to go; to go to (a place); (of a time etc) last; just passed; to send; to remove; to get rid of; to reduce; to be apart from in space or time; to die (euphemism); to play (a part); (when used either before or after a verb) to go in order to do sth; (after

strokes 5
strokes after radical 3
爱得死去活来 愛得死去活來 ai4 de5 si3 qu4 huo2 lai2
to be madly in love

搬出去 搬出去 ban1 chu1 qu4
to move out (vacate); to shift sth out

比下去 比下去 bi3 xia4 qu4
to defeat; to be superior to

病来如山倒,病去如抽丝 病來如山倒,病去如抽絲 bing4 lai2 ru2 shan1 dao3 - bing4 qu4 ru2 chou1 si1
sickness comes like a landslide, but goes slowly like spinning silk (idiom); expect to convalesce slowly

不去理 不去理 bu4 qu4 li3
not to pay attention to; to leave sth as it is; to ignore

不知去向 不知去向 bu4 zhi1 qu4 xiang4
whereabouts unknown; gone missing

出去 出去 chu1 qu4
to go out

除去 除去 chu2 qu4
to eliminate; to remove; except for; apart from

辞去 辭去 ci2 qu4
to resign; to quit

带去 帶去 dai4 qu5
to take along with one

带着希望去旅行,比到达终点更美好 帶著希望去旅行,比到達終點更美好 dai4 zhe5 xi1 wang4 qu4 lv3 xing2 - bi3 dao4 da2 zhong1 dian3 geng4 mei3 hao3
It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.

涤去 滌去 di2 qu4
to wash off

颠来倒去 顛來倒去 dian1 lai2 dao3 qu4
to harp on; over and over; merely ring changes on a few terms

督进去 督進去 du1 jin4 qu4
(slang) (Tw) to stick "it" in; to thrust inside

多了去了 多了去了 duo1 le5 qu4 le5
(coll.) aplenty; millions of

翻来覆去 翻來覆去 fan1 lai2 fu4 qu4
to toss and turn (sleeplessly); again and again

放眼望去 放眼望去 fang4 yan3 wang4 qu4
as far as the eye can see

飞来飞去 飛來飛去 fei1 lai2 fei1 qu4
to fly about; to fly hither and thither; to flit; to swarm; to spiral

拂袖而去 拂袖而去 fu2 xiu4 er2 qu4
to storm off in a huff (idiom)

故去 故去 gu4 qu4
to die; death

过不去 過不去 guo4 bu5 qu4
to make life difficult for; to embarrass; unable to make it through

过得去 過得去 guo4 de2 qu4
lit. can pass through (an opening); fig. can get by (in life); tolerably well; not too bad; How are you getting by?; How's life?

过去 過去 guo4 qu4
(in the) past; former; previous; to go over; to pass by

过去时 過去時 guo4 qu4 shi2
past tense (grammar)

过去 過去 guo4 qu5
(verb suffix)

过去分词 過去分詞 guo4 qu5 fen1 ci2
past participle (in European grammar)

过去经验 過去經驗 guo4 qu5 jing1 yan4
past experience

过去式 過去式 guo4 qu5 shi4
past tense

过意不去 過意不去 guo4 yi4 bu4 qu4
to feel very apologetic

好去 好去 hao3 qu4
bon voyage; god speed

何去何从 何去何從 he2 qu4 he2 cong2
what course to follow; what path to take

呼来喝去 呼來喝去 hu1 lai2 he4 qu4
to call to come and shout to go (idiom); to yell orders; always bossing people around

呼之即来,挥之即去 呼之即來,揮之即去 hu1 zhi1 ji2 lai2 - hui1 zhi1 ji2 qu4
to come when called (idiom); ready and compliant; always at sb's beck and call

挥之不去 揮之不去 hui1 zhi1 bu4 qu4
impossible to get rid of

回去 回去 hui2 qu5
to return; to go back

豁出去 豁出去 huo1 chu5 qu5
to throw caution to the wind; to press one's luck; to go for broke

活不下去 活不下去 huo2 bu4 xia4 qu5
impossible to make a living

活下去 活下去 huo2 xia4 qu4
to survive; to keep on living

挤来挤去 擠來擠去 ji3 lai2 ji3 qu4
to mill about; to jostle

挤上去 擠上去 ji3 shang4 qu5
to squeeze oneself up into (a crowded vehicle etc)

驾鹤西去 駕鶴西去 jia4 he4 xi1 qu4
lit. to fly on a crane to the Western Paradise; fig. to pass away (idiom)

坚持下去 堅持下去 jian1 chi2 xia4 qu4
to press on

减去 減去 jian3 qu4
minus; to subtract

进去 進去 jin4 qu4
to go in

旧的不去,新的不来 舊的不去,新的不來 jiu4 de5 bu4 qu4 - xin1 de5 bu4 lai2
lit. If the old doesn't go, the new will not come.; You can't make progress by clinging to old notions.

