(once) again; also; both... and...; and yet; (used for emphasis) anyway

strokes 2
strokes after radical 0
重又 重又 chong2 you4
once again

好又多 好又多 hao3 you4 duo1
Trust-Mart (supermarket chain)

话又说回来 話又說回來 hua4 you4 shuo1 hui2 lai5
returning to our main topic,...; that said,...; again,...; in this connection; in passing; nevertheless,...; anyhow

既要当婊子又要立牌坊 既要當婊子又要立牌坊 ji4 yao4 dang1 biao3 zi5 you4 yao4 li4 pai2 fang1
see 又想當婊子又想立牌坊|又想当婊子又想立牌坊

赔了夫人又折兵 賠了夫人又折兵 pei2 le5 fu1 ren2 you4 zhe2 bing1
having given away a bride, to lose one's army on top of it (idiom); to suffer a double loss after trying to trick the enemy

破屋又遭连夜雨 破屋又遭連夜雨 po4 wu1 you4 zao1 lian2 ye4 yu3
see 屋漏偏逢連夜雨|屋漏偏逢连夜雨

少之又少 少之又少 shao3 zhi1 you4 shao3
very few; very little

说是一回事,而做又是另外一回事 說是一回事,而做又是另外一回事 shuo1 shi4 yi1 hui2 shi4 - er2 zuo4 you4 shi4 ling4 wai4 yi1 hui2 shi4
see 說是一回事,做又是另外一回事|说是一回事,做又是另外一回事

说是一回事,做又是另外一回事 說是一回事,做又是另外一回事 shuo1 shi4 yi1 hui2 shi4 - zuo4 you4 shi4 ling4 wai4 yi1 hui2 shi4
Saying is one thing, doing quite another (idiom)

玄之又玄 玄之又玄 xuan2 zhi1 you4 xuan2
mystery within a mystery; the mysteries of the Dao according to Laozi 老子

野火烧不尽,春风吹又生 野火燒不盡,春風吹又生 ye3 huo3 shao1 bu4 jin4 - chun1 feng1 chui1 you4 sheng1
lit. even a prairie fire cannot destroy the grass - it grows again when the breeze blows (proverb); fig. cannot be easily eliminated; abbr. to 野火春風|野火春风

一遍又一遍 一遍又一遍 yi1 bian4 you4 yi1 bian4
over and over

一波未平,一波又起 一波未平,一波又起 yi1 bo1 wei4 ping2 - yi1 bo1 you4 qi3
before the first wave subsides, a new wave rises (idiom); a new problem arises before the old is solved; many twists and turns to a story; one thing after another

一次又一次 一次又一次 yi1 ci4 you4 yi1 ci4
repeatedly; over and over again

又吵又闹 又吵又鬧 you4 chao3 you4 nao4
to make a lot of noise; to be disorderly

又称 又稱 you4 cheng1
also known as

又红又肿 又紅又腫 you4 hong2 you4 zhong3
to be red and swollen (idiom)

又及 又及 you4 ji2
P.S.; postscript

又来了 又來了 you4 lai2 le5
Here we go again.

又名 又名 you4 ming2
also known as; alternative name; to also be called

又想当婊子又想立牌坊 又想當婊子又想立牌坊 you4 xiang3 dang1 biao3 zi5 you4 xiang3 li4 pai2 fang1
lit. to lead the life of a whore but still want a monument put up to one's chastity (idiom); fig. to have bad intentions but still want a good reputation; to want to have one's cake and eat it too

又要马儿好,又要马儿不吃草 又要馬兒好,又要馬兒不吃草 you4 yao4 ma3 er5 hao3 - you4 yao4 ma3 er5 bu4 chi1 cao3
see 又要馬兒跑,又要馬兒不吃草|又要马儿跑,又要马儿不吃草

又要马儿跑,又要马儿不吃草 又要馬兒跑,又要馬兒不吃草 you4 yao4 ma3 er5 pao3 - you4 yao4 ma3 er5 bu4 chi1 cao3
lit. you can't expect the horse to run fast but not let it graze (idiom); fig. you can't have your cake and eat it, too

又一次 又一次 you4 yi1 ci4
yet again; once again; once more

欲言又止 欲言又止 yu4 yan2 you4 zhi3
to want to say sth but then hesitate