to take part in; to participate; to join; to attend; to counsel; unequal; varied; irregular; uneven; not uniform; abbr. for 參議院|参议院 Senate, Upper House

three (banker's anti-fraud numeral)

ginseng; one of the 28 constellations

strokes 11
strokes after radical 9
参拜 參拜 can1 bai4
to formally call on; to worship (a God); to pay homage to sb

参半 參半 can1 ban4
half; half and half; both ... and ...; just as much ... as ...; equally

参禅 參禪 can1 chan2
to practice Chan Buddhist meditation; to practice Zen meditation; to sit in meditation

参访团 參訪團 can1 fang3 tuan2

参股 參股 can1 gu3
equity participation (finance)

参观 參觀 can1 guan1
to look around; to tour; to visit

参劾 參劾 can1 he2
to accuse; to impeach; (in imperial China) to level charges against an official

参加 參加 can1 jia1
to participate; to take part; to join

参加者 參加者 can1 jia1 zhe3

参见 參見 can1 jian4
to refer to; see also; compare (cf.); to pay respect to

参校 參校 can1 jiao4
to proofread; to revise one or more editions of a text using an authoritative edition as a source book; to editorially revise a text

参军 參軍 can1 jun1
to join the army

参卡尔 參卡爾 can1 ka3 er3
Ivan Cankar (1876-1918), Slovenian modernist writer

参看 參看 can1 kan4
see also; please refer to; compare (cf.); to consult for reference

参考 參考 can1 kao3
consultation; reference; to consult; to refer

参考材料 參考材料 can1 kao3 cai2 liao4
reference material; source documents

参考书 參考書 can1 kao3 shu1
reference book

参考椭球体 參考橢球體 can1 kao3 tuo3 qiu2 ti3
reference ellipsoid (geodesy)

参考文献 參考文獻 can1 kao3 wen2 xian4
cited material; reference (to the literature); bibliography

参考系 參考系 can1 kao3 xi4
frame of reference

参考消息 參考消息 can1 kao3 xiao1 xi1
Reference News (PRC limited-distribution daily newspaper)

参考资料 參考資料 can1 kao3 zi1 liao4
reference material; bibliography

参两院 參兩院 can1 liang3 yuan4
both houses of US Congress

参量 參量 can1 liang4
parameter (math); quantity used as a parameter; modulus (math.)

参量空间 參量空間 can1 liang4 kong1 jian1
moduli space (math.); parameter space

参谋 參謀 can1 mou2
staff officer; to give advice

参谋长 參謀長 can1 mou2 zhang3
chief of staff

参谋总长 參謀總長 can1 mou2 zong3 zhang3
army Chief of Staff

参赛 參賽 can1 sai4
to compete; to take part in a competition

参赛者 參賽者 can1 sai4 zhe3

参数 參數 can1 shu4

参孙 參孫 can1 sun1
Samson (name); biblical hero around 1100 BC

参天 參天 can1 tian1
reach high to the sky; tall; of great height

参透 參透 can1 tou4
to fully grasp; to penetrate

参悟 參悟 can1 wu4
to comprehend (the nature of things etc); to achieve enlightenment

参详 參詳 can1 xiang2
to collate and examine critically (texts etc)

参选 參選 can1 xuan3
to be a candidate in an election or other selection process; to run for office; to turn out to vote

参选率 參選率 can1 xuan3 lv4
voter turnout

参选人 參選人 can1 xuan3 ren2
election participant; candidate

参谒 參謁 can1 ye4
to visit; to pay one's respects to (a revered figure etc); to pay homage (at a tomb etc)

参议 參議 can1 yi4
consultant; adviser

参议员 參議員 can1 yi4 yuan2

参议院 參議院 can1 yi4 yuan4
senate; upper chamber (of legislative assembly)

参与 參與 can1 yu4
to participate (in sth)

参预 參預 can1 yu4
variant of 參與|参与

参与者 參與者 can1 yu4 zhe3

参院 參院 can1 yuan4
abbr. for 參議院|参议院, senate; upper chamber (of legislative assembly)

参阅 參閱 can1 yue4
to consult; to refer to; to read (instructions)

参杂 參雜 can1 za2
to mix

参赞 參贊 can1 zan4
diplomatic officer; attache

参展 參展 can1 zhan3
to exhibit at or take part in a trade show etc

参战 參戰 can1 zhan4
to go to war; to engage in war

参照 參照 can1 zhao4
to consult a reference; to refer to (another document)

参照系 參照系 can1 zhao4 xi4
frame of reference; coordinate frame (math.)

