variant of 廝|厮

mutually; with one another; manservant; boy servant; guy (derog.)

strokes 14
strokes after radical 12
耳鬓厮磨 耳鬢廝磨 er3 bin4 si1 mo2
lit. heads rubbing together (idiom); fig. very close relationship

厮搏 廝搏 si1 bo2
to fight at close quarters; to tussle

厮缠 廝纏 si1 chan2
to tangle with; to get involved; to pester

厮打 廝打 si1 da3
to fight together; to come to blows

厮混 廝混 si1 hun4
to hang out together with (derog.); to mix with

厮锣 廝鑼 si1 luo2
small gong

厮杀 廝殺 si1 sha1
to fight at close quarters; hand-to-hand

厮守 廝守 si1 shou3
to stay together; to rely on one another

厮熟 廝熟 si1 shu2
familiar with one another