy (idiom)

金融危机 金融危機 jin1 rong2 wei1 ji1
financial crisis

紧急危害 緊急危害 jin3 ji2 wei1 hai4
emergency risk

经济危机 經濟危機 jing1 ji4 wei1 ji1
economic crisis

居安思危 居安思危 ju1 an1 si1 wei1
to think of danger in times of safety; to be vigilant in peacetime (idiom)

力尽神危 力盡神危 li4 jin4 shen2 wei1
totally exhausted as result of overexertion (idiom)

临危 臨危 lin2 wei1
dying (from illness); facing death; on one's deathbed

临危授命 臨危授命 lin2 wei1 shou4 ming4
to sacrifice one's life in a crisis

冒生命危险 冒生命危險 mao4 sheng1 ming4 wei1 xian3
to risk one's life

命危 命危 ming4 wei1
critical; life threatening (medicine)

能源危机 能源危機 neng2 yuan2 wei1 ji1
energy crisis

频危物种 頻危物種 pin2 wei1 wu4 zhong3
endangered species

潜在危险度 潛在危險度 qian2 zai4 wei1 xian3 du4
latent hazard

倾危 傾危 qing1 wei1
in danger of collapse; in a parlous state; (of person) treacherous

事危累卵 事危累卵 shi4 wei1 lei3 luan3
lit. the matter has become a pile of eggs (idiom); fig. at a critical juncture

脱离危险 脫離危險 tuo1 li2 wei1 xian3
out of danger; to avoid danger

危辞耸听 危辭聳聽 wei1 ci2 song3 ting1
to startle sb with scary tale

危殆 危殆 wei1 dai4
grave danger; in jeopardy; in a critical condition

危地马拉 危地馬拉 wei1 di4 ma3 la1
Guatemala; see also 瓜地馬拉|瓜地马拉

危地马拉人 危地馬拉人 wei1 di4 ma3 la1 ren2
Guatemalan (person)

危笃 危篤 wei1 du3
deathly ill

危而不持 危而不持 wei1 er2 bu4 chi2
national danger, but no support (idiom, from Analects); the future of the nation is at stake but no-one comes to the rescue

危房 危房 wei1 fang2
decrepit house

危害 危害 wei1 hai4
to jeopardize; to harm; to endanger; harmful effect; damage

危害评价 危害評價 wei1 hai4 ping2 jia4
hazard assessment

危害性 危害性 wei1 hai4 xing4

危机 危機 wei1 ji1

危机四伏 危機四伏 wei1 ji1 si4 fu2
danger lurks on every side (idiom)

危及 危及 wei1 ji2
to endanger; to jeopardize; a danger (to life, national security etc)

危急 危急 wei1 ji2
critical; desperate (situation)

危径 危徑 wei1 jing4
steep and perilous path

危境 危境 wei1 jing4
dangerous situation; venerable old age

危局 危局 wei1 ju2
perilous situation

危惧 危懼 wei1 ju4
afraid; apprehensive

危困 危困 wei1 kun4
grave situation

危楼 危樓 wei1 lou2
dangerous housing; building that is about to collapse

危难 危難 wei1 nan4

危迫 危迫 wei1 po4
urgent; pressing danger

危如累卵 危如累卵 wei1 ru2 lei3 luan3
precarious as pile of eggs (idiom); ready to fall and break at any moment; in a dangerous state

危如朝露 危如朝露 wei1 ru2 zhao1 lu4
precarious as the morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence

危若朝露 危若朝露 wei1 ruo4 zhao1 lu4
precarious as morning dew (idiom); unlikely to last out the day

危途 危途 wei1 tu2
dangerous road

危亡 危亡 wei1 wang2
at stake; in peril

危险 危險 wei1 xian3
danger; dangerous

危险警告灯 危險警告燈 wei1 xian3 jing3 gao4 deng1
hazard lights

危险品 危險品 wei1 xian3 pin3
hazardous materials

危性 危性 wei1 xing4

危言耸听 危言聳聽 wei1 yan2 song3 ting1
frightening words to scare people (idiom); alarmist talk; reds under the beds

危言危行 危言危行 wei1 yan2 wei1 xing2
upright and plainspoken (idiom)

危在旦夕 危在旦夕 wei1 zai4 dan4 xi1
in imminent peril (idiom); on the brink of crisis

危重 危重 wei1 zhong4
critically ill

危重病人 危重病人 wei1 zhong4 bing4 ren2
critically ill patient

信贷危机 信貸危機 xin4 dai4 wei1 ji1
credit crisis; see also 次貸危機|次贷危机

信用危机 信用危機 xin4 yong4 wei1 ji1
credit crisis

严重危害 嚴重危害 yan2 zhong4 wei1 hai4
severe harm; critical danger

这次危机 這次危機 zhe4 ci4 wei1 ji1
present crisis; current crisis

正襟危坐 正襟危坐 zheng4 jin1 wei1 zuo4
to sit upright and still (idiom)

转危为安 轉危為安 zhuan3 wei1 wei2 an1
to turn peril into safety (idiom); to avert a danger (esp. political or medical)