variant of 廁|厕

restroom; toilet; lavatory

see 茅廁|茅厕

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
厕具 廁具 ce4 ju4
toilet fittings

厕身 廁身 ce4 shen1
to participate (in sth); to play a humble role in

厕所 廁所 ce4 suo3
toilet; lavatory

厕纸 廁紙 ce4 zhi3
toilet paper

蹲厕 蹲廁 dun1 ce4
squat toilet

公厕 公廁 gong1 ce4
public toilet

旱厕 旱廁 han4 ce4
pit toilet

毛厕 毛廁 mao2 si5
variant of 茅廁|茅厕

茅厕 茅廁 mao2 si5
(dialect) latrine

男厕 男廁 nan2 ce4
gents washroom; gents toilets

女厕 女廁 nv3 ce4
ladies washroom; ladies toilet

如厕 如廁 ru2 ce4
to go to the toilet

坐厕 坐廁 zuo4 ce4
seating toilet

坐厕垫 坐廁墊 zuo4 ce4 dian4
toilet seat