namely; that is; i.e.; prompt; at once; at present; even if; prompted (by the occasion); to approach; to come into contact; to assume (office); to draw near

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
不即不离 不即不離 bu4 ji2 bu4 li2
to be neither too familiar nor too distant; to keep sb at arm's length

当断即断 當斷即斷 dang1 duan4 ji2 duan4
not to delay making a decision when a decision is needed

当即 當即 dang1 ji2
at once; on the spot

点到即止 點到即止 dian3 dao4 ji2 zhi3
to touch on sth and leave it there; to take care not to overdo sth

非此即彼 非此即彼 fei1 ci3 ji2 bi3
either this or that; one or the other

非富即贵 非富即貴 fei1 fu4 ji2 gui4
wealthy and respectable people

俯拾即是 俯拾即是 fu3 shi2 ji2 shi4
see 俯拾皆是

呼之即来 呼之即來 hu1 zhi1 ji2 lai2
to come when called (idiom); ready and compliant; always at sb's beck and call

呼之即来,挥之即去 呼之即來,揮之即去 hu1 zhi1 ji2 lai2 - hui1 zhi1 ji2 qu4
to come when called (idiom); ready and compliant; always at sb's beck and call

即便 即便 ji2 bian4
even if; even though; right away; immediately

即插即用 即插即用 ji2 cha1 ji2 yong4

即付 即付 ji2 fu4
to pay on demand

即付即打 即付即打 ji2 fu4 ji2 da3
pay as you go

即或 即或 ji2 huo4
even if; even though

即将 即將 ji2 jiang1
on the eve of; to be about to; to be on the verge of

即将来临 即將來臨 ji2 jiang1 lai2 lin2

即可 即可 ji2 ke3
equivalent to 就可以; can then (do sth); can immediately (do sth); (do sth) and that will suffice

即刻 即刻 ji2 ke4
immediately; instant; instantly

即令 即令 ji2 ling4
even if; even though

即墨 即墨 ji2 mo4
Jimo county level city in Qingdao 青島|青岛, Shandong

即墨市 即墨市 ji2 mo4 shi4
Jimo county level city in Qingdao 青島|青岛, Shandong

即日 即日 ji2 ri4
this or that very day; in the next few days

即溶咖啡 即溶咖啡 ji2 rong2 ka1 fei1
instant coffee

即如 即如 ji2 ru2
such as

即时 即時 ji2 shi2

即食 即食 ji2 shi2
instant (food)

即时即地 即時即地 ji2 shi2 ji2 di4

即时通讯 即時通訊 ji2 shi2 tong1 xun4
instant messaging (IM); instant message

即时制 即時制 ji2 shi2 zhi4
real-time (gaming)

即使 即使 ji2 shi3
even if; even though

即为 即為 ji2 wei2
to be considered to be; to be defined to be; to be called

即位 即位 ji2 wei4
to succeed to the throne; accession

即席 即席 ji2 xi2
impromptu; improvised; to take one's seat (at a banquet etc)

即兴 即興 ji2 xing4
improvisation (in the arts); impromptu; extemporaneous

即兴发挥 即興發揮 ji2 xing4 fa1 hui1

即兴之作 即興之作 ji2 xing4 zhi1 zuo4

即由 即由 ji2 you2

即早 即早 ji2 zao3
as soon as possible

即指即译 即指即譯 ji2 zhi3 ji2 yi4
point-and-translate (computing)

见票即付 見票即付 jian4 piao4 ji2 fu4
payable at sight; payable to bearer

可望而不可即 可望而不可即 ke3 wang4 er2 bu4 ke3 ji2
in sight but unattainable (idiom); inaccessible; also written 可望而不可及

立即 立即 li4 ji2

若即若离 若即若離 ruo4 ji2 ruo4 li2
lit. seeming neither close nor distant (idiom); fig. to keep one's distance; (of a relationship) lukewarm; vague

稍纵即逝 稍縱即逝 shao1 zong4 ji2 shi4
transient; fleeting

售完即止 售完即止 shou4 wan2 ji2 zhi3
while stocks last; subject to availability

随插即用 隨插即用 sui2 cha1 ji2 yong4
plug and play (computing)

随即 隨即 sui2 ji2
immediately; presently; following which

所见即所得 所見即所得 suo3 jian4 ji2 suo3 de2
What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)

无事献殷勤,非奸即盗 無事獻殷勤,非姦即盜 wu2 shi4 xian4 yin1 qin2 - fei1 jian1 ji2 dao4
one who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions (idiom)

旋即 旋即 xuan2 ji2
soon after; shortly

迅即 迅即 xun4 ji2
immediately; promptly; quickly

一触即发 一觸即發 yi1 chu4 ji2 fa1
could happen at any moment; on the verge

一触即溃 一觸即潰 yi1 chu4 ji2 kui4
to collapse on the first encounter; to give way at once

一蹴即至 一蹴即至 yi1 cu4 ji2 zhi4
to get there in one step (idiom); easily done; success at a stroke; to get results overnight

一拍即合 一拍即合 yi1 pai1 ji2 he2
lit. to be together from the first beat (idiom); to hit it off; to click together; to chime in easily

亦即 亦即 yi4 ji2
namely; that is

意即 意即 yi4 ji2
which means; (this) means (that)

在即 在即 zai4 ji2
near at hand; imminent; within sight

转眼即逝 轉眼即逝 zhuan3 yan3 ji2 shi4
to pass in an instant; over in the twinkling of an eye