参政 參政 can1 zheng4
to be involved in politics; participation in politics

参政权 參政權 can1 zheng4 quan2
suffrage; voting rights

参酌 參酌 can1 zhuo2
to consider (a matter); to deliberate

曹参 曹參 cao2 can1
Cao Can (-190 BC), second chancellor of Han Dynasty, contributed to its founding by fighting on Liu Bang's 劉邦|刘邦 side during the Chu-Han Contention 楚漢戰爭|楚汉战争; also pr.

参差 參差 cen1 ci1
uneven; jagged; snaggletooth; ragged; serrated

参差不齐 參差不齊 cen1 ci1 bu4 qi2
unevenly matched (idiom); scraggly; jagged

参差错落 參差錯落 cen1 ci1 cuo4 luo4
uneven and jumbled (idiom); irregular and disorderly; in a tangled mess

川党参 川黨參 chuan1 dang3 shen1
Sichuan codonopsis (Codonopsis pilosula, root used in TCM)

丹参 丹參 dan1 shen1
Salvia miltiorrhiza

党参 黨參 dang3 shen1
poor man's ginseng (Codonopsis pilosula); codonopsis root (used in TCM)

高参 高參 gao1 can1
senior staff officer; staff officer of great talent

高丽参 高麗參 gao1 li2 shen1
Koryo ginseng

海参 海參 hai3 shen1
sea cucumber

海参崴 海參崴 hai3 shen1 wai3
Vladivostok; Ming and Qing name for Vladivostok 符拉迪沃斯託克|符拉迪沃斯托克 and the province around it

弧长参数 弧長參數 hu2 chang2 can1 shu4
parametrization by arc length (of a space curve)

花旗参 花旗參 hua1 qi2 shen1
American ginseng

仅供参考 僅供參考 jin3 gong1 can1 kao3
for reference only

仅作参考 僅作參考 jin3 zuo4 can1 kao3
for reference only

苦参 苦參 ku3 shen1
liquorice (Sophora flavescens), with roots used in TCM

美国参议院 美國參議院 mei3 guo2 can1 yi4 yuan4
United States Senate

内参 內參 nei4 can1
internal reference (within the same publication)

女子参政权 女子參政權 nv3 zi3 can1 zheng4 quan2
women's suffrage

人参 人參 ren2 shen1

沙参 沙參 sha1 shen1
ladybell root (Radix adenophorae)

参鸡汤 參雞湯 shen1 ji1 tang1
samgyetang, popular Korean chicken soup with ginseng, spices etc

参茸 參茸 shen1 rong2
ginseng and young deer antler (used in TCM)

参薯 參薯 shen1 shu3
Dioscorea alata (Kinampay or aromatic purple yam, a sweet root crop)

参宿 參宿 shen1 xiu4
Three Stars (Chinese constellation)

参宿七 參宿七 shen1 xiu4 qi1
Rigel (star); lit. seventh star of the Three Stars Chinese constellation

西洋参 西洋參 xi1 yang2 shen1
American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius)

喜忧参半 喜憂參半 xi3 you1 can1 ban4
to have mixed feelings (about sth)

谢绝参观 謝絕參觀 xie4 jue2 can1 guan1
closed to visitors; no admittance

玄参 玄參 xuan2 shen1
Ningpo figwort (Scrophularia ningpoensis); root of Ningpo figwort (used in TCM)

选民参加率 選民參加率 xuan3 min2 can1 jia1 lv4
voter participation rate

约翰参书 約翰參書 yue1 han4 can1 shu1
Third epistle of St John; also written 約翰三書|约翰三书

增量参数 增量參數 zeng1 liang4 can1 shu4
incremental parameter

曾参 曾參 zeng1 shen1
Zeng Shen (505-435 BC), a.k.a. 曾子, student of Confucius, presumed editor or author of Confucian classic the Great Learning 大學|大学

正则参数 正則參數 zheng4 ze2 can1 shu4
regular parametrization

总参谋部 總參謀部 zong3 can1 mou2 bu4
(military) General Staff Headquarters

总参谋长 總參謀長 zong3 can1 mou2 zhang3
(military) Chief of Staff