看不过去 看不過去 kan4 bu5 guo4 qu5
cannot stand by idly and watch; unable to put up with it any longer

看上去 看上去 kan4 shang5 qu5
it would appear; it seems (that)

扣去 扣去 kou4 qu4
to deduct (points etc)

哭得死去活来 哭得死去活來 ku1 de5 si3 qu4 huo2 lai2
to cry one's heart out

来得容易,去得快 來得容易,去得快 lai2 de5 rong2 yi4 - qu4 de5 kuai4
Easy come, easy go. (idiom)

来鸿去燕 來鴻去燕 lai2 hong2 qu4 yan4
lit. the goose comes, the swallow goes (idiom); fig. always on the move

来回来去 來回來去 lai2 hui2 lai2 qu4
repeatedly; back and forth again and again

来回来去地 來回來去地 lai2 hui2 lai2 qu4 de5
backwards and forwards

来龙去脉 來龍去脈 lai2 long2 qu4 mai4
the rise and fall of the terrain (idiom); (fig.) the whole sequence of events; causes and effects

来去无踪 來去無蹤 lai2 qu4 wu2 zong1
come without a shadow, leave without a footprint (idiom); to come and leave without a trace

来无影,去无踪 來無影,去無蹤 lai2 wu2 ying3 - qu4 wu2 zong1
lit. come without a shadow, leave without a footprint (idiom); to come and go without a trace

来踪去迹 來蹤去跡 lai2 zong1 qu4 ji4
the traces of a person's movements; (fig.) sb's history; the ins and out of a matter

了去了 了去了 le5 qu4 le5
(coll.) (after adjectives such as 多, 大, 远, 高) very; extremely

离去 離去 li2 qu4
to leave; to exit

略去 略去 lve4 qu4
to omit; to delete; to leave out; to neglect; to skip over

眉来眼去 眉來眼去 mei2 lai2 yan3 qu4
lit. eyes and eyebrows come and go (idiom); to make eyes; to exchange flirting glances with sb

免去职务 免去職務 mian3 qu4 zhi2 wu4
to relieve from office; to sack

抹去 抹去 mo3 qu4
to erase

难以抹去 難以抹去 nan2 yi3 mo3 qu4
hard to erase; ineradicable

拚去 拚去 pan4 qu4
to reject; to abandon

撇去 撇去 pie1 qu4

泼出去的水 潑出去的水 po1 chu1 qu4 de5 shui3
spilt water; (fig.) sth that can not be retrieved; spilt milk

取其精华,去其糟粕 取其精華,去其糟粕 qu3 qi2 jing1 hua2 - qu4 qi2 zao1 po4
take the cream, discard the dross (political and educational slogan); keep what is good, discard the rest; You need to be selective when studying.; In modernizing the country, don't accept uncritically all foreign ideas.

去程 去程 qu4 cheng2
outbound trip

去除 去除 qu4 chu2
to remove; to dislodge

去处 去處 qu4 chu4
place; destination

去得 去得 qu4 de5
can go

去掉 去掉 qu4 diao4
to get rid of; to exclude; to eliminate; to remove; to delete; to strip out; to extract

去根 去根 qu4 gen1
to cure completely

去垢剂 去垢劑 qu4 gou4 ji4

去光水 去光水 qu4 guang1 shui3
nail polish remover

去国 去國 qu4 guo2
to leave one's country

去国外 去國外 qu4 guo2 wai4
to go abroad

去回票 去回票 qu4 hui2 piao4
round-trip ticket (Tw)

去火 去火 qu4 huo3
to reduce internal heat (TCM)

去留 去留 qu4 liu2
going or staying

去路 去路 qu4 lu4
the way one is following; outlet

去你的 去你的 qu4 ni3 de5
Get along with you!

去年 去年 qu4 nian2
last year

去年底 去年底 qu4 nian2 di3
late last year; the end of last year

去皮 去皮 qu4 pi2
to peel; to remove the skin; to tare

去皮重 去皮重 qu4 pi2 zhong4
to tare

去其糟粕 去其糟粕 qu4 qi2 zao1 po4
to remove the dross; to discard the dregs

去取 去取 qu4 qu3
to accept or reject

去取之间 去取之間 qu4 qu3 zhi1 jian1
undecided between taking and leaving

去声 去聲 qu4 sheng1
falling tone; fourth tone in modern Mandarin

去逝 去逝 qu4 shi4
to pass away; to die

去世 去世 qu4 shi4
to pass away; to die

去势 去勢 qu4 shi4
to neuter; neutered

去死 去死 qu4 si3
go to hell!; drop dead!

