egg; ovum; spawn

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
产卵 產卵 chan3 luan3
to lay eggs

鹅卵石 鵝卵石 e2 luan3 shi2
pebble; cobblestone

孵卵 孵卵 fu1 luan3
to hatch; to brood

覆巢无完卵 覆巢無完卵 fu4 chao2 wu2 wan2 luan3
lit. when the nest overturns no egg remains intact; no member escapes unscathed from a family disaster (idiom)

覆巢之下无完卵 覆巢之下無完卵 fu4 chao2 zhi1 xia4 wu2 wan2 luan3
lit. when the nest is upset no egg is left intact (idiom); fig. when one falls in disgrace the whole family is doomed

河卵石 河卵石 he2 luan3 shi2

卵巢 卵巢 luan3 chao2

卵巢窝 卵巢窩 luan3 chao2 wo1

卵黄 卵黃 luan3 huang2
egg yolk

卵黄管 卵黃管 luan3 huang2 guan3
vitelline duct

卵黄囊 卵黃囊 luan3 huang2 nang2
yolk sac (ectodermal cells attaching fetus to uterus before the development of the placenta)

卵黄腺 卵黃腺 luan3 huang2 xian4
vitelline glands; vitellaria (in biology)

卵精巢 卵精巢 luan3 jing1 chao2
ovaries and testes

卵裂 卵裂 luan3 lie4
cleavage of fertilized ovum into cells

卵磷脂 卵磷脂 luan3 lin2 zhi1
lecithin (phospholipid found in egg yolk)

卵模 卵模 luan3 mo2
ootype (site of egg composition in flatworm biology)

卵母细胞 卵母細胞 luan3 mu3 xi4 bao1
egg cell

卵泡 卵泡 luan3 pao4

卵石 卵石 luan3 shi2
cobble; pebble

卵形 卵形 luan3 xing2
oval; egg-shaped (leaves in botany)

卵圆 卵圓 luan3 yuan2
oval; ellipse

卵圆窗 卵圓窗 luan3 yuan2 chuang1
oval window between middle and inner ear

卵圆形 卵圓形 luan3 yuan2 xing2
oval; ellipsoidal

卵子 卵子 luan3 zi3

卵子 卵子 luan3 zi5
testicles; penis

排卵 排卵 pai2 luan3
to ovulate

杀鸡取卵 殺雞取卵 sha1 ji1 qu3 luan3
lit. to kill the chicken to get the eggs (idiom); fig. to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs

事危累卵 事危累卵 shi4 wei1 lei3 luan3
lit. the matter has become a pile of eggs (idiom); fig. at a critical juncture

受精卵 受精卵 shou4 jing1 luan3
fertilized ovum

输卵管 輸卵管 shu1 luan3 guan3
Fallopian tube; oviduct

同卵 同卵 tong2 luan3
(of twins) identical; monozygotic

同卵双胞胎 同卵雙胞胎 tong2 luan3 shuang1 bao1 tai1
identical twins

危如累卵 危如累卵 wei1 ru2 lei3 luan3
precarious as pile of eggs (idiom); ready to fall and break at any moment; in a dangerous state

以卵击石 以卵擊石 yi3 luan3 ji1 shi2
lit. to strike a stone with egg (idiom); to attempt the impossible; to invite disaster by overreaching oneself

异卵 異卵 yi4 luan3
(of twins) fraternal; dizygotic

异卵双胞胎 異卵雙胞胎 yi4 luan3 shuang1 bao1 tai1
fraternal twins

总卵黄管 總卵黃管 zong3 luan3 huang2 guan3
common vitelline duct