去岁 去歲 qu4 sui4
last year

去台 去臺 qu4 tai2
to go to Taiwan; refers to those who left China for Taiwan before the founding of PRC in 1949

去台人员 去臺人員 qu4 tai2 ren2 yuan2
those who left China for Taiwan before the founding of PRC in 1949

去芜存菁 去蕪存菁 qu4 wu2 cun2 jing1
lit. to get rid of the weeds and keep the flowers; to separate the wheat from the chaff (idiom)

去向 去向 qu4 xiang4
the position of sth; whereabouts

去向不明 去向不明 qu4 xiang4 bu4 ming2
missing; lost

去氧核糖核酸 去氧核糖核酸 qu4 yang3 he2 tang2 he2 suan1
deoxyribonucleic acid; DNA

去氧麻黄碱 去氧麻黃鹼 qu4 yang3 ma2 huang2 jian3

去职 去職 qu4 zhi2
to leave office

绕来绕去 繞來繞去 rao4 lai2 rao4 qu4
meandering and circuitous (idiom); to go around in circles and never get anywhere

人去楼空 人去樓空 ren2 qu4 lou2 kong1
the people are gone and the place is empty (idiom); the sight of a deserted place brings old friends to mind; the place is deserted; the birds have flown

删去 刪去 shan1 qu4
to delete

上去 上去 shang4 qu4
to go up

省去 省去 sheng3 qu4
to omit; to dispense with; to make unnecesary; to save (time, trouble etc)

失去 失去 shi1 qu4
to lose

逝去 逝去 shi4 qu4
to elapse; to pass away; to die; demise

说不过去 說不過去 shuo1 bu5 guo4 qu4
cannot be justified; inexcusable

说得过去 說得過去 shuo1 de5 guo4 qu4
acceptable; passable; justifiable; (of a course of action) to make sense

死去 死去 si3 qu4
to die

死去活来 死去活來 si3 qu4 huo2 lai2
to hover between life and death (idiom); to suffer terribly; within an inch of one's life

送去 送去 song4 qu4
to send to; to deliver to; to give sb a lift (e.g. in a car)

听不进去 聽不進去 ting1 bu4 jin4 qu5
not to listen; to be deaf to

听上去 聽上去 ting1 shang4 qu5
to sound (difficult, worthwhile etc); to seem

偷去 偷去 tou1 qu4
to steal; to make off with; stolen

推来推去 推來推去 tui1 lai2 tui1 qu4
(idiom) to rudely push and pull others; (idiom) to evade responsibility and push it to others

褪去 褪去 tui4 qu4
to take off (one's clothes); (fig.) to shed (one's former image etc); (of a fad or the after-effects of a disaster etc) to subside; also pr.

脱去 脫去 tuo1 qu4
to throw off

往心里去 往心裡去 wang3 xin1 li5 qu4
to take sth to heart; to take sth seriously

闻上去 聞上去 wen2 shang4 qu4
to smell of sth; to smell like sth

我勒个去 我勒個去 wo3 le4 ge5 qu4
(slang) shoot!; crap!

我去 我去 wo3 qu4
(slang) dang!; shoot!

下去 下去 xia4 qu4
to go down; to descend; to go on; to continue; (of a servant) to withdraw

仙去 仙去 xian1 qu4
to become an immortal; (fig.) to die

现在是过去钥匙 現在是過去鑰匙 xian4 zai4 shi4 guo4 qu5 yao4 shi5
Today is the key to the past.

消去 消去 xiao1 qu4
to eliminate

扬长而去 揚長而去 yang2 chang2 er2 qu4
to swagger off; to walk off (or drive off etc) without a second thought for those left behind

也好不到哪里去 也好不到哪裡去 ye3 hao3 bu4 dao4 na3 li3 qu4
just as bad; not much better

一来二去 一來二去 yi1 lai2 er4 qu4
gradually; little by little; in the course of time

一去不复返 一去不復返 yi1 qu4 bu4 fu4 fan3
gone forever

一去不回 一去不回 yi1 qu4 bu4 hui2
gone forever

一去无影踪 一去無影蹤 yi1 qu4 wu2 ying3 zong1
gone without a trace

一眼望去 一眼望去 yi1 yan3 wang4 qu4
as far as the eye can see

移去 移去 yi2 qu4
to move away

有去无回 有去無回 you3 qu4 wu2 hui2
gone forever (idiom)

直来直去 直來直去 zhi2 lai2 zhi2 qu4
going directly (without detour); (fig.) direct; straightforward (in one's manner or speech)

抓去 抓去 zhua1 qu4
to arrest and take away

转来转去 轉來轉去 zhuan4 lai2 zhuan4 qu4
to rove around; to run around in circles; to walk back and forth

转去 轉去 zhuan4 qu4
to return; to go back

走去 走去 zou3 qu4
to walk over (to)

走自己的路,让人家去说 走自己的路,讓人家去說 zou3 zi4 ji3 de5 lu4 - rang4 ren2 jia1 qu4 shuo1
Go your own way, let others say what they like. (popular modern cliche); Do it my way.